anti girl hate

“drarry is cano—”

“harry and ginny should get a div—”

“i hate ginny we—”

“snape was just misunderst—”

“snape loved lily so mu—”

“au where snape adopts h—”

“i love gay ships im so sinf—”

hey, so, quick question:

why is it that when dean is being mocked, belittled, verbally torn apart, or violently beaten into hamburger meat by a loved one the fandom jumps to romanticize it by calling it “tough love” and acting like he “needed” it…

…but when dean so much as expresses a negative emotion regarding other people’s bad decisions or a dislike of the way he’s being treated, the fandom instantly labels him “a whiny hypocrite” or “abusive”


*mon-el hiding his feelings about kara*

*kara hiding her feelings about mon-el*
the anti’s: *silence* … *crickets* … *not a damn word being said about it*

*kara rejects mon-el, so he tries to move on*

*the entire time he was with eve, he talked about kara, proving he’s not really over her*

I’m really worried that Sana is going to get a lot of hate this season for how she deals with her crush situation. I’m expecting a lot of people to question why she won’t just tell her friends about her crush on Yousef (which I’m assuming she’ll keep to herself for quite awhile, like Eva, Noora, and Isak have done in their seasons). 

But like, it’s really different as a Muslim/Muslimah in a situation like this (or for any religious person who may prefer to wait to get into relationships).

We’ve seen how Sana is treated differently for a long time now. Her friends accept that Sana doesn’t drink, do drugs, or show her hair but there’s still a feeling of judgement–especially from V*lde. Sana is fine with letting her friends do what they like with their bodies, but there isn’t the exact same reciprocation (at least, in my opinion). 

We also see that the girls have an attitude where they tell themselves that they don’t need to be deprived of anything just because Sana deprives herself. Prime example: Vilde talking about Sana’s sexual frustration and how it shouldn’t affect hers and Magnus’ relationship. This is 100% true–it shouldn’t–but I’m worried that this attitude is going to translate into the girls saying that if Sana wants to deprive herself of a relationship with Yousef, then Noora shouldn’t deprive herself from that relationship. I don’t even know if Noora/Yousef is a possibility here because I didn’t see much from that relationship in the premiere, but I’m worried a conversation like this will happen, where Sana’s feelings are invalidated. 

The problem for me is that with Eva, Noora, and Isak, their romantic feelings are acted on. Meanwhile, Sana’s might not be because of how she chooses to live her life. I’m worried the girl squad is going to turn around and say “Not everything revolves around you and we can’t stop living our lives and finding happiness because you have a crush you won’t do anything about.” 

This is just…really hurtful–to have your feelings brushed off because you want to take your time. I’ve felt this firsthand and it just sucks. I’m hoping our fandom is going to be more accepting of Sana’s positions but…well…

anonymous asked:

Can you please please explain to me how we know Kim shumway doesn't like bellarke or Bellamy?

I don’t collect receipts, so if anyone wants to attach them to this post? Feel free! Because this is going to be quick and, frankly, weak lmao.

But honestly, it’s not like she ever said anything EXPLICIT that I recall, so who knows? Bellamy could be her fave (lol) and she could be a hardcore Bellarke shipper for all we know. 

AND ACTUALLY, I’ve said this before, she’s written some fan favorite Bellarke moments throughout the series. I don’t think she’s opposed to them at all lmao. I think, if she doesn’t ship them, she at least knows they’re endgame and tries to find ways to incorporate them into her stories if she can, just a smidgen. Here’s a list of episodes she’s written with Bellarke moments we love to love:

  • Unity Day
  • Bodyguard of Lies
  • Ye Who Enter Here
  • Nevermore

That’s…almost all of her eps. Except for the most recent, A Lie Guarded, which? Had a touch of Bellarke.

But yeah, she has talked down to BC shippers in the past. I think that has more to do with the weird, warped perception everyone has of our fandom, though. She’s not the only member of cast or crew to do that. She didn’t hide that she favored CL when the ship war was at its worst either. Which, whatever. I don’t care, I ship CL too. But it doesn’t hurt to appear unbiased on social media, in my opinion, especially…during that time. Don’t even get me started on her besties who are VERY anti-Bellarke.

