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The 7 deadly sins are honestly the key to a happy life.

1. Gluttony - Eat something good. Cake is good, try frowning while eating cake.

2. Lust - Sex releases all kinds of endorphin’s which are your brain’s natural anti-depressants. 

3. Greed - For the love of god look out for yourself for once. Quit trying to please everyone. 

4. Envy - Look up to successful people. Strive everyday to be a little better. Want more for yourself.

5. Anger - Cut poisonous people out of your life and never look back. Do it now, show no mercy.

6. Pride - Have some damn self esteem once in a while. Put on something that makes you feel snazzy and go walk around downtown. 

7. Sloth - Take a break. Make time to relax and quit being a ball of stress.

If I see the “Marilyn Monroe was a size 16, therefore she was fat and everyone still thinks she is gorgeous” argument again I swear to God I will scream.

Marilyn was a size 16 by 1950’s standards. Sizing has changed dramatically since then, (and is still changing with the trend for vanity sizing, so fatties feel better about themselves), but these measurements show exactly how slim she was.

Fatties need to stop claiming Marilyn as one of them and face facts; she was a fit, healthy woman who was very slim but still curvy. PSA for lurking fatties; curvy means an hourglass shape with an attractive hip to waist ratio NOT one giant globe shape. If you cannot see your genitalia when you look down because your FUPA is in the way you are not curvy you are revolting.

Just stop with the attempts at self-justification and the pathetic excuses. It is proven that to lose weight all you need to do is reduce your calorie intake; not starve, not spend hours at the gym, just put the fork down FFS. Its not a difficult concept.

Absolutely Fabulous hit the nail right on the head back in 1992(?). No matter what the HAES-Fat-Acceptance crowd would have you believe; it really is that easy, and everyone should be doing it.

Step 1. REDUCE your calorie intake. This does not mean starvation or only eating lettuce for the rest of your life. Eat that burger and fries if you want, but only have it once a week as opposed to daily. MODERATION is the key. Any adult should be capable of reducing their calorie intake sensibly, without resorting to stupid starvation diets and fad crazes that either don’t work or are impossible to maintain. (Grapefruit diet, anyone?)

Step 2. Increase your exercise. Simple things; get off the bus one stop sooner and walk the rest of the way, take the stairs instead of the lift, do some bloody lunges while the kettle is boiling…again, its not difficult.

The problem comes when people “Diet” as opposed to “changing their diet”, a Diet is a plan that may or may not work, and is a short-term thing. Going on a 2 week Fad Diet, then going back to eating 5000 calories a day is stupid, and is the reason behind the “95% of diets fail” excuse that fatties love to spout at you.

Changing your diet means accepting that you need fewer calories than you are consuming. Plus, choosing healthy options over unhealthy ones actually means you can eat MORE, why would you not want to do that? If you think that healthy eating automatically equals starvation, you need to make better food choices.

Anyone can lose weight, by making some simple changes and by taking responsibility for themselves, but that takes a modicum of effort. Let’s be honest, fat people either start off or become lazy, and would rather claim that they are “meant” to be obese and it’s “not their fault” than make the slightest effort.

You don’t need fad diets and fat-loss wraps that some idiot is selling on Facebook, you don’t need to spend money on expensive gyms or equipment; all you need to lose weight is the willingness to take responsibility for your own body, to learn to moderate your calorie intake and the will to succeed.

But that would mean admitting your precious Fat Activism and HAES campaign is simply passing the buck and placing the blame on everyone and everything except where it actually belongs: with you.

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You see why I love Dr Christian? He is a total utter shitlord and SO HE SHOULD BE.

The fact that Doctors are now not likely to tell a patient that they are morbidly obese and need to lose weight; for fear of causing upset or being accused of discrimination or bigotry is disgusting.

They should be allowed to refuse to treat patients if said patient refuses to listen to advice about weight loss. No one should have to go through a decade or so of medical education only to be forced to listen to HAES from ill-informed, irresponsible, gluttonous fatarses who think they know what they are talking about because Ragan said so.

Dr Christian is awesome.