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Defining Moments {SE Pt. 4}

OK folks! We are winding down now, part 5 will most definitely be the final part of this series. I want to thank you all again for the continued interest/discussion/support of this series and I hope that I continue to keep you guys entertained with this section. Hopefully it surpasses your expectations.

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Caroline didn’t know how fast she was going before she crashed the car into a tree. Well over 100 kilometers per hour that was for sure. It was hard to tell if she was driving that fast because she urgently needed to get to the airport or because she’d wanted to express her rage somehow far away from the girls.

                She hadn’t been sitting in the car long, the hood dented, airbags deployed, before a police car flashed its lights in her rearview mirror. She groaned. The gash on her forehead was already healed. She didn’t want to talk to anyone, see anyone, she wanted to be left alone. Her husband, her loyal and kind and honest husband, had been honest with her and told her about the affair he’d had with her best friend, the one woman in the world he would do anything for, and she just needed some fucking space.

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CW: Home of The Mary Sues Ultimate Edition!

This is the ultimate edition of the CW Mary Sues. The Mary Sueness just doesn’t know when to end with these girls do they?

1. Elena Gilbert (aka Black Hole SuePurity SueSympathetic SueFixer Sue)

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2. Lana Lang (aka Sympathetic Sue/ God-Mode Sue/ Black Hole Sue/ Purity Sue)

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3. Hayley Marshall (aka Jerk Sue/ Anti-Sue/ Black Hole Sue/ Fixer Sue)

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I’m going to be Copying and Pasting each and every trope that these 3 posses that make them Mary Sue characters. BTW here’s the link to the site (

Let’s start with Personality:

What personality? In these cases, it’s fairly blatant that the author is just writing the character for amazing stuff to happen to instead of a character that actually exists as a person. Obviously, this is only a Mary Sue trait if what happens gives the character special powers,fantastic romances, or somehow lets her be a big damned heroine ; otherwise it’s just another faceless first-person perspective.

  • The personality of a Mary Sue — if she has one — is not nearly as important as how other characters react to it. No matter how shy or socially awkward Mary Sue is supposed to be, other characters will be drawn to her and inexplicably prefer her company over that of anyone else. All of her ideas are brilliant, all of her jokes are funny, all of her advice is an amazing breakthrough. People will trust her immediately, or very quickly, and feel more comfortable talking to her than to anyone else (even their own family or their significant other), even if she hasn’t done or said anything to make them feel that way about her.
  • If another character doesn’t feel this way about Mary Sue, it’s usually to portray them as either bad or just an idiot.
  • Mary Sue doesn’t have to actually do anything to be considered a good person—she just is good. By extension, anything she does is good, and even when she does nothing she brings more good into the world simply by existing than any other character ever could. Goodness just seems to seep out of her body like radiation.

All 3 of them suffer from bland personalities, and are praised for being brave, amazing, compassionate, etc. Here are some examples:

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  • Highly persuasive, regardless of the actual content of the conversations. Everyone finds her opinions are just better than their own — even when they’re usually stubborn bastards. This is especially likely in an Author Tract.
  • Is either brave and cheerful (despite her pastnot unheard of in real life, but with Sues it tends to come across as Angst? What Angst?) — or unnecessarily mopey and depressed.
  • Friend to All Living Things. It’s becoming gradually less common as authors catch on to the Mary Sue Classicframework.
  • She loves everyone and forgives them all for their imperfections. Plus she is willing to save, protect or risk all for the sake of someone she has met just seconds ago.
  • Occasionally a complete asshole, especially when she’s supposed to be all of the above. Nobody will call her out on her abrasive, casually abusive behavior. Strong badass characters who would normally rip someone’s spleen out for squeezing the toothpaste from the wrong end, are instantly cowed and become meek, spineless Wangst factories as soon as she “puts them in their place.”
  • Full-on Jerk Sues will routinely be flippant, snide, and rude, yet will be treated as a charmingly sarcastic character. They will flout authority as a matter of course and never suffer the consequences. Even if said authority figure is known for a tough stance on disrespect, they will either gamely ignore the Sue’s challenge to their authority, or—worse still—praise her for her “cheekiness” or “boldness.”

