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Things that the Harry Potter films left out about Snape
  • Called Lily a mudblood, then tried to cover himself by saying that she alone was different from other muggleborns
  • Didn’t see a problem with his friends performing Dark Magic on Mary MacDonald, compared it to the Marauders pranks
  • Dropped a tree branch on Petunia
  • Attacked Remus in PoA whilst he was trying to explain things and literally said the words ‘I’ll drag the werewolf. Perhaps the Dementors will have a kiss for him too’
  • Continued to refuse to listen to Sirius’s explanation even though he was being compliant and had only once tried to fight back, without magic, after Snape attacked Remus
  • After he found out he wasn’t actually going to get an Order of Merlin, or have the satisfaction of seeing two innocent men in jail, he exposed Remus as a werewolf
  • Ripped a photo of James and Lily and Harry being happy and in love and a family in half and stole the half with Lily on it
  • Actively tried to get the Marauders expelled from Hogwarts
  • Dumbledore was 'disgusted’ by his attitude towards James and Harry 
  • Harry distrusted Snape that much he literally thought he was trying to poison Remus
  • Abused his position as Head of House to unfairly reward points to Slytherin and take points from other houses, especially Gryffindor, far beyond the extent it was shown in the movies
  • Told Neville he would feed Trevor Neville’s failed potion so the possibly fatal results would teach him a lesson
  • Mocked Tonks when her Patronus changed, despite the fact his also changed to match Lily’s
  • Insulted Hermione’s appearance and told her he didn’t see any difference after Draco cursed her teeth to grow and then watched as she ran out crying
Next Anti Appearance?

There’s been a lot of question as to whether or not Anti will be showing up in October this year. Now personally, I’d like to think he’s not going to show himself and here are the reasons why:

Firstly, Jack’s going to be going on tour, so I don’t see how he’d have the time to create any Anti stuff. Secondly, I recently saw him respond to a post about whether or not we’d see Anti in October and he seemed really unsure, plus it seemed to him that it’d still be a bit too early to bring Anti back (which I have to agree with him). Also, I know October’s the spooky month and all, but if we always expect Anti to show up on Halloween, where’s the surprise in that? Anti’s all about being unpredictable. He showed up at PAX, no one expected that. He showed up in the middle of SUMMER - such an odd time for him to show up!

Personally, I’d like to think he’ll show up either in November or December. Could you imagine? We’ll go through October, all on edge expecting him to show up, but not once does he make an appear. So we let our guard down by the end of October. And then come November, Anti hints start showing up and suddenly it’s part 2 of the Antipocalypse, and it leads up to December. But what would really mess us up is if come the week of Christmas, suddenly everything stopped. No hints, no zalgo text, no images, no suspicious videos titles. It all just stops and goes quiet for DAYS.

Now I got a REALLY twisted idea the other morning. Bear with me here and just imagine this:

If Anti is going to go after Chase (which I honestly think he is), and if he did show up around Christmas, imagine this:

You get up Christmas morning and have a great lovely morning with the family, opening gifts and what have you. You know, having a happy fun-filled Christmas morning :) And after everything’s calmed down, you go online and find out Jack’s posted some sort of Christmas video.

It’s a video of Chase and he’s going to FINALLY get to see his kids (because it’s Christmas! Why the hell not?!) It’s all happy fun times….until things begin to go awry and Anti comes in to fuck things up. What would happen, I don’t know. I don’t know if he’d corrupt Chase, torture him, kill him. Either way, I got this sick idea that he’d kill our “favorite boy” and that would be like his Christmas present to us all. Could you fucking imagine?! Do you know how fucking twisted and sadistic that’d be - for him to kill our precious cinnamon roll (ON CHRISTMAS DAY, WHEN HE WAS GOING TO SEE HIS KIDS!!!) - and we can’t do fuck all, and he does it as some twisted gift idea for us all?! It’d be worse if Anti made Chase’s kids watch too! It’d be so messed up!

We would be scarred for days, weeks, MONTHS! We would NEVER forgive Jack for doing something like that - we’d probably temporarily hate him for a day or two. But the scary thing is just how easily I could imagine something like this happening. For crying out loud, Jack loves horror and he knows how much we love Chase, plus Anti’s know for being unpredictable. You put all of that together and the possibilities are endless (and frightening).

Could you guys imagine?

