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I have a message to the neo-Nazis, to the white nationalists, and to the neo-Confederates: Your heroes are losers. You are supporting a lost cause. And believe me, I knew the original Nazis, because you see, I was born in Austria in 1947, shortly after the Second World War. And growing up, I was surrounded by broken men, men who came home from a war filled with shrapnel and guilt, men who were misled into a losing ideology. And I can tell you: that these ghosts you idolize spent the rest of their lives living in shame and right now, they’re resting in hell.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Republican governor of California

This is how a Republican president should respond to Charlottesville.

What really bothers me the most about anti-ace discourse, is that they’ve distorted everything so much that young aces are severed from their history. They’re basically being told by everyone that their existence is toxic

Every choice we make – apparently – is a choice made to hurt other people. We are “bad” people. We are selfish. We steal. We invade! This language that villainizes us for our existence is actively harming asexual people. 

This distortion also impacts older existing aces. There isn’t a day that goes by confronting anti-ace discourse that I genuinely have to question as to whether what I remember was correct or not. (It is, but I need reassurance.)

Furthermore, I don’t always have the resources or the circumstances to validate my opinion beyond I know it happened. I was there when it happened. I shouldn’t need solid proof of it…

…when it is so easy for non-asexuals to make up information in order to villainize us, and for non-asexuals and non-informed asexuals to spread it despite how vaguely and dubiously worded it is!

Everything that anti-ace discourse is doing, mimics actual emotional abuse and manipulation that I’ve experienced. It has made my mental health suffer immensely, and I cannot imagine what it is doing to young aces. 

There is valid criticism of the community, and then there’s this. Destroying our community with distorted information and manipulative language, making us feel guilty for being asexual… that’s really really really messed up.  

I’m not comfortable with people even treating this as a “discourse.” A “discourse” is meant to be a conversation over a particular topic, but this current “discourse culture” is actually abuse

Can we talk about how the killer cop, Jeronimo Yanez, is Mexican-American? While not white, this terrible example of pathological anti-blackness demonstrates to us that white supremacy can use non-black people of color to uphold its systems of oppression. I know for certain that my fellow Mexicans can personally attest to the abundance of anti-blackness that exists in our communities. Jeronimo murdered Philando and I’ve not heard any of my woke Latinx or Mexican friends say a peep. He’s a monster, right? He’s also your brother, uncle and cousin. Y'all, this is where the ally work matters.

Jeronimo, a brown man, was acquitted not because of his innocence, but because the 10 white jurors were able to identify with his light-skinned Latinx version of anti-blackness–and established an intersectional kinship built on hatred for black people.

While not always wielding a gun, members of our community routinely express and enact anti-blackness. This happens through words and actual violence. Philando’s case may be extreme but it is not unusual. As Latinx folks who often benefit from a hierarchy of racism, we must be vigilant and dutiful in confronting anti-blackness in others and ourselves. As allies for black liberation, the onus is on us to do coalition work and be willing to sacrifice privilege and relationships in pursuit of the struggle. As a queer Chicano, I don’t take responsibility for the existence of white supremacy but I certainly admit that I can do more to confront anti-blackness around me and within myself.

As Philando’s girlfriend Diamond stated: “He was pulled over because, per officer Yanez, he had a wide nose and looked like a suspect.” “God help America,” she continued. Yes, God help America but also let us Latinx folks help each other confront and act on the problem. This time, the problem is ours.

- Miguel Garcia

Miguel Garcia is a native Detroiter and Chicano queer mental and sexual health advocate. He currently works for a community health agency based in Detroit and is completing his degree in Boston.

spansh translation: 

¿Podemos hablar de cómo el policia asesino, Jerónimo Yáñez, es mexicano-americano? Aunque no sea blanco, este terrible ejemplo de anti-negritud patológica nos demuestra que la supremacía blanca puede utilizar a las ‘personas de color’ que no son negras para defender sus sistemas de opresión. Sé con certeza que mis compatriotas mexicanos pueden atestiguar personalmente la abundancia de anti-negritud que existe en nuestras comunidades. Jerónimo asesinó a Philando y no he oído nada de mis compañeros Latinx o amigos mexicanos que son consientes de estas estructura sociales o “woke” decir ni un pío. Es un monstruo, ¿verdad? También es tu hermano, tío y primo.
Compañeros, aquí es donde el trabajo del aliado importa.

