anti flowers

sjw tumblr: “don’t tell me what it’s like to live as a poc in america!”

me: then don’t tell me what it’s like to live as a white person, either

✨Skin Woes, Begone!✨

🌿ahh, the versatility of nature; that warm golden color comes from the helichrysum🌿

also included:
- lavender
- tea tree
- oats

((to be used topically, as a toner- I’m using it on my face to treat redness & inflammation and on bae’s very minor wounds he got from tripping on asphalt to help them heal faster))

☀️ happy Saturday ☀️

🍄Witch Jars & Botanicals 🍄

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(deleting tomorrow!) 

Look make whatever metaphorical shipping posts you want, but I feel obligated to point out: flowers are planted in darkness and grow towards daylight. And ~someone~ who has light-related powers and whose name means “light” is now the heir of the Day court. So idk. 👀

Me two seconds ago


Well I was bored and this shit happened. Pretty proud of the flowers, first time drawing flowers digitally, second time drawing flowers in the past year.

I haven’t watched Jack in a while and it almost aches XD I’m gonna binge-watch every video I’ve missed.



“People only liked Margaery because of Natalie Dormer” lol, tell me again how much you love Daenerys because of her leadership skills