anti conformism

I always see posts that are like, “You say you need dysphoria to be trans!!! But what about the people who have transitioned and don’t feel dysphoria anymore??? Lmao gottem. Dumb TRUSCUM LOL!!!!1! xd ”

I’m here to tell you as someone who is a transmale, transmedicalist, and has been on T for almost a year now, T has progressively stopped a good amount of the dysphoria I was feeling and now I pass as a male regardless of what I do and how I act.

But what you guys don’t realize is, the whole point of me transitioning was to correct and alleviate dysphoria and that’s the whole core of the transmedicalist ideology. To help those transition with dysphoria because only individuals with gender dysphoria are trans.
The whole point and end goal of transition is to alleviate as much dysphoria as possible. That’s what transmedicalists want for trans people. We know how fucking crushing dysphoria is, and we don’t want people to feel that way. A cis person, a non dysphoric, or a trender who tries to transition will inevitably feel inverse gender dysphoria because they didn’t feel gender dysphoria in the first place and we want to prevent that.
A person who alleviates and rids of their dysphoria with transition is exactly what transmedicalists believe in and what transmedicalists want for every trans person.

10 ways you can take action and be an ally to trans people

1. Educate yourself. Find out how here

2. Use a person’s correct gender pronouns when referring to or speaking with them. If you aren’t sure what pronouns to use, it’s alright to politely ask. For example, you could say “what pronouns do you use?” or “Hi, my name is Shane and my pronouns are they/them. What about you?” Do not ask for a transgender person’s “real name.” You can also join this campaign to challenge your classmates to not use masculine/feminine pronouns for a day.

3. Speak to transgender people like you would cisgender people, or people that are not transgender. Avoid comments that you wouldn’t say to cisgender people such as:

a. “He’s so hot. I’d date him even though he’s transgender.”

b. “You look like a real woman.”

c. “You look so pretty, I would have never known you weren’t a real woman.”

d. “What was it like being born a boy?”

e. “What surgeries have you had?”

f. “What’s it like to have sex as a transgender?

g. You’d pass so much better if you wore more/less make-up, had a better wig, etc.”

Read more here

#4: Seek out and listen to the stories of transgender people in your community. Speak out in solidarity when you read stories about transgender people facing violence or the startling number of transgender women who have been murdered because of who they are.

#5. Share positive things you’re seeing regarding why trans rights matter on social media using #goodlook and Laverne Cox’s #TransIsBeautiful

#6: Keep updated on what’s going on in the trans community by liking the TransAdvocate and National Center for Transgender Equality pages on Facebook. 

7. Call out gender policing that discriminates against a person’s level of masculinity or femininity when you see it. 

8. Advocate for all-gender bathrooms in your school or community. You can start a petition here to get gender neutral bathrooms on your campus.

9. Join a local Gay-Straight Alliance through GLSEN or the GSA Network, or learn how to take action on your college campus with Campus Pride.

10. Take part in Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day to honor those victims of anti-transgender violence, on Nov. 20.

For even more tips on how to be an ally to trans people, check out this list from our partners at GLAAD.

Listen up

Personality traits DOES NOT = gender

there are 2 genders -male and female

you can be a masculine woman or a feminine man, but that does not mean you’re any different gender, it is just your personality traits. So please stop making up all of these ‘genders’ to feel like you belong somewhere. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been presented with the argument that fighting assimilation takes attention away from the “real” battle, which is fighting anti-gay violence. Assimilation IS violence, not just violent cultural erasure, by the violence of stepping on anyone who might get in the way of your upward mobility.
—  Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, That’s Revolting - Queer Strategies for Resisting Assimilation
Embrace your weirdness. Make it your own unique factor. Being weird or strange is like being limited edition. Each of us is one of a kind and each of us is weird. So next time someone calls you weird, thank them. They basically just called you a unicorn.
—  Patrick Rothfuss
Man, like,

imagine how much people would understand and respect trans people at this point if trenders actually cared about a minority group enough to improve their lives rather than forcefully include themselves in said extremely small minority group for brownie points and a special label to tack onto their boring selves. Maybe transition could be recommended as a medical treatment for more and more trans people and our medical condition wouldn’t be shit on all the time by both people who don’t understand and people who think trans people are freaks.
just a small thought or smthing

anti culture is invalidating traumatized individuals in the name of fictional characters uwu
anti culture is full grown ass adults telling minors to kill themselves and openly stating they feel no remorse uwu
anti culture is throwing around heavy loaded terms like candy then getting upset when someone corrects their usage uwu
anti culture is harassing cast members over something they have no control over uwu
anti culture is cross tagging hate into ship tags uwu
anti culture is enouraging people to send death threats uwu
anti culture is bullying people over fictional ships uwu
anti culture is putting needles in cookies for a fan artist uwu
anti culture is screaming about not making nsfw of minors but consuming it if it’s a ship they like uwu
anti culture is hating anyone who doesn’t conform uwu
anti culture is idolizing one character and pissing on all the others uwu
anti culture is toxic, abusive, and only harms, never helps.