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I’m still in the process of writing a thorough piece on this, but in the interest of getting your foot in the door I’ve got a handful of different black inks that’re good for drawing! I’ve got them divided into two categories - dye-based and pigmented. The vast majority of fountain pen inks have liquid coloring agents, or dyes, which are low-maintenance and have no clogging issues. The downside to this is that they tend to be a bit less saturated and are quite a bit less waterproof, so depending on the brand and how much ink is on the paper you could see some blending, bleeding or smudging.

Course, there are a couple of fountain pen inks out there that ARE pigment-based, with particles small enough to pass through the feed without clogging. They’re rare, and universally pricier than most normal inks, but boy are they worth it - incredibly dark, water-resistant, quick-drying AND multimedia-friendly. Really the only downside to them other than price is more diligent upkeep on your pen; while the particles won’t ever damage your feed, buildup overtime could potentially lead to inkflow issues down the road if you don’t clean your pen out once a month or so. Hell, even if that does happen, a good flush with the proper cleaning solution or a quick scrub with a toothbrush will shake loose that buildup and you’ll be good to go again. 

One last thing before we begin: if you’re just getting started with fountain pens and bottled ink, some of the prices here might seem a bit shocking. It’s a higher overhead when beginning, but one bottle of ink can easily last you 8-12 months, if not longer. Think about how fast a $9.00 3-pack of rollerball pens winds up in the garbage, or even a fistful of Sakura Microns. Most fountain pens worth their salt will be doing heavy lifting for north of a decade, so in the long run they’re pretty damn economical!

Noodler’s ($13): Your mileage may vary on some of these. Noodler’s is like the Willy Wonka of ink manufacturers - they’ve got an enormous spread of color choices, plenty of imaginative limited-edition stuff, and their formulas can have some pretty wild properties from freeze resistance to anti-feathering. Bulletproof Black is their most popular black, famous for its unique permanent properties - it binds to cellulose in paper. While this makes it water-resistant and tamper-proof, I’ve also found it to behave strangely on certain papers like moleskine pages. X-Feather’s another good choice, especially for those using less-than-ideal paper; on top of being a spectacular black, it resists bleeding/feathering. X-Feather takes forever to dry, so you’ll need to be careful while sketching, but if you’re a printer paper junkie with a hard-on for crispy lines, this might be your ticket. Sometimes they even bundle free pens with their inks, so keep an eye out!

Diamine Onyx Black ($7.50 - $15.00): Gotta hand it to Diamine, they can make a hell of a nice ink on the cheap. Onyx Black is quite saturated for the price, with some minor purple shading that tends to show up in a lot of even the pricier inks. You can get 30ml of this stuff for just a bit over seven bucks, which is absolutely perfect if you’re looking to score a good ink and pen at once on a tight budget.

Pilot Iroshizuku Take-Sumi ($20-28): This one’s on the steep side, but it also happens to be the darkest and most well-behaved dye-based ink I’ve yet used. Very saturated, you’ll only see this stuff shade if you’re laying it down wide and fast.

Platinum Carbon Black ($20): Now we’re talking. PCB’s been my go-to for years now - it’s abyssal, water-resistant, plays extremely well with other media, and is just really fucking black. Jumping to this from the dye-based inks of yore was like night and day, and I haven’t turned back. On the rare occasion it does wind up shading it’s an extremely dark gray, and it dries quickly with a very minor reflective finish. I’ve yet to find a paper or liquid medium that causes it to smear or otherwise misbehave, and I’m not quite sure I ever will. It’s a quantum leap in quality, and considering it’s only about 5 bucks more per bottle than many dye-based inks of the same volume I’ll take that hike any day.

Graaf von Faber-Castell Carbon Black ($30): Holy shit, I only recently procured a sample of this stuff and it’s even more intense than Platinum’s offering. It’s darker and more matte somehow! Maybe one day when I’m swilling the blood of the proletariat and licking coelacanth caviar off toast points I’ll be able to afford this stuff on the reg, otherwise it’ll remain an extremely indulgent acme of ink. If you’re feeling the itch, I don’t think you can do any better than this stuff!

