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what producers don't understand about queerbaiting

You don’t have an iron grip over the story. The story happens. GOOD producers would go with what makes sense instead of what pushes your anti-gay agenda. Your story? Your story says it’s canon. People see it because it’s there. The ship is real. If there are legitimate other reasons why the ship isn’t canon? Fine, but there never is. It’s just you trying to deny something the story puts a fucking spotlight on. So maybe I’ll still follow the story even if you’re queerbaiting. You know why I’m still here? Because the story says the ship is THERE and the ship is REAL. You created the story, but you are no God of it. Fuck you for stifling a compelling story with your ugly homophobia.

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You missed the point of the Loki scene if you love Trump and the State as much as you claim

Thank you for dropping by my favorite of grey faced friend, let me start out by saying:

I’m not at all surprised that a Lib would equate that scene to Trump, since everything is a Nazi these days. However you couldn’t be farther from the truth.

To start, the left likes to portray actions by anyone who does not fit their exact flavor of silly on any given day as evil. I won’t go into depth about the huge hypocrisies involved, even within the last few months, as that will side track this conversation. Maybe my grey faces fan we will go into it at length on a different post. Today the Libs have decided that travel bans, illegals, refugees and minorities, are the popular evils. Those positions by the Conservatives are not evil or fascist, and if you believe they are you are ignorant, but

The travel ban, it is not unconstitutional, it is not unlawful, it is not fascist. Obama has enacted more travel bans then the last 3 Republican (including Trump) presidents. The countries in the ban are from a threat list the Obama administration created, so your moral outrage is hypocritical and aimed at the wrong person. Since if this is evil and unlawful, your Lord and Savior Obama is the worst offender in the history of the United States. 

The travel ban is temporary, if memory serves it is only 90 days, it actually effects very few people with only, if memory serves, a few hundred turned away so far. Beyond that several of our Arab and Muslim allies think the ban is a great idea and have also placed bans on these areas (if further proof was needed for how dangerous these areas are). 

Trump is against ILLEGAL immigrants, NOT IMMIGRANTS, our nation is founded by immigrants and still lives up to the inscription on the Statue of Liberty “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” . Our nation allows around a million legal immigrants into the country each year, far more than almost any other nation. The claim is made that illegals are fleeing their countries because of danger or for hope of a better life. If true they actually have a fantastic chance of legally entering the country because America once again is one of the largest takers of refugees and givers of political asylum  each year. So far from uncaring monsters America as bad as you think it is, holds the moral high-ground when it comes to helping the disposesed. That is before we go into any of the foreign aid or humanitarian efforts we do each year around the globe. 

Now about illegals, this is not a race thing. I don’t care if you are an illegal from Canada, Kenya, or Mexico, if you are an illegal then you are here ILLEGALLY and once found it is the LEGAL obligation to deport them, especially if they are found guilty of other crimes. I wont go into the costs for schools, states, and gov programs, etc that are incurred, the crime stats, or the proven voter fraud seeing as this is already getting a bit long. I will however point out another blaring hypocrisy OBAMA DEPORTED MORE PEOPLE THAN ANY OTHER PRESIDENT.  So if you suddenly care about illegals now where were you when they were actually at risk? 

What about the fact that NO OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH lets you illegally enter the country and then gives you benefits. NO OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH will not throw you in jail/immediately deport you if you are caught illegally entering the country. Jail and deportation are the nice punishments in other countries, it gets much worse. So once again America far from being the evil monster you like to make it out as is the NO OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH is as as good to the disposesed as we are. 

As for the Wall, there is nothing illegal, inhumane, or unconstitutional about it. In fact your fav OBAMA GAVE MILLIONS TO FOREIGN POWERS TO HELP THEM BUILD BOARDER WALLS. Bill Clinton ran of a platform of boarder security, and even had an ILLEGAL CHILD kidnapped at gunpoint from his relatives in the states to be sent to Cuba. Enjoying the hypocrisy yet? So…

On the topic of refugees, even though the US takes in the most refugee’s a year we HAVE NO OBLIGATION to take in even a SINGLE refugee. Add to that the CURRENT VETTING process LITERALLY let one of the SAN BERNARDINO SHOOTERS into the country. So far from being fascist reevaluating current vetting standards that obviously don’t work is a practical and elementary decision. The current refugee crisis in Europe, adds additional reason for concern, especially since if memory serves the majority of those refugees are from those 7 nations on the ban list. Then the most damning piece of evidence as to why we need reevaluated vetting is the fact that ISIS HAS LITERALLY SAID THEY SEND INFILTRATORS IN WITH THE REFUGEES. So to say that there is no threat when ISIS has told us that refugees are LITERALLY there strategy, especially when they can be linked to many attacks within the continental United States. Traditionally women and children out of uniform are non-combatants however with the rise of ISIS more women and more children are being employed in terror attacks, and other acts of violence. Making any refugee’s from these countries like a bowl of poisoned M&M’s. Another dangerous sign is the number of military aged males who are now “refugees” is ridiculous. Now I have heard libs state that this is not true because Statistics state that women and children do in fact make up a large percentage. I have no doubt that their statistics are correct, the issue becomes that ILLEGALS DO NOT FILL OUT PAPERWORK ON BEING ILLEGALS. So the hordes of military aged males flooding into Europe right now who are doing so illegally and not as refugees go uncounted for in those statistics since their number and demographic can not be accurately calculated. So in matters of security, far from facist, we’re trying to be functional, so…