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can yall just admit u hate nathan because hes a white dude? like him and chloe are virtually the same characters, heres a checklist of traits they share:

canonically have been abused ✔️

canonically are mentally ill ✔️

canonically in a timeline has shot and killed someone ✔️

the differences between the two are that nathan is a dude that comes from an upper class family where as chloe is a girl from a lower class family with a sprinkle of uwu lesbian uwu on top. but like besides that these are identical characters based on what we know to be absolute fact. so can yall who hate nathan just admit that yall hate him because hes a well off white dude and move on?

adults on this hell site saying “i enjoy this character including all his flaws” really can not be ur biggest problem. if it is i sincerely wish to trade places with you

  • Heavydirtysoul: "this is not rap" ARE YOU SURE TYLER?! ARE YOU REALLY SURE?! + street poetry lyrics I'm crying
  • Stressed out: insecurity + anti-capitalist vibes
  • Ride: reggae-techno-emo-rap
  • Fairly local: that one high note. You know what I'm talking about.
  • Tear in my heart: the cutesy love song we all need TBH
  • Lane boy: remember when you thought the ode to sleep rap was hard? AHAHAHAHAHA
  • The judge: weird ass noise in the beginning + ukulele + freeeeEEEEEEEE
  • Doubt: k but the beginning part sound like cats meowing really fast
  • Polarize: low key makes it feel like you're in a rap video
  • We don't believe what on tv: JOSHHHHHHHHH + YEYEYE
  • Message man: chill af + dat bassline tho
  • Hometown: supercool alt-rock vibes
  • Not today: "this ones a contradiction because of how happy it sounds" LIKE ALL YOUR FUCKIN MUSIC?!?! THIS IS WHY IM SO EMOTIONALLY CONFUSED
  • Goner: I'm crying AGAIN + the tiNY BEAN IS SCREAMING AGAIN

So we all know that Itachi took Naruto aside in the forest right before he fought Sasuke to make him promise to save him. But here’s something that really needs to be emphasized, especially to the sasusaku fandom: Itachi chose Naruto. He’d been observing Sasuke along with Kisame ever since part one before being discovered by Kakashi, and most likely even before that. He knew which team Sasuke was on, where he went, what kind of training and missions he went on, and who he was close to. Itachi knew that in Sasuke’s heart, Naruto was the one most precious to him thanks to both his observations and his familiarity with Sasuke’s internal workings. In other words, Itachi knew Sasuke better than anyone. So he went to Naruto, not Sakura or Kakashi or anyone else, because he knew that if anyone could get to his broken, revenge-obsessed brother it would be Naruto.

Itachi was one of the smartest, most cunning characters of the manga. His every move, every word that he spoke served a greater purpose, and in this case, it was for Sasuke’s well-being and to correct his past mistake of implanting hatred in him. He even tested his theory under the pretense of taking Naruto because he wanted the kyuubi, knowing Sasuke would immediately hunt him down to save Naruto. His plan served a dual purpose, as he also wanted to test Sasuke’s abilities and gauge how his skills had improved over the years; all of this part of his plan to be killed by him as a form of justice for the Uchiha clan.

Itachi never cared for anyone as he did for his little brother. Thus, we are able to understand that if Itachi had come to the conclusion that there was someone more qualified to lift Sasuke from the darkness than Naruto, he would have no doubt opted to have the discussion in the forest with them. Since he didn’t, it is very clear that Itachi could not find someone that represented so much sentimental value to Sasuke or possessed the kind of connection with him that would suffice to bring him back to the light.

It was Naruto whom he entrusted Sasuke to; Naruto who he saw as the only person fit for both saving and bringing joy back into his beloved brother’s life. He never saw Sakura as someone with that kind of influence over Sasuke. She, as far as I or anyone else knows, was never relevant in Itachi’s eyes.

Only Naruto.

Glitched: Part 10 - Always Watching

Author’s Note: Holy hell, was this insane to write X_X

A few things. Firstly, I apologize for how long it took for this to come out. I was incredibly anxious about school, plus I was just overly struggling with writing this chapter. I had a general idea of what I wanted to happen, but I didn’t really know how to get it down into words.

Secondly, this came out as about 18 pages long in Word so I apologize for how ridiculously long this is! I didn’t think it was going to come out so damn long!

And thirdly, this chapter is heavy on the angst. There’s a little bit of horror – of course – but this chapter is mainly angst-ridden so prepare for a LOT of feels! For Christ’s sake, I CRIED while writing this, so that should be saying something.

WARNING: This chapter is very heavy and is incredibly dark. There are mentions of suicide, abuse (both physical and mental), bullying (mainly cyberbullying), existential crisis, self-mutilation, and incredibly low self-esteem. There are mentions of a character getting lobotomized. There is a scene with a detailed description of the inside of a character’s back, which contains abnormal anatomy.

I will say this and I will say this one: This is NOT a happy fun time chapter! (I know, the story as a whole isn’t happy, but this chapter is VERY heavy on the angst as opposed to the other chapters) There ARE feels.

You have been warned.


(I am SO sorry. I feel so bad for writing this! ;^;)

Listen to this playlist while reading.

Wheezing breaths of agony echoed throughout the room as he operated. Warm sticky crimson spurted onto his naked lanky fingers – the very fingers of which were maneuvering the stainless steel instrument through his patient’s skull. A pained gasp expelled from the man upon the bloodied table.

“Oh be quiet.” The glitching entity hissed with agitation. “Stop your whining.” He scoffed. “You act as though you’ve never felt pain before.” A delighted giggle came ringing out of the creature’s slit throat. “Almost like you’re afraid of dying.”

