anti harrassment

do you ever look at somone’s URL or see a text post they made

and u know…

they an anti


What it is: Refusing to stop interacting with someone (especially minors as an adult) after they have told you not to, suicide baiting, nasty anons, etc.

What it is not: Interacing with people in the anti tags as a shipper, posting posts relating to shipping discourse in the anti tags (not shipping content), interacting with a minor as an adult

swabin10  asked:

The ih shippers think we send ourselves hate especially the artists go figure

Of course they’ll say that, it’s not like that there are IH shippers that don’t even bother to go anon and constantly stalk and harass us not only here on tumblr but on facebook, twitter, fanfiction or wherever we are, like here on this beautiful site we have gems like thesplendidwhatever her changed name is, ichigorukiagreatbro previously named Ku/boisgod but let’s fake we don’t know it’s still him, oh and there is konz or better known as zootumpwhatever, marinesomethinglike that, deviltroll just to name a few. They openly harass and stalk IR and many times jumped on fanartists’s and writers post just to offend them and it’s there in the tag and in the blogs for everyone to see but yeah we totally feel the need to send us fake anon hate, it’s not like IH would ever do that!!!!! 

Gosh they are so annoying and ridicolous but whatever makes them sleep at night, I guees. Oh and swabin10 you know they are pretty much refering to you? When you got the anon that asked you to draw IH someone after a second made a post that said “I just saw the most fake anon ever” or something along those lines (I don’t know why some IH and anti IR posts sometimes show in our tag but yeah tumblr sucks) and it was just next to your post answering that anon, so I am sure they were talking about you. Even this, them making these kind of posts just to shit on us and calling us liars that send to ourselves anon hate, is another example that the IH fandom is full of hate thowards the IR fandom and you want to tell me they aren’t going to jump on the chance to go anon and shit even more on us???? Please get real.

anonymous asked:

I was just going to say the same thing, this is why tumblr's idea of purity genuinely makes me sick, and why I can't deal with how fandoms engage with stories anymore. It's very "just world fallacy". Snape's past abuse is justified to them because he grew up into a bitter adult. It's why I see the moral side talking graphically about how they think "impure" characters should die. It's antis justifying harrassment /1

/2 And here’s the kicker, I hate people who say no minority would ever like characters like Snape. Because yes, it reminds me of what happens when a minority is hurt or killed by law enforcement. Ppl reach to justify that by saying the person might have done something bad in the past. I feel like tumblr also buys into this idea that as minorities we must be pure and only be “pure” characters or else we’re justifying people oppressing us. And that’s a harmful message from the “moral” crowd.

yes yes yes exactly

there’s no sense on tumblr that people are able to grow and change. which might be because a large portion of tumblr’s population are teenagers who haven’t really been out in the real world yet and don’t really get nuance yet, but the fact is there are things a lot of people do when they don’t know better, when they’re young or ill-informed, and it’s important to allow them to learn and grown and change and apologize. no one is going to be completely “pure” esp in a society that is steeped in problematic shit (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc). it’s really fucking hard to unlearn that kind of behavior and there’s always going to be missteps. and, of course, you don’t want to let people get a free pass, but there are infinitely better ways to better our society than to ostrasize every single person who’s ever done something problematic and label them all as bad.

in terms of characters, tho, the fact of the matter is you want characters to be as complex and human as real people. and snape is for the real fact that he struggles with his prejudice, that he isn’t a paragon of virtue and goodness, that he has dark points in his history and then changes and moves forward from them. that’s why he’s compelling and why he has depth. not every character is going to be Pure and it’s just as important to have problematic and fucked up and disturbed characters as it is to have good and righteous characters. 

and it’s esp insane to claim that liking a character somehow means that you’re condoning real world oppression. like… yes fiction is moving and yes fiction affects how we look at the world, but liking a prejudiced character doesn’t mean you’re automatically racist, you know? you should feel free to enjoy any character you like, that’s the beauty of fandom. 

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why do you antis harrass amy so much ? what has she done ? just fck off .. just cause she has different opinions from you guys doesnt mean yall have to say sht

She’s literally created half a dozen different deliberately high profile websites in order to harass numerous people around Louis and Louis himself.

