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Thoughts 6x19

Wow this was an amazing episode! When was the last time TVD had been that good? IMO not since season 2. So i’m just gonna list the characters/couples and then write my opinion on them for 6x19:

Elena: Well,she’s getting more annoying by the episode lol. I feel kinda bad for saying this because it’s Nina’s last few episodes before she’s leaving TVD but i just can’t stand her character…since idk i guess season 3 or 4 Elena has become more selfish by the minute, she doesn’t care about right or wrong and makes everything about herself. This show will be o good next season with Elena gone.

Damon: I love Damon this season, i really do. I never was that big of a damon fan but i can’t help but love S6 Damon. Looks like Bonnie really changed him. Of course he’s still acting selfish by hesitating to give Elena the cure but it’s so hard for him because he doesn’t want to lose Elena so i completely understand him. I probably would have done the same thing.

Delena: so i don’t really have an opinion on this couple. i don’t hate them but i don’t really like them together either so i’m just gonna say that i don’t care for that pairing. 

Jolaric: They are, after Steroline and Bamon, my favourite couple this season. I love Alaric and it’s so nice to see him happy and Jo is adorable, Alaric couldn’t find a better woman to marry. They fit perfectly with their history.

Bonnie: I love how badass she’s been this season, she doen’t take all this crap anymore and stands up for herself like she should have a long time ago. 

Lily: I really don’t know what i should think of that woman. She’s such a psycho and i hate her for not caring about her sons but then i also feel sorry for her because just like Stefan she didn’t choose to be a ripper and seeing her downward spiral this episode…i just wanted to hug her…But i loved her scenes with Enzo, she would be such a good mother figure to him. and i guess it’s really hard for me to hate her because i love Annie Wersching so much,she seems like such a nice and cute person that it hurts me that i don’t really like her character… 

Enzo: i honestly didn’t like Enzo this season (at least not since ep 7) but i flt sorry for him because this whole time he thought that Lily abandoned him and then when she comes back she’s asking him to leave just because he wanted to show her who her real family is because loyalty is so important to him.

Matt: We didn’t see a lot of him but he can show his pretty body more often :) i hope he gets more screentime (and a real storyline) next season.

Stefan: aww my boo…This entire episode all his scenes were about how he feels and showed that he wanted his relationship with Caroline to start perfectly and not with all this BS they went through. And his attempts to pretend that his humanity is still off ended really bad for him… Stefan’s such a bad actor when it coms to hiding stuff from Caroline :D 

Caroline: Well…what can i say? I LOVE HER! and i’m so glad she’s back. As much as she annoyed me in 6x18 (which wasn’t that good), she made up for it this week. She was all flirty with Stefan and i knew that she knew that he flipped his switch back on. It was so obvious. She was such a BAMF like Bonnie (how i love these two badasses). And i have to say that Candice is an AMAZING actress,her acting was so on point at the end when Caroline flipped her switch and her guilt came flooding back. I felt her pain and had tears in my eyes during that scene. It’s so sad that she won’t be in 6x20…

(and finally) Steroline: my favourite topic and pretty much everything i think about all day :) Their scenes were perfect. Caroline seducing him and Stefan trying (and pretty much failing) to resist her seduction :D it was really fun to watch. And that kiss…i mean WOW,it was (after the one in 6x14 of course) my favourite kiss of them. It just looked super hot and showed that Stefan can’t resist her because as much as he’s trying to, the urge to kiss her is still there. And Caroline’s comments like: “So take my mind off it.” and ”Am i making you nervous?” were so good because you can see how much her words affect him. He could barely take it and was so unconvincing this entire time, not even i would have believed him and Caroline’s so much smarter so of course she figured it out. Doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt when she broke his neck (even though it was kind of hilarious) and tried to kill him. Then the flashback. Could Stefan be even more adorable?

“If I’m going to start something with Caroline, i want it to be perfect. No loss, no pain, no grief.”

“You might be waiting a while.”

“I’m a patient guy.”