A quivering whimper could faintly be heard coming from his patient as he fiddled with the orbitoclast. The green-haired demon smirked from behind his surgical mask.

“I must say, Herr Doktor,” He said in a horrible German accent, mocking the man, “you should be proud of me. I’m no doctor, but I seem to be doing an impeccable job here, if I do say so myself.” He bragged, his smirk stretching into a twisted smile.

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Killing Stalking: Portraying Abuse is not Glorifying Abuse

NOTE: If you don’t like Killing Stalking, that is absolutely fine. This post is not to tell people that they are wrong, or that their opinions are wrong. I am simply throwing my own thoughts into the ring as I’ve been mulling it over for a while. Don’t like the manga? You are well within your right to do so and I respect your opinion.

Anti Claim: Killing Stalking glorifies abuse.

I’m going to go all King Onion on your asses and pull up the definition of glorify.

Let’s ignore the first definition here as that does not really apply to what we’re talking about here. Let’s examine the second one: describe or present as admirable, especially unjustifiably.

Killing Stalking is very fresh in my mind, having binge read it all this week, and nowhere-and I mean nowhere-do I recall ever reading Sangwoo’s abuse or Yoon Bum’s stalking ever being glorified by anyone or anything.

Not even Yoon Bum, who was infatuated with Sangwoo to the point of breaking into his house and stalking him, ever sat down and went, “Isn’t it amazing how Sangwoo beats me around the house like a dog? Isn’t he awesome? I just love it so much! He’s such a great guy, everyone should totally look up to him and follow by his example!” 

No. Most of the time he’s terrified. He tries to poison Sangwoo; he attempts to escape multiple times; he is constantly afraid of the possibility of what could be done to him next; he is mortified by Sangwoo’s body count; he outright REJECTS Sangwoo’s advances in chapter 27; he spends most of the manga scared shitless.

Nor does any other character in the manga look at Yoon Bum and think, “God, isn’t it admirable how persistent he is in chasing that Sangwoo fellow? You know what they say, determination equals success! So what if he broke into the house, how else is he supposed to get what he wants?”

No. Nearly every character who encounters Yoon Bum finds him strange. He makes them uncomfortable because of how he acts. The girl who befriended him in school, for example, didn’t think he was cute or endearing for how he treated her, she ignored him and eventually lashed out at him. 

But wait! Yoon Bum constantly seeks out intimacy with Sangwoo, doesn’t that mean he doesn’t care about the abuse?

One of the major themes in Killing Stalking is Stockholm Syndrome. Yoon Bum already has a great deal of unhinged emotions for Sangwoo before he is even captured and a lot of his behaviour could be linked to that. I do not believe for a second that Yoon Bum is of sound mind and I do believe that a lot of his actions are related to that and his ever growing case of Stockholm Syndrome, coupled with the twisted obsession he already had before his capture. But, despite this, he still does not glorify the abuse either.

For example, in chapter eight, he uses sexuality as a means of hopefully distracting Sangwoo from the question of whether to torture him with a knife or a fish hook. It is a tactic. A means of trying to persevere himself because sex is definitely a lesser evil in comparison to torture with a sharp object. Of course, it doesn’t work, and Yoon Bum ends up hanging from the ceiling in a noose while Sangwoo gets sexual gratification from hearing him gasp his name. This situation is not portrayed as enjoyable for the victim, nor is it viewed as such in Yoon Bum’s eyes. Yoon Bum is terrified to the point of begging his captor for help; to let him down; to just stop because he’s in pain and he’s scared and he’s suffocating. Despite having an unhinged obsession with Sangwoo, never does it cloud Yoon Bum’s judgement on the abuse he is receiving. 

His view on Sangwoo, I believe, is a question for another day as that opens up the conversation on Stockholm syndrome and this post is already getting long enough without that.

Portraying abuse is not glorifying abuse!

Killing Stalking is very detailed in the abuse that it portrays, yes. Does that mean it’s glorifying it? No. It is a psychological horror with gory elements throughout. It is advertised as a psychological horror with gory elements throughout. And yet people are still shocked when they read the manga and *le gasp!* the story contains psychological horror with gory elements throughout.

Do all horror narratives glorify abuse now? Do horror movies rated R glorify murder and rape and abuse? No, it is simply part of the story they are telling. (Mind I’m referring to decent horror movies, not torture porn stories and budget B movies).

But wait! The antis might cry! We’ve caught you out then! Is Killing Stalking not torture porn, then?

Uhhhhh, no. On the surface, Killing Stalking is a story about an unhinged serial killer who holds his equally unhinged stalker captive in his home. 

But it is more than that. 

Beyond the unavoidable torture Sangwoo places upon Bum-yes, I say unavoidable, he’s a serial killer for Christ’s sake they weren’t going to be playing Patty Cake this whole time-the complex psychological elements run deep. Bum’s torture, which is growing lesser and lesser as the chapters progress (NOT that that excuses anything that Sangwoo has done up until now, it must be noted) has always been a side plot to the much more intriguing and complex themes of mental illness, morale; and dependency. Especially as the story has moved forward, it is becoming less about Sangwoo throwing Bum about the house and more about what is going on inside their heads.

