anti elena

  • Season 1 Elena:I'm not gonna be one of those pathetic girls whose world stops spinning because of some guy.
  • Season 6 Elena:*takes drugs to hallucinate Damon after failing to stay dead with him in the last season*
  • TVD Staff:Elena has become a strong woman.

Whiny Elena

Alaric being Elena’s therapist

Elena not remembering her feeling for Damon and remembering he snapped Jeremy’s neck in S2

Damon and Bonnie stuck in May 10, 1994

Bamon eating pancakes and doing crosswords

They are not alone

Could that be Katherine?

Elena: “Katherine was smarter than me”

Elena and Caroline saying “I love you” to each other TWICE and talking about Bonnie

Caroline & Enzo teaming up again

Enzo vs Stefan

Goodbye Ivy

Enzo saying Stefan is a bad brother


Caroline to Stefan: “you’re a dick!”

Another Fell is in town



Little Caroline/Liz flashback. Both of them talking about death

Damon and little Stefan at their mother’s funeral flashbacks

Elena actually taking care of Caroline

Liz funeral

Damon’s eulogy, saying Caroline is extraordinary and talking about her light

Caroline singing

Tyler coming drunk at the funerals and Matt has to stop him before he goes to the church

Matt & Tyler are gonna be police officers?

Jo & Kai being sick because they should have merged together

Jo saying she’ll give Kai her powers

Kai saying they were both sick because she’s pregnant

Alaric proposing to Jo

Sick Kai = prison worlds collapsing

Bonnie ending up in a prison in 1903 and seeing a woman who had a picture of Defan

Bonnie found Qetsiyah’s stone and has her magic back

Defan talking about Steroline & Damon saying she’s not the one because Stefan doesn’t know how to handle the situation right now

Stefan realizing he loves Caroline, saying it can be better than what he had with Elena and wanting to tell her

Caroline flipping the switch

Caroline snapping Elena’s neck

Bamon reunion

Damon confirming the woman in the prison with Bonnie was mama Salvatore


Stefan asking Caroline to babysit Ivy while he’s going to leave town…again

Ivy snapping Caroline’s neck

Ivy being abducted by Tripp

Both Alaric and Caroline putting Stefan in his place

Elena & Liam

Alaric & Jo

Damon: “I’m sure there’s a billion people you’d rather be here with”

Bonnie: “Not exactly”

Kai shooting Bonnie with an arrow

Bonnie selfless Bennett sending Damon home while she’s staying in purgatory

Tyler having a car accident and running over a guy

Liv killed the guy so Tyler wouldn’t trigger is werewolf gene




Elena didn’t shed a tear for Stefan

Damon wanting everyone back

Caroline snapping Luke’s neck

Bad ass Mama Forbes

Stexi and Dalaric


Gas leak + Delena on a suicide mission = Mystic Grill

Julian,Markos and the travelers are dead

Lexi dying as a hero

Bonnie & Grams

Luke and Liv

Tyler, Enzo, Stefan and Alaric (and Elena of course)coming back

But all humans and Tyler as a simple werewolf?

… meaning Caroline is the only vampire left?

Damon being stuck on the Other Side

Stefan to Caroline: “I lost them both”

Steroline hug

Damon’s goodbye to Elena and Bonnie’s goodbye to Jeremy

Bamon holding hands and waiting for the end