anti flirt

y̛ou'v̸e ҉w͠a͞n̵t̵e̴d̸ th͏is̴.́
( slightly explicit? not really, idk )
y̛ou'v̸e ҉w͠a͞n̵t̵e̴d̸ th͏is̴.́

ha̕s̡ any͜o̡ne͠ ́e͘ver ͘ţo͢l͜d ̵y͘ou͡ h̛o͞w̢ ad͏o̶rable y̨ou҉ ͏sound͡ ̧w̛he̕n̛ y̕ou ścre̸am?͝ ͟or h̵ow ͟th̀e fl͟u҉shin͞g o҉f҉ ̀you͟r chèe̴ks͝ ̀m̵ak̷e͞s ̡mè think̢ ͡of̸ ͘how yo͞u͟ŗ ͟bl͜o͟od̸ wơul͡d͡ ͢s͟p̸ìl̸l?̸ d͢a͟w,̴, ̸look at yơu.̨ ̛so̢ ͠heļp҉l̨es̵s and̀ ca̧ugh̕t̷ in͡ a ́r͟o̧ma͞nće witḩ a d̷emon.҉ ͘how pathe͞t̵ic. s̕h̛hh,,̴ ͟reļax͢,,͘ im͘ ̴n͝o̷t ̢go̢in̴ģ to͘ j̵ump ͏to̢ t̶hin͞g̸s͞ s͘o̴ qui̧c̀k͢ly͢ a͞nḑ k̶ill y͜oư. ńơ,͝ im̴ g͟o͡nn͝a dra̡g̴ thįs o̴ut̡.̶ ͟i w̷a̵n͘na hea͞r͡ any s̶o̧und y͡o͝u͞ ͟ca͜n͟ ̶m͢ake͜.̨ wh̡et̸h̀er ͢i̵t́ b͢e f̧o̧r mercy or͟ f͞o̸ŗ ̧m̧é. ̨no҉w, l̴e̛ts̶ ̸st͝art͞ of́f by ̀pu̡tti͢ng ͘t̵h̢at͢ mouth̶ of ̀your̷s̴ to ̶us̨e b͜e̢for̡e͞ ̕i cut y͘o͡ur̛ ͜t̵ongue͝ ̡o̵u̡t. ̨d̡oes͜ ͢tḩa͢t s̷ǫu̢n͡d҉ líke a ̢p̴l͏a̡n͝ şw͡e̕eth̷eart̵?̀

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I’m only going to make one post about this. Nobody confirmed Ed is going to bang Barbara. Not all female/male mashups are required to end in romance. People should be happy Cory is getting to work with another actor this season rather than just be stuck in the same sort of plot/dynamic. Ed and Babs team up is going to be wonderful, and very fun to watch. Erin and Cory already have a really great dynamic, please if you are, don’t bitch to the writers, producers, or actors for something that has not even been stated. Plus, how good of a romantic wingman could Babs be, if for some reason she ends up wanting to help mend Ed and Oswald’s partnership.

Look! It’s my versions of Anti and Dark! Well, my reference sheet for them. 



- His eyes are basically a mood ring. They lighten in color when happy, and otherwise darken with his mood. If he gets particularly angry (as in so pissed he can barely think straight) then his eyes glow red.
- For the most part, he avoids showing emotion as much as he can. He’s aware this doesn’t quite work, however, since his eyes give away any slight changes.
- He has a pet albino ferret named Jewel. He had to make a deal with Mark about helping take care of her when he can’t, but he loves her to death and usually only smiles for her.
- Jewel loves basically everybody, except Chica, who she finds intimidating.
- Dark prefers to dress nice and stay neatly trimmed/shaved.
- Dark is an umbrakinetic. He can manipulate and control shadows and darkness, even so far as to enhance the most minute of shadows, filling a room in total darkness. The shadows he controls can be given a physical weight, strength, and feel if he so wills it. But, sometimes these shadows can impose their own will upon him, if he’s not careful.
- Dark really wants Jack to like him, but isn’t sure how to make that happen without scaring the poor boy.
- He likes to occasionally mess with people.