Jerónimo, una persona de color no negra, fue absuelto no por su inocencia,
sino porque los 10 jurados blancos pudieron identificarse con su versión de anti-negritud al nivel que existe entre Latinx de tonos de piel claras—y estableció un parentesco interseccional construido sobre el odio hacia los negros.

Aunque no siempre manejan un arma, los miembros de nuestra comunidades Latinx rutinariamente expresan y promulgan anti-negritud. Esto sucede a través de las palabras y la violencia. El caso de Philando puede ser extremo pero no es inusual. Como personas de Latinx que se benefician de una jerarquía del racismo, debemos ser vigilantes y obedientes para enfrentar la anti-negritud en los demás y en nosotros mismos. Como aliados para la liberación negra, nos incumbe la tarea de hacer el trabajo de la coalición y estar dispuestos a sacrificar el privilegio y las relaciones en la búsqueda de la lucha. Como un chicano queer, no me responsabilizo de la existencia de la supremacía blanca, pero ciertamente admito que puedo hacer más para enfrentar la anti-negritud alrededor de mí y dentro de mí.

Como dijo Diamond, la novia de Philando, “Lo detuvieron porque, según oficial Yáñez, tenía una nariz ancha y se parecía a un sospechoso.” “Dios ayude a América”, continuó.
Sí, Dios ayude a América, pero también permite ayudarnos a nosotros Latinx a enfrentar y actuar en este problema. Esta vez, el problema es nuestro.

- Miguel Garcia

Miguel García es un nativo de Detriot y partidario de Chicano queer salud mental y sexual. Actualmente trabaja para una agencia de salud comunitaria basada en Detroit y está completando su licenciatura en Boston.

Translation by: Vanessa Velasquez

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Why do some fascists identify as socialists?

That’s a great question.  This goes back to the beginnings of fascism, when fascists were actively competing with socialists and communists to win recruits to their cause.  In his book The Coming of the Third ReichRichard J. Evans describes how Hitler and co. would deliberately make socialist pronouncements in the hopes of luring working-class Germans away from socialist groups and into nazism.  It was no accident that they were called “national socialists.”  Hitler publicly proclaimed that the nazis = socialists. 

But that strategy didn’t really work out for the fascists.  The nazis never enjoyed significant working-class support, despite their con job.  But it did enrage legitimate socialists in Germany and sew confusion among the more gullible.

This pattern was repeated elsewhere.  Alexander Reid Ross notes in Against The Fascist Creep that “Fascism…draws left-wing notions of solidarity and liberation into ultranationalist, right-wing ideology; and, at least in its early stages, fascists often utilize “broad front” strategies, proposing a mass-based, nationalist platform to gain access to mainstream political audiences and key administration positions. 

In any event, the socialist charade never lasts long.  Shortly after gaining power in Germany, the nazis forgot all their socialist positions and promises, murdered thousands of socialists, and laid out their Lebensraum policy, which was absent of any socialism but full of racist colonialism.

In our times, we see fascist groups continuing to adopt socialist or even anarchist trappings in the same attempt to fool people and undermine their strongest opponents.  Fascists have tried to infiltrate the animal rights, anti-globalization, and environmental movements; fascists have adopted black bloc tactics in confrontations with anti-fascists; fascists have attempted to stake space in the anarchist milieu as “national anarchists.”  But it’s always the same tired old con and it will only lead to genocide and misery if we fall for it or fail to stop them.

