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the whole triangle thing reminds me of Hamilton. More specifically, how Angelica stepped back so Eliza could be with Alexander. Even MORE specifically, the lyrics “I know my sister like I know my own mind. You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind. I love my sister more than anything in this life, I will choose her happiness over mine every time. Put what we had aside,
I’m standing at her side…”

Like how does that NOT scream Riley/maya/lucas??

rucas shippers have the mentality of 12-year-old girls that idolize the perfect prince charming type boy sweeping you off your feet like the type of guy taylor swift would sing about LMAO BYE

i’m gonna have to stay off tumblr for a while bc reading all these rucas posts makes me wanna throw up



Girl Meets Barry & Tacos

At first, Barry the Bear Bear is definitely Farkle.
Riley: “A teddy bear(Barry) is a source of comfort, security, and love.”
Who’s the boy who made Riley feel better in Girl Meets Permanent Record? Who’s the boy who she has said she loved, and he said i back?
“Barry was my childhood. Every I went through, he went through. I lost my childhood.”
Farkle has been with Riley since first grade, that’s a good majority of her child. And that last sentence will be relevant later. As will Maya saying, “That bear has been hanging by a thread for years.”
But Lucas is the bear temporarily, in the first flashback where we see how Barry lost his face.
Riley is Riley and Maya is Maya(duh), and their playing with Barry, passing him back in first(this represents the triangle). Then Auggie, who is wearing a shirt the same color as Farkle’s favorite turtle, walks in and screams, “PAY ATTENTION TO ME!”, because Farkle has a crush on both girls. But Maya replies, “Why should we pay attention to you when we can pay attention to him?” And then Auggie screams and rips off his face. It’s almost like this is a scene in Farkle’s head, what he would do to Lucas so that Riley and Maya would notice him again: Take away his face, because as Farkle has said, “He’s just a face!”
But after that, as Zay points out, Lucas and Farkle switch characters, and Farkle is back to being Barry the Bear.
So who’s Lucas? He’s the tacos. Everytime we see the tacos on Maya’s phone, they’re wearing big blue hats. Who do we see in a big blue hat in the GM GLONY promo? There will be more evidence for Lucas being tacos later.
In the next flashback, Cory and Topanga give Riley Barry. Topanga tells Riley, “But when you look at this bear, it’s like we’re looking right back at you”. If you ask me, this is a nod to the fact that Farkle is the most like Topanga. At first, Riley won’t accept Barry(the fact that her and Farkle are the most like Corpanga). She puts him far from her and stares at him. Then she puts him closer to her and stares at him. Then she hugs him. Pretty similar to what’s happened with Riarkle through the years.
The Farkle and Topanga conversation makes it pretty clear they’re similar. It also shows that Farkle is kinda confused about who he is. You could even say he was lost…
But then Lucas tells Riley about the bubblegum he thinks is gold! ( And because Riley also thinks the candy is gold, she decides to let go of her bear and go get some tacos instead. (Remember who tacos represent?)
So in conclusion, Barry(Farkle) is still lost, and Rilucas still think they’re a sack of gold. This show better get season 4.
One final thing: When Riley and Maya sit on the couch and she GIVES her the TACO bobblehead, Maya says, “I will hold you tight and never let you go.” And Riley says, “Yes you will, and I will be okay.” Little nod to when Maya ends up with Lucas, Riley will be completely, 100% okay with it.

Evan was the one who really pushed everyone in the direction they were going in ski lodge 2. Evan, a guy who has known these people for all of a single day. The only things he knows about them are from what he’s gathered from first impressions. And from first impressions, you could venture to say that Riley/Lucas appear to belong together, and the same for Maya/Josh. Now who did Evan talk to all night? Riley. So apart from first impressions, the only information he has about this group is what RILEY has told him. So his outlook on the situation is completely based on Riley’s point of view of it. What does Riley want to happen? Obviously her and Lucas ending up together. Evan wanted to “guide people to places they never thought they could reach”, and he did that. But it’s not the right places.