I think I know what the antis are upset about and they don’t even realise it, and it’s most definitely not Killing Stalking as a piece of media. It is a lot of fans’ reaction to Killing Stalking. People ship Sangwoo and Bum together; make art; and probably write smutty fics for them despite the abuse Bum is put through at Sangwoo’s hands. Some-please note that I am saying SOME here, not all, in fact not even the majority do this-bypass the complex themes and just read it for the torture. Which they are well within their rights to do. But these fans don’t write Killing Stalking, Koogi does. And Koogi has worked as hard as she can to make sure that the abuse is not glorified or justified by any character in the work. She even places trigger warnings on her sensitive chapters. Would someone who wants to make abuse look great do that?

But I have never even seen any of the people who want to read it for the torture say, “Isn’t abuse awesome? Isn’t Sangwoo’s treatment of Bum just swell? Isn’t Bum’s stalking so endearing?” Nor has such thoughts ever been expressed in the manga. Most, if not all, of the Killing Stalking fandom know full well that the character’s behaviour is fucked up. A lot of us aren’t even here for that. We’re here for the psychological elements that make us think and spark debates and posts just like this one.

Koogi’s work, from her art style, to her story, to her determination to continue working for her fans even when she’s in poor health, is what’s admiring. Koogi has produced a thought provoking manga and it is not her that is glorifying the abuse in Killing Stalking. I will not deny the existence of KS fans who probably have glorified the abuse, but Koogi’s work should not be judged due to the reaction of some fans. We are of our own minds, and cannot control the actions of others. 

Killing Stalking is an amazing psychological horror and I can’t wait to see where it goes. It in no way glorifies abuse. At least as far as I can see. Koogi is a genius and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of her work.

I’m up for debating anyone on this, as long as you’re respectful and decent about it. Opening dialogue between both sides of the argument, I think, is really important, and is the only true way of getting different thoughts; opinions; and ideas out there. So please feel free to PM me! ^_^

Okay, I’m done now xP

“Save him, save Jackse- Anti.”

Anti is literally crying out for help here. They can’t coexist peacefully like this, they BOTH need our help. Anti wants our attention so we will keep him around instead of Jack, but only because that seems to be the only option, one or the other. He’s desperately trying to push further, make us scared, eliminate the competition to save himself and cling on.

Maybe there’s a way we can save them both? @therealjacksepticeye

I was in this cab alone listening to “Higher” by Rihanna because Anti had just come out. And I had a little cry and I was just like ‘it’s always going to be this way, at some point with everyone it’s going to be this way.’ But the song kind of ended up turning into a bit of a protective talismans for me. I was like, you know what, I’m always gonna have myself so I have to really nurture this relationship and feel good about hanging out with myself and loving myself.
—  Lorde to Zane Lowe during her Beats 1 interview on Liability
the signs as things Hetero SH fans have said
  • aries: the books are not problematic it's cold a plot
  • taurus: (to McG) please, we need Sizzy not Saphael, stop to fan service, daddy! Sizzy is the real couple 👫💕 Please, daddy, please! Sizzy! 😭👫💞
  • gemini: make me dizzy miss clace
  • cancer: If you replaced "straight" with "gay" wouldn't that sound homophobic? Think before writing crap.
  • leo: not all sizzy fans!
  • libra: Hahahaha wtf Raphael gay? Seriously 😂 😂
  • scorpio: *tags two people and calls them bullies for calling out a bully* Team up on me! I dare you. [Bullying a saphael shipper]'s an opinion, you rocket scientist. You're disrespect. Go play with your toys.
  • sagittarius: Friendship saphael is real three kisses
  • capricorn: (on clizzy) have you read the books? Clary and Izzy are friends, you mundane!
  • aquarius: (after being told the books are problematic) ah ur h*mos now this makes sence
  • pisces: simon as a known heterosexual should be respected
Darkiplier vs Antisepticeye Fight?

So I’m sure by now everyone and their mother that is on this website knows about the Dark vs Anti video that Mark put out on his channel. Initially, I believed they were going to fight by doing stupid shit to win fans over and gain a bigger following, and in turn, more power. Despite that not being the case, I still loved the video like thousands others have.

However, after watching the video, I thought to myself: How would Dark and Anti actually act in a real fight or when faced with a common enemy? As I watched the video, I did take note of a few key traits between the two that stayed somewhat consistent throughout. I’m also taking into account what Mark and Jack have given the community as far as actually canon traits and such.