Androids can Love | Connor x Reader

Word Count: 903

Request: Connor x reader where they’re on a date and are confronted by that anti-android preacher from Markus’ first chapter saying their relationship is wrong, but Connor (or reader) reaffirms their relationship in public.

Summary: (Y/n) and Connor are confronted by anti-android protestors while on a date and (Y/n) is having none of it.

 Holy smokes my first request! Hope you enjoy xx

 “Ignore them,” He told her, but it isn’t that simple. It’s been a year since Androids were recognised as another form of live, equivalent to their creators. Many have accepted them and welcomed them into society with open arms, but not everyone shared the same opinion.

 Many still hated android for taking over their jobs, believing them to be a nuisance with no true place in society.  Many still protested on the streets, making a ruckus and bullying any android they came across. Those sick bastards. It’s hard to ignore such ignorant people, but today was especially hard in particular.  It was supposed to be a romantic day for both Connor and (Y/n), but it was soon interrupted by noisy protestors.

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… And then I (apparently?) got blocked.

Okay I’ll get it as “I can’t write a decent answer without repeating the same, unjustified concept for 10 lines so better use a funny gif instead”.
Nevermind, it’s so hard to find people who think different and actually would like to discuss about it.

Funny how you guys write debate posts and then wimp away from your own statements when you find someone open to actual confrontation. Very mature.

i can’t help but feel that moffat writing an entire episode about change being a good thing is extremely hypocritical considering that the change the episode is heading towards - twelve’s regeneration into the first female doctor - is something he has declined to do himself repeatedly in his time as showrunner. not to mention his… interesting comments about a female doctor and other forms of representation on dw and other shows.

So, I used to work at this food market that had a bakery, entrees, meats, and seafood, etc. And there was a girl who worked there (I’ll call her H) who was the head chefs favorite and would literally get away with anything and I hated it. Here’s a few examples.

She would always work bakery (because everyone wanted to work bakery) but she never wanted to close so I tended to close for her (either because I was scheduled to our just because SOMEONE had to) and I can’t even begin to tell you how many times, while closing, I’d find half eaten cake slices I KNOW she didn’t pay for. It was infuriating.

I can get along with anyone, even people I don’t like, not to mention I’m pretty anti-confrontational, so typically I got along well with H, but there was one time I fucking REAMED her. We had a semi-new employee, she’d been there like a month (I’ll call her k). She was sweet but very anxious and I really liked her so I tended to look out for her. So one day she left before closing but was going to open the next day. She’d left something out or messed something up, I can’t remember exactly, but H decided to write her a really snotty and rude note and taped it up for her to find the next morning. I saw it she it was so mean, I knew it’d make her cry and it set me right off. I don’t like rude people. So I ripped it off the shelf and walked up to her (as she giggled about it to a coworker).
Me: did you write this? (knowing full well)
H: Yea? Why?
Me: this is a really mean note. K’ll be really hurt if she reads this.
H: well maybe she shouldn’t be such a fuck up.
Me: how dare you? Do you have any idea how fucking cruel this is? You’re lucky I don’t take this to the owner. Instead, instead I’ll just let you live with the fact that you’re a horrid bitch. But next time, I won’t be so kind.
I crumpled it up and tossed it at her gaping face. She just watched me do it. It was so satisfying. She didn’t fuck with K again after that.

TLDR: bitchy coworker gets away with everything but I told her off once and it was amazingly satisfying.

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Is anti ever caught on midnight snack trips to the kitchen?

Anti is a Stealth Master when he wants to be. He can glitch in, grab a mountain of food, and glitch out before anyone realizes what’s happened. For the first few months that he spends at Ego Inc., Ollie can’t understand why he insists on hoarding food in his fort until he finally works an answer out of Anti.

“Well, at the cabin, the others didn’t want me around, so I’d stockpile food when there was some and then eat off of that for a few weeks.” Anti giggles. “Confrontation is bad fer a glitch, so I did try to avoid it most times… except when I was in the mood,” Anti says with a mischievous grin and a dark chuckle.