- No mystery here, Anti has heterochromic eyes. The REASON, however, is because when Jack injured his eye it left behind a scar. Due to said scar, Anti’s powers, though present, do not physically show unless he lose some semblance of control.
- Anti can teleport and float in the air. In fact, he prefers both to walking most of the time. It also makes for a good way to pick on Mark, since he likes randomly standing on his shoulders or head.
- Anti occasionally flirts with/teases Mark but mainly because he knows it makes him uncomfortable and he likes watching him squirm.
- His relationship with Dark goes as follows: hate your guts, I’ll kill you; hate your guts, go away; hate you, I'mma pick on you; neutral, but still gonna pick on you; somewhat friendly, teases jokingly; friendly, flirts jokingly; very friendly, openly flirting; okay, I really like you, but I don’t know how to handle it, and I don’t know if you like me…seriously, what are you thinkin’? It’s driving me crazy not knowin’!
- Anti likes his nick name, Glitch Bitch. He also likes all the attention.
- If he gets particularly upset, which as far as they know has only happened once, the whites of his eyes turn black (as does his tears) and the irises begin to glow.
- He can mess with electronics to a certain extent.
- He really likes bubbles. Probably because they remind him of him.
- He gets jealous of Jewel, but he loves her all the same.

Stressful Fights and Sad Breakups

Requested:Nope. I just felt angsty.

Fandom: Markiplier

Pairing: Darkiplier/reader

A/N: Idk. I felt angsty today so I wrote this. I was bored too…

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                          Work had been rather hard on you lately. Your boss had been giving you overtime and it was wearing you down. You just wanted to sleep at this point but sadly life had other plans. Instead of walking into a peaceful home where you could simply go to sleep and not have to worry about being woken up until the afternoon seeing as it was Friday, you walked into a home where a demon version of one of your closest friends awaited you.

               “You’re late.” You placed your keys down and sighed. Your elbows rested on the counter and your face was placed in your hands.

               “Yeah, I know, Dark.” Irritation laced your voice with a dangerous tone, like a warning that if one thing was said in the wrong way you would explode. Dark stood from the couch and adjusted the suit before approaching you. He gripped your chin lightly and tilted your head up.

               “Watch your mouth princess. I don’t like your tone.” You clenched your teeth in anger. With those words, Dark had completely torn any self-control and composure you had. You slapped his hand away. He looked taken back but said nothing when you grabbed you wallet, keys and phone and left. You didn’t want to deal with this now, you didn’t want to deal with anything right now.

               You drove to the nearest hotel, ignoring any calls or texts that you got from Dark. He was supposed to be your rock, the one person that makes you feel better when you’re down, but he somehow always found a way to make it worse. Why did you ever agree to date him again?

               Because he was the first man to ever love you.

               Was that even true? Did he even love you? He never said he did. He treated you like he owned you. It was healthy. In fact, he tried to kill you the first time you two met. The only reason he didn’t was because you slapped him when he put his hand around your throat.

               You parked your car in the lot and got out. You walked in and went straight for the desk. Once you had gotten the room key you went and passed out on the bed. It was the first peaceful sleep you had in a while. Usually Dark’s weird aura gave you restless nights.

               You woke up around two in the morning to another call from Dark. By now you were fed up with this behavior. You picked up your phone and texted Dark.

               2:03: Dark stop harassing me. I’ll be back tomorrow to get my stuff and I’ll be out of your way for good. You won’t have to deal with my ‘tone’ anymore.

               You turned your phone off and went back to sleep. The bed seemed even more comfortable now that you could appreciate it without interruption.

               Dreams eluded you and the few that you had were good memories that you had with Dark. Memories like when he had made you dinner for your birthday. Memories like when he poofed the two of you to a secluded beach when you needed time together. Memories like your first kiss on New Year’s Eve when he got jealous over how Anti kept flirting you so he dunked you at midnight and kissed you like his life depended on it.

               You woke up with an ache in your chest and a dry feeling in your throat. You sighed and sat up from the bed. You rubbed the sleep from your eyes and let out a yawn.

