anti feminists

  • neo-nazi:*criticizes minorities specifically*
  • anti-sjws:exactly. this belongs on a positivity blog. such a good message. quality content, op
  • feminist:*criticizes men specifically*
  • anti-sjws:why are you generalizing men?? are you saying women are perfect and men are all disgusting pigs? maybe you feminists need to take a page from the neo-nazis and learn to accept people for who they are uwu

I’m gonna keep pushing this video until it has as many views as I have followers.

eleanorresearch asked:

Hi, I have a question - are you female? And I'm not asking to send abuse to anti-feminists by the way! I'm quite interested to learn more about female anti-feminists

1- Yes I am

2- Females are anti-feminists because we see the world for what it is. We don’t blame everything on men, we don’t get other women telling us that we should stay inside because of the big scary men that could be outside, we go for the jobs that we want, we live our life how we want, we wear as much make up as we want in our own will, we shave our legs so we can sit and stroke them all night, we get out there and be the same as men instead of sitting behind a screen and complaning about not being able to do anything because of men. 

This is the only expression (or maybe there can be other but are the same just a little more anguish… just slighly) Elsa uses THE ENTIRE MOVIE.

She wears this expression when she learned she had struck her sister (the two tinmes by the way)

She wears this expression when people find out about her powers

She wears this expression when she runs away

She wears this expression to kick her sister out

She wears this expression in her coronation

She even wears this expression when her sister froze in front of her!


UGH “Animating women is hard”? Maybe doing a good movie is hard for you man.

i hate all anti-pc/anti-sjw-/anti-feminist/””’egalitarian”” people b/c instead of empathy for people who are suffering, they always have a “yeah but” and this disgusting falsely intellectual condescension going on. bottomfeeders


Buzzfeed: Anything that a cis person says that is complimentary to a trans person is probably actually a backhanded insult against all trans people.

gremlinhandz asked:

Idk how to ask this because I'm not mad, and I like your blog a lot so I don't want to sound whiny. I'm just confused why people who used to not like feminists/sjw's suddenly act like they hate the anit-sjw/anti-feminists now. I haven't seen them do anything bad and don't get what caused this.

I get you fam.  More or less, anti-SJWs/egalitarians and anti-feminists are just SJW-lites.  Ultimately, they support the same end-goal of leftist feelgoodism “social justice,” but pretend they’re different because they’re not openly racist and/or sexist assholes.  That’s why I’m rather disillusioned with those labels.

To quote:

“Don’t become so anti-SJW that you become anti social justice!”

You and I both know what the end goal of social justice is politically correct moralistic authoritarianism.  They just don’t want to be seen as rabid like the SJWs are, but are they really all that different when they get what they want in the end?

Regarding my last post: I’m not anti-feminist, and I’m not against female solidarity. I am against the idea that girls are only cruel and awful to each other because boys have hurt them. Because it’s bullshit. Girls can be horrible people, just as much as any other gender.


As it turns out, the Oxford Union is shit. Youtube is also shit.

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The overall figure means nothing. It does not take any other factors into account. Women earn less because they do jobs that pay less...

Oh for fucks sake why do I have to explain such basic shit to people all the time:

1) Actually part of the wage gap is due to the fact that there are men and women being paid different salaries for the exact same job.

2) That is not the full story of the wage gap, but it doesn’t matter because all the other reasons are manifestations of sexism too.

3) The fact that women are under pressure to take longer parental leave than men is sexist. The fact that female dominated careers are underpaid careers is sexist. The fact that more women work part-time because they have to look after the children is sexist. IT ALL COMES BACK TO SEXISM IN THE END.

4) And if you took 5 minutes to think this through rather than throwing your silly anti-feminist bullshit around, you would have realised this yourself.

5) The overall figure tells you all you need to know. There is a 20% difference and that in itself is proof of sexism. All further analysis just supports that.

6) Now finally, as I originally asked. FUCK OFF.

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i've noticed that while feminists have radical and hateful responses to people having different opinions, whereas anti/non-feminists are calm and civil and explicatory about their opinions and beliefs.

Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but I think it’s common for people waking up from the feminist ideology to realize they were hoodwinked all that time because of over-emotional language, false statistics and hateful propaganda techniques. All that can’t help but make you cautious about double checking any claims you listen to next in as clear-headed manner as you can and determined not to use the same tactics on others.

anonymous asked:

So I've been having a lot of issues involving my homophobic, transphobic, and anti-feminist mom. Being a lesbian and a girl who's thought about a gender transition, this is extremely hard for me to deal with. She often forces fem clothes on me and constantly says "you're a lady". At this point, all I want is at least short hair but she won't even allow that. I know the short hair thing may not seem like a big deal but having long hair is making me feel really self conscious, so what should I do?

I know hair can be a big issue if you’re Trans, so don’t worry:)

It seems there’s no way to get your hair cut but to come out.
But I think the best thing would be to stay in the closet if there is any chance of her hurting/abusing you or kicking you out/disowning you. If you know she won’t do any of these things, you can try to come out, but I don’t think this is the case.

Dysphoria sucks, but really, your safety is more important than anything else, and if that means you have to stay closeted then I’d advise you to do that.
But my advice isn’t the best or only thing, so it’s up to you.

Oh, you can also cut your hair yourself, and although this could get you into trouble, it might be the best option? But please stay safe!


I hate to break it to you but the term “hypermasculinity” was coined in 1984 during a study conducted by Donald L. Mosher and Mark Sirkin (men fyi.) Their research found that hypermasculinity is associated with sexual and physical aggression towards women.

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the organized feminist movement started in 1848 at the Seneca Falls women’s conference.

Tumblr was founded in 2007. Tumblr did not invent feminism and tumblr did not invent the terms used in feminism. All tumblr did was allow you to come face to face with your own privilege and the reality of oppression. And you are ignorant, hateful and cowardly enough to violently perpetrate it and refuse to see otherwise.

How to be the Cool Girl
  • say “I’m not like other girls”
  • wear “natural” make up but never talk about make up or display any evidence of your grooming habits
  • be super skinny but also never turn down a burger
  • join in when men discuss women’s bodies as sexual objects
  • let men use sexist slurs like “bitch” around you
  • hate on feminism
  • validate men’s opinions when they say women are stupid and shallow
  • say “not all men” whenever women want to talk about misogyny
  • talk about women as if we are animals that exist in two breeds: the Fuck Meat and the Cool Girls
  • talk about how much better men are
  • shame other women and talk about how much you’re not like them because women are inferior to men
  • join in on the misogynistic jokes, laugh at the oppression of women
  • prioritize men in everything
  • in an argument always take the man’s side
  • laugh along and agree when men make belittling jokes about your abilities
  • laugh along about how funny it is that all the female stereotypes apply to you and you’re proud to be submissive to men
  • then go and bring them beers and make them sandwiches when they ask just to be ironic
  • simultaneously hold the contradictory opinion that you are a free thinker unlike other women
  • agree with everything men say