Now that (Jerk Sue) applies more to Hayley:

Her “major flaws” will be stubbornness and a bad temper. These will only ever help her, never hurt her — because she’s always right, so whatever cause she dedicates herself to with such stubbornness will be a good cause, and whoever she loses her temper with will deserve it.

  • Sometimes they’ll mess her up once so she can learn an important lesson. And then they’ll help her for the rest of the story.
  • A character who’s described as being blunt to the point of rudeness or tactlessness will be praised for being “refreshingly honest” or for “telling it like it is.” Only the bad guys or other unsympathetic characters will ever say, “What a bitch.”
  • If she has any flaws intentionally written in by the creator, expect them to be Informed or not really flaws to begin with. Bonus points if they’re genuine flaws that would actually be pretty awesome were it not for their drawbacks (e.g. substance abuse, nymphomania, etc.), and of course the drawbacks will never be shown.

This one relates more to Elena when Julie Plec stated that Elena’s only flaw was that “she cared too much.”

Let’s move onto Skills:

I mean… I have to pull up the gifs:

BTW, in one of the gifs Hayley is pregnant and is picking fights with a vampire. Not to mention when she fought Mikael while she was 9 months pregnant. You couldn’t get more Mary Sue than that.

  • Skilled in a type of martial arts in a setting or with a backstory that doesn’t allow for it. Not regularly skilled either; she could kick the ass of the resident ninja of her choice.
  • And with all this — don’t expect the Green-Eyed Monster to show up. Envy appears in the Mary Sue’s life only as a means of angst, and so does not appear just because the Mary Sue has everything.
  • Alternately, anybody who does get jealous is a bitch and is wrong. This is typically a single other character and may be Die for Our Ship or for other reasons. (Caroline jealous of Elena in Season 1, Alicia jealous of Lana in Smallville)

  • Mary Sue always has excellent fashion sense. Even if she’s meant to be a rough-and-tumble Tomboy type who doesn’t care about that sort of thing, she will always look effortlessly beautiful and other characters, often males, will frequently talk about how they like that she isn’t as high maintenance as other girls (if she has a female rival they might mention her specifically).

If anything a Mary Sue typically has a fashion sense of a teenager throwing random things together, but she makes it look sexy or badass. Here are the receipts:

Let’s move onto Physical Appearance:

  • So Beautiful, It’s a Curse. While being attractive isn’t a qualifier of Mary Sue (who wants to be ugly?), it’s a bit excessive to try and play it as being some sort of disadvantage. Alternatively, she may only be Suetiful All Along. In an Anti-Sue, this is reversed into a hideous monster. Regardless, her astounding beauty (or astounding lack of it) will make her stand out from the crowd — or so we’re constantly being told.
  • No matter what she’s been through, Mary Sue will never look ugly. The worst she’ll ever be reduced to is Unkempt Beauty, and even if she is somehow injured and scarred or handicapped, the scar will always be a cool-looking, Bond villain-type scar that serves as more of a decoration than anything else. Plus, when she overcomes the handicap, she will be just as amazing as she was before getting injured (or better).
  • Likewise, if Mary Sue has a birthmark, it will be in a significant shape (heart, half moon, etc.) and never in a place that compromises her beauty. Expect the Mary Sue to think the birthmark makes her unattractive. This will be despite the fact that other characters insist that the birthmark makes her more attractive, especially in comparison to physically flawless characters. (Hayley’s Crescent Moon Birthmark)

Now onto Accessories:

  • Magic jewelry. It might be used as a Green Lantern Ring to justify her abilities. Bonus points if it glows.  (Elena’s vervain necklace created by a witch, Lana’s kryptonite necklace)

Now onto Canon Character Relationships:

Some Wish Fulfillment with a character you think is hot isn’t that bad. But a Mary Sue seems to grab their attention straight away. Even if they already have a stable love interest in canon, that relationship will be treated as either non-existent, or the couple will be split up in some way. (Elena and Stefan were retconned so Damon and Elena could happen, Gia and Elijah were completely ignored so Elijah could go back to pining after Hayley)