Ollie presses his lips together into a frown. “Well, you know you don’t have to do that here, right?”

Anti shrugs. “Old habits die hard, I guess. I’ll try though if it bothers ya.” Oliver nods and pulls Anti into a tight hug that the glitch wiggles against. “Ollie, I know ya like hugs, but can ya… maybe not squeeze my head off?”

Ollie shakes his head and rests his cheek on the top of Anti’s hair. “No.”

Anti grunts and just accepts his fate. “Fine…”

Anti’s New Pet!

(Platonic) Anti x Reader

Okay so the title might seem a tad bit ominous considering that this has Anti in it but I swear it’s anything but ominous. Tis just a fic requested by an anon involving Anti basically treating a Roomba as a pet! 

Hope you enjoy it! And I hope it’s what you wanted, anon! 

Originally posted by marielgum

   “Y’know, y/n, I still don’t understand why ya bought this thing instead of getting a normal vacuum like a normal person.” Anti huffed as he adjusted the Roomba box you forced him to carry.

   You sigh. “Well first of all, I’m too lazy to be using a normal vacuum. Secondly, I’ve wanted one for awhile now. Lastly, you’re a glitchy bastard of a demon! Don’t you be sarcastic with me about being a normal person!”

   The glitch repeated your last sentence in a mocking tone and was tempted to throw the box at you, but managed to resist the urge. He’d probably do that later when the box was empty.

   You and Anti had been close friends for a few years now, only becoming roommates recently. Everything was going well until your vacuum mysteriously stopped working even though you could have sworn that there was nothing wrong with it, especially since there was no signs of it starting to wear out. That, and you rarely used it to begin with. You confronted Anti about it but he insisted that he had nothing to do with it. Of course you didn’t believe him, but there was no point in arguing so you just dragged him to the store to buy a new vacuum and force him to pay for it and carry it.

   When you both got home, he put the box on the floor and proceeded to hop onto the couch. He was gonna watch TV, but instead focused on you as you unpacked the Roomba and set it up. Anti still thought that it was stupid but you ignored him.

   You assumed that it was charged enough to clean the living room at least, so you casually turned it on to let it do its thing while you went to do some chores in the kitchen. Anti watched it from the couch like he was a cat watching its prey. He wasn’t going to do anything bad to it since he figured that you’d skin him alive with his own knife if he did, but he still curiously observed it. He had no idea why, but watching it move around somehow made him grow attracted to it.

   Glitching away for a few moments, he reappeared with large googly eyes, courtesy of Robbie, and promptly placed them on top of the machine. Hopping back onto the couch, he again began to watch the vacuum move and started giggling to himself. He honestly had no idea why this was so funny to watch. Next thing he knew it he was crawling on the floor and following it around. He even gasped and pat it when it bumped into a wall!

   You finally emerge from the kitchen after doing whatever chore you needed to do and came upon the scene of Anti on his back and looking at the Roomba, which was in its charging station. Not saying anything, you just stare at him. Then proceed to take a picture with your phone.

   “Anti… what the actual hell are you doing?” You ask after putting your phone away.

   “…Watching Loki to make sure he’s charging properly.”

   “…Loki? And while on your back?”

   “Loki is his name and you will respect that!” He snapped, causing you to raise your hands in defence. “And yes, while on my back. How else am I supposed to watch and make sure he charges properly?”

   “While sitting on the couch?”

   “Nah, that means I’ll be too far away from him.”

   You stare at him with a questioning expression.

   “Okay, first you say that getting that thing is stupid, and now you’re treating it as if it’s your pet! And I’m not even gonna bother asking where the googly eyes came from.”

   “SHHHHH! Don’t say that out loud! You’ll hurt his feelings!”

   You just roll your eyes and hop onto the couch. Anti was a weird ass demon, that was for sure.

   “…You know, you’re acting pretty silly and adorable right now.” You smirk.

