anti humanism

You’re not a group of people, you’re an individual. Similarness is not sameness. You’re not the same as the people of your family, race, gender, sexuality, not any more than you are the same as a cat or an iceberg. More similar? Sure. Same? Not in the slightest. They’re them, you’re you.

The 7 human rights issues that will shape the next generation

The clash of worldwide social justice movements and the backlash against them presents an enormous opportunity for progress on some of the most pressing human rights issues of our time. Battling myriad forms of bigotry — racism, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia and religious intolerance — go hand in hand with securing access to healthcare, safe housing, bodily autonomy, privacy and other basic civil rights.

This battle will continue for the next generation — and these are the issues that will define their lives and livelihoods for years to come.

  1. Refugee crises
  2. Anti-LGBTQ discrimination
  3. Violence against women
  4. Water crisis in Flint (and elsewhere)
  5. Surveillance and cybersecurity
  6. Police brutality
  7. This one might literally be the human rights crisis to end all human rights crises.

So everyone is all about being the voices of the voiceless.

Animal rights are a big deal to a lot of people. They speak up about animal cruelty and the killing of animals. Most people support this cause and agree with it.

But what I don’t get is why voiceless animals are more important than a small voiceless unborn baby. It is alive from conception and has a future. That baby could do great things when it gets older. I really don’t understand why not eating meat is more important than the protection of a human embryo. Like, I don’t care if you, reader, are pro-choice or not. Think about this. People care more about protecting animals than protecting our own species. And don’t try that “it’s not human” argument. If it isn’t a human, what is it? It’s not a fungus or a cat or a fruit. If you plant a seed and watch it grow, is the sprout not still a plant? Anyway, I digress.

The fact that saving animals’ lives seems to be more important to people compared to saving unborn children who are actual human beings and a part of our species is pretty alarming. Just my opinion.

To those who mock

How dare you dismiss these protesters in the wake of Trump’s election. How dare you mock those who fear for their safety, their health, their careers, their families, their lives. I will never support physical violence nor do I condone any destructive actions that have been taken in the wake of the election. But I will ALWAYS support peaceful demonstrators.

How dare you mock those who are exercising their first amendment rights to freedom of speech and assembly. You are hypocrites for doing so.
We don’t protest because we are “sore losers,” unable to accept what our electoral process has given us. We don’t protest because Trump isn’t who we wanted.

We are protesting because we are in a dire need for change in our country in the next coming years. Trump’s hateful rhetoric has threatened the lives of anybody who doesn’t conform to his demographic, his twisted ideologies, his corrupt belief system. We protest because we believe that, in our supposed democracy, the voices of the people are of highest value in consideration of policy. We protest because we will not let a fascist tyrant destroy our will to fight against what we believe is truly wrong. 

I will protest peacefully but loudly, as my constitutional rights allow me to do so.
This is not me being a sore loser; this is me being a concerned citizen with too much at stake.

We are legitimate, our voices matter. Don’t you dare try to tell us otherwise.

Okay, here’s the problem with the idea that oppressed groups can “alienate allies” by not being nice enough:

You shouldn’t be an ally because oppressed groups are nice to you. You should be an ally because you believe that they deserve basic human rights. Hearing “I hate men” shouldn’t make men stop being feminist. Hearing
“fuck white people” shouldn’t make white people stop opposing racism.

Your opposition to oppression should be moral, and immovable. Your belief that all humans should be treated with equal respect shouldn’t be conditional based on whether or not individual people are nice to you. 


raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally insulted that there is such a large group of people who misinterpret rey’s character SO BADLY that they actually think she would ever be romantically involved with the man who not only abducted, tortured, and tried to kill her, but also murdered her mentor/father figure and tried to kill the only friend she’s ever had

Infant genital mutilation is a violation of human rights.

It is a practice that should be stopped universally in all places against all people. If you do not believe in this, you are not a liberal, you are not an advocate of liberty, you are not an advocate of human rights, you are not an advocate of equality, and your children have no reason to trust you and do not deserve to be born to you.

There is no excuse for violating human rights

season 1-2 elena meeting season 4-6 elena
  • human elena: katherine??
  • vampire elena: i'm not katherine
  • human elena: then who are you?? another doppelgänger??
  • vampire elena: nO i'm you???
  • human elena: what
  • human elena: lmao katherine stop
  • vampire elena: no i'm serious i'm you
  • human elena: ....
  • vampire elena: ok listen why would i ever pretend to be katherine i mean eh
  • human elena: ... good point i still don't believe you though
  • vampire elena: why not? i am you how can you not see that
  • human elena: ???? um ???? BECAUSE YOURE DATING DAMON??? I would never date Damon??? I love Stefan, its always going to be Stefan. not Damon tf
  • vampire elena: but I-
  • human elena: no listen idk who you are but you are not me i would never date the person who has abused my friends and killed my brother who do you think i am?? go sort out your priorities
  • vampire elena: but i am-
  • human elena: no srsly can you go before i slap you
  • human elena: *slams the door in vampire elenas face*