anti gay bashing

Why I hate Sterek

I’m just so fucking tired of Sterek stans calling people anti-queer or gay bashing for hating Sterek.

Let me give you a hint, most people who despise Sterek don’t do so because it’s a pairing between two guys. (I despise Sterek with female Stiles just as much as I do the other kind)

I despise Sterek because it’s a disgusting ship with no basis in canon.

I despise Sterek because Stiles is an annoying piece of shit.

I despise Sterek because it’s a cliché and even the people writing it don’t seem to actually like the characters as they are on the show, if they did, they would be writing Stiles and Derek in character, instead of changing them to suit the tropes they force them into.

I despise Sterek because it’s basically no different from 50 shades of grey, because I already didn’t like it when they called it spander, and I actually liked Spike and Xander.

I despise Sterek because it’s made it impossible to find Teen Wolf fic and especially Teen Wolf crossovers that are actually about the show Teen Wolf,

And most of all, I despise Sterek, because Sterek fans have made me hate it with their refusal to accept that other people may not like their pairing.

For those of you who didn’t hear, a same-sex couple was assaulted in Philly just a few days ago by this group in the picture while out getting dinner. Both of the men received multiple fractures to their face and one had to have his jaw wired shut. 

I can’t wait for the day where this isn’t something I have to fear. As a cis-gendered, more on the masculine side, white male, I don’t often have to worry about these types of incidences. When I’m walking alone at night I can “pass” enough that this isn’t a worry. But on multiple occasions when walking and holding hands with a guy, I’ve had people pull their cars over to scream, “Faggots” out the window or to cat call. And when I’m walking arm in arm with another guy and there’s a large group of people behind us, I always mentally prepare myself for a gay bashing. For those followers who think this is over-reaction and that gay bashing is “exceedingly rare,” it’s not. I was once had my life threatened with a crowbar while out on a date and was very afraid that I would be killed and me and my date would never be found. 

What happened to the two men is terrible, but I’m encouraged by the public response to the incident. The news networks are reporting it with a hugely sympathetic tone for the couple, saying “They were doing absolutely nothing wrong but walking hand in hand” and “This innocent couple was viciously attacked.” Even four or five years ago, the media would not have been so sympathetic to a gay couple. And the fact that random internet users who don’t even know the couple helped track down the group of people in the picture by trolling Facebook and Philly restaurant check-ins is so wonderful. Yes, violence against LGBTQ people still exists but it’s so encouraging to see how many more allies we’ve gained.