anti gay bigotry

Maybe if people didn’t focus so much on hatred against specific identities (anti-gay bigotry, anti-trans bigotry) and focused on oppression from the oppressor class instead (heteronormativity, cisnormativity) we could spend less time focusing on who is “gay enough” or “trans enough” and instead analyze the many ways cis/hetero people fuck over everyone who isn’t. Which would allow for less infighting and more solidarity and activism that benefits *everyone*
Maryland family faces harsh criticism after daughter is featured in ‘American Girl’ magazine
Maryland family faces harsh criticism after daughter featured in American Girl magazine.

One Million Moms: How can we demonstrate to the American people that we’re pro-family values?

Conservatives: Hmmm…maybe you could shame and attack a sweet little eleven-year-old girl simply for having two dads?


Apostolic Exhortation like...
  • Pope Francis: Here's what the Church teaches.(Exhortation which btw doesn't allow divorced and "remarried" to receive communion)
  • Secular Media: POPE FRANCIS RELEASES GROUNDBREAKING EXHORTATION TO THE CHURCH! Teaches new things like "mercy" and "compassion".
  • LGBTQIA+ Lobby: Pope Francis shares love, but yet again denies gays a place at the table in perpetuating the age old anti-gay bigotry of far right Catholics.
  • Radicals: apostate false Pope Francis spews HERESY and acceptance of sacrilege and adultery!
  • Modernists: Pope Francis accepts divorced and remarried back into the pews, welcomes all in any situation to receive communion.
  • Feminists: Pope Francis makes another stride in the long awaited journey to full equality and the ordination of women!!
  • Me: Umm...anything else? I'm going back to bed. It's almost like this is a pattern we're all used to or something.