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Read, Be Smart, Be Human.

The modern internet-bazaar mediated an unfathomable amount of human interaction compared to everything that previously existed in our history. This meeting place of different ideas lifted the veil of ignorance from our tribal mythological mindsets. As a consequence we’re seeing ourselves as never before, the strange and different men and women from other cultures are starting to appear.. human, like us. And it’s not that “we begin to see our rights”, but we see that we transcend the concept all together.. We are Nature, we don’t need “rights” to be given by anybody! We cannot be kept on “private land” anymore, at the landowner’s discretion and whims. We begin to see that we are IT, we are the land, we are the sky.. Albeit worn out, the figurative “waking up” is exactly what’s happening to us.

This internet-bazaar is also the greatest tool of social data gathering. Opinion polls, search engines, statistics, they show the temperature of humanity in perfect detail and in real time. But this is not a “mirror” in which society could see itself and profit, building confidence at its beautiful features, harmonise its movements or able to correct its bad posture. This is a secret private keyhole through which a select few have discretionary access. Once ago the ones that knew the ocean currents and the trade winds were able to exploit them to great benefit, but today the greatest energetic flow to be taken advantage of is that of human mind. Just look around you, the whole surface of the earth was reshaped by abstract mind like no other geological force ever did in such a short period of time. Humanity is like a great unconscious beast whose powerful movements are made use of by the tiniest of parasites. The sudden signs of awakening given off by the great beast, starting to see itself and see its potential to move for its own interest,have been promptly noted. And the parasites are having none of it!

Those who are at the top are as ignorant and savage as those that are at the very bottom. The latter from the lack of education, affection, food and constant malaise, and the former from the putrid environment of overindulgence mixed with the lack of moral fiber one develops from a detached life. Behind exclusive suits and ties.. just prosaic aggressive apes with an attitude, having this newly installed thing called “ego” driving them with perfect authority. And this makes them the most deranged clique of all, desperate for power, needing duality, self and “other”, needing subjects under their mighty boot. They only feel good in a primitive cast system. The biggest enemy of all such parasites is democracy, real democracy not “representative democracy” which proved itself to be the same old autocracy who at the end of a few revolutions decided to ditch its pompous attire for a casual outfit and blend in with the angry crowds. Consequently, the biggest enemy of all important decision-makers on this planet is a flourishing educated humankind!

Our current official and unofficial agencies of power are all having a vested interest in fractionating society and its means of coalescing, so that the pyramid of rule never gets dismantled and redistributed democratically (as any sane and modern society should be). They want to keep us apart and busy with fearing each-other.

How best can you break the wings of education, democracy and equality than parsing the human-cattle, inventing and nurturing tribal mindsets and conflicts among them. Russia is again in conflict with the US, England is rejecting the EU, China is menacing SE Asia and the US, tensions mount around the recently opened northern corridors between Canada, Russia, Norway and others, “terrorism” is used everywhere to take away the rights of citizens, restrict borders and heighten the means of surveillance. “What the fuck happened with humans?” one might ask..

Make no naive mistake, all these hostilities are NOT of the russian, american, syrian or european people. It’s the local parasites! And there are NO such things as uncalculated actions “done in anger” either. These are precise purposeful moves that have NOTHING to do with the interest of the people, nor the will of the people. Just as the former Cold War proved, “conflict” is the greatest excuse to control your own citizens! Conflict suits perfectly the establishments on either side, be they corporate-congress and communist party, military-industrial complex and the arabic state, or the fascists and oligarchs. Conflict blows their authority out of proportion! And while they indulge in greatly increased powers, the people on both sides are willingly renouncing their privileges, kissing the feet of their “protectors” for keeping away the dangerous.. people. Now, guess what the people on the other side are doing? War is how the biggest business on Earth gets made.

If we take the families of all those brave presidents, politicians, army generals and businessmen that provoke these high-cost conflicts, and put them in the frontline of pain and misery, would these conflicts still be “unavoidable”? Just think about the mighty triumphant Trump having to run with a rifle on the battlefield.. All US conflicts would turn into cooperation, or at least diplomatic settlements in a matter of weeks.

With the current sociologic, logistical, technological, computational, statistical, communicational, data-gathering means that Humanity has, the eradication of terrorism, poverty, illiteracy and political strife between nations would be a thing accomplished in decades. Alas.. this would be the nightmare of all parasites! Including those that guzzle on your back.

The politico-economic elites rode the wave of globalization exploiting everything they could out of it, at the expense of the populations who endured the lowering of wages, unemployment and other hardships, and now the same elites are preparing to ride the wave of anti-globalization.. again, extracting everything out of it at the expense of the people. 

It isn’t the world that’s gone crazy, it’s the elites who are playing desperate and deranged games, clinging to the primitive feudalism that guarantees their power. We are not identifying and fighting a certain “elite” here, we’re fighting the petty aggressive animal ignorance that manifests at the very top of humanity, in every structure of upmost decisional power, from politics to courts of international law, big business and religion.

With our modern scientific, technological and other cultural means we would be able to witness for the first time in history Humanity having sovereignty over itself. You can be part of that by just bringing your focus on it. Start with the interesting and informative talk in the link above.

