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Livejournal now taking an anti-LGBT stance

“LiveJournal ties into this because the site was, and is, enormously popular in Russia, especially as a place to post political dissent. Needless to say, the Russian government has been attempting to shut down dissent, and LiveJournal operating out of Moscow has made that easier. This change in the terms of service, which applies technically to all users but in effect to its Russian user base, allows the site to boot anybody posting what the Russian government considers “obscene” or otherwise politically questionable. In other words, it’s about to start censoring LiveJournal on a mass scale.”

This is devastating to me. Not only are there concentration camps in Chechnya for lgbt people, and anti-gay violence in Russia, now they are also invading our online spaces where we found solace.

Many of you are maybe too young to know this, but as a bi girl from a third world country, livejournal was a way to meet friends all over the world and feel like I belonged. I learned so much from other people. Livejournal was where fandom communities started, and where online lgbt acceptance and love grew. I made lifelong friends from all over the world.

Livejournal was where I became “Mushroom”

I still have my LJ up. They’re backed up on dreamwidth, but tbh it’s not the same. There is some epic, beautiful fandom discussions, meta, fics, art, etc in there. It is an integral and essential part of fandom history 😢

It’s devastating that it comes to this.


im a local queer and trans black youth of color from Little Rock, Arkansas. Living in the deep south is hard enough as it is, and now we are struggling more due to racism being endorsed By Club SWAY within one of  our few local drag clubs.

Queen Anthony Gerard Wade Jr, who is employed as a Drag performer at Sway sparked a conflict when he (a cis white gay man) posted a photo of herself wearing box braids, calling herself an ebony enchantress, and claiming she was born in the wrong body (insinuating that he should have been born a black woman). This is the same statement Rachel Dolezal made when called out on her racism.

In response to being called out, Queen repeatedly asked the person (who identifies as non-binary) was asked if they were born a man or woman, and was referred to as “it” when corrected on misgendering the person.

In retaliation to being called out, the club Anthony works for posted a video of him impersonating a black woman (wearing box braids and performing to a black womans music) while smashing watermelon and eating off of the floor.

Many queer people of color found this video to be insulting, and felt as if Sway was just mocking the anger and struggles of poc. A protest was planned but later had to be cancelled due to safety issues after members of Sway and patrons threatened the organizer and members of the protest.

Soon after Sway posted an article featuring RuPaul titled “Straight people steal from gay culture and why educating youth is a waste of time” while Queen Anthony maintained the statement that he “doesn’t argue with children”

The Drag community is not what it once was. It was queer and trans people standing together in solidarity with people of color and those who meet at that intersection of identities against police brutality, racism, homophobia and transphobia. Never forget that the first person to throw a brick in the Stonewall Riots was a trans woman of color. The drag community in Arkansas is here for the sole purpose to appropriate mock black culture while making a profit off of it and ignoring the struggles that we face. 

this photo features another drag queen from little rock arkansas wearing crochet braids. The comment highlighted in red says “drag lives matter” to add insult to injury.

Never once has this club spoken out about the dozens, probably hundreds, of Black Trans Women who have been murdered this year. Nor have they spoken out against police brutality for killing more than ten queer and trans people of color this past year, the Flint Water Crisis, or about any other issues surrounding the Black Community.

As a queer person, a person of color, and a trans person never have I been more disappointed in the Queer community. Allowing these oppressive behaviors to be fueled and endorsed by “safe spaces” is not and will never be acceptable.


conway pride- i went to conway pride- a parade for lgbtq folks in a city 45 minutes away from where sway is located. they were performing and during their performances one of the wigs came off and hit me in the face. not knowing what to do with it it was placed on the ground and then the performer “LadyBoi” came off the stage and got in my face threatening to fight me. as the situation was diffused queen anthony got on the mic and called me a bully to which the crowd cheered. we left the situation and recorded a live video. which can be found here (sorry we’re kinda hype) 

 On june 24,2016 we sat down with the two owners and queen anthony. the meeting lasted three hours with no resolution. i was consistently misgendered, ignored negated and even questioned. my first resolution was to have sway pull out of little rock pride, they did not want to do that so we changed our bottom line to if they want to go then they need to go through free anti-racism trainings and issue a public apology to the queer black community and pride and they refused. 