   Anti instantly sits up and glitches his knife into his hand to point at you. “YOU TAKE THAT BACK! I AM NOT SILLY, NOR AM I ADORABLE! I AM AN EVIL DEMON THAT CAN KILL YOU IN AN INSTANT IF YOU INSULT ME LIKE THAT AGAIN!” He yelled with his voice getting more glitchy as he spoke.

   You gave him a look that read ‘whatever you say’ and shook your head.

   “Yeaaaaah, keep telling yourself that buddy. Besides, you keep glitching like that and the only thing you’ll be killing is the Room- I mean, Loki.”

   Concern immediately overtook Anti’s face and he looked down at the Roomba. He examined it to make sure he didn’t actually do any damage to it, then moved away from it so he wouldn’t accidentally make it short-circuit.

   He then quickly got close to you and put his knife in your face.

   “As I was saying; insult me again by calling me adorable and I’ll end you.” He growled.

   “Threaten me like that again and I’ll tell Dark that you have a pet Roomba.” You fired back with a growing smirk.

   He quickly retracted his knife and stared at you in disbelief.

   “You wouldn’t dare…”

   “Try me, bitch.”

   Shaking his head, Anti stomped away to his room and slammed his door.

   “Don’t stay in there forever! Don’t forget that it’s your turn to cook dinner today!” You called out, only to be met with loud groaning.


   Hours later as you get ready for bed, you hear what sounds like the Roomba active. Thinking nothing of it, you continue with your nightly routine.

   When you exit the bathroom and turn to go to your room, you see that the Roomba is waiting in front of it… And that it has a knife attached to it and is glowing green. You don’t even get to say anything before it starts moving towards you.

   “Anti are you SERIOUS?!”

   Maybe getting the Roomba was a bad idea after all…


I will leave a space at the end so no one sees the spoilers, I promise.

@therealjacksepticeye , you’re fucking me up man in the best way possible, man, so here are my thoughts about you and your videos, my dude.

I don’t post my thoughts about Jack’s videos a lot, especially the ego ones, and I don’t know why, but I do adore them every damn time I watch one. I always crave more.

Now, without revealing any spoilers about the most recent video (not until the end of this damn novel of a post haha), let’s just say that I have never - in my life - felt so uneasy and had such a rush of fear run down my back as I laid on my bed in the din of night.

The atmosphere was perfect. Creepy ass game, with a creepy ass intro. But the ending caught me by such surprise and such pure shock that I still am looking behind me, even though my back is up against a wall. Tears are in my eyes and never have I felt more terrified watching one of Jack’s videos.

This guy is planning something big. Something enormous. I couldn’t even begin theorizing about what’s going on. ( game theory, please help us! XP )

Now, here’s the theory/piecing of evidence I suppose, so if you haven’t watched Jack’s recent videos ( i.e. the Stories Untold series, Exiles, Dark Silence, SPANKED BY TEACHER | Baldi’s Basics, TIE - A Game About Depression, Try to Fall Asleep!, Taking a Colorblind Test with Colorblind Glasses, and finally: THE DOCTOR IS BACK | Gastric Bypass, Liposuction Surgery, I AM SO CREEPED OUT BY THIS! | First Winter ) Watch those!

This part will contain spoilers for those, so be warned!


So the first mention of an ego - and the first bit of evidence we see pointing to a bigger picture - is that Dr. Schneeplestien in the surgery simulator video actually confronts our dear Jack by telling him that the ‘doctor’s chair’ is his and asks him what he’s doing in it.

This may seem normal at first, but… since when has an ego spoken to Jack face-to-face? And Jack looks scared! Like he’s done something wrong! The thing that probably made him so scared is that one of his first egos - besides Anti, I think - is confronting him in his own home screaming for him to get out of the chair.


The next piece of evidence is in Stories Untold: Chapter 1 when, at the very end of the video, Jack says, “What was that?” after hearing what could be the jiggling of a doorknob or the patter of feet out in the hallway. The door clicks and swings open, just as it did in the interactive story of Chapter 1, and the lightning flashes, the end card a TV that flickered with an image of Jack inside it. The video ends.