The UN has an entire initiative based around helping refugees, and it has come out and stated that for the price of relocating 1 refugee to the United States, it could help 12 in their own countries. Ironically the money Obama set aside is many times what the UN’s ENTIRE REQUESTED BUDGET FOR THE ISSUE IS. So long story short: it is easier, more cost effective, and safer for all involved to help them in their own countries. Now for those of you thinking “but they live in a war zone,” yes they do, a war zone Obama made possible, and Hillary armed. We have the ability to protect them even, we could crush ISIS if we were allowed but libs don’t want us to interfere in other countries. So instead we have contracted with several countries in the region, Saudi Arabia for instance to create, and protect safe zones within their countries. So once again Trump and conservatives have the moral high ground, having once again done more for the disposesed. And Trump did that week 1, he did more for the disposesed of the middle east DURING HIS FIRST WEEK AS PRESIDENT, than Obama managed in the last 8 years. Shall we also discuss the fact that this entire refugee crisis was actually CAUSED BY OBAMA AND HILLARY. Obama destabilizing the region by pulling out of Iraq despite repeatedly being told by military advisers that it was a bad idea. Then Hillary giving weapons to ISIS in Syria. 

Liberals have been bullying and using fear tactics against minorities since the beginning of time, but they’ve been laying it on thick since the election. Telling minorities that now that Trump is president that they will be carted off to concentration camps, that they need to live in fear because Trump will get them. You only have to look at Youtube to see lib parents fear mongering their children like this. While the only reported incidents have turned out to be libs faking or false reporting incidents. While their are dozens of confirmed incidents of Trump supporters being attacked, people have even been attacked for “looking like a Trump supporter.” That’s before we mention all the riots, like the last one over words, that weren’t even said, THE VIOLENCE STARTED BEFORE THE SPEECH. 

Truth is that Pence is not trying to create gay camps or electro therapy anyone, he is not pushing some anti-gay agenda. He is talking about expanding LGBT insurance, allowing for new procedures to be covered. While the Left views this as a negative, this could set a precedence,and expand what insurance will cover in the future for members of the LGBT community.     

When you look at all the facts, you call Trump, Hitler, but Obama has in every case actually done more, and worse than pretty much every other President in our beloved nations history. I hate to break this to you but, your fav, is at the very least more Hitler by your own meter stick than Trump ever was

As for Nazi


I’m not a white supremacist. I’m mixed, Spanish. But the hypocrisy of the left is so blatant, I can’t be okay with this. It doesn’t matter what your ethnicity is. If you are black, you have a right to celebrate your heritage. Is you are gay, you have a right to celebrate your lifestyle. If you are Asian, you have a right to celebrate your heritage. And guess what… IF YOU ARE WHITE IT’S OKAY TO CELEBRATE YOUR HERITAGE.

Bullshit Patrol

Like the scab you just can’t stop picking, I can’t rest until I’ve called out the bullshit I find in Freddie Mercury biographies.

Today is Lesley Ann Jones’ turn.

“As for Freddie, there would be other affairs with women.”

What women?
Why can no one name even just ONE? {Don’t bother saying Barbara because his friends say that didn’t happen either}
Why did none of his friends witness him going home with any women?

He didn’t even hang out in places where women could approach him. I have actually spoken to one of his friends about this. This is what he said:

His own PA who lived with him didn’t see him with women. Paul Prenter (boo, hiss) said ‘he’d more likely walk on water’, No female groupies have come forward claiming to have had sex with him (though it’s likely he did sleep with some before coming out!)
He didn’t even hang out in places women did. From Thor again when asked about his reaction towards women approaching him:

Why did the author just pull this out of her arse? What was the point?

Again, like her deliberate omission of the David Minns relationship, this proves she had an anti-gay agenda when she wrote the book. She is the reason why so many people state without basis that he continued to have affairs with women to the end. Great, well done Lesley, thanks for spreading misinformation.

One of the fundamental reasons Mary stuck by him and accepted him, is because he couldn’t help his need for men. She understood being gay WASN’T HIS FAULT.
Do people really believe she would tolerate him being with other women? Think about it.

On the Entitlement of Shippers:

What really gets me about crackships with massive fan followings, like Sterek and Swan Queen, Destiel and Johnlock, is the fact that their fandoms as a whole are so fucking entitled. It’s like, just because their ship has a lot of fans, they are somehow entitled to representation in the show or acknowledgement by the writers/cast/promotions team.