On october 16th, 2016 black lives matter little rock along with revolucion (a queer latinx group) banded together and we organized a direct action at Central Arkansas Pride against Club sway. we held our black lives matter sign in front of their float and chanted things such as “Racist Drag is Still Racist” and “Fuck You Sway, We Wont Go Away” and ended with the assata shakur chant from ‘a letter to my people’. As Revolucion performed they ended by holding up signs saying “Queer Latinx Undocumented Immigrant” which was our cue. we took the stage and were immediately met with resistance even though we had permission from the MC, Bob the Drag Queen. The DJ of pride ran over to us screaming and grabbing the mic from two black femmes. They turned the mic off, blared music, and booed us. They called the LRPD who escorted us off stage into the audience. Then the crowd began to hurl insults and boo and question us and some even got into verbal altercations that were escalating quickly. 

Then LRPD pulled tasers on the group and we were forcibly silenced. 

During the performances of Sway signs were held up to block them to which demonstrators were pushed out of the way. 

Share this post, Signal boost it, Write bad reviews on yelp and google about sway, don’t give them your money, message them and tell them how you feel! They cannot silence all of us. I am asking for you to show your support to the queer and trans poc community of Arkansas, and take a stand against racism within the queer community.

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thank you for pointing out that it wasn't necessary to point out out chechnya is a muslim majority region, it had been bothering me a lot when i say the post hoing around but i didnt want to comment on it bc i was afraid i was overreacting

You’re not alone, it’s been bothering me, too. People are using the human rights abuses in Chechnya as a validation of their Islamophobia, ignoring the fact that the victims themselves are Chechen, meaning a significant portion of them are Muslims. Blaming Islam for the anti-gay violence in Chechnya is a great way to blame the victims of this situation for their own religion. (Besides, even though Chechnya itself is a Muslim majority region, Russia as a whole is mostly non-religious or Orthodox Christian, yet the non-Muslim Russian government is perfectly content to allow the violence to continue. Islam has nothing to do with this, it’s homophobia, plain and simple.)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been presented with the argument that fighting assimilation takes attention away from the “real” battle, which is fighting anti-gay violence. Assimilation IS violence, not just violent cultural erasure, by the violence of stepping on anyone who might get in the way of your upward mobility.
—  Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, That’s Revolting - Queer Strategies for Resisting Assimilation

Last weekend, two hundred and fifty people marched in New York Pride with RUSA L.G.B.T., a group that supports gay Russian-speaking émigrés and supports people who have fled increased anti-gay violence and legislation in Russia.

The Ukranian-born New York photographer Dina Litovsky photographed the event. See more photos and read Masha Gessen’s story on

Photographs by Dina Litovsky


Woke up to find this headline everywhere…

1. My heart goes out to all the victims: Those who were murdered, those who are alive but injured–mentally or physically, those who are waking up and scrambling to find the status their loved ones, and all of the other LGBTQ folks around the country who fear for their lives and safety.

2. Using an anti-gay violence to promote an agenda of Islamophobia is unacceptable.

3. Calling this a “possible terror attack” solely in reference to the killer’s ethnic/religious background is unacceptable.

4. Calling this a “possible terror attack” in reference to the fact that all of the victims were at a known GAY nightclub, effectively making it a targeted hate crime, is valid, but totally left out of mainstream reports.

  • Why is it that, during a time of relative growth in the salience of LGBTQ justice issues, this factor is not at the forefront?
  • If the killer wasn’t a Muslim, would we still call it terrorism?
  • If the killer was an old white NRA guy upset about same-sex marriage, would we even think of calling it terrorism?
  • Why is anti-gay violence only acknowledged at the opportunity of increasing anti-Muslim sentiments?
Kenya has ruled that anal exams on 'gay suspects' is legal

© AFP/File Simon Maina

Nairobi (AFP) - A Kenyan court on Thursday threw out a bid to outlaw anal examinations on people suspected to be gay, a practice that has been criticised by rights activists.

The case was brought by two men who challenged police use of rectal inspections after undergoing the procedure when being investigated for homosexuality, which is illegal in Kenya.