  • Bonus points if the love interest stands aside or sacrifices himself/herself so Mary Sue can be happy, or is twisted into a hateful person to justify Mary Sue breaking up the canon couple. (Stefan becoming a ripper/no humanity in Season 3 in order to breakup Stelena)
  • Turns out to be the offspring of a canon character. Made worse if that character would have been too young to have the Mary Sue, is gay/asexual, or perhaps is just physically incapable of it. For added Wangst, it’s the villain.
  • Even the characters who don’t have sex with her give her more heed than they normally would. Characters she likes can’t stop praising her positive traits. Characters she doesn’t like can’t stop making themselves look bad by insulting her. Even if she’s not physically present, that just means everyone can speak “freely” about her. In addition to the previous scenarios, at least one character will confess to being secretly be in love with her. There may be just “something special” about her, with no particular reason why anybody would think that. In the worst-case scenarios, they pay no heed to their own responsibilities or lives, only to Sue
  • .Bonus points: the disliked character behaving badly toward the Sue eventually sees the “error” of his/her ways and grows to love Sue as much as everyone else does.More bonus points: the bad behavior and treatment of the Sue by disliked characters is portrayed as jealousy.
  • Previously-established personalities change in reaction to her. Arrogant gimps may admire her for everything. Sweet, mild-mannered characters (that she and the author don’t like) insult and degrade her. A leader with responsibilities pays attention only to her. Young, reckless characters who would never settle down just yet will become totally reliable. Evil characters follow her around like a puppy or seem uncharacteristically obsessed with her. Extremely competent characters become stumbling buffoons who require her help to do anything. The characters in general just seem unnaturally focused on her, positive or negative.
  • She may have relationships of some kind with multiple major canon characters. For example, she’s the secret daughter of A who gave her up to be adopted by B’s parents, making her his sister, and she goes on to have a passionate affair with C, remaining friendly with him even though she goes on to marry D, and she’s E’s best friend, F’s closest advisor…and so on.

Mary Sues tend to have multiple love interest either currently or pre-season:

Lana and Whitney

Lana and Jason

Lana and Clark

Lana and Lex

Matt and Elena (pre-season, but Matt was still in love with Elena in Season 1)

Stefan and Elena

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Damon and Elena (Bleh!)

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Liam and Elena

Hayley and Klaus

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Hayley and Elijah

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Hayley and Jackson

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All of the men fawn over them.

Now onto Story Elements:

  • Mary Sue is always on the Spotlight-Stealing Squad. Without her, there would not be a story.
  • She’s The Chosen One. Even if the canon hero is already The Chosen One, she either ‘shares’ the position or just steals it away from them.
  • Sympathetic Sue has an unusually Dark and Troubled Past to excess, but other subtypes often have them too, just to emphasize how brave and special she is to live through it. This past is never really a point in the story, just dropped casually into the conversation to get attention. Alternatively it’s written badly owing to not doing much research. How much she Wangsts about it is usually out of proportion with how bad it really is. (Elena and Lana)
  • Redeems the villain through her overwhelming goodness. Might be through Redemption Equals Sex (bonus points if it leads into IKEA Erotica). Even more bonus points if the story decides to mention that this is her loss of virginity. Yet more bonus points if the villain comments on how awesome she is in bed despite said virginity. (Elena and Damon, Hayley being the incubator for Klaus’s redemption) 
  • Is a princess. Everything’s Better with Princesses, after all. Bonus points if she grew up as a peasant (or equivalent social class) and only just discovered this during the story. Of course, in any case, it will be a position of high opulence and little actual responsibility. (Obviously Hayley)
  • Perform a Heroic Sacrifice as a way to prove that she’s Too Good for This Sinful Earth. Bonus points if the story goes out of the way to ensure she doesn’t leave an ugly corpse (whether it be by a method that doesn’t involve external physical damage or by her body not being recovered). More bonus points if it turns out to be a Disney Death. (Elena in Season 2)
  • She will often have a tragic family life. Coming from an abusive background is quite common. Her mother is often either dead or a Wicked Stepmother. In the latter case, she will most likely be in Cinderella Circumstances. Her father is frequently an Overprotective Dad (or in some cases, a Wicked Stepfather). Orphans are also very common, as is Parental Abandonment. (Elena is adopted by her Aunt and Uncle, her biological parents are assholes who want to kill the Salvatore brothers. They eventually end up dead. Lana’s parents die from meteor crash, and it turns out that she is adopted. Hayley’s biological parents are killed by Jackson’s grandfather as a result of a civil war in the Crescent Pack. Her adopted parents kicked her out at 13 when she transformed into a werewolf in front of them)
  • She will often suffer from Special Snowflake Syndrome, having some trait or backstory that sets her apart from her race. 

