Someone who wanted to remain anonymous contacted me about @babyfairy today claiming to be an ex-friend. Apparently, despite justifying hatred towards zamii070 because “she likes lolicon”, she has referred to herself as “the queen of lolicon”. She also expressed a fetish (unclear if sexual or not) for gore. I know someone who received gore in their inbox after a nasty interaction with babyfairy, so that makes a lot of sense.

One of the biggest thing her ex-friend complained about was her total lack of empathy or caring. She keeps a tight circle of friends that she cycles through when she gets bored. If you’re in her circle, she will make sure to compliment your looks and act sickeningly sweet towards you. If you dare to disagree with her, suddenly you’re ugly or racist.

As anyone who has interacted with her knows, she uses the race card to manipulate people heavily. She will twist the circumstance in any way possible so that you are an ugly racist that she is justified in acting hostile towards. This is part of why so many people follow her. She gives people this illusion that she’s a legitimate warrior for social justice. She appears to fight racism actively by attacking racists head on.

Regardless of diagnosis, she’s a classic narcissist focused heavily on her own appearance and the appearance of others. She uses appearance as a sort of currency with her friends and a weapon against her enemies. She likes to keep all eyes on her, constantly referring back to her own appearance to fish for compliments. If you look at her blog at any given time, you’ll see plenty of evidence of this. It’s very obvious.

She uses her manipulation to pit her own friends against each other if one of them is perceived as crossing her. She has specifically manipulated two people to break up with each other because she didn’t like one of them. She’s playing chess with the people she claims to love.

This is all I’ve got for now. Due to the person giving the info remaining anonymous, it will be easy for her to shake this off. Don’t let her do it. If you’re one of her followers, look for the signs of abuse and manipulation. I assure you that you will not come up empty handed.

Advice for college students

If any of you have chosen a social sciences course or any major ending in the word ‘studies’ instead of a real subject, just please go home. You are wasting your money. You are going to graduate less educated than when you arrived. You are going to graduate believing more things that aren’t true than when you arrived. You are going to graduate less well-equipped to deal with the real world, less well-adjusted with more childish, emotional responses and less able to rationally interrogate data and come to reasonable conclusions than when you arrived in college. If you are doing any of the courses ending in ‘studies’, just leave. Go home. Do something more useful with your life. 

Feminism matches every single qualifying factor of pseudoscience. It’s all about narrative, self confirmation of that narrative, theoretical extrapolation, then further self confirmation of the extrapolations. It has no interest in falsifying itself. It has no predictive power, it just has a system of interpretation that adjusts it’s narrative to fit the evidence ex post facto. It defines no limitations for itself nor makes any room for its claims to be false. It presumes value judgements and does more prescribing than describing. It’s full of jargon, explanations that make a lot of assumptions about individual’s thoughts and collectives, suggestion and indoctrination techniques, and frankly religion-like themes. Claims largely rely on debunked claims and personal experience. It’s research rejects peer review by other fields, claiming any attempt to falsify is a conspiracy of hatred, bigotry, and violence. It makes the same claims about skepticism and believers largely refuse to explain their position or back their claims, resorting to personal attacks and personal tactics, often asserting that others need to prove a negative -that they are not bigots (highly arbitrary). Feminist proponents regularly shut down debates that they do not fully control, only allowing their own view to be heard. All disagreement or conflict of information is seen as conspiracy against the ideology. Feminism functions as an ideology focused on achieving recruitment and authority in all areas of life. In some cases, feminists mock science or reject it as a social construct, often claiming it is a creation of grandios societal ills.

“I wouldn’t charge people… unless they’re white”

Thanks to @its-blazing-cat for this one.


The Patriarchy and Feminism

I am going to do what feminists are not willing or able to do and that’s properly define The Patriarchy.

Feminists don’t like to define anything precisely because it doesn’t give them any wriggle room to backtrack. Feminism is an elaborate blame-pushing device and this is where the problem lies.

When you tell a woman that everything wrong in her life is the fault of some man somewhere, you’re robbing her of the agency, you’re robbing her of the ability to improve her life.

If you tell a girl that she failed the exam because the marking criteria is sexist or she didn’t get the job because the employer must be a woman-hating misogynist, you’re robbing her of the ability to study harder and try harder in life.

This searching for somebody else to blame is what feminism does best. It’s exactly what progressives have done after the election. They look for someone to blame. It can’t be us, it must be those racist, sexist, misogynist, take-your-pick-phobic monsters. Black Lives Matter does the same thing. Let’s ignore the epidemic of black-on-black homicide, crime and broken families within black communities and blame white racist cops and white people for all our self-inflicted problems.

Feminism is the best example for this blame-game mentality because it’s the most audacious and infectious. It is decided through the invention of this conspiracy theory that is called The Patriarchy that half of the human species is the reason that their lives are shit.