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anonymous asked:

I loved Madeleine L'Engle's books as a kid, but haven't read them in ages, and want to re-read them all now. I was wondering if you had reading order recommendations?


Well. Kind of.

I feel like there’s no real one right answer to this. Except that the way they are currently marketed, as the “time quintet”, is fucking wrong. When you read it like that, you’re pretending that the protagonist of the stories is the Murrys’ house, rather than the characters, which is flat-out wrong.

You want to read the books as sets:

-The Time Quartet (in publication order: A Wrinkle in Time, A Wind in the Door, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, Many Waters)

-The Pol(l)y Books (in chronological order: Arm of the Starfish, Dragons in the Waters, A House Like a Lotus, An Acceptable Time)

-The Austin books (chronologically, but not quite; I’d read Meet the Austins, The Moon By Night, The Young Unicorns, A Ring of Endless Light, Troubling a Star. The Twenty Four Days Before Christmas technically goes before Meet the Austins- it’s an early reader about Rob’s birth- but it doesn’t really add anything to the series, and besides, it’s hard to find. The Anti-Muffins is an extracted chapter from Meet the Austins that was sometimes published alone; it’s nearly impossible to find (I couldn’t find it on IndieBound), but sometimes is still part of Meet the Austins, depending on which edition you have. The Young Unicorns doesn’t quite fit the flow of the rest of the Austin books, but is my personal favorite of all the Austin stories, and really does a lot to inform who Vicky is in the last two books; it’s a jolting change from the tightly familial and pastoral Austin series, but that’s intentional.)

Out of these three, you should definitely read the Time Quartet first. The Poly books are a direct continuation of the Time Quartet; Poly is Meg’s daughter. The Austin books are, ostensibly, more grounded in the real world, but Poly’s stories are often wholly realistic, and the Austin series ends up involving telepathic communication with a dolphin, so it’s kind of a crapshoot. Whether you read the Austin books or the Poly books first doesn’t really matter; their timelines cross and intersect in ways that no matter which you read first, some characters will be before you met them and some will be after. 

(For example: Adam is introduced in Arm of the Starfish and then shows up in Ring of Endless Light and Troubling a Star; Zach is introduced in The Moon By Night and Ring of Endless Light and goes on to show up in House Like a Lotus and An Acceptable Time; Canon Tallis is in Arm of the Starfish and Dragons in the Waters and The Young Unicorns; Mr. Theo is in The Young Unicorns and then Dragons in the Waters; etc. etc. etc.)

There is no perfect reading order that will make everything make sense. I tried to figure out one in college and failed miserably. If you’re willing to stop looking for a cohesive timeline which does not exist, finding the connections is half the fun.

I should also note that some of the characters from these stories show up in L’Engle’s adult novels (most importantly- if you’re me- Suzy Austin and Dave are in A Severed Wasp) and there’s even more crossover with minor characters.

But this post is already getting too long, so I’ll just say- 

Man. Some of these stories did not age well. There is a LOT of problematic shit in them (on virtually all axes- class, race, religion, gender, sexuality, etc.) and while the texts sometimes recognize that and move forward, sometimes they don’t, and sometimes the “forward” is still embarrassingly regressive. Some of it I didn’t recognize as a young reader because it didn’t impact me, and some I didn’t recognize because it was my brain’s way of keeping me safe and still feeling like I was part of this universe I loved.

For me, it’s still worth reading. It’s still worth loving this universe and reliving it, and now that we are on the verge of seeing Ava Duverney’s version of A Wrinkle in Time (link is to an io9 story with a bunch of wonderful photos from the film), it is especially worth it, because you can read Wrinkle and keep in mind that Dr. Kate Murry is a genius Black woman who won a Nobel prize despite the whole town judging her and Meg and Charles Wallace are brilliant biracial children who were fighting a community that refused to accept them and the amount of depth it adds to an already-wonderful novel is UNREAL.

Also if you really like Wrinkle in Time it’s worth checking out When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead.


One thousand spells. Are any of them real?

What is magic anyway?

What a question. Rational people know how to define magic—magic is illusion, sleight of hand, at best the fine art of tricks, at worst fraudulence—or so goes the definition usually taught to schoolchildren. Another interpretation dismisses magic as supernatural fantasy and wishful thinking—the stuff of fairy tales, Mother Goose, and mythology; tales for children and hence of little value; its only purpose entertainment; its only possible truth metaphoric. A third interpretation is more malevolent, with occult masters—the proverbial evil wizards and wicked sorceresses—attempting to maintain control over gullible and innocent plain folk, their tools fear and superstition, not true magic, which, of course, rationalists argue, doesn’t exist anyway. Yet another explanation suggests that magic works solely by psychological means, a sort of self-hypnosis. According to this theory, usually offered by old-school anthropologists and psychologists, the poor benighted native’s very belief in something, such as a death curse or a traditional healing, is what causes it to come true. Magic happens because you believe in the system not because the system works or even exists, although explanations for why, if their powers of belief are so all-powerful, the natives remain poor and benighted, and forced to tolerate outside observers, are rarely offered.

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