As for Bellamy, it’s all in her writing. Here are the list of eps she didn’t write him to move the story forward for Clarke or Octavia:

  • Many Happy Returns
  • Bodyguard of Lies

Hey, I think she LIKED him in S2? Anyway, she tends to sideline him or use him as a plot device or a catalyst for her favorite Bada$$ Ladies. It’s not so much that we think she DISLIKES Bellamy (though there have been instances on SM that make me wonder) so much as she just really loves writing for the girls. I personally think she may not be totally comfortable writing for Bellamy without them.

MY issues with K!mshum have more to do with white feminism and her…unusual take on romantic and familial relationships, which just happen to leak into things concerning Bellamy and the other MOC in the show. Which she tries downplaying if not justifying.

                            “What is it you wanted to ask me?”
                                “Never mind, I figured it out.”

                                     a girl meets world au in which shawngela is endgame 

On December 8th, 2001, Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard) was brought into the New World, and, with her, Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong), as the new travel writer and photographer for the “Hit The Road” website. Leaving New York City that same day, Shawn closed the door to the Old World for good, while visiting his two friends and their family every now and then. 

A couple months later, Angela Moore (Trina McGee), now a freelance journalist, arrives to the city with a military husband across the sea and a newborn baby in tow. Living only a couple blocks down from the Matthew house in Greenwich Village, Angela reunites with her old friends and Riley and Angela’s daughter, Aria (Yara Shahidi), grow up together. 

Riley, with her goofy and caring nature balances out Aria’s more quiet, yet strong-willed one. The two form a bond that can withstand anything that tries to tear them apart, even the death of Aria’s father when they were 11, leaving Aria distant and somewhat cold to those who love her. She let out the anger she felt from the loss of her father through writing, which she only shared with Riley, and her and her mom slowly moved on. 

Shawn moved back to the city when the girls were 13, having been located there for “Hit The Road”. He fits right back in with his old friends, becoming a great uncle to Riley and Auggie, and reforming his relationship with Angela. Though not together, the two remain good friends and Shawn develops a close relationship with Aria. He even becomes a mentor to her when the girls are in high school and Aria expresses interest in writing for the school’s literary magazine. 

Though throughout the years, the lines between who they are now and who they were in high school start to blur as Shawn and Angela grow closer. They give dating another try and, like the ocean against a beach, the two collide right back into each other in the only way they know how. A year later, Shawn proposes, and Aria, though still holding onto her father, accepts Shawn into their life with open arms. 

Meanwhile, Riley and Aria are still trying to figure out where they fit in this New World. And in the bay window are their friends, Farkle Minkus, Lucas Friar, Zay Babineaux, and Isadora Smackle, helping each other pave the way to their futures.

just saying the whole “long game” thing with joshaya is such a… closeted lesbian thing to do? like picking a guy who is totally unattainable in the short term, while still latching onto the security of a future heterosexual relationship, without have to date boys she doesn’t feel anything for while all her friends are falling into relationships because the mere concept of josh is both a way for her to hide her discomfort of being with a boy while also rationalizing with herself that she can one day marry a man. this story, the one of a lesbian trying to figure herself out, practically writes itself into maya’s shoes.


Stop writing love triangles between brothers 2k15!

Stop writing love triangles between cousins 2k15!

Stop writing love triangles between friends/best friends 2k15!

Stop writing love triangles between strangers 2k15!

Stop writing love triangles 2k15!

Just! Stop! 

  • chuck bass: says he loves to see blair suffer, ruins her chance to be happy with another man, forces himself onto her as she screams and tries to shove him away, refers to her as "mine" and won't let her be with anyone else, repeatedly lies to her and manipulates her, says he'll take joy in seeing her destruction, yells at her and humiliates her in front of people she needs to impress for her future, refuses to leave even when she repeatedly asks him to, tries to grab her and hold her down to force himself on her after she tells him she's engaged to another man, yells and punches a glass wall when she rejects him therefore making glass shards fly everywhere and cutting blair's cheek open
  • chair stans: but he's so romantic !!! uwu <3

imagine being rory gilmore and feeling so incredibly entitled in your life that you go to three job interviews without a portfolio of your previous work or answers to the most common interview questions “what would you contribute to our company” and “what have you been working on recently” and still being appalled when you don’t get the job