anti hiv

This is NOT cool or edgy or making a statement! THIS IS A HEALTH RISK!
I’m so sick of the idea that doing something big and strange means it’s good for the LGBT community, like putting people at risk of contracting a disease they are probably trying to 100% avoid getting! Why would someone in the LGBT+ community a) do this and b) say this is a “powerful statement” like it’s a good thing?!?!
Huffpost are actual trash that promote such bs ideas

Social poster assignment 💊✨ ~ PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, and it’s the use of anti-HIV medication to keep HIV negative people from becoming infected. A single pill taken once daily is highly effective against HIV when taken every day. Today more than ever we need to show support for our poz brothers, sisters and non-binary peeps. I love you all my dudes 🌸

you didn’t “live through the aids crisis” just because you were alive in the 80s and 90s. you were alive. you did not “live through it” if you were not hiv+. did reagan “live through” the aids crisis? jesse helms? mike pence?

if u are hiv- and anti lgbt i don’t want to hear anything about the aids crisis come out of your ignorant mouth. shut up. stop weaponising decades of continuing pain against lgbt people.

dennaton  asked:

the anti-hiv criminalization bill is a good thing. the law making it a felony was harmful to lgbt/poc please do research before blasting stuff online?

not being legally required to make your partner aware of your status increases unawareness aka the republicans were like “maybe more poc and lgbt persons will catch it and die”


Newly discovered “teenage” anti-body could mean knocking out HIV for good

An HIV vaccine could finally be on its way, thanks to the discovery of an immature antibody. Researchers discovered an odd antibody in a Chinese patient whose immune system could fight against the virus. The antibody looked a lot like the well-known VRC01 antibody, known to “broadly neutralize” HIV but it wasn’t fully developed, so the researchers called it a “teenage” antibody. How it could be “important for developing a universal HIV vaccine.“

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Apparently the big discussion today is whether or not Taylor Swift is the Actual Devil™ for not explicitly denouncing Donald Trump.

Skipping over the whole issue of it not being a celebrity’s obligation to take on the profound responsibility of using their influence to sway voters (maybe I’ll get to that another time), I am baffled by how anyone could be unsure of who Taylor is voting for.

While she has never endorsed a candidate, Taylor has been vocal about numerous issues that paint a very clear picture of her values. Let’s take a look at just a few of many, and if you still can’t tell me which candidate aligns better with Taylor’s values, then I can’t help you:

  • Anti-bullying.
  • HIV/AIDS. (Supporting Project Zambi, FHI 360, and the Elton John AIDS Foundation)
  • Low income families (Donating to Habitat for Humanity, Feeding America, Children in Need, etc.)
  • Women’s issues. (Donating to various woman-focused charities including The Life of a Single Mom, speaking about feminism, donating $250k to help a rape victim fight back against her abuser, donating to fight against sex trafficking, etc.)
  • Gay rights. (WTNY lyrics, her tweet celebrating the SCOTUS decision legalizing gay marriage, the PSA following Lawrence King’s death, presenting Ruby Rose with an award at the GLAAD Awards, etc.)