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Auradon Improvement Initiative Explained! (Part 2): “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Beep Boop”: Magitech in Auradon

From a writer’s standpoint, Auradon’s Magic Ban is incredibly lazy and stupid.

Majority of the states of Auradon have heavily relied on magic, both for the incredible circumstances that led to their nobility taking power, and as an important everyday part of their lives, a means for improving and sustaining their standard of living.

Banning such a powerful tool is the stuff of dictatorships or abusive totalitarian states, akin to China’s completely shutting down the Internet to try and quell the unrest happening within its citizens.

It also feels dangerously hypocritical, as royals like Aladdin only managed to rise up to power with Genie’s magic, and to suddenly ban that and prevent anyone from ever benefiting from the thing that permanently changed his (and all of Agarbah’s) lives for the better for the sake of “fairness” is awful.

It is in essence the “I’ve got mine, now fuck off!” philosophy I hate so much.

This would be a good move if Auradon was meant to be portrayed and understood as the incredible sunny, smiling dystopia it is, but unfortunately, the canon and the intention of the writers is to portray it as someplace you’d actually want to live in, than a cautionary tale about the abuse of power and deifying your government officials, and why the people need to be checks on their leaders than blind followers.

“But it’s dangerous!” you might say, and they were right to ban it because it caused incredible amounts of suffering alongside the benefits.

But so do cars.

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There’s this anti-drunk driving commercial where this guy is bringing this girl over to his car and there are cops everywhere watching them but they’re camouflaged into the walls and trees and everything and when he’s finally driving down the road there’s a fucking cop car camouflaged into an alleyway like

can you say Sheriff’s Secret Police jfc