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Can we just just look at the amount of love and support other fandoms are giving to BTS’s Spring Day MV? ♡

You know, when you think about it Finn/Kylo Ren should be the most popular ship in the new Star Wars. I don’t ship it myself since I’m not into enemy ships and messed-up things in general, but given the patterns in fandom and precedents like Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter it’s clear that Finnlo is the kind of hero/villain ship that fans usually go gaga over. They are a study in contrasts, mirror each other’s arcs, and have history together. The tension is baked into the canon–Ren is so obsessed with Finn he has a rage-on every time he hears Finn’s name, and was fixating on the dude literally seconds after killing his own dad. 

Instead what does the fandom do? Ship Kylo Ren with a white dude who had three minutes of screen time and a white girl who hates his guts. In a world without racism Finnlo would have been the megaship, Finnrey the #1 het ship, and Kylux and Reylo the rarepairs, and yet here we are. Fandom is so predictable it hurts.

Casual reminder that your ship being canon: 

-Doesn’t make you a better person as a human being, especially if you’re an asshole
-Doesn’t mean your ship isn’t magically unproblematic
-Doesn’t make you a bigger fan
-Doesn’t mean that your opinion in the fandom is more important or carries more weight 

Same applies for those whose ships aren’t canon, but really, no one ever yells “at least my ship isn’t canon” like an asshole. 

Me: The star wars fandom is trash will all the constant discourse and harassment flying around and it seems that the producers of the franchise don’t really care about their POC audience/characters of color either. Why do I even put up with this crap?


Me: ah…

Shipper: I relate so so deeply to this character because of my abuse and mental health issues. This character and the fan community around them got me through some really tough times so it really messes me up that there are people who actively hate?? my ship??

Anti: As it happens I’m an abuse survivor too, and I try to stay away from your ship because it brings back painful memories. I also push back against abuse apologist arguments for your ship because that same logic has been used to hurt me and others in real life.

Shipper: No… that can’t be right… only I can cope with trauma in fandom spaces, not you… it’s not abusive sweaty, it’s just fiction :) ship and let ship :)

You know…

There’s a reason why the Star Wars fandom is suddenly shipping the female leads with the villains.

It’s because none of the men that are near them are white (with the exception of Luke in Rey’s case (and Han but he’s dead anyways)).

They insist on finding a white man to ship with them.

So they go to the villains.

Having a diverse cast means the overly racist fandom will be gross. This is not a coincidence. Star Wars never had a diverse cast before, so that issue never existed.

You can see this being a major thing in other fandoms too when the canon love interest is a poc, like with Jessigrave (even though the show REPEATEDLY calls that rape).

Why do you ship it?
  • SNS: their bond is so unique and deeper than any other, soulmates, sun and moon, naruto was ready to give up his life long dream and die with Sasuke, Sasuke could never be truly alone with naruto alive etc
  • NS: their dynamics are incredible, there's mutual understanding and supporting, naruto always cared for her and Sakura came to place him above all, she grew because of him, to support him etc
  • NH, SS: dude it's canon
This is a message to the Flash fandom at large

Let me make myself perfectly clear……

Barry and Iris are not brother and sister.

Iris is not Barry’s “adopted sister”.

Joe calls Barry his “son” because he raised him since he was 11 years old.

There is nothing weird or fucked up about Barry asking Iris West to marry him. Yes they grew up together and are close but he has loved her most of his life.

There is no incest going on between Barry Allen and Iris West.

Patty Spivot was not the love of Barry’s life, Iris West is the love of his life.

Iris West is not a bitch nor is she ugly. Neither is Candice Patton who portrays the character Iris West.

Barry Allen and Caitlin Snow are friends, colleagues and fellow meta-humans.

SnowBarry is not a romantic relationship, never has been, never will be.

Caitlin Snow loved her deceased husband Ronnie Raymond very much and was happiest when she was with him.

WestAllen is not “moving too fast”. Some people get married after knowing each other for a month!. This is not the case here.

Please continue to enjoy and support the show without resorting to racism, name calling, bashing and tom foolery.

Thank You

If I got a quarter for every antis who posts in the tag telling shippers/fans to kill themselves, choke, get raped, abused, assaulted, vomit; that the shippers/fans are disgusting, ugly, homophobic, rape-apologists, abuse-apologists, fetishizers, pedophiles, racists–

God, maybe I and my mother wouldn’t be under the poverty line anymore, and we could actually donate to credible charities, organizations, homeless shelters– places that are actually trying to make a change in the world for the better good! And try to help people who are struggling in the world!

Unlike antis, who don’t post anything critical, rarely have any evidence or facts on their side, who erase and even harass and shame LGBT members, mentally ill, disabled, survivors of abuse/rape/csa, and of certain ethnicities/races because those people don’t support their toxic agenda and opinion, and spend their time being hateful and miserable on the internet.

antis: -claim to want to protect minors from abuse and pedophilia-

same antis: -bring and attack an actor’s REAL LIFE CHILDREN into the conversation over FICTIONAL characters and shipping-

Y'all are gross, pathetic hypocrites. A bunch of cyber bullies and nothing more.

@ballvvasher replied to your photo “The absolutely denial of R/ylos to admit Rey only holds hate for Kylo…”

Things wouldn’t be so bad if they just accepted that they interpret the canon as they want, just like with all the other shippers of main pairings in star wars. Because as of canon tfa, the only romantic relationship is hanleia. Every other ship is NOT canon.

Relationships might not be canon. But it is canon that Rey adores Finn. 

I mean Reylos constantly go and on about their masters in English and how they can read into the narrative but funny enough they are more than happy to ignore what the script actually says about how Rey views Finn. 

Comparing people who say R/ylo will be endgame as to having the same chance than those who say Finnrey will be is ridiculous. It would be like saying Padme/Maul had the same chance of becoming canon as Anakin/Padme or Leia/Jabba to Han/Leia when the films are coming out.

Can the writers pull a racist move and throw away all the build up of Rey and Finn’s relationship, yeah. But the fact still remain that build up is there.

The only thing the writers build up about Rey and Kylo is an antagonist relationship where at the very least she outright despises him.  To the point she actually considers outright killing him and it is only stopped at the last minute by the realization she is standing close to the dark side of the force by allowing her hate to consume her (as Luke realized long ago). 

Again, those two relationships are not comparable. Another scene r/ylos argue Kylo was being “totally kind to rey because he loves her”

Agony. Terrified. Pain. Tears. Those are the words the writers used in this supposed romantic scene for R/ylos, hell so many literally use it as their blog’s banner. Now to the torture scene let’s see the language used by the actual script. 

Afraid (twice). Agony (twice). 

She is literally in so much agony it finally triggers the force within her and gives her the strength to fight him.  That is not the same. It will never be. Ever. Also that energy fandom calls a “force bond” is literally them just recognizing the force in each other aka. they are force sensitive. In fact Kylo’s scene with Finn at the beginning of the film was very likely the same thing. 

Holy shit Kylo and Finn have a canon force bond…oh wait, he is probably just feeling a strong force sensitive person like he does with Rey later on because as you will realize until that scene Kylo didn’t know Rey was strong with the force (sorry you will take force sensitive Finn from my dead hands). 

Now Compare all those Rey and Kylo moments to scenes like this.

This is not a shipping war. This fandom literally twisting the narrative to make a character the protagonist hates and fears and has hurt her more desirable as a love interest than a black lead whom she loves and respects mutually.