She seeks to make her abuse high profile, she has paid money to make sure that they hit google results, she spoke to Harvey Levin on TMZ in a method she claimed was “taking one for the team” by letting the world know all about her harassment of Briana and her family. You all deserve to be called out. If it makes you feel shitty for everyone else who isn’t in your bubble to talk about how embarrassing and ridiculous you all are, good. She’s in her 40s. She’s not a child. She claims to believe a baby is being faked yet is profiting from it and from you using ads or promo on most of those websites. You all deserve to be called out.

You’re bullies and you’re all old enough to know that.

I detest the anti-semitic posts on ‘Jewish privilege’. Do you want to know what Jewish privilege is? It’s when synagogues & Hebrew schools have to have bullet proof windows, 24 hour security cameras, high-tech password needing gates & doors, security guards to escort congregants & to stand outside during prayers; & in the case of the King David school in the UK, bomb proof windows! What kind of school has to have bomb proof windows?

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The worst about antis is that they send anons like "go kys" and they don't even know if that person is 13, or 14 and/or going through some shit like?? They are literally kids LEAVE THEM ALONE just bc they ship something "problematic" (which most of the time its not) doesn't give antis the right to harrass them like that. ANTIS ARE FUCKING RIDICULOUS

Exactly suicide bating is never acceptable and doing that kind of thing is just disgusting


guys please please please block ekateri28 she is an anti reylo that reblogs reylo-positive posts or anti rey solo posts with hate

also anti-finn

and told a shipper to kill themselves

and im going to put this in the general tags because non-reylos need to be aware of her behavior and protect themselves, im sorry if seeing my blog hurts you

Look I don’t believe in being an anti that puts stuff in others tag so if you a reylo I’m sorry this ended up in your tag I tagged this anti Reylo, but tumblr especially tumblr mobile has a tough time differentiating. So know this is an anti reylo post now you know and just keep scrolling  if you don’t want to hear me bitch about things. 

Something that bothered me for like the longest time, about reylo is that people will interpret scenes of rey being tortured or put into an uncomfortable position and ignore that for the idea of their ship, but Kylo is being romantic, like hurting her friend then  fighting her is romantic?Wow he waited till she woke up to go through her mind against her will a love for the ages.

Like I know that people can interpret things however they like but come on dude, like you don’t have to outright misinterpret something for the sake of acting like it will be canon, not all ships have to be canon it’s okay my dude. This is a problem in other fandoms as well twisting one character hurting another saying its going to be canon ship.

Not to mention often times they go on about how Kylo feels about rey, but not how she feels towards him??  But like I said if you want to ship them it’s whatever just don’t twist actual torture into canon romance?  just admit you like dark ships it’s not a bad thing to like dark ships anyway, man.

Also if your an anti don’t harass reylo shippers or dox them, it’s not good or going to make them change their minds, and you shouldn’t hurt people over a fictional ship. I crossed out the op’s name because I didn’t want them being harassed but this is some real stufff a reylo shipper said.

Thats my two cents on reylo.

anonymous asked:

The Johnlock fandom was pretty bad as I recall. I dropped sherlock for Elementary years back, but when I was in the fandom there was no end to the harassment from JLs and TJLC's (there was no way out if it.. if you said you didn't ship johnlock, you were immediately labled as Homophobic and anti lgbt and harrassed off the site)

I’m not big on Sherlock anymore since Moffat is a misogynistic piece of shit (among other problematic issues with him/the cast) so…. The fact that the Johnlock fandom is bad isn’t shocking. But are they as bad as CS is my question? 


Looks like Milo Yiannopoulos ( set his hateful lap dogs on Leslie Jones ( He played a prominent part in instigating this wave of racist, misogynistic, and anti-black “trolling” Leslie Jones is now faced with. This dude, his crew, his fans, his sympathizers, or whatever need to be put on blast for facilitating and encouraging the harassment of Jones on Twitter. He and his fans are responsible for Jones being the target of hostile, mocking vitriol. 