This was exactly what i needed to hear because now we know why Stefan acted like he did in 6x15. He needed to be sure that his feelings for her are strong enough to start a relationship because he couldn’t bare losing her or screwing everything up because it’s not just any girl. It’s Caroline. And he wanted it to be perfect. And this scene also showed us how he feels before the kiss so i’m glad we got that scene because we didn’t really get an inside on his feelings for her before he kiss, he never really talked about it. And it also shows that now for Stefan, this whole ‘perfect start’-thingy isn’t possible anymore so he struggles with that and when Caroline flips it back on, she struggles with the guilt and now that she’s aware of all the things she’s done to him and the way he wanted things to go for them, she feels like she’s ruined everything between them, especially their first time which seemed to play an important part for both of them. And i’ll never forget Stefan’s  face when she talked about how sorry she is and started crying in front of him. It seems like everyone is a bit mad at Stefan for him to just stand there and watch her but the situation was difficult for him too and later he wanted to give her space instead of pushing her and i think that’s really noble of him. He knew that she would push him away and he was right and did you see that both couldn’t really look each other in the eyes? They were kind of ashamed and hurt and i think it’s good that she takes her time and gets away from MF for a while (even though i’m gonna miss her in 6x20). Their scenes were angsty but we all knew it was coming and i loved the angst (doesn’t mean i don’t wanna see them being all cute and fluffy but it’s a slow burn so this is a part of it.)

And i loved the fact that we got to see Liz again, i really missed her.

I’d say this episode was a 8/10. It was amazing :)

Wow,i’v never done something like this before and it tooks me over 2h to put this together but i think i’m gonna do that every week now. It’s fun :) hope you liked hearing my opinion on everything. 

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Where did Elena Gilbert disappear to?

I really don’t understand why Julie Plec keeps referring to human/vampire Elena like they’re two different people.

They’re not, she’s just writing vampire Elena pretty lousy, or rather unclear. I get her idea, she’s trying to tell us there are two sides of Elena, just like there are two sides to every person - one side that is pure, and one side that is dark. Stefan represents Elena’s pure side, while Damon represents the darker one. So when she says that Elena, as a human, would have never been with Damon because that was the time of her purity, and a romance between human Elena and Damon would have ruined her character, she’s saying that now, as a vampire, Elena allowed herself to explore that dark side.

There’s really no point in discussing the means of how Elena got together with Damon, because it’s pretty safe to say the sire bond is one storyline no one saw an eye to eye, despite their shipping preferences.

The thing is, Elena’s transformation from a human to a vampire wasn’t done well. Season 4 is to blame for that, since one part she spent sired, and the other without her humanity, so no one knew what Elena’s really thinking or feeling at that point. And later, the matter was never addressed. We were all supposed to believe that vampire Elena is a different person just because she became a vampire, which is nonsense.

The thing is, Elena Gilbert doesn’t exist. She didn’t change, she turned a completely new leaf. So, where is Elena Gilbert?

Honestly, it’s idiotic to say Elena finally got together with Damon just because she became a vampire and therefor discovered her darker side. Her dark side was present while she was a human as well, which is why she was able to develop an attraction towards Damon, it’s just that her pure side was far more active. So what changed? Is the mere process of becoming a vampire enough? No. It was stated on the show, time over time, that once you become a vampire, your personality is magnified. Everything you once felt, you feel more intensely now. So wasn’t Elena supposed to become even more compassionate than she was before? Instead, she’s become less, choosing to kill someone just because it’s an easy way out. Unless you’re trying to tell me she was a demoralized, passive participant in her own life who didn’t want to get out of the bed after a break up even before she became a vampire? 

I’m still trying to find an explanation to why Elena is the way she is, because assuming that transformation from a human to a vampire is enough is plainly idiotic. Is that what really defines us? Our ability to breathe, the beating of our heart, blood coursing through our veins? Do our bodily functions define us as people? Or do our choices and the lives we lead? Things we learn and experience and people we surround ourselves with? 

I get that Elena can’t be miss sunshine 24/7. That I’m not going to like all of her decisions and that her choices won’t always be right. But Elena is being the complete opposite of who she was before. Are writers trying to tell us something? Are they trying to point out what was said before - that Damon can be either the best or the worst thing for her? Or is it just faulty writing? 

Because, until now, Damon keeps proving that he’s the worst thing that could have happened to her. Elena lost her sense of moral, she has no real purpose other than being with Damon, her relationship with other characters became practically non existent. As we’ve seen in the latest episode, Damon is so full of hate and resentment. He feeds off of it. He’s motivated by it. All he does is fill Elena with that hate as well. All that hate is a big burden to carry for an 18 year old girl. He makes her sit and drink to someones death. He makes her remember all the horrible things that happened. And she does. She remembers it. She even agrees John deserved getting his fingers cut off, despite him being her father and giving up his life so she can live. She remembers the hate she held for him, but she doesn’t remember the tears she shed while reading his letter, or the rose she had put on his grave. She doesn’t ask herself, not even once, how come she’s in love with a man who can torture a dying woman, a woman he spent more than a century loving and waiting for.

Then she spends some time with Stefan who doesn’t force his opinion on her. Who listens to her and tells her she can think and feel whatever the hell she wants, but also points out that he disagrees and why. And it makes her think, because it makes her remember. And she learns how to forgive, again. She manages to overlook every bad thing Katherine has ever done to her and the people she loves, and she forgives her because at some point you have to stop holding a grudge over someone. At one point, forgiveness is all you’re left with. She pays her price, but she says it herself that, no matter what, this is one part of herself she never wants to lose.

And you can see her, the glimpse of Elena, the girl we knew, the girl who was introduced to us. For a second, you dare to think that she didn’t disappear.

Maybe that’s where she’s been all along, hiding between her smile directed to Stefan, and sitting on the bed of a woman who caused her so much harm, ready to forgive. 

anonymous asked:

Stefan did slut-shame Elena though. He told Damon that he raped Elena with the sirebond but was simultaneously shaming Elena for sleeping with Damon. His "tell her to calm down, Damon" comment was disgusting as is his rest behaviour in season 4. And that scene where he drinks and looks and thinks as if hes above Elena and that shes beneath him and yelling at her until she starts crying, ugh. Worst is its season 7 and he is the same character that he was in s1 : 0 character development. Damon ->>

Anon, you should seriously write fiction with the kind of mess you come up with! Like honestly, I’m so fascinated by this!

“He told Damon that he raped Elena wit the sirebond but was simultaneously shaming Elena for sleeping with Damon” like WHEN was this? What episode? Which scene? Moving away from the fact that the sire bond at best complicates the idea of consent because as Julie said, Elena had the illusion of free will — and just in case you don’t know what a receipt is, I will show you one:

So moving away from the fact that Elena basically slept with Damon under duress, Stefan never said that she did to either Damon or her. What he did do in 4x08 was snap at Damon about how a sire bond could be the only way Elena could be with Damon (which btw is literally true: “The bottom line is that Elena as a human made a very, very, very clear choice that she would love Stefan always and forever,” she says. “But then her entire life turned upside down, and any feelings she originally had for Damon were still there, and of course magnified. There was always going to be a little bit of a confusion there for her — but not enough confusion for her to be over Stefan. It would take a lot to rip Elena away from loving Stefan. It would take years and seasons. We’d be eighty, if we followed the natural progression of that relationship.”  source) and he said it because he was hurt that he had to dump her because of her feelings for his brother, which is understandable! Like Jesus, you mean to say if you had a sibling and you were in love with someone, like deep in love, ride or die love, I will do anything you ask of me love and then you two break up because that person feels something for your sibling and your sibling has a long-ass history of disrespecting the boundaries of you and that person’s relationship, you’re not going to feel some type of way?? You’re just going to be completely OK with it, not have any feelings about the situation,not have a moment or two of anger and pettiness, you’re just going to be a perfect angel?

And Stefan immediately apologizes and later on in the episode tells Caroline he trusts Damon to do right by Elena because he knows Damon loves Elena just as much as he does. So like …

And anon, Stefan never slut-shamed Elena. Like I’m sorry to break it to you but that actually just never happened. The only person who slut-shamed anyone in season 4 was Elena to Caroline when Caroline made snide remarks against Damon, which is valid considering that Damon is her abuser, her attempted killer and her rapist, and Elena shames her for sleeping with him the minute she met him even though we all know that that night ended with Damon biting her and causing her pain. What Stefan did do in 4x11 is snarkily tell Damon to make Elena calm down because of what I just said above; this is two episodes after he found out the two people he loves most in the world screwed each other’s brains out the day after he broke up with one of them and it’s an episode after Rebekah made Elena go in detail about why she’s with Damon, so yeah, Stefan is feeling some type of way. When Damon feels some type of way, dude literally goes out KILLING people. I will take snark over homicide any damn day of the motherfucking week. Also, you have an uncanny ability to ignore context, I’m pretty sure Stefan tells Elena to calm down after Elena is about to be on some shit after Damon being Damon i.e. being a dick betrays Stefan’s privacy and tells everyone that Stefan slept with Rebekah, as if Elena had any right to say anything at all on the matter when my girl was with Stefan’s brother.

And the scene where Stefan drinks and side-eyes Elena was in 4x02 and again, this is the taking shit out of context thing you do … my man was mad at Elena because she blood-shared with Damon, which as we know is a very sexual and intimate act, and she did this when she was with Stefan. Granted, Elena didn’t actually know the full details about blood-sharing because your boy Damon took advantage of her newness and her hunger and conned her into doing something incredibly private, but you mean you can’t understand his frustration when all of season 3 was spent of Elena being like Stefan or Damon? Stefan or Damon? Stefan or Damon? And she chooses Stefan, talks about forever with Stefan, says picking him is the best choice she ever made and then she’s relying on Damon just as heavily as she’s relying on Stefan and there are no boundaries between the three of them? Like yeah, I would be upset too. Not to mention that scene freaking ends with Stefan comforting Elena through her emotional turmoil and coming up with the idea to memorialize the dead so she can get some peace of mind! Like your examples of Stefan being “shitty” are literally like things he does in one minute because he’s a dimensional character and then he gets over himself and helps Elena through whatever she’s going through. And it kills me because Damon drags out his pettiness over episodes and seasons and people die because of it, lives are destroyed because of it, families are ripped apart because of it but Stefan was kind of rude for that one minute so he’s the shitty person. OK. Makes sense.

I’m, like, for real sad that I didn’t get your second part because I was looking forward to reading more of this fascinating fiction, like we were getting to the good part about how Damon apparently grew as a character, as if he isn’t doing the same thing he’d been doing since season 1, pining for girl and killing everyone because of it while also being a terrible brother to Stefan. But I mean, we can’t have everything, I guess.

hypocrisy at it's best.

It’s really amusing that Stelena fans only use arguments against Delena (even if they made this bullshit up and it’s not true) that you can totally use against Stelena as well.

They use the words “unhealthy” & “abusive” for Delena.

So let me ask..

Was it “healthy” and not “abusive” when Stefan almost drove Elena off the Wickery Bridge (the place where her parents died) because he wanted revenge?

Was it “healthy” and not “abusive” when he forced his blood down Elena’s throat?

Was it “healthy” and not “abusive” when Stefan yelled and blamed Elena for asking Damon for help?

Was it “healthy” and not “abusive” when he manipulated and emotional abused her?

OH WELL; LET’S IGNORE THAT!So why do you ship Stelena when they’re unheathy and abusive? I mean you can hate Delena all you want but you call DE unhealthy and abusive when you can say the same about your own ship (and almost every other ship on TV)

HOW CAN YOU????????????????

hypocrisy at it’s best.

Oh and another thing. They say that they support Elena (can you hear me laughing?). I think everyone knows already that they don’t give a damn about her. These are only Stefan stans and don’t want her to be with Damon.

They say that Delena’s relationship is one sided and that Elena gets nothing from it.

Did they forget that Elena had THE SUMMER OF HER LIFE with DAMON? That Damon makes her happy?
That she feels free when she is with Damon?

Okay, I can’t decide if they are blind, ignorant or if they just don’t want to know and see the truth.

I really can’t stand this bullshit and it drives me crazy. Now I feel a little bit better because I wrote it down but no one will read it anyway I guess. :P

Oh, and remember when they bashed Damon bc Elena had no free will because of the sire bond (even if it wasn’t his fault and he didn’t know it)?: Suddenly it’s okay for them that Katherine uses Elena’s body and Elena has absolutely no free will. And maybe they’ll kiss and who knows what else. HOW DO YOU CALL THAT?

TVD 5x21: “Promised Land”- Random Thoughts Of The Week

Another week, and another episode of The Bullshit Diaries. The more time passes, the more I struggle to come up with some thoughts to share with you as I find myself fast-forwarding the episode to get me out of my misery sooner.
But I promised myself that I’d watch every remaining episode of the season, if only to tell myself that I managed to get through the worst season of TVD…up to now that is, because the worst is always yet to come on the Bullshit Diaries.
Back to business…

  • Ugh, too much Damon screentime in the first minutes of the episode. I’m sick of his bulging eyeballs already.
  • “I’ll have enough when you can no longer speak” Hey Markos, as long as you let Stefan go, you can have Elena, it’s totally fine by me.
  • Stefan and Elena were almost drained from their blood but their clothes are neat. Makes perfect sense in TVD land.
  • Enzo is becoming a joke. First he has a death wish, and now he realizes being dead sucks and he wants to be alive again. Why is he even there?
  • Ian & Kat have really great chemistry. It’s almost if Damon gets his snark back when he’s around Bonnie. If only Plec and Dries were ballsy enough to go down the Bamon route…. But nope.
  • We’re vampires, we’re a toxic species”. WHAT IS THIS SHIT THAT IS COMING OUT OF STEFAN’S MOUTH? IT’S UNBEARABLE AS IT IS COMPLETELY INCOHERENT WITH THE WAY STEFAN WAS WRITTEN DURING THE FIRST THREE SEASONS. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THE STEFAN THAT SAID: “We choose our own path, our values and our actions, they define who we are" (yes it’s my favorite Stefan quote, I’ve got it memorized). WHAT ARE THE WRITERS DOING TO MY FAVORITE CHARACTER ON THIS SHITTY SHOW? Oh yeah, they’re just using him as nothing but a way to prop Dullena. AGAIN. I’m livid.
  • Liv and her brother are too useless to get to ‘kill’ Stefan and/or Elena.
  • And I’m supposed to care about this random Traveler…why?
  • Why don’t you do us all a favor and start dating Elena again?“ Even Matt is here to prop Dullena…This is getting beyond ridiculous.
  • Aren’t we all a little sick of Tyler“ I’m sick of YOU Damon, but unfortunately, we don’t always get what we want. I my case: Never with Julie Plec and Caroline Dries.
  • The Travelers want to restore balance and undo all kinds of magic. Safe to say they’re gonna fail, because then there would be now show. But hey, Plec and Dries think this shit is suspensful…
  • Bonnie told Caroline that there’s no spell that can bring her back…I can’t with this storyline.
  • Damon getting thrown around is the only highlight of the episode so far.
  • Mini flashback to Stefan being killed by his own dad…Remember how amazing the show was back then? Those were the good old days. We miss you Kevin Williamson!
  • Enough of this Dullena nonsense.
  • And of course Stefan had to witness it. If I were him, I’d rather be dead too.
  • Oh wait…Stefan is actually dead. Just as if we hadn’t called it weeks ago. 

And that’s it.

I feel like I should talk more about Stefan’s death, considering he’s my favorite character on this shitty show, but I don’t know what to say, really. He had one of the most pointless and random deaths in the history of the show. That’s how you say (even if temporary) goodbye to the FUCKING HERO OF YOUR FUCKING SHOW TVD WRITERS? Just screw you. Stefan deserved better…like dying for Elena, or for his jackass brother, but like this, at the hands of a random Traveler who I don’t give a fuck about? This is so cheap. But hey, we’re "the other fandom” so I guess that’s what we’re meant to get: bullshit.

Candice and Kat were the only ones bringing justice to Stefan’s death. Their performances were A+. But other than that? Stefan died in the penultimate episode of the season (lol)… Who knew when TVD started that his death would do nothing to me? It was predictable, pointless. And here I am, wishing it were definitive, so that I could put the show behind me. But nope, what is Stefan’s death gonna do to the story? IT IS GONNA BE USED AS A PROP FOR DAMON, TO MAKE HIM LOOK SELFLESS (my ass) BY SACRIFICING HIMSELF FOR HIS BROTHER. (well guess what, too fucking late for that).

That’s what Stefan’s death is gonna be about. Not about Stefan, not about the reactions of the ones who still care about him, but about Julie’s precious Eyeballs McGee. I’m livid. AGAIN.


Okay so I recorded myself watching TVD, I don’t know why.

Yeah and I also don’t know why I chose to have Fergie randomly sing in the beginning.

I forgot I was recording probably like right after the opening TBH. This is all real. And I have about 30 minutes of footage of me just on the computer typing because I forgot I was recording.

I dedicate this to wifey @stilettobandit and also my tumblr bestie @bamoninloveforeverandalways 

Oh and ignore the ugliness I don’t always look like that (yes I do)

"Now that Damon’s finally back, he won’t waste another second being without Elena."

After six seasons, Damon still hasn’t learned to respect Elena’s decisions. His character development is so touching.

anonymous asked:

You know what i find annoying? The delenas said " why isn't stefan letting elena be happy with damon, let her go" now that he did that, they are "wow stefan loves her so much, leaving her, what an ass" i just.. I mean what?

I just laugh at them tbh. Stefan walking away because he has self respect > Damon snapping Elena’s brothers neck like it’s nothing then walking away and leaving her there to cry alone over her dead brothers body. Yup, I think I know which one is worse. Anything he ever does will be wrong, I just ignore them tbh.

All i want out of S6 of TVD is.

  • for Jeremy and Matt to have a damn purpose. All last season these 2 were just props for death thanks to Damon’s ass, it made no sense. 
  • I was never the biggest Tyler fan, but i’ve grown to like him. I heard he’s going to be getting more friendly with Elena and that spells danger for me so who the hell knows how that’s going to work.
  • I want Stefan to have happiness.
  • I want Bonnie to have her throne bowed at, seriously this girl never gets the credit she deserves and is the baddest bitch in this whole show so she deserves the world.
  • I want Elena to get her shit together. She’s been on cloud stupid as hell with Damon and needs to snap out of it, he’s turned her into the female version of him and it ain’t cute. She’s been a selfish bitch these past 2 seasons and i’m tired of it. She doesn’t need a man right now, what she needs is to be by herself and find out who the hell she is because its obvious she don’t know.
  • Elena Gilbert left the building in 4x07, and hasn’t been seen since.
  • I want Stefan to have happiness.
  • I want Caroline to stay the same sunshine pep/badass woman she’s been. She’s came so far and doesn’t need to regress into the insecure girl we saw S1. She’s a queen, and needs to remain one.
  • Say no to Steroline.(romantically)
  • I wish they’d kept Damon’s ass dead, but since we all know that’s not gonna happen can he just not be an asshole anymore. Seriously he needs to grow up all these characters have had some character development but he’s been the same piece of shit since S1. If we need to tolerate him, try making me tolerable at least.
  • I don’t know why the hell they brought Alaric back, i’m not here for him and they should’ve kept him on the other side.
  • Enzo can go die too.
  • Say no to Delena. Romantically and Platonically, basically just keep these two dumbasses away from each other. We’ve endured enough watching them and i’m sick of it. They’re not epic, they’re not amusing, they’re just annoyingly abusive okay? Okay.
  • I WANT STEFAN TO HAVE FUCKING HAPPINESS! He’s been through so much shit, we had to watch him get his heart fucking ripped out of his chest and then get tossed to the side the next episode like that didn’t happen, we had to watch him get tossed into a box for three months without anyone knowing or caring, he got his memory taken, got drained of his blood, and has had to watch the woman he loves more than life itself be with his own goddamn brother so the only thing i want him to do is throw his deuces up and forget everyone in this town for a little and focus on him and be happy. Stefan has done everything for these people, he’s so selfless and has a heart of gold yes he has his flaws but that’s what makes him who he is. I just want my baby happy.
  • If Bamon happens, it happens i think Bonnie would get Damon in check and not take his shit which is a good thing so i’m here for it even though imo no one is good enough for Bonnie especially Damon Salvatore.
  • I will always have hope for my babies, my ultimate OTP Stelena. They’re not ready to reunite yet, its not time there’s still a lot left to be done and repaired between them but i’m patient and will wait. They’re the basis of this show so i have no doubt it will evolve back to them but for now i’m good with friendship. I have never shipped anyone on this show harder than i ship these two, their story is FAR from over and if you think it is you haven’t been paying attention.

Basically i just want this show to IMPROVE. Lets go back to why we fell in love with show because at this point i just want to be done with it all but Stefan, Bonnie, and Caroline won’t let me quit. I have low expectations right now so we’ll see what happens i guess.

That’s funny… I have a special Bamon twitter account where I tweet and RT about TVD, Bamon,… most of the time I use this account for trends, I tweeted the Bamon petition,… And today I noticed the DE fanboy (aka Joshua Butler) blocked me. That’s funny, because I never insulted him or anything. I guess he must really hate Bamon…