Seems quite a few antis have had their feathers ruffled with the release of the trailer/poster. Careful when in the tag, quite a few unsavoury - that’s putting it very politely - characters in the tag. Block em and continue frolicking in the bliss of the trailer and all the great content we’ve jus been blessed with!

I Want You To Scream

Septiplier-[Jacksepticeye x Markiplier] About Septiplier, I know it’s not an actual thing. It’s called fanFICTION for a reason. Just enjoy the story and it’s characters!

Summary: Dark comes back to find Jack gone, he needs an outlet for his frustration and Anti needs to be punished for letting the victim escape.  [WARNING THIS IS A TICKLE FIC] Part of the Agents & Alternates AU

Series so far: Agent Jack And Warfstache | Agent Jack And Dark | Agent Jack And Anti | Agent Jack And Agent Mark | How Did We Become So Soft? | Dan And Phil; Punk And Pastel

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! THANK YOU TO BUDDY FOR THE HELP! AGAIN! THANKS @stargazingbear​!

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Would it be possible to make a cladistic tree of dinosaurs, where each part is colored (for example) based on how likely that branch is to have feathers? Would this require too much research and speculation?

Not at all, especially since someone’s already done it 

“Behold! The distribution of integument types in the Dinosauria!(An update to this post, which was done on my personal blog)This is based off of the supplementary data of that Barrett et al. paper, which, despite problems with the analysis, collected a lot of data.


Green: Only scales known. Note that, in the case of Concavenator, T. rex, Tarbosaurus, and Compsognathus, only small parts of the skin are known to be scaly while the rest is not preserved.

Light Blue: Definitely possessed both scaly parts (aside from the feet, which were almost always scaly) and filamentous integumentary structures (FIS)

Blue: Only simple FIS known

Purple: Complex vaned feathers known. Note that not all paleontologists agree that the Ornithomimus fossil shows vaned feathers.” 

~ @fezraptor

Note that since he made this post, Ornithomimids were confirmed to have vaned feathers, so you can extend that purple back quite a bit. 

With Tyrannosaurus, given that small parts are scaly, that means, based on bracketing, most likely the rest of it was feathered 

The Saurian Rex is honestly a perfect estimate 

Also note that John doesn’t look at the lineage leading up to Sauropods. While everything from Mamenchisaurus on is decidedly scaly, at some point going back the Sauropodomorphs lost the floof 

I will admit I’m very liberal with my feather phylogenetic bracketing. This is because of two reasons: 

1) It is looking more and more likely that the common ancestor for dinosaurs was feathered. It’s hard to lose a trait unless there’s a real reason to. 

2) Feathers are notoriously poor at being preserved. It is statistically likely that there are more feathered non-avialan dinosaurs than we could possibly know because fossilization is not always helpful 

3) Almost all anti-feather papers come from BANDits these days, which look, they’re bad scientists, you really can’t trust their research. The one that didn’t (Barrett et al.) ignored a lot of basic assumptions of… simplicity, frankly. John explained that on his blog too. 

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I'm sorry, but I just feel like Katara would have been a trophy girlfriend with Zuko. I feel like if it would have happened, it would feel like Zuko getting the girl because he saved her, especially since I saw kataang happening since season 1

I really don’t think it would have came off that way, at least not as blatantly as it did when kataang was endgame. Katara and Zuko had a connection before the agni kai when Zuko took a dive for her. You saw them both grow to care about each other as very close friends. In canon, of course, all it was was a deep friendship. But, it was written with a lot of chemistry. It was intentional, I’m sure. The writers and network knew full well the following zutara had. They wanted to toy with that for views.  It’s still business. 

Kataang was obvious. That’s why it doesn’t do anything for me. You’re absolutely right, that kataang was building since season one. It was the established, cliché, lovey-dovey, puppy-love thing. Aang opened his eyes and hearts practically were there when he looked at Katara. I’m not disputing that Kataang was obviously built up since day one. I’d have to have not seen the show lol! But, that’s exactly why it’s boring! They were obvious, had little conflict until the end (to try to make it seem like there was a love triangle, watch commercials. It was intentional). 