Though in reality, in most cases, their lives are shit because they didn’t work hard enough or they don’t have the talent, skill or aspirations that somebody else does.

By giving them a ready-made excuse for their own failings is what feminism has designed The Patriarchy for. Feminists use The Patriarchy for anything and everything they can find to bitch about.

Just a few examples:

Air conditioning: Women are cold while men bask in the sexist office air conditioning.

The alphabet: The written language established “the patriarchy” and subsequently all of the world’s sexism.

Proposing: The sexist dominant/submissive power dynamic behind a man asking a woman to marry him acts to reinforce “rape culture,” feminists argue.

Words with ‘man’ in them: According to the Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Program website at the University of Pittsburg, words like “mankind,” “freshman” and “chairman” are sexist.

Science: The University of Wisconsin - Madison (UW) offers “a post-doctorate in ‘feminist biology’ because biological science is rife with sexism and must be changed to reflect feminist thinking.”

The Declaration of Independence: Feminists view the Declaration of Independence as “an historical cause of sexism, as the document refers only to ‘all men’ — not ‘men and women.’”

Wearing camouflage: Camouflage is representative of “the patriarchy,” so, by wearing such symbolic clothing, you are supporting female (and other “marginalized” groups’) oppression.

Speech improvement apps: Speech improvement apps like “Ummo,” which tracks non-filler words, such as “like” and “uh,” are sexist because they are  “policing women’s language.”

Men sitting with their knees apart: “Manspreading” is “an assertion of male dominance,” and “every one” of the manspreaders does it because he feels like he has to “claim his territory and his manhood in this public space, even at the discomfort of all the other passengers.”

Tampons: Feminists are upset that they have to pay for their own basic hygiene—which is obviously a condition of the patriarchy oppressing women.

Telling boys they need a haircut: By telling a young boy that he “needs a haircut,” you are actually telling him that he is looking “too feminine— as if looking feminine is the worst thing a boy can do,” explains a feminist at Bustle.

This is the evils of The Patriarchy and the sexist, misogynist patriarchal world that women live within in the minds of feminists. This gives you some idea of the dangerous, almighty entity that we are expected to believe controls the fate of every woman in the Western world (who are probably the most privileged group to ever exist in the history of human civilization by the way).

We are expected to believe feminism and turn a blind eye to everything it does. But the amount of garbage that flows out of feminist’s mouths, it doesn’t need much help to be funny. Especially when you see these huge blue-haired gorillas with more facial piercings than chins screeching about the injustices against her because she wants more donations to her Patreon.

This is the face of modern feminism. This is the face of feminism that bizarrely, somehow, has managed to convince politicians, academics, journalists, movie makers, novelists and worst of all, the young minds of Americans, that there is a cruel conspiracy against women perpetuated by men.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that no two feminists have the same definition of The Patriarchy. It seems to just mean anything they want it to at the time of their argument and what mood they’re in when defining it.

It’s unsurprising when you consider that not even the feminist movement alone can agree on a definition. No one has ever been able to give a definition of feminism that lasts more than ten seconds. This is a persistent problem with the movement.

Feminists, like most academic charlatans, like to use a pile of words like “intersectional” and “systemic” to make themselves seem clever without doing any real science. They think this hides the fact that they aren’t really saying anything. It may look good on grants applications but it no longer works on the general public.

Fewer than one in five American women identify as feminists while just seven percent of British women describe themselves as feminists. Yet eighty-two percent of women believe in equality of the sexes.

In other words, women today know that feminism and equality are not the same thing and it’s about time we have began to wake up to this fact. They know that feminists say it’s all about the equality of the sexes, but they act very differently.

When under pressure and being questioned, feminists will go on the defensive, perched upon the moral high-ground, saying things like “feminism is about equality, don’t you believe in equality?”

But most women choose not to fall for this scheming manipulation. Feminism today has become a conniving, vindictive, spiteful, man-hating car crash. Most women refuse feminism because they don’t hate men. They would like to have boyfriends, husbands and dare I say it, children one day.

Feminism is having a bit of a bad time. Like a dog that has been repeatedly kicked and about to die, it’s in the corner looking sorry for itself, lashing out with its final ragged breaths.

But, of course, animals who are about to die are at their most dangerous because they have nothing else to lose. The odious people at the gender studies departments are some of the most poisonous and toxic people in all of academia. They spread lies to impressionable young girls about men, about their safety and their livelihoods. They spread lies about the wage gap, campus rape culture and force them into seeing themselves as the world’s victims just for existing.

The reason few women still turn to feminism isn’t hard to understand. Feminists are always in competition with one another to be the best feminist one can be. Who can get the most donations? Who can get the most attention? Who can say the most fancy sounding words to describe their own oppression?

