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Elections Have Consequences

Constantly we hear the supporters of Donald Trump use the term that “Elections have consequences” and they are right, they do have them, but it is not what they think when they use the term. I have my own beliefs on why elections have consequences and these consequences are a result of the things Trump has done in office up until this point, each of the steps he has taken have hurt the people of this country and our democracy.

So, they are right. This was one of the most consequential elections in the history of the United States and unlike with the Obama presidency, the results of this administration and Trump being elected are not positive and for sure do not have the best interests of the American people in mind. The consequences of Trump winning have been devastating for this country and they have left our nation in a state of instability and an unsure future.

These consequences of the November 2016 election are not minor things, they are things that negatively impact millions of Americans, damage our image in the world, and hurt the American people in ways that we had not seen in many, many years. These are the consequences of Trump becoming president and my message to his supporters is that they caused these things to happen when they voted for him nearly eight months ago. It is his base who is to blame for the mess that we are in now, but they don’t care, they are proud of what they have done and think he is doing great.

Trust me, he is not doing great at all. There is nothing that he has done up to this point that is even remotely great or even mediocre, nothing! Yet, those who support him think that he is doing a “Fantastic job”, I assure you that he is not. I feel that this past presidential election was one of the worst and most consequential outcomes in American history and we are seeing just why this is the case on a daily basis, everyday gives us a new scandal and a new mess to deal with.

The poor feel the consequences with their food stamps and Medicaid being cut, the sick are going to experience the consequences with their health coverage being cut as a result of the ACA repeal and the new AHCA which will cut them off their current plans, the elderly will feel it by their Meals on Wheels and other programs being stopped. It sadly does not stop there either, it goes much further and does not seem to be letting up anytime soon, it appears to only be going to get worse as time goes on.

The consequences of Trump winning can be felt by many but even when the things he signs or pushes for does not impact us personally, we should still stand up against them because as human beings we should always stand up to fascism and for the vulnerable. This is why that even though I am not a Muslim I will fight for them, even though I am not an immigrant, I will stand with them, and even though I am not a woman I support their right to control their own bodies and on down the line. You do not have to be gay to support LGBTQ rights, or Muslim to oppose the travel ban, or black to stand against racism, and this is true with every issue. You just need to be HUMAN!

Now, we are seeing how just because people had an issue with Hillary’s emails, they elected the man who likely could get is killed. He is provoking North Korea, that is not a good thing but it is a dangerous one.

Whether it is the North Korea situation which can create a nuclear winter or Trump’s horrendous policies on the poor, immigration, healthcare, human rights, or the countless other things that impact the lives of us all, one thing is clear and that is he has no idea what he’s doing.

So, yes, elections sadly do most certainly have consequences and the future for this country is at risk because people didn’t like her emails!

I love the logic to this one. “Call in sick.” Yeah, because tyrannical despots who are willing to order people killed by anti-aircraft guns, mortar rounds and flamethrowers - to say nothing of locking thousands up to die in labour camps - will totally respect HR policies and procedures for someone calling in sick.

“Excuse me, supreme leader? It’s Deirdre from HR. Hyon Yong-chol has called in sick.”

“Oh, okay Deirdre, thanks for letting me know.”

Grand Theft Auto: Sacramento

So a prominent Democrat Senator who is second only to Diane Feinstein when it comes to stringent anti-gun policies is found out to have organized crime ties and involved in illegal gun trafficking…

Pretty sure he was serving us Californians up as unarmed targets for his buddies. Makes me wonder about the motivations of the rest of his ilk.