If anything, Katara in canon became a trophy wife. Aang saved the world, and got the girl of his dreams. He was the main character. It’s a trope. Katara then, which honestly shocked me giving bryke’s feminist messages, became nothing BUT a trophy wife. It was one thing when she was the trophy wife as tropes go, but she got treated as such. She got treated in the comics as useless arm candy who went with whatever Aang thought. She didn’t even have her own opinions. She was like a Little House on the Prairie wife. She disagreed with Aang, and went with his views just to “support him in everything he does”. That wasn’t Katara that I saw in the show when she stood up against everything she found righteous… and then in LoK her legacy was nonexistent. She somehow let Aang get away with neglecting their children (other than Tenzin) and held no fault to him for it? That’s not Katara I saw… unless I had some really flawed perception?? 

Katara was reduced to a love interest post-A:tLA. She was. She was just the homely widow who did nothing but mope around for twenty years. And, the way the last season ended, it could have shifted to zutara. There was a powerful build up that millions of people saw. It was more compelling than all of kataang’s build up for three seasons. They had a chemistry that made sense. If Katara had married Zuko, she could have been more involved politically because in canon, Zuko did more as a father. So, she’d have more time for her career. It’d be more balanced. She could have been an ambassador for the Fire Nation and the SWT. It would’ve made sense, and been a good path for Katara’s legacy. That’s not to say if she did wind up with Zuko, the writers wouldn’t have shit on her. I can’t say that. But, it would’ve had more obvious plot points. 

Zuko and Katara’s chemistry went far beyond Zuko taking a bullet for her. That just seemed to show Zuko’s devotion for her. It was a damn powerful scene that concluded an epic friendship that built up and finally resolved. It was a compelling story line, and not only was the plot good, the two had beautiful chemistry post-Zuko redemption. It’s really a sin bryke skipped over the opportunity. (Seeing canon couples’ treatment in cannon, though, maybe it’s for the best). I think they were trying to play it safe, their first romance to write on TV.

But yeah, I definitely don’t think Katara would have seemed like a trophy wife with Zuko. Especially compared to how much she matched the trope for one in Kataang.

All this said, I don’t hate Kataang. (They’re no Maiko…) They’re alright. They’re cute enough. It’s not that they’re bad for each other, it’s just that they’re not good for plot. They make for a painstakingly dull plot. 

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I'm just going to establish right off the bat that I'm pro-choice, so I'm obviously biased. But I genuinely do not understand why the pro-life movement is more concerned with the rights of a fetus being violated, more so than the rights of the independent woman who is bearing the child being violated? Especially when the fetus is completely dependent on the mother's body, and therefore requires her consent, just as anyone else would to use/touch/rely on her body [parts]?

I appreciate you’re being very civil about this, but listen.

We don’t pit the right to life of different human beings against each other. We don’t think the foetus’s rights are more important than the woman’s, we think their right to live is more important that the mother’s right to kill them.

You mention the “rights” of the pregnant woman. Which rights exactly are being violated by pregnancy? Last time I checked, biology wasn’t a violation of human rights. Last time I checked, pregnancy is a self inflicted situation. Last time I checked, no right allowed people to kill human beings.

This is the right to livewe are talking about. The most basic, fundamental yet important right of all human beings. The right to not be killed is 100x more important then any other bs right you’re making up for your movement.

“Bodily autonomy”? whine whine whine. Talk to me when someone is holding a gun to your head, when you can be legally killed for doing nothing wrong AT ALL, when you’re someone’s slave, when you’re not treated as a human being, when you have no rights at all. When you’re not allowed to speak, love, learn, grow, live.

Talk to me then and I’ll fight for your rights.

God knows I’d take a bullet to for a pregnant woman, there is nothing more important to me than human rights but abortion is not one of them.

My love, care, empathy and compassion ends when abortion begins. I’m not going to show compassion by allowing innocent human beings to die. Ever.

And no a foetus does not need consent. You can’t put someone in your house then shoot them for being on your property. You can’t just blame someone for something they had no control over. You can’t kill a foetus for existing where you made them and justify it because you don’t want them there any more. 