They fight for the status of “Queen Victim”. Since they can’t earn any money with their gender studies degree, they turn to grievances and whinging to form their own currency. That’s why they create so many labels for themselves and are so proud to tell everybody about them because the more labels and the more victimized they are, the higher they are within the left-wing hierarchy.

Going back to gender studies, it is the softest of all subjects you could possibly take. They don’t put much work into the quality of their scholarship in gender studies departments because they don’t need to, if you question their methods, you are of course automatically a member of The Patriarchy.

The Patriarchy is this sort of all-encompassing explanation for everything. Feminists don’t know anything about anyone else except they must be simulated at all costs and destroyed if they don’t conform. They have a hive-mind that mindlessly follows the orders of a “queen” - in this case, a disgusting amalgamation of Lena Dunham, Anita Sarkeesian, Amy Schumer and Hillary Clinton.

More intelligent people than myself call these ready-made, all-encompassing excuses the external locus of control. This is different for every group and the Right is not completely excused for this with the whole New World Order bullshit. For leftists it’s the alt-right. But with feminists, it’s The Patriarchy.

The Patriarchy is a conspiracy of Western civilization designed to control women’s lives and hold them down. Feminists never accuse the Middle-East for these things by the way. You will never hear feminists talking about Islamic patriarchy. These are countries that really do oppress women. They are countries that oppress and execute gays and women while Obama - and had she won, Hillary Clinton - takes billions of dollars from only to pander to gays and women back home.

This is how you know The Patriarchy is a scapegoat and it’s not based on rational analysis because if it were, feminists would look at these Islamic cultures and be horrified. But they don’t because they are not interested in reason, logic or facts. They are only interested in demonizing straight, white men. That’s how you know this is about identity politics and not rationality.

The Patriarchy is used by feminists as a crutch to excuse their own personal failings. It’s not their fault they can’t get a date, it’s The Patriarchy. It’s not their fault they can’t get a job, it’s The Patriarchy. Feminists even blame The Patriarchy for making maths difficult, they say science and math has a patriarchal bias. This crutch isn’t going to support their weight much longer.

I predict the next big thing spewing out from feminists mouths in 2017 will be “internalized Patriarchy” as they begin to turn on each other. You can already start to see this happen with racial elements. White feminists are being kicked out of the “cool club” because they don’t have enough oppression points. I don’t think any feminists are still reading this post up to this point so for all of us who still are, we can look forward to their looming fate together.

If feminists defined The Patriarchy properly, it would immediately destroy their movement as The Patriarchy is actually what makes our country great. What feminists allude to as The Patriarchy is actually western civilization. The things that feminists hate the most is what makes us the greatest country in the history of human civilization.

Feminists are too passive-aggressive to want our society nuked. They would rather destroy this western civilization by importing murderous barbarians from the Middle-East and teaching our young boys that masculinity is evil while being a male feminist is noble.

Let’s look at The Patriarchy from a non-psychotic and more rational perspective.

The Patriarchy and the West are inseparable. The Patriarchy is the idea that people can achieve their best if they work hard. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, what color, gender or sexuality you are. The Patriarchy says your potential is not based on your identity but instead the talents you were born with and to what lengths you are willing to go to achieve greatness.

The Patriarchy does not favor men over women, in fact it favors women. The claims by feminists are entirely fictitious. Men are the primary casualties of war, they are the vast majority of suicides, they are less educated, they have a shorter life expectancy and almost everyone killed on the job is a man. Forget the wage gap, men suffer an incredible death gap.

What gender inequalities there were in society have flipped to favor women. If there was the kind of Patriarchy in action that feminists claim, it is doing a horrible job looking after men’s interests.

Women make up less than 1% in the following professions: Boiler makers, brick masonry, septic tank servicing, sewer pipe cleaners and trash collectors. Isn’t it amazing that we have never heard about this evil gender inequality. Nobody has ever written an angry column from The Guardian about there being no septic tank operating women. Feminists constantly complain when well-paying jobs go to men but to those feminists, here’s some advice. If you want to improve your chances in life, change your major to a real subject. If you are upset about the number of women in STEM, go study engineering and change it for yourself.

If you believe there’s a conspiracy within this Patriarchy of keeping women down that excludes them from physics and math, you have to explain why there isn’t one that keeps women out of biology, veterinary medicine and nursing. Feminists never seem to be able to explain why The Patriarchy excludes women from just some sciences. Could it be possible that women simply make different life choices to men? It seems more likely to me.

Feminism is about taking options and agency away from women. It wants to force women into subjects they don’t want to study. It wants to force them into lifestyles that don’t make them happy. Feminism has effected almost every area of public life, politics and society over the past fifty years. For the things it has achieved we should be very proud for leading the way. We should be proud of that. But we shouldn’t be proud of the last few decades of feminism and we certainly shouldn’t be proud of these hysterical, nasty, blue-haired little children running around our campuses calling themselves feminists.