Now onto Presentation:

  • In visual media, the camera just can’t stop staring at her. Every angle is seen several times and her every action gets a heavy emphasis with close-up shots galore. Other characters don’t get to be in the frame alone if it can be helped.
  • When the character is off-screen, if ever, the other characters are still talking about her, taking it as a chance to speak “honestly” about the new girl. If they like her, they sing her praises; if not, their dislike will be taken as jealousy, as her “haters” will only talk about petty issues (Sue’s background, perceived promiscuity, etc.), and not genuine gripes (massive attention whoring, for starters).
  • She’s the vanishing point - everything revolves around her.

Reading these tropes I can honestly say that Hayley, Elena, and Lana are the poster children of these tropes. Reading all of these tropes I couldn’t help but think about how all 3 of them fit them so well. And that is honestly sad because writers write these characters as if they’re badass, awesome, compassionate, strong, and just want to be loved, and is what girls should look up to. When in reality that is not the case, Mary Sues are misogynistic, anti-feminist, self-insert characters. They are what writers imagine themselves to be, and place themselves into the story making up this character that is so perfect and badass, but has a tragic past. Mary Sues are what girls fantasize what they want to be in their favorite TV shows or movies, and they completely ruin the story. Mary Sues are the reason why people can’t stand watching a certain TV shows at times because they take up all the screen time and everything has to be about them. People say things like “Oh, but she’s the main character so it has to be about her.” when in reality that’s not how being a protagonist works. Yes they are the key center to the story, but you know what makes a good TV show is when they focus on the side characters or the supporting characters. For example True Blood, even though everything was supposed to be about Sookie the show still payed attention to the side characters and as a result people had a reason to sit through Sookie’s bullshit. Because the side characters had the same amount of screen time as her, and at times the show didn’t bring up Sookie at times. You would think she was a side character because the side characters got more attention than her, but nope she wasn’t. Being a protagonist is one thing, a protagonist is key central to the story but they still are no the center of attention or a Mary Sue, but being a Mary Sue is a completely different thing. Being a Mary Sue means you are bland, dull, lifeless. You are so perfect you have all of the guys fawning over you, and you can be a damsel in distress at times but then you become a badass bitch. You have some sort of supernatural lineage, and all of the girls that trash talk you are just jealous and want what you have. Everything revolves around you!

And the CW doesn’t seem to get the message that others are getting…


TVD morals

Kill a pregnant woman - forgivable

Rape a teenager - forgivable

The attempted murder of a child - forgivable

The slaughter of dozens, if not, hundreds of innocents - forgivable

Making your brother’s life shit and stealing his soul mate - forgivable

Torturing Katherine Pierce on her death bed with memories of the slaughter of her family and blaming the death on her; despite the fact that she was a 17 year old; all because Katherine rejected him - forgivable

Taking your own families life away for decades at a time cos of issues - forgivable

Compelling someone to torture your friend’s niece and do open heart surgery on her - forgivable

Having eyes for Bonnie Bennett only - UNFORGIVABLE! Die!

Hurting Damon - Fuck you! You don’t deserve happiness!

Not kissing Elena’s ass - unforgivable


Come on everyone, think. Elena waking up is a vital point in the series finale. Do you honestly think the CW would show her face when it’s supposed to be the climax? Not unless Elena is actually Katherine. That’s why they previewed the not so Elena after all because she is the baddest bitch of all in reality. I betcha you when Katherine/Elena hugs Stefan, he will know that’s not Elena’s hug. Just watch. I am calling this now.

anonymous asked:

Aw love ur fic!! It makes me think of the s4 school scene tho 😫 Elena didn't cheat but it still was a betrayal & Stefan was so hurt by it. I was wondering what you think of Elena's feelings for Damon in s6 regarding the fic, cuz near the end she was always spouting forever-ur-all-i-want, let's have kids, heart eyes blah blah. How do you think that changed to her accepting she's actually in love w/ Stefan? Like for ex Damon mentions the soulmate thing, what would elena say to that?