Let’s start with Anti. Anti is as Jack has stated in the past an entity with many different traits/appearances that he has based off of what his community has created. However, Anti’s attitude was mostly Jack’s doing. He DID take some things from the community (like the bloodlust, crazy intentions, etc.), but most of it was his own interpretation. Now if we take this into a fight, Anti is unarguably insane and cares little for his own well being physically since he is essentially possessing Jack’s body. This and his glitchy/twitchy movements to me would prove to make him a tough/difficult opponent to catch and in turn fight. His weapon of choice is obviously a knife as we saw him holding it on several occasions. As far as power goes, I believe he is an incredibly powerful being, more so than Dark (at least for now.) Anti may not have a lot of physical powers aside from possessing the ability to glitch into electronics/videos, but the fact that he has appeared in more videos than Dark (lately anyway. I acknowledge Dark is older by origin, but Anti has more screen time overall) and is able to possess Jack so often and for seemingly long periods of time, this says to me that he has a lot of power.

Now Dark. Dark is an interesting character because unlike Jack, Mark decided to have more control over what Dark is and how he functions. As Mark has stated (I think on a livestream), Dark is his own being and not like Anti in a sense that Anti possess Jack’s body. Mark and Dark both have their own bodies basically as is shown in the A Date with Markiplier videos. However, what is also shown in those videos is Dark saying, “He can’t keep me away anymore.” (or something along those lines.) This implies that Mark has some control over Dark and his ability to be present in our realm and interact with us. As far as Darks personality and traits go, Mark has also given his perception on these as well. Dark is unstable. Mark states that as put together, “calm” and “collected” Dark acts and looks, he has times where he sort of snaps and his “true nature” is shown as him yelling and trying to break free of his shell. Dark takes a lot of energy to keep himself together and sometimes he slips. What Dark can actually do if that control is lost, no one knows and Mark hasn’t addressed that at this point (to my knowledge.) But, Mark has also stated at some point that Dark is basically everything Mark is against bottled up into one being. Dark is manipulative, selfish, and unstable and if you think about it, these are the main reasons why Dark is the antithesis/opposite of Mark. Dark’s powers are something that is somewhat unknown however. Dark obviously has the ability to manipulate things around him to his own selfish desires including objects. He also seems to have the ability to mess with someone’s mind/vision which is why we see the RGB glitch surrounding his body and the distorted vision that the viewer gets in his presence. But if there is anything else he can so, no one knows. Now as far as weapons go, Mark hasn’t hinted at that either. In a scene from A Date with Markiplier, Dark and Mark seem to be at a loss of what to do and try to get you to shoot the other when you have to choose which one of them to shoot. If you shoot Dark, he “dies” in that scene and you get the vanilla ending. However, there is a tinge of vision glitches at the end which obviously leads you to believe that Dark isn’t dead. Knowing this, we can say that while Dark may be susceptible to regular death, he seems to be immortal. Finally, Dark’s overall power. As old as Dark is, I don’t believe he is more powerful than Anti. They may be very close in power levels, but Dark hasn’t had nearly as much screen attention or time as Anti. I mean, Anti was at PAX for crying out loud. However, like I said above, we don’t know what’s under that cracking shell of Dark’s and how much power he actually has, so who’s to say he couldn’t absolutely annihilate Anti?

In a fight, I would lean towards Anti as things stand now, but there is still a lot we don’t know about Dark so in all honesty, it’s a toss up.

Only time will tell I suppose.

You know what I would have loved to see in season seven? Marya Seaworth.

Davos leaves the group and goes off to see his family after so many years.  And we get to see his wife, and there is emotions and tears.  Maybe even see Devan or the toddlers.  And Davos gets to have a life outside of being a  gruff but wise mentor.

He could bring like Jon or Gendry to meet them and they could all relax for ten minutes and be normal.  Or talk with her about whether he wants to say on Dragonstone with them, or bring her to Winterfell.  Just something for Davos.

I just really want more small character things that don’t exist in the show after season three/four.

The Remaining “Loud House” Season 2 titles revealed!

These last seven episode titles of the second season appeared on the German Nickelodeon Wiki and then on The Loud House Wiki, thanks to HarveyBeaksNumber1Fan!

- “Trick or Treachery” (another half hour episode)

- “Read Aloud”

- “Not a Loud”

- “The Crying Dame”

- “Anti-Social”

- “Snow Way Out”

- “Snow Way Down”

Speculate away!

Um, there’s a reason they ask you that. If you’re claiming all this shit on your taxes, they need proof that your car really is a business (and I use that word loosely) expense because you’re looking really suspicious right now. I know sometimes the IRS goes after people who haven’t done anything wrong, but Greg, you deserve everything you got coming to you right now. I don’t think your little fake crying routine will get you out of trouble here.


Pairings: Antisepticeye x Reader

Warnings: Language.

Request: Heyo! If you aren’t overwhelmed, would you mind writing an Anti X reader where the reader and him are out but she’s not been sleeping due to bad nightmares and faints from exhaustion and she wakes up from another night terror and he comforts/ scolds her for not sleeping? And he just kinda holds her and soothes her calm again? Thank you and sorry :) I love your work and couldn’t resist requesting!

