anti dancing

It is done and I am so happy with it!  

So, you all remember Jack’s Worms video with Robin? I had that up for background noise and tuned back in when Jack made that comment of Anti dancing.  I immediately thought it would be great to actually see that.  So, originally, I was going to do a drawing, but then I realized a drawing wouldn’t work.  So, I got ambitious and decided to do an animation.  Unfortunately, I’ve never made an animation before.  So, I shot a reference video of me dancing to draw over (this will be posted later).  After that, I agonized for days to make a short 3 second animation.  Yay.  It was fun, tho.  

I tried to do put more detail into this, but it just did not look right.  So, I stuck with a simple outline with no details in the face.  I tend to like simplicity over complexity anyways.

Yeah, very peaceful years indeed.

You know what I’d really like to see? After taking the Iron Throne Jon’s first act is to call for the death of Gregor Clegane for his crimes against house Martell and the realm. and Jon performs the execution himself with Longclaw, because the man who passes the sentence should be the one to swing the sword. I want to see him do more than his “father” ever cared to in the name of the innocents that were slaughtered because of Rhaegar’s actions. I want him to acknowledge that although he is biologically Rhaegar’s son, he holds no approval of his fathers acts that caused the death of so many innocents. I want acknowledgement for Elia Martell and her children who are the half siblings that Jon never got to have any bond with like Starks. I want justice for Oberyn, the only man to ever look the Mountain and Tywin in the eyes and demand them to say the name of the woman who they forced to watch her children die and then was raped before being killed herself. I want so much better for the memory of Elia than to have people just dismiss her as a sad bland character that only serves to add dimension to Rhaegar’s “great complexity” or to have died to help seal “the song of ice and fire”. She was a person. She was killed. She will not be forgotten.

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How diffrent is show Davos from book Davos ?

I have been sitting on this one for a while. Pardon the wait, anon? This deserved more than a few lines.

Initially, not so much. Davos was one of the better-adapted characters right through season four, with many of his scenes capturing the spirit of the character even as the plot showed signs of broader misinterpretation in adaptation. What few problems I had were, for the most part, directly caused by the poor understanding of Stannis’ character.

And then, in season five, show!Davos started to go off the rails.

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Because I’m tired of seeing this constant stupid ass idea that turning literally anything gay somehow improves or makes it better

it doesn’t
turning someone gay for no damn reason
doesn’t make them interesting
doesn’t make them a better person or character or make them more attractive
making a blatantly straight character want cock shoved up their asses doesn’t make them a better character

it just makes them fucking gay
Imagine if straight people took this attitude towards gay characters. Everyone would be all over their asses
but noooooooo
you can’t argue with gay people can you? You homophobe! Disagreeing with someone who’s gay means you hate gay people!

Gee can’t wait for the turning Michael myers gay
spongebob gay
everyone must be gay otherwise why do they exist then??
Ikindawanna image a universe where the tumblrshits get their wish: EVERYONE is gay. What then? How the fuck you gonna have kids if, by your own logic, all the men want cock in their asses and the dykes, I mean lesbians just wanna scissor all day. Didn’t think this one through did you tumblrettes

Let’s be honest
if Pennywise had a sexuality, and he probably doesn’t, he’s either a demon alien or satan, or just doesn’t give a shit. Why would he??? he’s a monster clown that eats children.
it would probably be straight or asexual
no matter how much u tumblr fucks tell me it isn’t so

not every man wants dick in them and not every female is a lesbian
99.9% of the world is straight
something like 1.0% is gay
So it’s blatantly obvious every movie character is straight or asexual BY DEFAULT
until proven otherwise by the show ITSELF.

Good fricking lord

And because
honestly don’t know why I bother f*cking saying this anymore because no one reads it
I’m not posting this because its about gay
I would have this same reaction if the trend was ‘lets turn ____ into a ____, it improves them!’ in relation to race or some other stupid shit I’d have the same reaction

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