I’m sorry, why does it make you think of the school scene? I mean I bring it up twice without bringing it up, 1) it’s not a coincidence they have sex in the library, 2) Damon asking Elena to tell him the details of their tryst and his sexual jealousy is supposed to contrast Stefan’s hurt at the apparent emotional attachment Elena formed with Damon in 4x10 and I bring it up specifically with Stefan thinking about the choice Elena made.

As for season 6 and how that factors into my fic. I mentioned it in a response I did today and I mention it a lot, but even when Elena is fighting for Damon and all about Damon, Stefan is still very much there, it’s like he and their relationship is a bedrock, it’s constantly there.

Like I said in 6x04, she and Stefan were being her and Stefan

until the end when Stefan redirects her to Damon by telling her she used to love him.

In 6x08 Elena asks Stefan how he knew he could trust her and he talks about how he was in love with her and they’re both moved by it

and that conversation is used as a reference point when it comes to choosing between Liam and Damon.

In 6x11, she has that conversation with Damon about how she’s never felt more alive when he rescues her but before that moment, she had a very strong reaction to Kai melting her daylight ring and it’s specifically mentioned that it’s because of its sentimental value

In 6x13 SE is brought up again:

And Elena has that entire speech about how she used to love Stefan but she finds her way back to Damon yadayadayada and yet I still find it interesting that Stefan was mentioned at all, even in a passive aggressive superficial non-mention:

And the fact that she has to ask Damon if he thinks she would’ve made a different choice had she been human, the question is still there, “would I be/would you be with Stefan?” is still there whether or not the show thinks they shut it down but that question has been posed and “shut down” since season 4, which means it’s a constant question that nags at the both of them, Stefan is a constant that nags at the both of them.

and then in 6x14 Jeremy indirectly brings up what a positive influence Stefan was on Elena:

and we know it’s about Stefan because:

And then in 6x17 when Elena wants to meet Damon’s mother, she doesn’t say she’s not missing out on meeting your mother, she says she’s not missing out on meeting the woman who gave birth to the two epic loves of her life and in that same episode gravitates to a picture of Stefan:

In 6x20 when she takes the cure and gets her memories back, the show purposefully cuts off the moment Damon says “That’s not me, Elena, that’s Stefan” when it comes to a human life but then in 6x21, she enlists Stefan’s help to dissuade him from taking the cure and Stefan brings up how he and Elena were soulmates too

and in that same episode she flirts with Stefan

And then you have 6x22

So I would say even though Elena has these grand declarations about Damon being her soulmate and loving him more than humanly possible, the one fixture, the one “always”, the one thing that never goes away is her connection to Stefan, her love for Stefan and I think they both know that throughout, I have a post where I talk about how Elena and Stefan have these moments of recognizing that they’ll always be in love:

but a few examples of that are:

so this is my long round-about way in saying there’s always this knowledge that they ignore because they see the other one moving on and the feelings they have for these other people feel real, for Elena it feels immediate and urgent, but in my fic, they get married and realize how lacking these relationships are, which does happen in the show (I’m sticking to DE because this was about DE)

and consistently return to that bedrock, and they just stop ignoring what they already always knew especially if somehow I could create a situation where Stefan visits Elena’s mind like he does in 8x16 without dying yet, maybe he goes to see her just before he gets ready to die so that realization can begin to bubble up during these moments

does that make any sense at all?

Delena is Cliche.

Warning: This is Anti-Delena. Don’t say I didn’t warn you so leave

I’ve noticed that Delena stans called Stelena “cliche”, and honestly I laugh. Yes they have their cliche moments, but are they cliche overall? Hell no! Delena is just full of cliches and if you wanna know how here’s why…

Good Girl Falls For Bad Boy:

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Elena Gilbert described as “compassionate, caring, empathetic, kind, intelligent, beautiful, friendly”. She’s the star student and is the most selfless person ever (note the sarcasm)

Originally posted by theeskyisthelimit

Damon Salvatore described as “a sociopath, narcissist, vicious, and remorseless” ladies man

Through Elena’s good grace and purity she changes Damon into a “better” man, and they fall in love. (Again note the sarcasm) Yeah, so that’s one cliche but boy oh boy are we just getting started.

