Is nobody ever gonna talk about the fact that they're all in this mess because Damon manned up and went back into the tomb to save everybody last season and then Sybil infiltrated his mind and made him turn off his humanity

You people spend time bitching about damons choices and the fact that he kills people but let’s not forget ur faves stefan, Caroline, matt, etc. have killed people too.
Stefan was literally the ripper?
Caroline went on that bender when she murdered her mother???
Matt killed vampires (cause he’s a bitter bitch that shouldn’t have lasted as many seasons as he has and has been irrelevant since rebekah left)
Nobody’s perfect yet Damon is the devil?
Hmmm… doesn’t make much sense?💁🏽💁🏽

okay but this bothers me. nina dobrev played tvd’s main character, yes. and she was a huge part of the series every single episode. she played 4 different characters. but then she LEFT. and although she was the main character, i’m pretty sure we all grew tired of her being the center of attention ALL THE TIME, not to mention her whining, so we were excited to see new and exciting storylines for our favourite characters (cough bonnie bennet and stefan salvatore cough) well bitch we thought! they can’t go a single episode without throwing around unnecessary E bombs even tho she’s in a freaking coffin, every storyline STILL revolves around her and their vomit inducing love story and damon falling for her AGAIN for the billionth time because this 170+ year old man can’t have a life outside of this teenage girl who isn’t even on the show anymore. WTF, LITERALLY WTF

I’m sorry but
  • Damon Salvatore is a grown ass man.
  • Damon Salvatore throws tantrums.
  • Damon Salvatore is a grown ass man who throws tantrums.
  • Damon Salvatore is a grown ass man who throws MURDEROUS tantrums.
  • Damon Salvatore is a grown ass man who throws MURDEROUS tantrums and doesn’t feel like he’s responsible. 
  • Damon Salvatore is a grown ass man who throws MURDEROUS tantrums and always feels someone “MADE HIM DO IT” 
  • Damon Salvatore is a grown ass man who throws MURDEROUS tantrums because people made him feel some type of way that resulted in him murdering … and that’s on them. Not him.

I am sick and tired of the idea that people around Damon should BEHAVE a certain way to NOT to set him off. Like, how is this acceptable behaviour of anyone let alone one of his goddamn age? Man-child. Toddler. Fucking infant. 

Just re-watched 3x01 and I just don’t understand. We have the scene where Damon screams at Elena, telling her to stop looking for Stefan, stop hoping he’ll come back, etc etc, and we see her tear up and touch the necklace. Then later on, there’s that beautiful phone call scene between Stefan and Elena.

What I don’t understand is how we are meant to believe that this is the same night where Elena fell in love with Damon. There is absolutely nothing to suggest it. Nothing at all. She was furious with him in that episode when she found out that he had been tracking Stefan without her. #plotholes

Go ahead and continue to re-write Stelena, Julie. Make them out to be platonic, destroy their epic love, pretend it never existed. Your earlier seasons and earlier writing will always suggest otherwise. You will never be able to re-write their love story, not in my eyes, and hopefully not in any true fan of the show’s eyes either.

I am fucking sick of everyone blaming Stefan for the bad things Damon has done. Stefan made Damon turn but that doesn’t mean he turned him into a homicidal maniac! Elena, Caroline, Tyler, Anna, Lexi… So many characters have turned and none of them act the way Damon does. What Damon does is on him, there is no one else to blame but him! And I’m sick of Stefan trying to save Damon because he feels guilty! It’s not Stefan’s fault Damon is destined for hell, it’s not Stefan’s fault Damon is a narcissistic monster, it’s Damon’s fault! Stefan should not be feeling guilty for Damon’s wrongs. And I’m also sick of Delena stans also blaming Stefan, because if you apply logic, without Damon turning into a vampire, he wouldn’t have met Elena and Delena wouldn’t exist.

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Is there someone out there that hates delena as much as i do; but loves klaroline as much as i do? And doesn’t compare these ships like if they were the same type of garbage?

Because FYI

Here is “klaus” after Caroline rejected as a person and once again, choose tyler over him:

The one who was most villainous villain of the show ,up to that point, spared the man that tried to take his life because he was tired of being klaus’s hybrid even tho that just meant that klaus would have too keep him alive because hybrids were precious and there wasn’t enough of Elena’s blood to make more. He spared the man that gloated in his misery, after the people(Caroline’s friends) that lured his brother into a trap to permanently kill him,left him laying there, before his eyes. Not to mention that Tyler made it his life mission to kill klaus,turning his hybrids against him, after and before Klaus’s doing of revenge(yeah i do mean the hybrid slaughter and g-bye mommy tyler drama). And yet he spared him and let him live and it was “all for” and because of Caroline. Let’s not forget how she also even tried to kill him and was the one that gave Tyler the idea on how to put him down. And yet he spared for her and only her. The guy tries to kill her but he cant! This cold hearted vampire tries to kill her ;but he cant. He couldn’t. Instead he saves her life from his werewolf poison. And lets her and her friends live because of her! All for her! He had the chance to kill him without Caroline finding out but he let him live instead to keep his word!

And then we have “Damon”, after a small breakup with a “fake” Elena:(a person who wasn’t even Elena):

Do you know you know who that was? Oh, Ha-ha, well let me introduce…That was none and only Aoron whitmore

Elena’s good friend:

And precious Cinnamon roll!:

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Whose only intent to shoot Damon, and doing me a favor, was because of this:

And because of suffering this:

while not knowing why until damon revealed it to him

And let’s not forget how these type of things(that Damon did): 

still happened even after and while Elena was with still with Damon?:

So what happened to Elena being Damon’s light? Lol nvm that was all bs lol

And you know what the real Elena did after knowing what Damon did to Aaron who was no longer trying to kill him and just wanted to live a normal life?:

I wonder what her friend would say about this, oh nvm.. forget it… he doesn’t mind… after all HE’S ALREADY DEAD!:

Caroline NEVER accepted klaus with his evil doings. She was only honest about her feelings for klaus because he promised her that she wasnt ever going to see him again! He didnt want to be selfish! He didnt want Caroline to be with him or force her to be with him! All he ever wanted was her honesty(and to see the world with her however this time all he wanted was honesty)! And thats what she gave him! And the only reason why she did was because she wasn’t going to see him around anymore:

But Caroline before never once accepted becoming his traveling lover unlike how Elena immediately became Damon’s lover the moment she found out she had feelings for him. Caroline didn’t want to be with Klaus because she hated the darkest parts that cared for him. And although at some point she wished for his redemption: 

She faced him about his lies and tried to guilt trip him into fully giving in to the light. And that is by doing it without any babying or trying to look for someone else to blame for his wrongdoings unlike eherm elena did with damon:

“SHOW ME your compassion. SHOW me that mercy that i would show you.”-she said to him

And apparently, by the tears in his eyes, Caroline’s words seemed to be enough to affect him. But It didnt matter how much she broke his bad because she wanted and only cared about was his good. She only care about this good:

And when he did give into light or did something good it always made her smile:

He knows his place but he will wait… and i wait for his redemption and the moment where a pure klaus can be with caroline:

However long it takes.

That’s the klaroline that exists that i ship. 

Not an evil klaus with a non existent caroline that immediately forgives him for all his wrongdoings and babies him trying to blame someone else for something he did. That’s not klaroline. Thats delena! So please stop comparing these ships! THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!