anti freedom

Why is “economic freedom” always measured in how easy it is for rich assholes to own limitless property and exploit the working class by the thousands, and not in how easy it is for the average person to meet their basic necessities so they can live comfortably and happily in society?

Really makes you think. It’s almost like we live in a society where those same rich assholes control the media and dominant ideological institutions, thus constricting us to a very particular socially-constructed definition of “freedom” that benefits them materially. It’s almost like power seeks to reproduce itself or something.

Today is an extremely important day in history. Although the slaves were emancipated on January 1, 1863, they did not know it till General Granger rode into Galveston, Texas on June the 19th, 1865. This should really be a federal holiday.

If someone uses the word ‘retard’ it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re ableist. If they don’t think that autistic people are lesser than them, they are not ableist.

If someone uses the word 'nigger’, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re racist. If they don’t think that black people are lesser than them, they are not racist.

If someone uses the word 'faggot’ it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re homophobic. If they don’t think that gay people are lesser than them, they are not homophobic.

If someone uses the word 'tranny’ it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re transphobic. If they don’t think trans people are lesser than them, they are not transphobic.

If someone jokes about women belonging in the kitchen or whatever, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re misogynistic. If they don’t think women are lesser than them, they are not misogynistic.

Joking about something or using a certain word doesn’t mean you agree with it or condone it. Intent matters. Context matters. This has been a PSA.

Free speech includes unpopular opinions. 

Free speech does not include burning shit down.

Yes, free speech includes hate speech.

No, free speech does not include punching nazis. (Although I do strongly dislike Richard Spencer. Not an excuse to punch him tho.)

I'll never get this obsession some people have with making every godamn pairing as fluffy and sweet as a marshmallow cloud.

Words like “problematic” or “unhealthy” or even “abusive” being thrown around like popcorn everytime a ship dares to step out the lines of your neat little box of acceptable fiction. And it is fine that you say all of these things, really. For most of the time they are absolutely correct. But the problem is that all this words come covered with accusatory tones and allegations that just make no sense, meant to hurt and shame the people making and consuming the entertaining piece that was made. Be it fanart, fanfic, headcanons or even just expressing their love for a ship. I just want to know at what moment did we start equating artistic freedom with “being an apologist”. And who decided which things are and are not okay to be written/drawn/spoken about? Art doesn’t follow your rules. Art follows NOBODY’S rules, and that’s what is great about it. And as far as I’m concerned nobody died and made you people “the supreme judges​ of all art forms in the world”. Art is free and inexcusable. Fantasy is what makes us free. No regulation, no rules, no dictatorship. You can make a utopia in there, or a post-war decaying world, you can make a surrealistic adventure or just write about your everyday person, you can make clouds heavy and rocks weightless and it breaks my heart everytime I see someone trying to dictate what someone can and cannot put their artistic effort into. If it’s problematic, if it’s terrible, ugly, harmful, devastating, unacceptable. Let it be. The fantasy world is where it belongs, it’s where it SHOULD be. Cause when it gets to this side, when it stops being a dream (or a nightmare) and turns into reality THEN it causes real damage. A painting​ of a gun is just a painting. The bullet from the gun that is pointed at your head when you walk at 3 AM in a dangerous neighbourhood and that will make a hole in your skull, that, that is the real danger. The painting didn’t cause the violence, the violence caused the painting. And we bring this to our fantasies, cause in there we can simulate. We can try to understand. We can deconstruct and construct again. We can look it from all the angles and perspectives we are denied in reality. And to deny fantasy’s ugliness is to deny reality’s nature. You don’t live in a perfect world, I know you’d like to, but you don’t. You can cover your eyes, you can cover your ears and cover your mouth. But the evil will be always there. And it will make it’s way to fantasy, cause fantasy is fabricated out of reality. Always was and always will be. And if you think you’re somewhat eradicating it by throwing all this insults and accusations at people that DO understand the distinction and the connection between these two worlds, you’re most likely just creating even more evil. Censorship is the real evil. Fantasy is not good, but it’s not evil either. It’s just what it is. So maybe you should take a deep breath and step down of your pedestal and take a look at the world. It is not perfect, but it makes fantasy perfect by being so.

I can’t believe I have just spent days of my life defending people I don’t even fucking like because there are actual cunts on this website who 

a) think you should be able to physically assault people who disagree with them

b) think context doesn’t matter

c) think jokes are any kind of -ist, or are in any way inherently bad because they’re against some protected group

d) don’t think freedom of speech should apply to those they disagree with, and are willing to hurt people and violently riot in order to shut them up

You’re all terrible, you have wasted my time and you have only proven yourselves to be the fascistic cunts that you claim to hate. 

The reason I talk so much about fully-automated luxury communism (FALC) is not because I think a Star Trek utopia is literally on the horizon; I don’t think *full automation*, a work-free society, is possible yet. I merely use FALC as an organizing principle and as a means of explaining how the work week could be drastically cut down. It needs to be constantly emphasized that we have the ability to use automation and democratic thinking to slash current workloads down to few-hour shifts (2 to 4 hours or so). If you simultaneously get rid of unnecessary jobs (jobs that can be automated and work that isn’t socially-necessary) and employ every person, the short shifts become possible. From there, you can remove labor that isn’t socially necessary (entertainment, art, certain human services, etc.) from an economic context whereby people *must* do them in order to access their daily sustenance; after all, there will be plenty of free time with a reduced work week, giving people plenty of opportunity to practice those artistic pursuits if they have the interest. This will most likely result in an explosion of creativity and in a highly-educated population, a society where people can *actually* make use of their talents and interests. This setup enables genuine freedom to flourish, leaving the “free to compete in a market economy” freedom in the wastebin of history.

@taxloopholes has said she doesn’t think FALC is possible yet, and that “partly-automated comfortable communism” is a better goal to shoot for in the near future. I couldn’t agree more. I just like using FALC as a vision to organize around, since it emphasizes the expanded free time element that socialism has always been about. We need to point to wealth and power inequality to win people to the cause, but we *also* ought to speak of the expanded sense of freedom that will come with a greatly shortened work week. This is about “PR”, an angle that isn’t often covered when people think of the anti-capitalist left.

Why is it against the law for a child to have sex, and yet anti-choicers want to force children to carry pregnancies? 

If children are not ready for sex (which they sure as hell are not) then they are most definitely not ready to carry a pregnancy. 

When it really comes to it, forced-birthers view not only grown pwu (people with uteruses) as incubators, but minor children as well. It’s dangerous and disgusting. 

I'm a very opinionated woman

And I believe:
That fat shaming is horrible, but so is glorifying unhealthy bodies.
Racism is atrocious, but it’s not just white people who are racist. Everyone can be racist.
Sexism is horrendous, but women aren’t the only people who experience it.
Transgender people are legitimately valid, but there are only two genders. Agender, demigender, trigender, etc., are falsified and not legitimate.
You are by all means allowed to disagree with someone and have a different opinion from them, but you have no right to silence them for their different views.