Over dramatic Love Declarations (Which are just empty words with no meaning behind them, they’re only said to be dramatic):

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Christ how many do they have?!

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They’re like those romantic comedy cliches. I mean do I have to pull out the receipts:

Even those romantic comedies are more heartwarming and sweet than Dullena is.

Over The Top Cliche Sex Scenes:

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Ripping their clothes off ✔️

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Originally posted by sensualkisses

Check out this website ( and look at #1-3 which talks about cliche sex scenes. Delena fits them perfectly. (God it was hard to look at these)

Side note can we talk about how Nina’s sex scenes with Ian looks like she’s just acting. That she’s trying to make it look like it’s pleasurable and oh so orgasmic, but it’s just acting. With her sex scenes with Stefan her face looked like she was in pure, bliss pleasure. Receipts:

Anyways, Over The Top Kisses:

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Rain kiss ✔️

Originally posted by sensuous

Originally posted by sensualkisses

Slamming into each others faces ✔️

Originally posted by damonandelena

Jumping into each others arms ✔️

For some reason whenever they kiss it’s almost as if they are never in sync with each other. It’s always messy and sloppy.

Hell They Even Went Through Their Own Amnesia Plot Line:

When in fresh hell did The Vampire Diaries become a goddamn soap opera?! Elena loses her memories so Damon does everything he can to get her to remember their “amazing” love story! Hilarious! This was nothing but lazy writing, and the writers trying to show that Delena can overcome any obstacle such as fate and amnesia, but they can’t overcome Damon not resisting compulsion, Damon infected with the ripper virus and almost killing Katherine in Elena’s body, Damon and Elena breaking up 5 million times because “Oh, we’re bad for each other.”, and Elena wanting to be just friends with Damon but they can’t because if she ain’t offering him up any sex even while they’re broken up then he doesn’t want her around him. WOW! 

Last but not least the whole enemies to lovers cliche:

Delena is honestly a ship that is not only delusional, dull, abusive, but it is full of big fat cliches. Enemies to lovers, Good Girl Falls for Bad Boy, Over The Top Cliche Sex Scenes, Over The Top Cliche Kisses, Over Dramatic Love Declarations. Delena is just a joke and it makes me pity those out there who want a relationship like this, cause if you do then God bless you. You will not make it far in life especially with pieces of shits like Damon Salvatore, and dumb girls like Elena Gilbert for even allowing Damon to be in her life knowing what he’s done and that he doesn’t care. It seems that even with the show over logic still has to be pried into Delena stans heads about this abusive, toxic, dull, cliche ship that was written by a 40 year old fangirl trapped in a 16 year old’s body is horrible. Nuff said.

How they could have fixed the vampire diaries and the originals

Steroline? More like Sterilize

Bonenzo? More like Bonanas

Delena? The dude tried to kill her brother, what the fuck is wrong with her? I don’t care how hot someone is, there is no fucking way I would throw away my soulmate for someone who tried to kill my brother.

I mean I’m angry Bonnie rejected Kai, but at least Bonnie has some fucking standards. 

Klaroline? Lots of people Klare about that ship, but fuck what the viewers want. Lets destroy the show, by doing what the viewers hate. Bring back Klaroline

Bonkai or Konnie: That love triangle would be hot. Damon was a poor replacement for Stefan. Even though I think Kai is Bonnie’s soulmate, I reckon that Kol has enough chemistry with Bonnie to make the love triangle a believable love triangle.

Klamille? I love Cammy. But she’s like the fantastic supporting female friend to Klaus. Caroline is the worthy love interest.

Get rid of Bonnie’s so called friends, and replace them all with Josh from the originals. He’s a great friend, from what I’ve watched so far. 

Not sure whether to send Davina away to live happily ever after with her love interest, which won’t be Kol or Kai btw, or to see if a friendship between Davina and Bonnie is a possibility. 

Stelena: If Elena ever had a point to the show, it was because of the love story between Stefan and Elena. After Stelena ended, Elena became decoration. Bonnie has enough of a complex personality to be awesome without a guy. Elena was like “why are you here?”