               “Who said I wanted you out of my way?” You gasped when you heard Darks voice and turned to see him leaning against the wall. You swung your feet over the side of the bed before giving a response.

               “You implied it last night.” Your voice was nearly monotone. Another pang added to the ache in your chest when you remembered the events. Dark gave out a sigh and flashed before you when you tried to walk away.

               “I don’t understand humans well,” Dark trailed after you when you went to the mirror and scrunched your nose at your messy reflection. “I’m still unsure of how I’m supposed to act and what I’m supposed to do in these situations.” He gripped your shoulders and turned you so you could face him.

               “Dark, you don’t own me. A relationship is supposed to be two people loving each other, being there when they need it and caring how the other partner feels!” You looked to him and felt tears prick at your eyes. “I know you don’t get this! You’re a demon and I constantly forget that. You don’t know how to treat people and it might just be better if I found someone who was human.” You looked to the dirty carpet as tears slid down your cheeks. Dark huffed and stood straight again.

               “Alright. If that’s what you want then that’s what will happen. I’ll leave you alone.”


anonymous asked:

If you have time may you draw Pastel! Dark and Anti and Anti is messing/ flirting with Dark. Love you ❤️😊

Pastel! Dark and Anti would be super cute ahhhh,,,

It took quite a lot of convincing to get Dark into that outfit, but damn was it worth it.

ily too you adorable anon ;;



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Brendon Urie:

Imagine talking with Brendon over Face-time

Imagine Brendon being on radio and has been saying some stuff about you and you call in and he realize you heard it all

Imagine dating Brendon and him playing around and being all cute and funny



Imagine Dean teasing you about how you look when you fangirl

Imagine wanting go with Dean on a hunt but he says no

Imagine Demon Dean having a soft spot for you

Imagine Dean getting jealous when someone flirts with you

18 with Dean x reader “Don’t panic but I think we might have accidentally gotten married…”


Imagine Jensen and Jared on set trying to make you laugh

Imagine making Jensen laugh while he’s on set

Imagine making Jensen laugh while he’s on set #2

Imagine Jensen flirting with you while on set


Imagine telling stupid jokes to Sam while he’s doing research


Imagine Gabriel listening to you complaining about how bored you are


Imagine telling Sam and Dean that you are dating Lucifer


Imagine you and Cas fighting and Cas gets sad

Doctor Who;

The Doctor (Matt Smith):

Imagine telling you boyfriend, The Doctor, that you’re pregnant

Imagine inviting you boyfriend, The Doctor, to a dinner with your friends

Imagine the look on The Doctor’s face the first time he sees you

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  • laurens: no more sex pour me another brew son
  • hamilton: *walks in the room*
  • laurens: handsome, boy does he know it, peach fuzz and he can't even grow it
  • hamilton: if you stand for nothing, burr, what'll you fall for?
  • laurens: you and your words flooded my senses; down for the count and im drowning em

Haven’t I seen you someplace before?
–> Yeah, that’s why I don’t go there anymore.

Is this seat empty?
–> Yes, and this one will be too if you sit down.

So, wanna go back to my place?
–> Well, I don’t know. Will two people fit under a rock?

Your place or mine?
–> Both. You go to yours and I’ll go to mine.

I’d like to call you. What’s your number?
–> It’s in the phone book.
But I don’t know your name.
–>That’s in the phone book too.

So what do you do for a living?
–> I’m a female impersonator.

Hey, baby, what’s your sign?
–> Do not enter.

How do you like your eggs in the morning?
–> Unfertilized!

Hey, come on, we’re both here at this bar for the same reason
–> Yeah! Let’s pick up some chicks!

I know how to please a woman.
–> Then please leave me alone.

I want to give myself to you.
–> Sorry, I don’t accept cheap gifts.

I can tell that you want me.
–> Ohhhh. You’re so right. I want you to leave.

If I could see you naked, I’d die happy.
–> Yeah, but if I saw you naked, I’d probably die laughing.

Your body is like a temple.
–> Sorry, there are no services today.

I’d go through anything for you.
–> Good! Let’s start with your bank account.