Stop with this consent and bodily autonomy rubbish, we’ve talked about it 1000 times before and explained why it’s just a load of made up crap t get people out of being responsible for their actions. - Gabbie



There is nothing I love more than dark colored lipsticks and this was one I throughly enjoyed!

The product: when applying this on top of an anti feathering and primer product it went on smoothly, it was very pigmented and such good quality. I used two layers which seemed dark enough for me. Although I have to say, one layer is definitely not enough. I used a lip brush to apply.

The price: For six dollars the quality and life of this lipstick really is amazing, I highly recommend this for girls on a budget who want explosive color and can’t afford brands like OCC. Even if you don’t like bright colors they have some nice neutrals too :)

Comments: I’ll just go ahead and say it-I hate the packaging. I’m sorry! I can’t deal with the Chapstick like tube, it makes application pretty difficult and a lip brush necessary instead of optional. Other than that I love it

Rate: 9

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Hello! Anytime I wear really light lipstick (ex myth, honey love, and creme d'nude (all from mac)), it always seems to look really "cakey" on the inside of my lips after awhile. I don't put it on very heavy and don't have dry lips and was wondering if you could recommend and lip primers/ tips. Please and thank you!! 💖💖

Hi :) 

A few tips!

  • Try using a lip brush to apply lipstick. This allows for a really thin, even layer of lipstick that really adheres to the lips to prevent the lipstick from moving around. Sometimes applying lipstick straight from the tube allows the lipstick to sit on the lips instead of really adhering. A lip brush pushes the lipstick into the lip lines and lips for a more long wearing finish. 
  • Lip liner as lipstick. Lip liner as lipsticks is growing extremely popular because you’re able to get great pigmentation with very little product. Lip liner is generally super long wearing and isn’t creamy like most lipsticks so it won’t gather around the inside of your lips or transfer. Of course you can also use lip liner under lipstick as a primer to help it from moving around! They make many lip liners in nude shades and you can add a thin layer of gloss or lipstick for a more glossy, creamy finish.

Some great lip primers I recommend are

  • Sephora Collection Waterproof Universal Lip Liner (clear, works like a primer)
  • Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Clear Anti Feathered Lip Liner

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They're not saying that people who support feathered dinosaurs are as bad as the Nazis, but they they are enforcing a strict set of rules, obviously over-exaggerating. I am aware that we know for a fact that dinosaurs are feathered, and in fact I was super stoked when I found out it was a scientific fact, so I'm with you, but you're taking their words the wrong way. Welcome to the Internet, bud, you seem new here.

A) Don’t be condescending to me you petulant neophyte hiding behind an anonymous mask 

B) I don’t care that that’s what that means. Of course I know that. Given the demographics of this website I will bet five hundred dollars that I am older than you and have been on the internet longer. I just don’t believe in the idle comparison of various ideologies to Nazism. Eleven million people were fucking murdered and they were going to murder many, many more if they hadn’t been defeated. They skewed scientific processes and research to do horrifying things and justify their backwards ideology. People still exist around the world who ascribe to this ideology and anti-semitic crimes are on the rise in Europe and other parts of the world and I do not think that comparing anyone to them is okay or a portion of internet culture that is to be tolerated. I am aware the term “Grammar Nazi” exists. I know about Godwin’s Law. It highlights how much people just fucking don’t comprehend how bad the Holocaust actually was and for the love of fucking god I am entitled to have this position, to enforce this position, and to get fucking pissed off that the term “Feather Nazi” exists and is perpetuated. 

C) I’m aware of it’s history, too - that a group of idiot pro-feather people made it up - but now it’s mostly used by anti-feather people and for the love of god BEING A PROPONENT OF SCIENTIFIC ACCURACY IS NOT THE SAME FUCKING THING AS NAZISM AND FOR THE LOVE OF FUCKING GOD GET OVER IT DINOSAURS HAD FEATHERS YOU STUPID FUCKWADS

Anon, leave me the fuck alone, grow up, and realize that you don’t actually have to accept the fucking status quo you self-satisfied doormat. 

Anti-feather-people, get over your god damned selves, think about your life and your fucking choices, and go piss in an alley for all I care, I hope the pigeons swarm you and pluck out your hair for your ignorance, stubborn sentimentalism and unpleasantness.