anti flowers

Me: I don’t understand why people just can’t respect other peoples opinions. It’s not that hard and everyone is entitled to their own.
Someone: Lee Min Ho is the greatest actor ever.

Having a different opinion on tumblr is hilarious because most of the blogs claim that they’re pacifist and totally accepting of everyone, but if you’re an anti-feminist or if you’re white or if you’re male or if you have any other political standing other than liberal or democrat, you will receive anons and hate mail. No questions asked.

Tumblr’s special flower community have set strict guidelines for what a special flower can be. Congratulations! God forbid anyone have original ideas :x

Strawberry flower, huh? For the bitch who couldn’t even look at you while you lied on the ground with a hole in you? For the useless heifer that left with the enemy after you cheered her ungrateful ass up and made Ichigo promise to be stronger. For the heifer who called you her friend, said she wanted to go to SS to save you, but turned around and told Yoruichi she wanted to go “to protect Kurosaki-kun.” Damn, Rukia. I thought you’d gotten over the self-loathing and you’d gotten all the approval and validation you needed. Now, you need it from Orihime who can’t even have a favorite flower without it somehow tying to Kurosaki-kun. Nice.