Stop the hypocrisy: If Damon can be redeemed, then so can Kai.

Stop killing dudes who only have the hots for Bonnie

Treat Bonnie like the complex individual she’s supposed to be. Don’t simplify her for plot convenience. Bonnie should have gone through a moral dilemma of why she’d go so far to stop Kai from killing people, but won’t go that far for her friends. A real person would be questioning themselves. Bonnie showed none of that conflict in either words or actions. She’s very black and white as is needed for the plot, and any grey areas are short lived because if they need Bonnie to not be with a guy who actually likes her: Lets bring in her morals, morals she didn’t care about too much when it was about her friends. 

Bonnie doesn’t go through character development. She doesn’t seem to go through complicated emotions. She’s treated like a pawn, and whatever emotion they give her always seems to benefit her friends, but disadvantage her in some way.

It’s true that Kai hurt Bonnie, but Bonnie has been hurt by her own friends, she has been hurt by other people for lesser reasons than Kai’s reason to escape 18 years of psychological TORTURE. 18 years people! Bonnie has forgiven so much, and even though Kai and her got off to a bad start, I reckon if they slowly went from enemies, then someone I have to deal with cos I have no choice, to friends, the to lust, then to lovers - Kai would have empowered Bonnie and any love between them would make up for the bad blood between them. Bonnie would have been his number 1. Like I don’t wanna make it easy for Kai. I want Bonnie to be a challenge for Kai, like how it was and probably still is with Caroline being a challenge for Klaus.

I mean just look at Delena? If you support that ship, then you support the idea that it is possible to develop a romantic relationship with an abusive person who tried to kill your brother, rape your friend, and threaten to break your arm. I mean if people think Delena was worth the abuse, then why not Bonkai?

Damon’s purpose was to be the big evil who got redeemed, while those who deserved redemption more than him were treated like evil piece of trash. I’m talking abut Stefan here. Damon was a fuck you to Bonnie, (Damon is the reason why Bonnie’s grams died, but ofc Bonnie would forgive Damon, cos plot) Damon was a fuck you to Stelena. Damon was a fuck you to Katherine. Damon was a fuck you to Stefan. Damon was a fuck you to Caroline. Damon’s only purpose was to be the personification of fuck the characters ,and fuck the viewers; because Damon is number 1.

anonymous asked:

So SCrs have a post comparing 3x07 with 8x10 and saying that Elena made everything about her, about Stefan feeling anything or he'd lose her, but Caroline makes it about him regardless of their relationship... I know you didn't watch the episode, but what do you think?

I watched that scene and here is where context comes into play.

In 3x01 we learn that Elena has been searching for Stefan all summer, like literally for two or three months basically all she’s been doing is chasing leads.

and she’s been fighting everyone about searching for him:

and in 3x02 she faces werewolves for him:

In 3x03 she hid in a murder closet while Klaus the Original Vampire who thinks she’s dead, is right outside so she can see Stefan and bring him home:

and then Stefan breaks up with her after all of that:

and then in 3x05 she is hit by Klaus:

she watches Stefan tear apart her classmates:

and she’s still there like:

telling him to fight and he just needs to want it bad enough and he’s compelled to bite her which puts her in the hospital:

but in 3x06 she’s right there like:

and then 3x07 comes around and before that moment that the SCers are comparing to 8x10, Elena spends the day learning from Lexi on how to get through to Stefan, it’s about her methods and the things you have to do to get him to feel again:

She watches him suffer, listens to him talk about how he wished her never met her and she just has to take it , like it’s exhausting being there and going through that while at the same time her brother is cheating on her best friend with a ghost, Klaus is trying to make hybrids, like the world is coming apart at the seams and she’s needed elsewhere so she goes where she’s needed and Stefan asks her if she’s giving up, the one person who has been his cheerleader, who has been relentless in getting him back, who has been there no matter how hard he’s tried to push her away:

and she says:

Like no, I’m still here, I’m still your cheerleader, I’m still stubborn and she also says:

which is fair because she’s done everything, she’s risked her life for him, she brought his dead best friend to help her get through to him, tortured him, pleaded with him, but he needs to want it too, which is a line very much about him as is this:

and this line:

is an appeal to his humanity which makes absolute sense because it has been established and re-established that his humanity is directly linked to Elena.