He has a history of having his Twitter account suspended, so I’m hoping he gets his comeuppances. This racist, sexist, antisemitic, Islamophobic *~*edgy anti-sjw*~* F-list celeb needs to chill. 


UPDATE: Links redirect to primary source.

SUPER UPDATE: Yiannopoulos has been permanently suspended from Twitter and hopefully no amount of backlash from his faithful sheeple will undo this ban.   

anonymous asked:

Antis ARE bad people for harassing real life people over ships they disagree with for characters who don't even have confirmed ages. People don't have to like ships, but they have every freedom to avoid the ships that make them uncomfortable. The problem with antis isn't that they don't like a ship, it's that they doxx, harass, and threaten people they disagree with instead of avoiding it. Antis don't have the attitude of people who are uncomfortable, since they'd just avoid it if they were.

aahh ok so i have the wrong definition of anti sorry oops. i mean imo you can be anti something without harrassing other people but i guess thats probs not usually the case :”””) but yeah harrassing doxxing threatening etc etc are all shitty things to do :””( sigh


one of my nurses got me these for Christmas!! They’re dryer balls, and apparently you add 2-3 drops of essential oils to it, it soaks in, and you throw 3 of them in when you dry the clothes and then they smell like the oils! They’re reusable for like 3 loads! This is SCREAMING witchcraft, adaptable or otherwise.

I adapted Bree’s Anti-Harrassment spell into a liquid form and then poured it on a few of the balls tonight. I just figured other people could benefit from this idea too!

anonymous asked:

do mark and jack know about anti and dark? or are they oblivious?

Oh man I always forget what I posted or what Ive just told to a person on private message ahaha I thought I said this? Okay story time!

Mark and Jack are VERY aware of their counterparts. Dark’s curse is to be locked with a human from birth to death and then pass on to the next human. So Mark has had this spirit lingering around him since BIRTH. He’s sort of like an uncomfortable not so imaginary friend at this point.  They talk occasionally because they’re both civil people. Mark has a healthy amount of fear for his counterpart and would never do anything to upset him, but he also knows that Dark wouldnt go out of his way to do anything scary without reason so he can feel relatively safe. Mark has helped disloge the stick from Darks ass a little and Dark has a little bit of fun sometimes randomly appearing in the background for Marks video or contorting marks face without warning so Mark doesn’t see it until he goes to edit the video and its like hOLy shit? THANks??? I GUESs??? god thats creepy jfc dark- at least I don’t have to spend 10 hours editing all that in. 

Jack however only got Anti RECENTLY. While Mark and Dark tend to be like uncomfortable passing roomates who occasionally help each other, Jack pretty much has this intruder into his brain that came for the SOLE PURPOSE of fuckin his shit up. Hes just a bit of a prankster who thought it would be fun to fuck up his videos and make shit move and make Jack see shit. Just basically scare the DICKENS out of him to watch his funny reactions. Jack is NOT on good terms with Anti at all because at first, he was just so terrified of this thing controlling him. Then later he found out that Anti cant actually PHYSICALLY hurt him anymore so hes still scared but now he has a little fight back. But the how and why of that is a comic for another day ouo

I should have supplimented this with some sketches….maybe some babyplier talking with his imaginary friend dark and Anti harrassing Jack but OH WELL TOO LATE 

  • Anti-SJWs: *openly mock marginalized groups and dehumanize them with slurs*
  • Anti-SJWs: *misgender trans people on purpose, and tell all LGBTQIA people that their identities are invalid*
  • Anti-SJWs: *harrass neurodivergent people, purposely try to trigger them, and falsely accuse them of faking for attention*
  • Anti-SJWs: That's not bullying! But once an SJW made a joke about cis people; obviously SJWs are the *real* bullies on this site



Her book is not even out yet and she is being attacked by vile people who have targeted her because she is Jewish. If you really care about diversity, we need to do more than just write it–we need to support writers who are #ownvoices and who are subject to this vile behavior. Search her mentions on Twitter to block the atrocities. Her account is locked, understandably, so you have to search her mentions to find the right people to block.