okaaaay NOT to sound salty or anything but i’ve always hated how the show made it look like damon was The Only one there for elena after her transition? things like ‘he was always there for me when i needed him’ the whole saga of him making her feel alive after her death? jussst what did stefan do wrong? the reason he was trying to get her the cure in the first place was because she once cried to him saying she doesn’t wanna be a vampire! it’s not his fault that she suddenly liked being one!!! all that focus on him treating her like a broken toy? nonsense. i’m forever offended. like… yes he felt guilty she became a vampire cause he saved matt and didn’t save her! how is that 'he’s making it all about himself’ but no one said the same thing when damon kept treating newbie vampire!elena like she was his other version and that she was just like him and had ~darkness~ inside that matched his own. i’m just whatever