In Chapter 2 of Stories Untold, again, about a minute from the end of the video, the screen begins to flash and leaves Jack’s outro incomplete, met with the staring, floating robots that presented themselves in the video. This begs the question of whether or not the spheres are looking into us - the audience - or Jack, the man who played the game. I think that it was supposed to be Jack, seeing as the previous video developed the idea of Jack’s door opening as did the one on the computer in Chapter 1, but it was creepy nonetheless.

The next video featuring evidence is Chapter 3 in Stories Untold, which at the end of what should have been his outro, Jack’s voice is overtaken by whispers and we can no longer hear whatever he was going to say until the screen blacks out and we hear a voice say, “Jack. Jack! This is Chase. You need to wake up.” And once again, we are left with more questions than answers.

The next video is Chapter 4 of course, and it ends abruptly with Jack’s praise of the game itself before it cuts to black immediately, fading into a dark bedroom with Jack asleep and twitching uncontrollably in bed. Colors rapidly change as if he were glitching, whispers encompassing the missing sound before our little potato shoots awake, panting and then claims that “[He] remembers what ‘he’ did to [him].” 

Could Jack be referring to Schneeplestien? Tying back to the first episode of when the doctor booted from his chair? 

Either way, we are answered by a black screen and silence.

Onto the next point!

Try To Fall Asleep begins ominously to say the least. A static-laden TV screen with the game title and Jack’s face nowhere to be seen for about twelve seconds before he glitches into the video saying the creepy words, “Go ahead! Try to fall asleep. See if you can do it, your eyes may be heavy and you may be thinking to yourself, ‘man I’m tired. I just want to take a snooze, I just want to close my eyes and drift off,’ but that’s when it happens. When you drift off, that’s when the fun begins.” Jack says all of this staring directly into the camera, where he knows the eye level for his viewers is. 

At 20:06 Jack gasps, “It was all just a dream. I’m fine.” Before he screams and hides his face with his hands. The video cuts to black and end with the game title flickering on the TV. That’s not all however as @marvin-the-magic-cat posted that in the flickering TV Marvin’s mask can be seen in some of the static in the TV as well.

TIE is a game about the depression, and besides the obvious glitchiness in the game itself, there are little details that point to something Jack and Robin are doing that is going to be more than just Anti. A change of shirt in the middle of the video (which the lovely @iamsiimonevl , made a post about), and the red lighting around half of Jack’s face - which, contrasted with the white light on the other side is a technique frequently used in movies to show internal conflict about something. Lighting is important kids - and the biggest moment that we see at the end of the video where we see images of our boy, Chase Brody, drinking, putting a frame down, and leaving his hat behind as he leaves the room. Now, besides that, Jack says at around minute 10:21 “Was any of this real? Is anything that I did even making a difference?” then he looks directly into the camera. This, I believe, is a very significant detail. This isn’t Jack speaking, I don’t think. His verbiage is off. That sentence does nothing but tumble out of his mouth rather than the typical flowing language he has about his words. I don’t know, it just seems significant to me. Especially with Chase at the end with his wife and kids.

If it is Jack though, then… I can’t help but wonder why he says directly after those things, “You know, I put on a brave smile, get up in the day and put on my best hat, and walk out that door to go to work, and I put a smile on my face and I do good work. I do a good job! I’m nice to the people around me, I give them what they want! But deep inside… it hurts…” Now, Jack, as we know, likes to be seen as that positive person. He doesn’t like negativity. He always strives for that PMA! So that’s why I don’t think this is Jack talking here. But… What if it is? The man at the end of the video, from 11:03 onwards isn’t him, so who then started the video? Who is in Jack’s chair?

