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Ways Yuri On Ice could’ve actually been a great show aka tips for S2:

-Show us more of the technical side of skating. SHOW THE TRAINING. Show skaters off the ice, training, failing, learning, and what it takes to actually develop and master those moves they performed for their routines. If this show wants to be a sports anime then actually show the sports and all that goes with it.

-Teach us more about ice skating. Show more about how the scoring works and the technicalities of different moves, the details of what each move entails. ( i now know as little about ice skating as i did before the show except for a few choice words like salchow) 

-Show depth, backstory, and character development of side-characters (Minami, Leo, Seung-gil, etc.) We know only a few traits of these characters and that’s it. In comparison to other sports animes, yoi does a really poor job of establishing characters outside of the main-trio. Most characters just feel like cardboard characters only there for show. 

 -Even in the main trio, there’s a lot left unsaid. Give Viktor’s backstory and explore his character more. Viktor is still a mystery for the most part. Tell us more about Yuri and his family. Why didn’t his grandfather make it to his very important performance?

-Solidify the fact the main couple is infact in a romantic relationship without any ambiguity. If one of the selling points of the show is a canon gay relationship then there is no reason for there to be any sort of doubt or confusion on this matter for anyone. It should be clear to everyone like how het relationships are on other animes, no room for question. Have a very clear romantic confession, or /show/ a kiss or /show/ a wedding. People are under the impression that victuuri are engaged but when viktor says the ring is an engagement ring yuuri looks completely surprised which begs the question did yuuri buy it only as a ‘lucky charm’ with no other meaning? And of course, the ep 7 “kiss” was never shown and not even kubo concretely confirms that it’s a kiss. Be clear and be concrete about the nature of their relationship if you are actually trying to “represent” lgbt. ( At the very least the staff could refer to them as a concrete same-sex couple) AND NO CENSORSHIP LAWS DONT PREVENT THIS. SEE THIS : 

-Give Yuuri a bigger sense of individuality and personal strength that is not tied to Viktor. Show that he can succeed and fight on his own even without Viktor even though Viktor supports him and helps him grow.

- This goes with the first bullet, but actually show the coach/student dynamic more. Show viktor teaching yuuri and yuuri developing as a skater both mentally and technically. Show Viktor’s struggles in teaching yuuri, the mental and technical hardships the duo had to face off the ice to get to where they are on the ice. 

Unfortunately, I feel like a lot of people were blinded to how much yuri on ice lacked as a “sports anime” and as a show in general because of the shock value of victuuri. YOI had/has alot of potential, and I hope the staff realizes this before season 2 because I personally was quite disappointed with the mediocre first season. 

people like to hate on otayuri and then turn right the fuck around and ship leoji like hmmmm okay rebecca okay i see you i see your hypocrisy sourrounding the “pedophilic” argument