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Dress Code at School?

Break it and you get written up, just like the real world.
The school isn’t trying to sexualize females, they’re showing you what the real world is like.
So go ahead and wear your short shorts and your strappy back dresses, but do it in your own damn time, just like every other working human being does.
Stop being so vain and conceited to think that you need to look your best at all times and grow a little confidence in yourself.
Learn to put up with some level of bullshit because this is the real world and you can’t do whatever the fuck you want.
Have a good day.


“I need feminism because… [underarm hair]”

Yesterday, while my boyfriend and I was watching Game of Thrones, he had his arm around me and I began to snuggle into his shoulder. He immediately pulled his arm into his side, and when I asked him why, he said he felt a little bit embarrassed because of his armpit hair. He was worried that it would’ve smelt and repulsed me, which is why he pulled his arm in. I asked a few more questions and he eventually he said that he thought it looked repulsive, it caused bad odor, felt a little bit itchy, and simply made him a little bit self-conscious. I tried telling him that most men had it and that it looked perfectly acceptable, but he kept his arms down and just said it was gross.

Yes, my boyfriend hates his underarm hair.

So I asked him why he doesn’t just shave it off. As embarrassed as he is by his armpit hair, he still feels pressured to look like a man. He said he didn’t want to shave it off because it wasn’t the manly thing to do. He NEVER said that he would look like a woman, because the difference between men and women is obviously a bit more complex than just a bit of hair under the pits. He simply talked about the pressure that he felt as a male to live up to certain expectations.

Now feminists will insist that de-stigmatising female armpit hair will magically make men feel better about shaving their pit-hair. They are wrong. They are simply making an excuse to prioritise female issues while justifying their discrimination by saying that the second-hand benefits will solve the mens issues too. Those sort of excuses are disgustingly manipulative. 

I absolutely abhor the fact that many feminists will blame certain male behaviour on a “deep-rooted hatred” of all things feminine as the underlying cause of their issues. For example:
- Men don’t wear dresses, because they hate feminine traits.
- Men don’t shave, because they hate feminine traits.
- Men don’t wear the colour pink, because they hate feminine traits.
- Men don’t sew, because they hate feminine traits.

Could we then insist that females do not shave their pits because of a deep-rooted hatred of men? For example: 
- Females aren’t hairy, because they hate masculine traits.
- Females aren’t dirty and unkept, because they hate masculine traits.
- Females aren’t bulky at the gym, because they hate masculine traits

Of course not, because as soon as you apply that exact same logic to women, it is suddenly invalid. As soon as you suggest that women shave their armpits because armpit hair is masculine and they do not want to look like manly men, feminists will go into defense mode and talk about the patriarchy and being oppressed. It is a double standard that they use, again, to promote and prioritise their own struggles, while ignoring the alternative struggles that men face. 

Does it ever occur to anyone that sometimes, men don’t like the gendered stereotypes society has placed on them either. Or are we going to continue to presume that only women are affect by armpit hair related stereotypes?

- fraudulentfeminist

anonymous asked:

Sooo I really truly don't want to come across as rude, but your blog looks awesome cuz of HTTYD and all that good stuff but I noticed that you said you post anti-feminism and as a passionate feminist who wants to follow your blog but is skeptical I was just wondering: Why aren't you a feminist? I'm not judging you, I'm just curious. I'm really sorry if this offends you.

No offense taken at all! I know my stance on anti-feminism has turned several people away from my blog, so this isn’t new to me.

First: I’m sure you believe in equality, like Feminism has said that it is about. If so, good for you! I’m pro-equality as well.

And I won’t deny that first- and second-wave Feminism was in fact required for women to gain basic rights in many states.

However… Third-wave (current-day) Feminism is literally not needed. Allow me to help educate you. (Most of these links are all from the same blog, but he can explain things hella better than I can. Don’t forget to click his links as well!)

Women actually have more rights than men in terms of bodily autonomy, reproductive, and parental rights.

The most common myth about feminism is that it’s for equality. Surprise! It’s actually not, including the fact that it fights against men’s rights.

The “wage gap” is a myth, in case you were wondering. So is the “patriarchy.”

“But those aren’t real feminists!”

Wrong. These people help support your movement. They call themselves feminists whether you like it or not. Either accept it and get rid of them or sit down.

“Anti-feminism is misogyny!”

Wrong again. Anti-feminism simply means I am against the hateful, bigoted, misandric movement that is modern-day feminism. I’m a woman and I am anti-feminist because I can see what feminism has turned into, and I can see past the “feminism is for equality” facade. (And no, that does not mean I have “internalized misogyny.”)

This one is a long read, but it’s an evaluation on modern feminism.

Now I think it’s my turn to apologize if I have offended you with my replies ^^; I hope you find this information useful, whomever you are!

How anti-feminism actually works

First Wave Femenists: “we deserve suffrage and working rights just like men!”

Me: “Woo!! Yeah get those votes!”

Second Wave Femenists: “We deserve equal pay, more punishments for our abusive husbands are in order, rape is not okay, and we want more help when it comes to maternity!”

Me: “You go girls!! Get those rights!”

Third Wave Femenists: “The bodies on Barbie dolls are sexist, Obesity is beautiful, you don’t need proof on a rape case women don’t lie, men’s issues aren’t as bad as ours!!”

Me: “Feminism is useless and stupid.”

Dear Feminists,

If you want us non-feminists to join your cause, you gotta fix your shit and get rid of the corrupt among your ranks. Do that, and I will take the title, but I will not take the cause up if you attack me for disagreeing with your corruption. I am for equality, but I’m not a Feminist because that word no longer stands for my cause. When it represents my cause correctly again, I will use the word.

A Pissed Off Former Feminist

Say it with me now!

Feminism isn’t telling men/women that they are less entitled to be apart of the feminist movement due to gender or opinion!

Race equality doesn’t mean putting down other races (even white races) because thats not equality! (even tho some races are terrible to others!)

Putting people down due to their gender/sexuality/race and other things unchangeable makes you a bad person! Even if said person you were insulting is white cishet!

Generalizing any race is bad!

If you put down men you are not a feminist you are a misandrist! You are the reason why people generalize feminism and make girls “anti-feminist”!!

Abelism is bad whether intentional or non intentional! But that doesn’t mean  that a person who unintentionally is abelist is a bad person! They might not understand!

People with mental disorders don’t need to be told “Ur a sparkly star rainbow unicorn” or whatever, they may want reassurance that their feelings are valid, and understanding!

Kin types are fine! Nounself pronouns are offensive to trans people occasionally and should not be treated in the same nature as trans pronouns as it makes some people think of the trans rights movement as stupid!