“Deep inside he has his own issues. Deep inside he has his own problems… the world doesn’t know about.” And right after that moment, the shirt ‘Jack’ wears is different, the red lighting more intense, and he goes into talking about ‘the kids,’ and all the other thing Chase had brought up in the Bro Average video. This, I believe is Chase Brody. At the very end of this video, at minute 13:01, in the light of the candle you can see white speckles in the shirt he wears, just as the one that Jack shifts into at minute 11:03.

As I watch for more, I realize that, as ‘Chase’ is talking, he brings up that “one of his friends is in a coma.” 

“Jack. Jack! This is Chase. You have to wake up.” And in Chapter four, the guy you play as, James Aition is in a coma as well.

Okay, if you’ve stuck through with me up until this point, God bless you. I have a few more points that I’d like to make and I thank you for your patience. It truly means the world.

Okay, so the next biggie is in Dark Silence. Dark Silence starts off with Jack’s iconic intro in his normal lighting, and everything runs smoothly. Just our boy playing a spooky game! And then, of course, Jack-Tricksy-Boy-McGee has to come in at minute 12:34 to flicker the lights, exclaim, “Oh God!” and a light shatters into the red glow of a demonic light, or so it seems. Everything seems pretty normal until the character in the game gets taken by the darkness, Jack getting swept along with it. The screen goes dark for many seconds before a lighter clicks a few times and flickers on so we see Jack. Or, who we can only assume is Jack. At this point, if that guy was Jackieboyman, I would be satisfied. Just give us answers man! We want to know! The anticipation is killing fans left and right!

Anyway, throughout the beating drums of suspenseful, spooky music, Jack fervently flicking his lighter on, twitching a little as he goes, a little girl’s screaming can be heard in the distance. More whispers fill the room along with the heart-shattering cries of an infant. These could be speculated to be Chase’s kids.

At the landing, ‘Jack,’ ‘Chase’ whomever this is, looks around for a moment before a wash of bright light fills the room, the dark silhouette of a man is revealed standing in the doorway, in front of what could potentially be seen as a bed? Perhaps. If so, and the man is Anti, could Anti, in theory, be keeping Jack in a coma to take over Youtube and become more powerful, which is why Jack is seeing Schneeplestein, or Chase is replacing him in videos? 

Anyway, back to the evidence. Anti swirls as if the person who is watching the glitch is losing consciousness, and as Anti glitches and his eye glows a vibrant, sickeningly lime green.

Chase shouts, in a distorted tone while his frame shifts, “Where are they?! What do you want from me?!” To which Anti turns around and charges toward Chase, leaving us with a terrifying image if black eyes swooping into the screen as the video ends with 10 seconds of chilling darkness.

I have a theory on this as well as chills up and down my back from watching that video, my god.

I promise you that I’m nearly done. If you’re still here, message me your thoughts about this, and I will literally follow you right away. I’m not joking. This is a lot and if you’ve stayed this long, I really appreciate you.

In the Baldi’s Basics video, Jack’s character is being chased by the horrible teacher who is going to spank him, and at the end, when Baldi catches him, Jack screams and the video cuts to black. It reopens with him in a pretty plain white room that has the black candles from before placed on the desk, fervently scribbling nonsense (maybe math terms since that was what the game was about?) onto a piece of paper in Sharpie, wearing the same speckled shirt that Chase did in TIE. We hear the smack, smack, smack of the ruler against the hand of a teacher.

“Teacher? Teacher no. Teacher no! I’ve been a good boy! I’ve done my homework! Teacher- Teacher NO!!!” A strange, electrical buzzing sound cuts Jack off, and the end screen plays with no issues whatsoever. After the typical Jacksepticeye outro, we see Jack cringing in fear and then smile directly into the camera. The buzzing sound is very suspicious, I think. But that’s just me.