The Gold Meta
  • Lucas: When I was four years old, my grandpa gave me this sack of gold.
  • He goes on to further describe it as if just calling it a sack of gold would be too hard for Riley to understand. Ugh, the way he talks to her is horrible.
  • But anyways, the sack of gold is the idea that when you move to a new place, and the first person who talks to you is gonna be your true love. I'll explain more later.
  • Riley: Lucas, are we rich?
  • Lucas: I thought so! I kept it for years. Then one day, I saw Zay had his own little sack of gold.
  • Just like how Lucas talked to Riley in GM Boy after just moving there and now they think they are together forever, when Zay first arrived in New York he talked to Maya. This is even brought up in this exact episode!
  • Lucas: So I said, "Hey! Zay! You gotta sack of gold? And he said, "Yeah!" And he opened it up, poured the whole thing in his mouth, chewed it, and blew a bubble.
  • Zay talked to Maya just like how Lucas talked to Riley, but he doesn't think they're going to ride off into the sunset. He still thinks he's just friends with Maya(but good friends!).
  • Riley: It was bubblegum?
  • Lucas: His was.
  • Riley: But yours was gold?
  • Lucas: Yes, I believed it was, and I still believe it is.
  • Lucas still, to this episode, thinks him and Riley are gold. But they're not. They're just bubblegum, and too much sugar isn't good for you.
  • Riley: It's funny, these things we hold on to, and how life let's us know when it's time to let go.
  • This comment is sort of realization on Riley's part, that we need to let go of things eventually. But then she goes and applies this to her bear, sigh, but that's a different post. But anyways, it seems these two won't stop thinking they're gold until life tells them it's really just bubblegum. But if Maya can talk to life, I guess they'll figure it out at somepoint. And it's interesting that life throws something in the way of them in the future which they break up over...
When your theory was right 😳

So the writers just confirmed that yesterday’s tweets were indeed and in FACT cryptic and not sarcastic aaaand that those tweets had to do with more than ski lodge (the rest of the season, well, ending of episode 21) lmaooo OMG

“Everything you say makes sense, Charlie.”

Charlie is sense…but so is Riley. That’s why a relationship between the two of them wouldn’t work. In a relationship, there needs to be both sense and sensibility. 

Anti-Rucas believers argue that Lucas and Riley are too similar, which is why they wouldn’t be able to work. The only way they’re really alike is in the way they’re protective and selfless when it comes to their loved ones. There was a post by someone else that said that Riley is the sense to Lucas’ sensibility - in a relationship between the two of them, there would be both essential parts to making it work.

But the truth is that Charlie and Riley must be more similar than we know, and that is why they wouldn’t work well together as a couple. The type of implied similarity isn’t one that’s beneficial or includes hobbies to share interest over - if they both have such similar ways of thinking, this can lead to a lot of clashing and not enough growth. At the same times, 2 senses does not make a sensibility. There would be a core aspect of a relationship missing if Riley and Charlie were to continue dating, and that is why it makes sense that that needed to end.

WHAT THE HELL laughing bc rucas shippers’ reasons for bashing lucaya literally make no fucking sense

they said lucas stepped back from kissing maya bc she wasnt riley but he probably just stepped back bc he wanted to wait until maya was ready for that

they said maya doesnt allow lucas to grow as a person and doesnt accept his stories??? no she just doesnt want him to act the way he is with riley bc lucaya is all about playful banter, not about polite and mannerly stuff about raising horses and all the shit he talks about with riley

riley wanted to build up his confidence by making him ride the bull, but maya didn’t want him to ride the bull bc he is already her hero and doesnt need to do grand gestures or be “mr perfect” in order to do that

riley fell in love with a concept
maya fell in love with every aspect of him

my theories for gm texas:
• maya will get the closest to lucas’ family then any of the other characters and that will bring them closer
• if lucaya doesn’t get together i think that they will atleast admit they have feelings for each other but say they wanna wait until high school/later
• riley will realize that maya and lucas have feelings for each other/true nature of her relationship with lucas
• farkle and riley will get closer/she will see him in a new light
• zay will be a cutie patootie
• farkle will help riley accept lucaya
• lucas/vanessa and zay/vanessa parallels will be shown to make the audience realize that maya and riley can still be friends if lucaya happens
•lucaya kiss or heart to hart ;)
• topanga and cory have a heart to heart with the girls

The Anti-Riley Fandom after GM Bear

Riley: I really want to find my bear, it means a lot to me.
Fandom: For Christ’s sake Riley, stop acting so fucking immature. It’s just a stupid fucking bear, let it go. You’re being such a bad friend to Maya because these tacos really mean a lot to her. Goddamn Riley you’re so fucking annoying, grow up!!1! It’s just a useless ugly toy!!1!
Maya: i waAaNTt tHATt bOoBbleHeAd!!!
Fandom: You see, the bobblehead was of great significance to Maya. She wanted it so she could replace her dumb annoying friend, Riley, who doesn’t care about her feelings at all. The bobblehead was not a toy, it was much more and deeper than that. Maya is a strong independent beautiful queen, she’s very mature.