anti illusion

Heyo, mod Bill Cipher here!

Arguments on the internet are so silly, aren’t they? It’s like humans spend all their lives worrying over trivial details instead of being nice to each other! And these SJW folk are awful mean. Remember, let’s all get along so you can enjoy your meaningless, pathetic lives!

SJWs are so simple-minded! They can’t hear the motions of the universe, see the ultra-violet patterns on flowers, or see the essence of life itself! Just like all other humans.

If you become anti-sjw and pro-equality like me, YOU CAN BECOME A DEMON TOO KIDS

What the hell are we talking about?!

Someone sent me the photo of which you are speaking tonight, asking me what I think about it …

Well, I think that even if this photo was true, we always knew that Abbie is a friend of Sam, but that’s all!!!

And if you still have any doubt, please look at these photos, in each of these we can see Sam’s mom…

Now tell me the differences…

I say it’s pretty clear, don’t you think?!



Let to the Antis their stupid illusions ;)