Now, this may be small in the video, but this could potentially be huge. @jacksoopticboop made a post about some small glitches in the Colorblind Test with Colorblind Glasses video, and I just thought I would mention it. It seemed significant to me, and I 



Okay, so Jack’s video today - Exiles - begins with an eight-second long view of the title screen before Jack glitches into the top right corner of the screen gasping for breath, the brightest red lights surrounding him. He looks around for a moment as if confused about how he got here. In fact, it sounds as though Jack doesn’t know where he is, not knowing what the game is about etc. 

I’d like to bring up Jack’s choice of diction again. He says, “Am I in the hospital?” not in a hospital. Chase claims that Jack was in a coma. In a hospital. But the fact that Jack uses ‘the’ right off the bat in a game he knows nothing about raises suspicion. 

“I don’t remember how I got here - in this room, right now, but let’s try and find our way out.” 

This could mean that Jack doesn’t remember going to the hospital, or to that specific room in the said hospital.

Okay now… Here’s the part I actually struggle while watching and writing down my theory for this part. 

The video goes along so seamlessly that I almost missed the little buzz that signaled that something had happened that when Jack glitched and froze in place with the intensely dead-eyed stare he gave the camera, I almost started crying. In the span of ten seconds, I felt my blood run cold and in the next ten, I felt afraid to close my eyes. I hated the imagery that happens at the end of this episode so much, but my fucking god is it amazing. It is so chilling and frightening that I adore it more than anything.

Let me explain.

The lighting, although it is more intense than any of the red before, nothing compares to that bright, violent, vicious red that surrounds Jack, his blue eyes popping in color against the contrasting warm tone, even the whites of his eyes an angry crimson. He seems dead. Lifeless. And then blood begins to seep from the corners of his eyes as choked breathing escapes from behind frozen lips. It looks as though Jack was paused in time. Unable to escape something. 

And then the whispers come again, the image remaining for a few seconds more to cutting into the intro which now has shades of red over it. The animation now playing in reverse.

I can’t watch that image of Jack. I feel like I am looking at the dead body of a friend. Of a brother. Of someone who I care about, struggling with waking up from whatever torment they are going through. I feel like he is staring right into my core, asking for something in his eyes, but what it is I cannot give him. Is it freedom from this horrid coma that keeps his body rigid? Is it protection from whatever is to come? From Anti? From himself? I really don’t know.

My next thoughts are from the video First Winter, which has Anti make a little cameo. The first glimpse we get of him is at minute 15:00 when the in game character opens a door and a dead man shoots him. Later in the video, a guy shoots himself. It’s odd that Anti would show, blood pouring from Jack’s eyes the only other time a man has a gun. Maybe refering to Chase? Who knows. Either way, there is one frame between the guy in game shooting Jack’s character and shifting to the dead eyed version and then again, cutting to black before hey! Jack’s back! At minute 24:56 Jack sighs and says, “I’ve never been happier to be home.” But on ‘home,’ Anti kicks in and over the course of about six frames frames we see, Jack, eyes closed, blood leaking from his eyes and a man at the whiteboard in the background, Jack is back with lime green over his face, Jack dead again the man in the back moved and the color very under saturated with hints of blue and red, back to two frames of lime green with extra colors, one of what looks like a typical Jack/Anti split, before going back to normal. At minute 26:01 Jack begins to plead to “Let me out. Let me out.” And on that second “Let me out,” the entire image, Jack included goes out black and white except for an outline in the center colored red, green and blue for two frames. It goes back to normal for three frames and then reverts back to the black and white with a little more color on jack and in the outline for a singular frame. Then everything explodes and then Jack sings his praise for the game.

Anyway! Thank you all so much for reading this long post. I don’t blame you for scrolling by this, but I thought I might accumulate what evidence we know and what evidence I could put into a potential theory. Sorry if I left anything major out! There was a lot of evidence and it is really late for me right now. I took two hours to write this shit, okay? Please be kind. Anyway! Let me know what you guys think if you’d like! Love you all! <3


Edit: If I left anything out that you guys noticed, please let me know and I’ll add it in!!

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—  Clarke Griffin [to Commander Lexa], Season 3