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Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human. Society is something that precedes the individual. Anyone who either cannot lead the common life or is so self-sufficient as not to need to, and therefore does not partake of society, is either a beast or a god.
—  Aristotle
When shows want to tell like...say a lesson on evolution.

They always make the people who oppose evolution out to be narrow minded assholes who’re adamant about their beliefs and attack the morality and spirituality of those who disagree?

I mean yes those people can be like that.

But I want to commend Star Trek for handling that better. Deep space nine, of course, the best Star Trek.

So it’s the finale of season one and the ship’s schoolteacher is teaching about the wormhole, which is believed to be inhabited by the “gods” of a planet called Bajor.

One of the leaders is named Vedek Winn.

She comes and says “you’re teaching blasphemy.”

And it starts an ugly thing where the Bajoran kids are pulled out of school by their parents.

So here’s the great thing.

Vedek Winn is a bitch. She’s a political idealist who’s stirring trouble by appealing to religion. She calls the protagonist of the show “soulless.”

At one point she makes a grandiose statement like:

“The Federation lives in darkness! They seek to pull us into the darkness with them!”

And you just get so mad because the federation is this interplanetary organization dedicated only to cooperation and peace?

So Vedek Winn is actually only stirring shit up because she’s trying to lure Vedek Bareil, another spiritual leader who’s likely to become leader of their planet, to come to the station so she can kill him.

But here’s the thing, she’s not just an anti evolution caricature.

Because Vedek Bareil is religious too…but he’s the kind of religious that wants to help people.

He’s political yes, but he’s honest. He’s well liked because he’s understanding and he genuinely wants to help people.

His religion believes in loving all people and cooperating with one another.

Vedek Winn wants power and awe. She wants people to love and respect her.

The previous leader of their planet was warm and motherly and genuinely just wanted you to find your place.

But Bareil is like her, if more political.

Winn is not.

The whole show she’s like…so fake?

“Ah, you’re angry with me…I forgive you for that.”

“You are misguided…but this is not your ignorant fault…not all are as blessed as I, nor can all see what I see…”

And you just wanna sock her in the mouth.

She’s holier than thou.

But it’s not like…super anti “evolution” exactly.

Because the captain of the station makes a point of saying:

“The moment we refuse to see their side of things…we become exactly like them.”

Because his son expresses disbelief over how people could “stupidly” believe in this religion.

But he says no…we have to respect others’ beliefs.

And we have to understand that they believe just as firmly in their beliefs as we believe in ours.

And that’s just such a star fleet thing you know?

You accept all philosophies and ways of life.

And I appreciate that they didn’t decide to demonize religion.

They demonized people who USE religion.

But not religion.

So god bless deep space nine.


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1st wave feminism (around 1920’s-1950s) not feminism, just women working together as women to get work and votes (girl power)

2nd wave feminism: (around 1960’s-2000) feminist movement established, fighting for stricter rape laws, equal pay, freedom of speech, self expression (success)

3rd wave feminism: (2005-present) 12 year old majority fighting primarily against men and women’s biological differences and trying to further strict laws of previous success. Men antagonised, ridiculed, their issues ignored, hard work dismissed etc. (essentially misandry)

Funny how once antis were told they aren’t entitled to people’s life stories they seem to have abandoned the “*doesn’t apply to survivors” tag and have moved to full shaming anyone who cope ships or writes to help others cope ship.