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“̵̩̘ͨͪ̽͝l̼̙͓͈̝͒̈́̈͐́̍̆͋̐ẹ͖̞͈̎̋͢͝ṯ͙́͛ͫ̄̚ ̉̓͏̪͉̣̝͓͍̺̖m̓͑͆̊̏ͫͨ̃̀̚͘҉̖͖̤̟͈̼͙̩ę̖̗̘̣̞̈́̔ͧͨ͞ ̶̬͎͎̙̩͚ͭͧ͡ͅg̡̳̮͓͇ͫͦ̓́̅͗̇̃̚͘ͅo̡̪͕͉͔͕ͭ̋̈́̀̋̿͌̕͜-̡͖͎̻́̽́͑̓̎ͫͦ͘"̩̭ͤ͊ͮ̌͢


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Anti: *demonic shit*

Me: okay cool whats the last step to carving the pumpkin

Anti: *more demonic shit*

Me: okay i know you’re going through this whole thing but you sort of killed jack while he was talking so if you could give me the last step that would be great

Anti: *evil laughing*

Me: im serious anti your fucking pumpkin

Anti: S̺͍͉͔͉̞̪Ḁ̸̰̮͝Y̶̪ ̳͇̭͍̥̭͉ͅG̕҉̡̦̲O̤̫͖͎̗͜͞ͅÒ̴̬̠̺̪̥͉̳͉̥͝D̨̺̦̯͙͙͔̯͚͠B̸̬̻̝͉͍̻̀͝Y҉̫̝̖̹̝̠͠E̲̩͟͝ͅ


Stuck in Hell (Pt.2)

Genre: Demon!BTS AU

Pairing: Jimin X reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary: You let him disappear once and once you find out how to find him again you aren’t going to let him go easily. So what if he’s a demon?


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Curiosity started to burn a hole in your head. You couldn’t recall if what you really saw the other day was real. The incident happened a little over two weeks ago and you started to pass off the event as a day dream of some sort. His facial features, toned body, gorgeous expressions, and demon like characteristics were all stuck in your head. It was like you could remember every inch of him that’d you seen but it seemed so crazy it couldn’t have been true.

“Do you need help finding a book, Ma’am?” The librarian asked you politely. 

“Oh, no. I’m fine. I think I found what I was looking for.” 

She nods and leaves you alone as she walks away.

You pull the book off the shelf carefully, taking in the strange cover.

“Demonic rituals and spells” Read the title. You flipped through the pages trying to find something helpful that could possibly bring him back if he was real. 

Jimin chuckled seeing you read through all the books, staying in the library all day. He knew all of the information was nonsense but it was cute watching you attempt to beckon him back into your presence. The smile quickly faded when he realized he wasn’t able to approach you like before. It was bad enough he even did it in the first place but not he feels responsible for your loss. He continued to watch over you as you made your way home for the day. You started digging through your house for items that could help you summon him. 

“That should be everything…” You said to yourself, sitting back from the little experiment you made. It took you only a few seconds to light the candles around it. 

“This is all my fault.” Jimin sighed, thinking about how disappointed you’ll be when he doesn’t appear.

“What’s your fault?”

His eyes snapped open and he looked around the room. 

“Y-you can see me??” 

You nod.

“I mean I did summon you here.”

Jimin moved past you looking at the mess you made on the floor. He sifted through the ingredients.

“This wasn’t supposed to be able to work how did you-”

“I missed you.” You blurted out. 

He sighed. “..I know. But I told you I wasn’t even supposed to talk to you. It was a mistake that I even agreed to the date or even interfered the night before.”

You stood up from your spot on the floor to come over to him. He backed away until his back hit the wall. 

“Where’s your pretty wings?” You asked, looking up at him innocently. 

Jimin tensed up. “I have them hidden right now..they just get in the way most of the time. How are you not mad at me for hurting you last time?”

“Well you pushed me away in the first place so I wouldn’t get hurt and when you left the marks were already gone.” 

He nods. “A-and you kissed me…why do you like me so much?”

You shrugged. “I’m not really sure. I just sorta trust you.”

“Well you shouldn’t. I could change at any time and then I could hurt you if I can’t control it.” Jimin stated, looking more serious. 

You crossed your arms across your chest. 

“I don’t think you will though. You’re so set on protecting me….I should be the one asking why you like me so much. You’re a demon not some guardian angel.” You sighed.

Jimin took your hand, catching you by surprise. He took you over to the couch and sat you down. 

“I wasn’t always following you around. I was actually following someone else because he was such an awful person. When you two crossed paths and I started to become more interested in you even though you were so-…nice and bright.”

“First of all, you’ve been following me?? Second of all who were you watching over? I don’t know who you’re talking about.”

He shook his head. “It’s not important. He won’t become a murder until later on in the future. It doesn’t have anything to do with you and revealing the future is against the rules.”

“Murder? Shouldn’t you prevent that?” You almost yelled. 

“That’s not my job.” Jimin stated, blankly. 

“Well no but-”

“Y/N. I didn’t come here to be lectured by what you think is right. I’m a demon.”

“I know. You keep reminding me.” You mumbled. 

As he was about to start lecturing you on the dangers of being around him you laid your head down on his leg. He pretended not to be bothered by it but you could see his ears already turning red. You just stared up at him, making him stumble over his words even more. 

“Can you stop that?” he asked.

You turn your head to face his chest as you close your eyes.

“You better not disappear again..”

He ignores your words as he keeps on rambling until he notices you pretending to be asleep on his lap. He lets out a sigh in frustration seeing how stubborn you were. Jimin looks around as if someone else was watching them before sliding his body down on the couch, not knowing you were faking it. His arms wrapped themselves around you as he holds you close to him. The warmth of his body close to yours was now something you were able to feel. You wondered why we couldn’t just be like this when you were awake. 

“What am I going to do with you..” He says under his breath, stroking your back softy. 

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Otherkin stuff is so gross to me and makes me very angry. It’s such a low and disgusting level of attention seeking for someone to stoop to. To fake mental illness and pain, when there are people with actual chronic illnesses, mental and physical, just for attention…? Just because their lives are so perfect, safe, and uneventful…?

I can’t be sure of their motive(s), but it sounds to me like the most probable cause, other than obvious attention seeking, is so that they can escape from the consequences of their actions. For example; a little bitch pretending to be a ‘demon-kin’ might slap you, or curse at you, or do something else inappropriate, and then when you confront them about their behaviour, they will say “Oh no no it’s not my fault I’m a demon-kin it’s in my nature I can’t help it!” so, not only can’t you convict them for being inappropriate, you are now, in fact, the ‘bad one’, because you are ‘bullying! and not being sensitive to this disorder!!’. Bull. Shit. It’s the most manipulative thing I have ever encountered in the entirety of my experienced existence

How about for S13 we just get rid of angels and demons and all the crap once and for all, and just see Sam and Dean doing what they do best: riding in Impala and hunting monsters.

If this would be the last seasonn that would be all I want. I don’t want any big bads or myth arcs with Lucifer or Castiel or Crowley. I just want what was in Season 1. That would be more than enough.