In 3x01, she’s the one he calls, not Damon, not Caroline, it’s Elena:

In 3x05 he freaks out when Klaus hits her:

he told her she was what kept him from giving up:

Klaus marvels at the love he has for her:

and he fights compulsion for her:

So why wouldn’t Elena appeal to his humanity by threatening to give up on him? After everything she’s done for him why wouldn’t she realize that she’s spent so much of her time and been consumed with getting him back?

When 8x10 rolls around, what has Caroline done for Stefan by that point? Nothing. She’s talked at him.

In 8x08 they haven’t even interacted, she hasn’t been searching for any plans or any methods to help him out of his deal.

In 8x09 she talks at Damon about Elena and dances with him then talks at Stefan then stakes Stefan and throws a ring at him.

In 8x10 she manages to get him chained up and talks at him some more:

She didn’t risk her life for him, she hasn’t spent months searching for him, she’s a vampire so she has eternity on her side while Elena was a human who was being hunted by original vampires, Caroline is just getting started when Elena was invested by the time 3x07 rolled around. They are in two very different places and frankly Elena and Caroline mean two very different things to Stefan. Give me 3x07 over 8x10 any day.

  • Stefan: *gives Elena a necklace as a gift*
  • Elena: *loves and cherishes the necklace*
  • Elena: *worries about the necklace when she loses it*
  • Elena: *necklace reminds her of Stefan after he leaves with Klaus*
  • Damon: *finds a necklace*
  • Julie Plec: wow what a beautiful and touching delena moment. Its the symbol of their everlasting love.

I actually really don’t want Elena to return. TVD got so much better when the whole damn show stopped revolving around her. I like Belvafore as the core four, it’s been so good to focus on them, instead of the entire show being about Elena.

LMAOOOooooOOOooO ready for the hate to roll in…

Kai’s so called irredeemable crimes

He killed children

Damon would have killed a child if it wasn’t for Stefan. Damon’s crime was just as bad as Kai’s crime, yes Sarah survived, but it was the intent behind it. It was the fact that if Stefan hadn’t been there Sarah would have died.

Excuse for Damon: He had his humanity off

Kai also had his humanity off, he had a problem in his brain wiring because of neglect and severe abuse, that caused his humanity switch to turn off AGAINST HIS WILL. He was a child, and his brain developed in that way because of nature and nurture. It was not something he chose.

Damon was going through a few emotional upsets and he turned his humanity off by CHOICE.

So if Damon can be excused, Kai sure as heck can.

He stabbed his twin sister after she had helped him.

Okay let’s stop pretending she helped him out of the kindness of her heart. She helped him because at the end of the day she realized that their lives depended on Kai.

She was okay with putting her brother in a prison world to be isolated and psychologically tortured, when she could have I dunno put him in a normal jail instead! He doesn’t even have his own magic, and normal prison systems have heavy procedures and protocols in place to stop the inmates from escaping.

Not only would Liv and Luke have been kept safe, but Kai would at least have people to talk with.

Honestly I don’t blame Kai for stabbing her. I mean I’m surprised he forgave her after the merge with Luke, and Bonnie leaving him behind in 1903 made him justifiably snap.

He killed Luke

It’s funny how the anti Kai group will word things in such a way as to villanize Kai. Kai and Luke came to an agreement, and Luke died as a result of the deal he made with Kai of his own free will.

The deal was that Luke wanted to merge with Kai instead. Kai should not be held accountable for Luke’s decision.

He attempted to kill Josie and Lizzie

How is that any different from Damon attempting to kill Sarah?

Also let’s stop pretending that Josie and Lizzie’s life were valuable. If it was valuable the producers would not have left Kai with starving vampires. After all Josie and Lizzie had their lives tied to him.

He tortured Elena

It’s about fucking time.

  • Caroline: *actively seeks out everyone she has wronged and apologizes and takes responsibility for her actions*
  • Elena: i cant dwell on the past or else ill get sad again and no one wants that right i mean my pain is more important than yours also u cant rlly blame me for all the terrible things ive done im elena after all arent u supposed to be worshiping at my altar or something =)