Notes: Can you guess who it is that is haunting the Reader’s nightmares? >:)

You were exhausted and it showed rather you wanted it to or not. Why were you so exhausted? Because of those damn nightmares that you kept having every single night from the second you fall asleep to the time that you’re waking up crying and screaming. 

The only reason Anti hasn’t found out about this is because it seems these nightmares only happen when he’s gone. Speaking of Anti, he noticed the black under your eyes, the paleness of your face and of course, he had to comment on it.

“You look fucking awful, what’s wrong?”

“As if you look any better.” pause. “And nothing, just overworking is all.”

Which is half true, sorta. 

“Okay, that’s it.” Anti paused his game that he wasn’t really even paying attention to, his focus was on you. He can see you nodding off but you kept on forcing yourself to stay awake. 

“Why haven’t you been sleeping? Youre looking like a zombie!”

You don’t even pay attention to the words Anti said, instead you let out a heavy sigh and attempt to stand up. Attempt being the keyword here, the second you stood up, the room started to spin. You can hear Anti say your name but that was it.

You fainted. 

The long corridor was dark, save for the red glint shining down it. If you were to shout, it would echo in the empty hall that seems to have no end. It’s the same thing every night, The creepy hallway, followed by creepy sounds, then the chase happens. 

You don’t know who it is, they never catch you,they liked the fear that  radiate off of you as you ran, looking back to see nothing but darkness after you. Sometimes, when you fell, chest heaving, lungs burning from all the running, you would hear a chuckle, the voice sounding deep and filled with amusement. 

In the last second, you can feel their presence right behind you, and then the ghost of their fingers grabbing onto the back of your shirt and you scream.


You could barely hear your own name being called over the scream leaving your lips. Your eyes were squeezed shut, pure terror clear on your features. There were hands gripping your shoulders and it made you panic, trying desperately to pull away from who’s ever got you. 

“Y/N, hey! It’s me - Anti!”

With your eyes still close, your freeze up at hearing the familiar accented voice and him clarifying who he was. Your reply was asked in a soft, whimper that made Atni wince  though he wouldn’t ever tell you that. 


“Yeah… Y/N, open your eyes.” 

You frantically shake your head, afraid that if you do, you’ll find out that it was all a trick and that whoever was chasing you in your reams was really here. Anti sighs, and your body goes stiff when you feel his arms wrap around you. it made a sense of comfort and safeness wash over you. 

“You…idiot, why didn’t you tell me about this?” He scolds, yet his voice was soft in a way. “I would have found a way to help you, to get you to sleep - you need to sleep look at you!”Anti looks at you too see that you’ve finally opened your eyes nad he can see the fear in them. 

“What happened in the dream?”

You lightly shake your head, but in a shaky voice you still answer him. Maybe Anti can help. 

“I was in some hall, there was a red tint to it, and this…darkness chasing me. Before I wake up i can feel their hand grabbing onto the back of my shirt and I scream. There’s always this chuckle too that follows after it.”

Anti looks…mad? Like he knows exactly what or who is causing these nightmares of yours. Yet all he does is gives you the best comforting smile he can muster up at the moment and hug you again. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll make him stop.”

“If you don’t ship FinnRey you’re racist!” Cries the Antis. The Finnpoe Antis cry out about Reylos shipping a white het pairing. Out of the darkness I emerge, cackling. 

“Who are you?” They say, confused and frightened. 

I open my cloak to reveal fanart of Reylo, FinRey, and StormPilot

“A Multishipper” 

Always Watching ~ A Markiplier and Jacksepticeye Ego Fanfic

A lovely anon request with our glitchy boi and our man himself markimoo! For context, this is going to run with the theme that Anti and Jack share the same body and “possession” occurs whenever Anti wants to show up. GET READY FOR SOME PLATONIC AWESOMENESS LET’S GO!

Jack grunted and gasped, here we go again. Jack had learnt long ago that just submitting was the safest option for whenever Anti decided to come out and play. Jack shivered, collections of waves made his body spasm and his lips elicit gasps and grunts before he fell to the floor. The body was still…before an echoing giggle emanated from the slumped form and it slowly rose. A maniacal grin, a slit throat, contrasting irises and ruffled hair. Antisepticeye was here, and he was on a mission. Body glitching in unrelenting excitement, he began his search.

Anti wandered through the house aimlessly, but soon stopped in his tracks at the sight of another sat obliviously on the couch….Mark. Anti’s giggle pierced the silent air making Mark jump and look to him, and Anti relished in the look of fear growing in his eyes as he decided to amble over and sink into the space next to him.

‘Hey Mark, how’s it hangin’?’

Mark gulped at Anti’s feral grin, fidgeting with his hands in his lap as his eyes skated over the glitching form before him.

'Fine…I’m fine, things are fine.’

Anti rolled his eyes at the man’s nervous state, especially when his eyes flicked to the large gash adorning his throat.

'Don’t worry, your buddy Jacky is perfectly fine.’