It’s just like… who the hell do you think you are? Just because you can get a whole bunch of people to trend something on twitter about a pairing that was never going to be canon and is never going to be canon (which I do grant makes it worse when the show creators obviously and purposefully ramp up the queerbaiting, which is especially evident in the cases of Destiel and Johnlock) does not mean you deserve anything to show for it. In a perfect world, show creators/writers would completely ignore just about everything coming from their fandom, in terms of relationships, desired plots, whatever, because they should be writing the story they want to write, not the one that overly entitled fans want told. (That’s what fanfiction is for, guys. So you can write out the storylines you want to see when the show goes in another direction.)

Believe you me, when the writers of a show start catering to the fanbase, things go downhill fast. Just look at The Vampire Diaries. What used to be a compelling, well-written show devolved into little but fanservice and half-assed plotlines that stopped making sense somewhere around the beginning of season four.

And I understand shipping something that will most likely never be canonized in the show. I tend to not start shipping something until I see evidence, actual evidence not ‘omg they shared screentime and LOOKED AT EACH OTHER IT’S LOVE GAIZ’, because I’ve been burned before. Shipping something that will never happen is painful, and sometimes the denial is hard to fight off, the thought that if you see all this amazing stuff then it must have been meant to be found, even though viewers have a completely different relationship with television shows or movies than anyone involved in the production. Viewers have the luxury of pouring over every second of screentime for hours and microanalyzing every glance, every word, every microexpression, and viewers do not have the luxury of actually knowing what is going on in every character’s mind. The actors, the writers, they do, which is why they can never just impartially look at the finished product and then form their opinions.

If cast and writers seem biased towards particularly ships, it’s probably because they are. It is probably because they know what they are working towards, and they can’t contain their excitement as they watch the things they set in motion come to fruition, whether that’s a relationship or a particular plotline. And then the rabid shippers and even the less rabid but still incredibly entitled ones come out and scream about how they’re being so personally victimized because their ships aren’t getting the limelight they supposedly deserve, even though they don’t deserve a damn thing. Even more hilarious is the yelling about OMG IT’S SO HETEROSEXIST THAT THESE TWO SPECIFIC CHARACTERS AREN’T BONING.

No. You know what’s heterosexist? The fact that so few shows have canonical queer representation. The fact that most relationships default to cismen boning ciswomen, and it’s so fucking rare to see platonic heterosexual relationships given equal relevancy to romance plots and not turning romantic. (One of many reasons I love Elementary so much.) And I’m not saying I don’t ship these heterosexual couples like burning, because I do. But I am saying that I do want representation. There’s a reason Callie/Arizona is one of my favorite relationships on television, and it’s not just because they are amazing characters and their journey is imprinted on my soul. But no, your specific crackship (and for the love of all that is holy, will you at least have the guts to admit, to yourself if to no one else, that these are crackships, with no actual hard evidence to support no matter what little nuggets you can dig up as an avid shipper) not being canon does not equal heterosexism or some anti-gay agenda, and you know what? I want representation without having to force characters together who were never intended to be together. I don’t want sloppy seconds, damn it, I want a relationship built from the ground up, with intent and meaning actually written into every scene. I want lovers intended from the beginning. I want a journey of self-discovery, I want the idea of anyone being 100% straight to be questioned, I want to see bisexual people in happy, committed relationships with people of any gender, I want to see stories written for me, and by people like me. (Basically I want Shonda Rhimes and Joss Whedon to team up forever except oh my god every character I love would die ABORT ABORT ABORT)

So you know what? You can have your crackships, you can take your sloppy seconds, because I don’t want to settle. And by the way, I am not saying you can’t or shouldn’t passionately ship these couples, canon be damned. Death of the Author is a thing for a reason! But I am saying to stop fucking acting like entitled little brats who didn’t get exactly what they wanted for their birthday.

Basically stop being Dudley Dursley, all of you, and start acting like mature people with sense enough to ship something and also realize they aren’t entitled to anything regarding that ship. Grow up, please! I’m sick of this crap.

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hi do you remember that petition to stop tony abbot from spending $245 million on anti-gay religious agendas in schools? well they got a lot of petitions and took it to parliament but now the conservatives are fighting back. could you please encourage your followers to keep signing and spreading the news?


go sign this folks! keep it going!

feel free to reblog this to get the word around

People are acting like if a person walks into a bakery they have to fill out some questionnaire stating whether they’re gay or not to be served. Literally all that’s happening is that some companies don’t want to bake a cake for wedding they don’t approve off. It could happen for any reason, perhaps the couple is getting remarried after divorce or the ceremony is polygamist. There is no secret “anti-gay” agenda here. Even several of my gay friends know this. Stop being whiny babies trying to force everybody to cater to you. If the company is run by bigoted jerks, don’t give your money to that company. That’s how the free market works.

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Just wanted to let you know that you made a small mistake in your latest rant. You wrote Cs instead of SQ. But i understood it, you perfectly described the SQ fandom with the stalking,bullying etc

“Ooh, look, Ma! I’m not a typical bigoted angry CSer, I’m a witty one!”


Unfortunately, the level of the dumb is exactly the same, which only makes you a bigger moron. If nothing, then ironically (or moronically, take your pick) for stalking the blog that ‘bullies’ you.

So here, you deserve to be ‘bullied’ even more with our forced anti-sexist, anti-misogynist gay agenda: