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being interested in serial killers and their motives and what drove them to kill but understanding that they were awful people who did awful things and not normalizing/romanticizing them

romanticizing/being attracted to/admiring/shipping serial killers

If you look closely, you’ll see that the far-right is actually in the center and there is a farther-right section of the hook that is not labeled. This is the mental gymnastics these people go through to demonize the center. Basically, the part of the graphic that would be labeled conservatives is further right. 

Credit to a-filthy-skeptic for pointing this out to me.

Please help these poor girls.

Edit: They didn’t make it. Thanks to everybody who tried to help. ):

So, say somebody I know has recently been given 3 betta fish, all females, in a small tank. They’re all three bloated (so much so that one girl, I couldn’t tell from the pic if she had dropsy or not. Turns out she’s just extremely bloated and has black edging along her scales). This person has about $20 to their name and doesn’t get paid until next Friday. I’m working with her to hopefully get them separated, but that’s hard to do when she can’t even really afford two extra BOWLS. Right now the plan is to keep one where she’s at, and put the other two in bowls/a vase until she can get separate tanks. I don’t know what else to do, and it being 8pm for her, most places are closing or getting ready to close (she doesn’t drive). The plan is: 

Remove the girls and separate them into bags filled with their old water

  • Fill up the tank they came in/a bowl/a vase/other bowls/whatever that they’re gonna be in for a week with fresh water as close to 80 as we can
  • Acclimate them slowly to new water
  • Change the water every day (maybe multiple times?) for the week
  • Hopefully get enough tanks to completely separate them into something better to get a proper cycle going.

She lives in an entirely different state and I have very little money, myself. I’m going to help where I can but it’s gonna be rough for a bit. 

My question is: are we doing the right thing? Any advice on doing things cheaply until she can afford to get everything? Due to her living situation, a 2.5-3g might be the best she can get. We’re sort of playing it by ear at this point. 

Tagging everybody I know who might be able to help:

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Please please please help. Tag somebody you know that I don’t, or somebody I missed. I don’t know what to do to help, I’ve never encountered this situation before. Pic of the girls as she’s recieved them:

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when the first iron man movie came out in cinemas i was like... 12? or something and i thought iron man was THE BEST and tony was sooo funny. and then... you grow up and you go into the real world and you actually meet people like tony stark i.e. people who constantly antagonise others and are assholes just for the sake of being assholes and you realise... dude's not funny, he's just a douchebag.

I had this conversation with my mum like 2 days ago because she’d asked me what I thought of Homecoming and I told her that I thought it was really interesting the way they presented The Vulture and how I personally, had he not done the murdering people thing, really would not have called him a villain, and how I think Tony’s behaviour in the last few movies has been more villainous than the actual antagonists. And like we were really discussing it and she goes “It’s surprising to me how much you dislike Tony now, because when this Marvel movie thing all started, you were such a big fan of Iron Man, I wouldn’t have expected such a change in opinion” and she’s not wrong. When I was 11 years old with no real perspective, no real world context to apply to the media I was consuming, when I took everything at face value, he was a funny dude. He was sarcastic and I, like most people, like to laugh, and his films had quips and quick wit and they were funny to me at 11 years old. 

However I’m not 11 years old anymore, I’m 20 years old, and I have travelled extensively, I have learnt so much more, I have broadened my world view, I have had my eyes opened to the reality of privilege vs oppression and the inequalities of our world, and I now know that men like Tony Stark are the men, that quite literally, get away with murder. They’re the men that are responsible for the massive inequalities in wealth across class systems. They’re the men that have grown up with everything, and don’t like to be told no, and feel they’re entitled to whatever they so desire. They’re the men that care about profit and not who suffers to get it for them. They’re the men who think it’s fine if they commit crimes because they’re rich and successful and renowned world over, so they’re never going to be punished for it. They’re the men that say and do disgusting things, but because they’re considered charming and personable, they get rewarded rather than punished. They’re the men that hurt other people but don’t get punished for it because the system wouldn’t want to ruin their life with that bad press. 

So at 20 years old, aware of the society we live in, aware of the way the world is, and aware of how popular media shapes the way we as a species interact with each other and the world at large and the way we respond to other people, I can’t sit here and say “he’s flawed! but he’s still a hero! he’s trying!” because I really do not see him as one. I don’t see a rich and powerful man with an ego so big it would need it’s own private plane, who consistently ignores the advice of others because he thinks he knows better, buys himself out of all sorts of trouble that people less well off than him would be massively punished for, resorts to violence when he feels threatened/cornered/like things aren’t going his way - I don’t see that as heroic. I see that as someone who is being pandered to, when what they actually need is to be held accountable for the amount of negative stuff they’ve done. And I think the continuous excusing of his behaviours, and the placing of him on a pedestal despite his behaviours only highlights a bigger problem in society. In that if you’re rich and popular you’re basically untouchable, and even more so if you’re white. It’s something we see all the time in real life too, the fact that Justin Bieber can do the amount of dumbass things he’s done, and treated his fans as badly as he has and yet still somehow has a career is one example. Donald Trump being the fucking president of the United States is another example on a much larger scale. 

I just can’t see him as a good guy, or even as a flawed character still worth investing in anymore, because I see enough men like Tony Stark in every aspect of my daily life. And they’re exhausting in the real world and he’s exhausting in this fictional one. 

Ok so I’ve stumbled upon the most gorgeous female betta I’ve ever seen on eBay? She’s such a stunner! Those colors! That finnage! Look at her?? I’m in love???

Ugh I wish I had an empty tank and I’d buy her in a heartbeat but I don’t!

Someone kick pick this girlie up and give her her own tank she deserves to live like a queen!

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Yo, it's ya boi, the same one who started that damn Danti angst story chain ans boY IT WAS AMAZING YOU'RE AN INCREDIBLE BEING AND I LOVE YOU. Anyways, yes, fluff time, maybe "Can you hold my hand...?" With some good ol' Danti of course?? Still love you to death

(( MY BOI! Thank you dude for sending that prompt in! That chain was awesome and fun to write! I LOVE YOU TOO!! HOpe this is fluffy enough for you! ))

“Can ye hold my hand…?” Anti asked quietly, holding out his hand for Dark to take as they walked down the pier. Dark glanced down at Anti, then at his hand and frowned, but didn’t refuse and entwined their fingers together, before drawing Anti’s hand into his pocket.
“Ye figured out I was cold then?” Anti laughed, shuffling a little closer to Dark so his arm wasn’t at an odd angle to fit inside his coat.

“You always ask for me to hold your hand when you’re cold.” Dark replied calmly, “The rest of the time you just take my hand for yourself.”

“I know ye don’t like being cold.” Anti shrugged, but Dark caught the blush in his cheeks before he buried his face into his scarf. “So I feel bad just taking ye hand when I’m cold.”

“It’s fine Anti,” Dark murmured, steering them around a group of tourists towards the very end of the pier, where a small stall was selling chips and ice cream, although he doubted Anti wanted ice cream anymore. The sea air was bracing, especially since it was Autumn time and a storm had just passed over the UK. Dark himself was hungry though, and ever since Anti had introduced him to the beauty of sea-side chips, he had craved them every time he came to see the murder bean.

“I want fish too!” Anti piped up as Dark approached the stall, fishing his wallet out of his other pocket.

“You could say that to the person, you’re standing right next to me.” Dark grumbled, but he gave the full order and paid. One of the people in the stall was staring at them with a strange expression, and Dark avoiding their gaze. He had a feeling they thought that they were looking at Mark and Jack, which was always a problem if he and Anti went anywhere. Well, if they went anywhere and wanted people to see them.

As soon as the food was handed over, Dark slipped the safety of his aura around them, disguising them from view so no one on the pier could see them. There was something about his aura as well that kept people away, so when Anti took a seat on a bench at the end of the pier, no one wanted to sit there either. The chips were good, and a nice layer of warmth against the wind and the spray of the sea. Anti happily tucked into his fish and chips, babbling about how that specific stall was one of the best at the seaside, but he preferred a chippy closer to Jack’s house for the food in the entirety of Brighton.

“How many chippies have you been to?” Dark asked as he screwed up the polystyrene holder and tossed it into the bin beside him. Anti was finishing off the last of the fish, and Dark snagged a few chips from his bag when he wasn’t watching.

“All of the ones in Brighton.” Anti replied earnestly, “Gotta find the best food, y’know.”

Rolling his eyes, Dark took Anti’s rubbish when he was done and tossed it into the bin as well. Anti stood and wandered over to the fence running around the edge of the pier. Dark watched as he climbed it and then sat, legs hanging over the sea, back slightly bent, leaning out into the sea air.

Approaching him, Dark slid his arms around him from the back, plastering his chest against Anti’s back, and encircled the glitch’s hands in his own. “You sure do love the sea.” He noted.

“What makes ye say that?” Anti asked.

“Every time I come here for a date you take me to the seaside for something.” Dark replied with a small laugh, “I get it Anti, I like the sea too.”

Anti didn’t say anything else, just leant back into Dark’s embrace and watched the rolling waves beneath them. They held hands the entire time, even when Dark helped him climb back over and Anti decided to re-enact the scene from the Titanic, slipping as he climbed and nearly falling had it not been for Dark’s grip on him. He found it hilarious, Dark not so much, but he still allowed Anti to curl their hands together inside his pocket as they walked home, unbeknownst to the others braving the weather for a nice date.

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To everyone who’s been following up on me investing an exaggerated amount of dedication in a nonexistent, parodistic fishing anime for the sole purpose of mocking yoi, it now has an official blog.

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There’s more official art and amazing content coming up, please look forward to our sweet, ambiguously gay fishing boys!! Promote, keep the project going!