Mark sighed a little in relief, but couldn’t get the nagging fear to quench in his mind…the question of his own safety was still hanging in the air. He took a deep breath as he addressed the demon.

 'So um…what are you doing here?’

Anti donned an offended look.

'Am I not allowed to spend time with my favourite gentleman from Cincinnati?’

Anti cackled when Mark’s mouth opened and closed like a goldfish from his confusion and he shoved the man’s shoulder, due to Anti’s relaxed demeanour this meant Mark had started to relax too as a result.

'I’m kidding! You’re on the right track though, I do have a reason for visiting.’

Anti momentarily relished in the rapt attention he drew from Mark before he nonchalantly started inspecting his hands and nails.

'Oh? What reason?’

Anti kept inspecting his hands as Mark spoke hesitantly, Anti sighed with a hint of dejectedness.

'The thing is, I’ve been feeling a bit frustrated lately. You could say I’m in a sort of…'mood’. A mood that I haven’t been able to fix…’

Anti slowly moved his fingers about slowly, curling and uncurling them in the air with an alien delicacy that you may not have expected from the normally haphazard man. Mark’s gaze was flitting between the hypnotising movements of the metatarsals and Anti’s unwavering, stoic expression. After a few moments of silence, Anti’s lips began to quirk into a small grin as he turned to Mark who eyed him nervously.

'But then I realised…that you can help me with my little problem.’

Mark gulped and gasped a little, questions immediately flooding his mind.

'Me? How could I help?’

Anti giggled and clapped his hands suddenly, straightening up and facing Mark fully which only heightened Mark’s nerves.

'I am so glad you asked!’

Internally Anti was leaping for joy but he held it back, although he couldn’t stop his fingers twitching impatiently.

'All you’ve gotta do, is lie back…and raise your arms.’

Mark was…confused. Very confused. The height of confused. He tilted his head and furrowed his eyebrows…surely it couldn’t be something so simple and easy.

'Is that it?’

Anti repressed a snicker as he nodded and Mark thought to himself. He frowned, he grimaced, but soon he sighed resignedly. What the hell, if Anti had really wanted to cause him any sort of pain then he wouldn’t have waited this long.

'Uh…alright then.’

Anti grinned and stood up, shuffling from foot to foot as Mark lay tentatively across the couch and slowly but surely raised his arms above his head. Anti took a moment to admire the scene before planting himself on top of Mark’s shins, fixing him with a wide smile.

'Perfect…now, all you gotta do is keep those arms up okay?’

Mark nodded, but he was still utterly confused.

'Okay…what will you be doing?’

Anti grinned as he fingers twitched for the last time…before they suddenly shot forth to scribble over Mark’s tummy.

'Well I’ll be tickling you into oblivion of course!’

Mark’s eyes widened as he fell into a fit of squeaky cackling, a wave of terror passing through his as he realised how he’d fucked himself over.

'WHAT? Wahahahait nohohohoho!’

Mark went to let his arms slam down to his sides, but Anti caught his eye and fixed him with an intimidating stare.

'Ah ah ah….you agreed to this remember? If I were you I wouldn’t break a deal with me…’

Mark shuddered as Anti’s eyes glittered with beautiful mischief, he gulped before returning his arms to their original position. Anti grinned and cocked his head at his victim.

'Now then where was I? Oh yeah!’

Anti suddenly dug into Mark’s abdominals making said man screech and fall into bubbly laughter, twisting and turning in vain as Anti giggled amusedly.

'Whyhy ahahahare yohohou dohoing thihihis?!’

Mark squirmed as he grinned widely in his mirth filled confusion, whilst Anti dug into his sides with a light sigh making him cry out.

'I told you why! I’m frustrated so I need to make someone hysterical to help me calm down, duh!’

Mark wailed and cackled, his biceps aching from the effort he was putting into keeping them up. Mark figured that he could get through this though, it wasn’t like Anti knew any of his major bad spots so…maybe he could just hold out? Mark had squeezed his eyes shut by this point, and therefore hadn’t seen the wild smirk stretch across Anti’s lips as he wiggled a single finger…and let it dive into his navel.


Mark was bugged eyed as he squealed and descended into harsh belly laughter as Anti’s single finger swirled and scratched and wiggled with an enthusiastic relentlessness.

'Ahh yes bad spot number one! Tickle tickle Markimoo!’

Mark sputtered and blushed at Anti’s teasing, his words somehow making the entire ordeal worse as electrical bolts shot through from the bundle of nerves residing in his navel. But…how could Anti have known? And if he knew about this spot then did that mean…oh no, oh god no.


Anti raised an eyebrow as he let his fingertip circle his belly button teasingly, smirking at the random jumps and bucks Mark’s body elicited.

'Awwww does someone have a ticklish tummy button? How adooorable!’

Mark whimpered and giggled as Anti circled the area, his taunting smirk took up Mark’s vision as he relished in the man’s nervous and jittery demeanour.