Being gay can carry a prison sentence of up to 14 years in the country, although prosecutions are rare.

“There was no other way evidence could have been obtained to ascertain that they are gay without carrying out anal analysis,” Judge Anyara Emukule said in a ruling at the High Court in the port city of Mombasa.

The men are expected to appeal the decision.

Eric Gitari, head of the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission in Kenya, called the tests “humiliating”.

The ban on homosexuality “has flooded Kenyan society with waters of prejudice, hatred and shame”, he wrote in Newsweek ahead of the ruling.

Homophobia is on the rise in Africa, and taking an anti-gay position while espousing evangelical Christian values is a major vote winner in many countries on the continent.

Gay rights activists have warned of rising intolerance in Kenya, including attacks on homosexuals and alleged cases of lesbians being raped to “cure” them.

Human Rights Watch wrote in a recent report that discrimination against homosexuals in Kenya “remains a major problem”, and that the authorities’ “response to mob attacks and other forms of anti-gay violence has been limited. 

See Also:
Judge Strikes Down California's Ballot Initiative To Kill Gays | BuzzFeed LGBT
California’s Sodomite Suppression Act is “unconstitutional on its face,” said an order issued by Judge Raymond M. Cadei.
By Dominic Holden

A ballot initiative that calls for the wholesale execution of gays and lesbians was nixed Monday by a California judge who issued an order that declares the Sodomite Suppression Act “unconstitutional on its face.”

State Attorney General Kamala Harris had filed a lawsuit in March to block the initiative, arguing her office should not be required to formulate a ballot description for the measure — which states that gays and lesbians must be “put to death by bullets to the head or by any other convenient method.”

Superior Court Judge Raymond M. Cadei agreed.

“Any preparation and official issuance of a circulating title and summary for the Act by the Attorney General would be inappropriate, waste public resources, generate unnecessary divisions among the public, and tend to mislead to the electorate,” said Cadei’s decision.

In case you were wondering what happened with that horrific proposal from a guy in California who wanted to literally and legally shoot every LGBT person in the head: it’s gone now. We can all go home. Nothing to see here. 

“Homophobes don’t care about skin color”

then why do gay people of color get attacked so much more frequently? Why are they at heightened risk for anti-gay violence, anti-gay discrimination of all stripes?

I mean what a ridiculous fucking statement. Homophobes aren’t racist? Then they’re the only ones, because our society is racist! JFC, this is not actually that hard.
Surviving Pride: Remember That the LGBT Rights Movement Was Born In Response to Terrorism
After the Orlando shooting, the LGBT community needs to look to our radical activist past.

What’s changed between Stonewall, the Upstairs Lounge, and Pulse? Plenty. But what’s more urgent are the things that have stayed the same.

It’s time we do away with the “surviving is thriving” adage because thriving is thriving, and it’s not enough to simply survive—we deserve to flourish like everyone else.


i mean on the one hand it’s insulting to black people to compare any civil rights struggle with their own on the basis of the violence perpetrated against that group since it’s grossly reductivist, i.e. “being black is synonymous with victimhood.”

on the other hand, to say “do your research on jim crow-era violence” but completely ignore a) the history of anti-gay violence and b) violence that continues today against black people and c) to base your argument on the unspoken premise that “you dont deserve equal rights if you didn’t bleed for them”…

well you can just eat a bowl of shit buddy. it’s down there, at the base of these stairs, and i know a really quick way to get to it

- thanks to Pilisera for finding that

It’s interesting, isn’t it, that as more and more letters get added to the alphabet soup, more and more non-gay people get to say that homophobia/explicitly anti-gay violence affects them? 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been presented with the argument that fighting assimilation takes attention away from the ‘real’ battle, which is fighting anti-gay violence. This false dichotomy hides the fact that assimilation is violence, not just the violence of cultural erasure, but the violence of stepping on anyone more vulnerable than you in order to get ahead.

Gay landlords evict people with AIDS to increase property values; gay bar owners arrest homeless queers so they don’t get in the way of business; and gay political consultants ensure the election of pro-development, anti-poor candidates who ensure that the ruling class not only remains in power but systematically sucks the poor dry.

—  Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore