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I really wanna give a big hand to all the trans performers around the world, especially the young, inexperienced, up and coming, and sometimes closeted trans performers out there.

The trans actors who get miscast and try their best to be comfortable with roles that make them dysphoric

The trans singers who have incredible voices but they just aren’t in the right range to make them feel proud

The trans dancers who feel disrespected by the roles given in their choreography (especially partner dancing or sexualized choreography)

Just the trans performers who, whether out or not, really do have to adhere to strict gender roles to be respected when they perform to make sure they get the parts they deserve. Those who feel like there is no real place for them in the art world, and who still have to face the same struggle cis performers and artists do on top of that.

You are all incredibly talented and the hands you get dealt by those who don’t respect you do not at all reflect your abilities or talents. You will get to where you want to be soon and you will flourish and prosper as the best you possible. You are astonishing and deserve the world.

Sometimes I think about the mental gymnastic antis have to do in times like these like:

  • Argument 1: Harry doesn’t know what bees mean. It’s Gucci, who cares.
  • Argument 1.A: But honestly, who cares, because Louis has a kid and Eleanor and he’s in LA so!!!!!!!
  • Argument 1.B: LMAO Harry probably DOES know what the bees mean, and he’s making fun of larries for thinking it has anything to do with Louis, even though they both violently hate when larries think things mean something, but Harry’s SO smart and SO above the larries that he makes them think things mean something even when they don’t!
  • Argument 1.C: Harry hates Louis. These Gucci shoes are a demonstration of their class differences, both economically and culturally. 
  • Argument 1.D: But in the end, I really do think they’re friends, but they can’t show it publicly ever because larries ruined that. 

Antis at the end of processing a single event: 

Crossover Rant

It’s a pity that a really good crossover episode was used to shove into people’s throats the BS that is km y wa…

Well at least we have a really good song and the awesome performance of Darren Criss to compensate.

Now back to avoid those shows like the plague until real plot is back.

Angsty Black Girl Essay #3: Why is my Anger Not Valid?

I’ve been meaning to write this essay for a while now. I’d like to preface this by saying that I used to work at a racially diverse call center for a major retail company. I’d like to say that the Black and Hispanic population equaled if not outnumbered all the white employees there. Though everywhere you go as a black woman, you will experience microagressions, they were not as prevalent there. I definitely feel that I was unfairly targeted a few times by white management who were shook by my styles they couldn’t wear or because I laughed too loud–and we all know everyone thinks Black girls are just inherently louder than everyone else which is bullshit if you’ve ever been around drunk ass white people–but again, nowhere near the level of microagressions I am now experiencing at a predominately white call center.

Due to the nature of my work, I sometimes get frustrated with the people on the other end. It involves car insurance, so of course people will get heated. There are people here who are notorious for banging tables, slamming phones or just getting an exaggerated attitude with the customers. There’s a white woman who does it, an Asian woman and a white man. And me. But guess who constantly gets singled out whenever a call gets out of control? Me. When my team coach tried to explain that I shouldn’t get mad, I asked, “Is it because I’m black?” Then I checked him and let him know that the Asian girl on our team does the same thing, but he never calls her out for it. Granted, she is not on his direct team, but I already know why he only addresses me whenever this happens. 

Black women are automatically expected to have a furious attitude over everything, and when we get rightly pissed off about things, instead of indulging our anger, a natural human emotion that everyone has, we get told to stifle it. God forbid a black woman get pissed off about anything! We’re supposed to just smile through the bullshit, which doesn’t make any fucking sense because it’s not like anyone is trying to help us or coddle us the way they coddle white women. I have to go through life on my own because this white supremacist society has fucked me over time and time again but you still expect me to never get angry about anything? 

I already know why this is, though. White people are unflappably great at projecting all the savage shit they do onto minorities, but especially Black people. Case in point: angry white people are never viewed as a threat. Chef Gordon Ramsey yells at fucking everyone for making tiny mistakes. Fuck, that’s basically the reason people watch! No one says he has an attitude or is creating a hostile work environment for his fledgling chefs. Simon Cowell was the biggest bitch on American Idol and no one called him angry or said that he had an attitude for always insulting the ones who couldn’t sing. Bill O’Reilly’s fuck ass is always angry about some shit, cutting people off on his shows or hulking out over not being able to read a damn teleprompter, but no one will say he has an attitude! And these men are privileged, cis-het assholes. Why the hell are they pissed? But that’s just the men.

Angry white women are always viewed as radical, even the middle aged Beckys who get mad at retail employees for not accepting their years old returns or because Apple Care said one thing but then another thing happened. People listen to what they have to say because white women are always viewed as more important and delicate and therefore precious. Many movies have proven this to me. Case in point, there was this really 90s movie called Election that had Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick in it. In the movie, Reese Witherspoon is a power-hungry, manipulative overachieving bitch who is running against the queer younger sister of her more popular opponent played by Chris Klein. She ran against her brother as payback because her ex-girlfriend began dating Klein’s character for the evulz. Her name is Tammy Metzler. Tammy is a bratty, whiny asshole. I understand her angst, though. I mean, come on, a queer, adopted teenager living in bumfuck Nebraska whose brother just unknowingly snatched up your ex? Not to mention, the entire school knows about her sexuality and disapproves. She eventually takes her 90s girl power angsty ass to the stage and reads the school election for what it really is: a bunch of bullshit. And that’s fucking great! I love this scene so much because it tips the nature of elections on its head in a high school setting. Everyone cheers. They love her because they also know it’s bullshit. But would they love her if she were a Black queer woman saying the same shit? 

And it of course continues. Watching Clueless, I hated how they made Dionne the haughty one with the attitude. You were definitely meant to love Cher more, which I did when I was a kid. Save the Last Dance had another example, with Julia Stiles playing the wide-eyed, relatable fish out of water and her best friend, played by a young Olivia Pope, is the bitter, angry Black girl who got knocked up young and is now pissed that her milky white friend is dating an eligible black bachelor. Let’s not even get into the cartoonish portrayals of angry, fat Black women used for “comedy” in these shitty, hack-written mainstream flicks. Repeat until infinity.

I find it also funny too, because Black girl attitudes always manage to get appropriated in some way. Everyone hates black women when they get a bit pissed but don’t mind watching trash reality television where they are front and center yelling at people. Black men fetishize these same unacceptable attitudes from Black women whenever they’re in a non-Black body. I have heard my brother say countless times about the whole Sandra Bland situation that everything would have been okay if she hadn’t gotten an attitude. And don’t even fucking get me started on that fucking cash me bitch. Her fake attitude gets her in a Kodak Black music video where she can now get even more exposure. What does my Black ass get when I rightfully get pissed about how shitty I’ve been treated my whole life? Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

I know that just whining about it in essay form will do little to change the sad reality that anger is somehow always devalued when its coming from the rightful source. What the fuck are white cis-het men so pissed about? They have everything but for some reason, are allowed to be angry about their favorite sports team losing. Their violence is justified, even when it is completely nonsensical. I mean come on, how does “I’m rioting because a child molester who was also the coach of my favorite football team is now going to jail” sound? White women, who overwhelmingly voted for that guy, can march in droves yet when their own hypocrisy is called out from Black women and other POC, they will be quick to invalidate our feelings and tell us that we need to stand together and stop being so “divisive.” Meanwhile, two queer Black women organized Black Lives Matter and it is always labeled a terrorist group. Good fucking bye. 


Stelena Dances > Delena Dances [Because I’m Petty]

Not my gifs.

I was going to go into a detailed explanation of why I think they’re better but then I thought if SErs or Non-DErs are interested, they should post their thoughts ;)