'Sh-shuhuhut uhup ahasshohole!’

Anti stopped his tracing, fixing Mark with an amused yet firm stare which made Mark shudder as his face fell.

'Asshole? Now that wasn’t very nice was it?’

Anti paused as Mark trembled and skated his gaze over him, in a vain attempt to read him and anticipate his movements. Anti meanwhile narrowed his eyes evilly as he raised his hands and moved them behind him so he could rest them on Mark’s thighs. Mark’s eyes widened.

'Nohnono wait WAIT I didn’t mean it!’

Anti grinned and stuck his tongue out through his teeth childishly, his high pitched cackles filling the room as he spoke.

'Mmmmm…TOO LATE!’

Anti immediately set his hands to work, pinching and squeezing the tense muscles with curious abandonment.


Mark unleashed a plethora of intense snorts and deep, rich cackles as he thrashed an writhed under Anti’s malevolent touch. Anti meanwhile was giggling along with him, he hadn’t anticipated Mark’s reactions to be so amusing.

'Oho my god you sound like fucking piglet!’


Mark’s cheeks were crimson as Anti smirked and worked his way to the back of his thighs so he could scratch and scribble over the sensitive flesh, Mark could feel tears threatening to fall from the corners of his eyes now as his lungs began to strain.


Anti sniggered at his gentle incoherence as he let his fingers withdraw gradually, not without sparing a few spontaneous pinches to the two ticklish muscles.

'Wow you really ARE susceptible to this! And we still have one special spot left to go…’

Mark’s flush immediately died down in favour of an intense pale shade as Anti’s eyes fixed on his underarms, his fists and biceps clenched and tensed subconsciously. Mark stammered out whilst he still had the time to use his voice properly.

'I-I don’t understand, how do you…how do you know?’

Anti grinned, playing with the hem of Mark’s shirt as he spoke.

'There aren’t many perks to not having your own body, but one advantage is observation. Knowledge. I know…everything, that Jack knows.’

A wave of realisation passed through Mark, he and Jack were good friends and therefore knew a hell of a lot about one another. Particularly one another’s weak spots…Mark’s eyes widened in a terror.

'Oh god…’

'Ahand the penny finally drops.’

Anti’s rapid giggling filled the room as his eyes glittered, getting a wave of euphoria at the realisation and the panic in Mark’s eyes. Now Mark knew what was coming for him. Anti’s fingertips suddenly reappeared at Mark’s sides, tracing delicate shapes and patterns as Anti worked his way up Mark’s torso. Slowly.

'Yohohou dohohohon’t hahave to dohoho thihihis!!!’

Mark giggled frantically as Anti’s fingers walked and pinched on their journey, all the while their owner was watching with an uncontainable excitement.

'I know, but the thing is…I want to.’

Mark whimpered as he grinned nervously, until a sudden strangled noise flew from his throat as Anti’s fingers merely rested in the hollows of his underarms.


Anti jumped and chuckled in a low tone, cocking his head and immediately starting to scratch in the sensitive areas experimentally.

'Uh oh, looks like someone’s in quite the ticklish situation!’

Mark absolutely howled with laughter, just at the light touch alone there were tears dripping down his cheeks as he fell into quick hysterics.


Anti was in complete awe, he couldn’t believe someone could be so ticklish and fro such light contact too! He hardened his touch and relished in Mark’s legitimate screams, he sighed; today was a very good day.

'Tickle tickle tickle! Oh I’m definitely going to be paying you more visits, this is too perfect!’

Mark screeched and writhed, he couldn’t take it anymore.


Anti grinned gently as Mark’s arms slammed down over his hands, so he graciously stopped the movements of his metatarsals to let the poor man catch his breath; Mark was still giggling heavily though, which amused Anti greatly.

'Jeez I stopped, you can calm down whenever you like ya know!’

Mark blushed gently as he looked up at Anti with a pitiful, pleading expression.

'Yohour fihihingers ahare stihill there!’

Anti snickered and rolled his eyes, looking back to where his hands were being pinned by Mark’s intense biceps.

'I’m aware of that! You’re the one trapping them!’

Mark giggled and looked to Anti tentatively, he hesitated. What if this was a trap? Anti sighed and wiggled his fingers a little, making Mark yelp with a fearful expression.

'C'mon I’ve tortured ya enough, for today at least.’

Mark shuddered as he raised his arms fractionally, allowing Anti to remove his hands after which Mark went to immediately hug his torso protectively. Anti meanwhile had shuffled off him and started walking away, and was therefore immensely surprised when Mark suddenly piped up.

'When do you plan on coming back?’

Anti paused, and turned to him slowly with an absent look. He smiled gently at the lightly curious man, speaking slowly and carefully.

'I don’t know yet. But remember Mark…I’m ALWAYS watching.’

Anti giggled as Mark let out a final nervous shudder before the glitching gentleman sauntered away, leaving Mark thinking. Even when Jack was here…it by no means meant that Anti wasn’t watching. Always.

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