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whats wrong with saying lenin was bad? hh

Nothing for the most part, but the context and implication (and especially the imagery) is important.

Images of communists like Lenin with the ominous background, red shade, bloodstained hammer and sickle, and reference about famous communist death tolls is most often created by devout anti-communists or your average internet fascist thats more intetested in the spectacle of the association of communists and death than making legit critiques (or a tasteful jab) against a communist.

And more recently, this same propaganda has been peddled by various anarcho-communists on the world wide web without realizing the source of the material. Or even if they’re anarchist-made, to the unaware: whether it be the common liberal or the non-wellread leftist, this reaffirms the idea that “yeah Lenin is bad because death and his inefficiency, therefore all leninists of all varieties regardless are all bad too.”

Propaganda like that weakens public interest in the left or any cooperation between various leftists. Plus, and this should be a given, any anti-communist propaganda (well in this case anti-lenin), although may have been created by anarchists, can attract the wrong sort of attention (ie actual fascists liking what you post) because of your use of imagery.

Shit like that is what made me hate Leninists (or any non-anarchist communist) and assumed they were all 100% the same when I first became an anarchist.

Now if we’re talking juicy critiques of lenin then yeah sure im game. If we’re talking juicy jokes and quality memes about lenin then heck yeah i love that pic of lenin’s face on patrick from spongebob asking him to give power to the local soviets but he does everything to avoid it. If we’re talking about the bad shit of the ussr then (so long as we got our history right) then yeah lemme in. But all of these critiques and whatever else needs to be handled carefully–or at least not in the obnoxious way of drawing a bloody hammer and sickle, a scary lenin, and a textbox that associates varied ideologies of communism and its proponents with death.

All of that mimics the average fascist propaganda of what communists are like. And posting that shit reaffirms that idea to the unaware. If you wanna make fun of lenin and say hes bad, just do it in a way that doesnt mimic the average fascist and mccarthyist understanding of communism.

If you wanna fuck around with another communist, just do it in a better way that doesnt mimic the same methods used by the assholes we all collectively hate.

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The story about local Communist nonsense, as promised (Sorry it's late, my connectivity's been shit.) The dumbasses you were arguing with earlier who tried to claim that Animal Farm was just "anti-Communist propaganda for kids" makes me think of the actual Communist propaganda, targeted at children, that's sold at my local bookstore. It's called, creatively, "Communism for Kids" and it's an adorable children's fairy tale about how everyone is oppressed and miserable under capitalism (1/2)

Just when I think it’s working my computer decides to be an idiot again. I hope this is where I left off. The book then went on to talk about how the Revolution’s right around the corner, and all that jazz. It’s selling disturbingly well for a middle-class suburb- do these people not realize they’re not the proletariat so exalted by the book? is the book, the Amazon reviews are great if you like dark humor (2/2) -HN

Oh, wow. You really weren’t kidding about the comments.

There are others, too, but I have to admit, what really cracked me up was…

That is comedy gold.

Leaflet dropped on Malayan Communist Forces in 1953. Chinese text reads: “If any member of the Malayan Communist Party is able to leave the jungle and bring out a Bren gun, or able to lead the Peace Keeping Forces to unearth a hidden Bren gun that he or she knows about, he will be eligible for a $1,000 reward. Receive a $1,000 reward to start a new life!”

Story about why I h8 Harvard (long but worth it)

One time I got rlly high and went to sleep and when I woke up I was inspired to make an artist book for a public archive project which compared anti communist propaganda to vintage tampon ads as a way of assessing traditional American values through the lens of its fears and taboos and get this it was called the red scare!! I dreamed that shit how cool is that!
I was rlly proud of it and got an A on it and it was gr8 but THEN a fucking boy on tinder who went to Harvard was like hey come over we have spaghetti here (it says I like pasta in my bio) I had just gotten the project handed back to me in class and after I got out I uber ’d over ready 4 spaghetti! There was no fuckin spaghetti!!! He literally just put on awaken my love and we hooked up and like it was fine u kno but I was mad there wasn’t any spaghetti

So I leave and I realize I left the book there!! I was pretty proud of it and wanted it back so I hit him up like hey can I get my book back? And do u kno what he did?? BLOCKED me. Never saw the red scare again. And that is why I will never trust anyone at Harvard ever again with the exception of course of Malia Obama and Harvard humanitarian award recipient, Robyn Rihanna Fenty

When your ideological basis reduces the anti-fascist struggles of workers’ states like the U.S.S.R. to “Stalinist Propaganda” you are essentially regurgitating the same style of anti-communist propaganda the U.$. carried out after the war (and still does today, posing itself as the hero when it joined when the war was almost over) and it is exactly the same bullshit perpetuated by cold war historians/academics and their telephone number death toll lists of “victims of communism”; disguising it as “critique of the U.S.S.R.” is a disservice to the term “critique”, and if you call yourself a “leftist” and then act as a propagator of U.$. propaganda, on whose side are you actually on?


Okay, people, I have a very interesting video here (not mine! people thought it was, but it isn’t) and I promise that it is better than it looks like. What I am particularly interested in is the first part where the author explains the evolution of Fallout’s insects.

Because I understand that it is very tempting to add a video to the “watch later” list and never look at it again (and this is the best case scenario, I personally ignore them altogether most of the time - except if it is a Fallout glitch), I will sum up the most important parts of this theory below. Every picture used here is taken from the video.

1. There is a reason Fallout’s insects are so big.

As it turns out, Earth has seen gigantic insects before the events of Fallout happened. This was approximately 300 million years ago. During that period of time the atmospheric oxygen concentration was a lot higher than in our modern times, as shown by the graph below. It is during this era that insects had the size of Fallout’s mutated creatures. 

This is important because the insects breathe differently: instead of lungs they have a bunch of holes in their abdomen. As a result, the insects’ size is directly linked to the amount of oxygen in the air, simply because their respiratory system is less efficient than the one mammals developed over the course of their evolution.

Taken together, these two facts lead us to the conclusion that the concentration of oxygen in the air in Fallout’s universe is higher than in our time, and higher than during its pre-war period. Otherwise, bloatflies and mosquitoes couldn’t survive. This seems counterintuitive. Which is also why I am writing all of this, but I will come back to this later.

The decrease of use of fossil fuels and the lack of deforestation would probably contribute to a higher oxygen saturation in the Falloutverse. But I doubt that this would be enough, so it is possible that other areas of the modern world which haven’t been bombed as much as America, or haven’t been bombed at all, produce the whole O2. Key world: rain forest.

Even now the Amazonian rain forest is referred to as the Lungs of the Earth, so imagine what some extra radiation and a lack of civilization would turn it into. Again, we do not know anything about the world of Fallout outside of America, so, considered the size of the insects and the fact that there is no possible way they could survive in this form without a higher oxygen concentration, the Amazonian rain forest growing out of proportion and reclaiming the land that was once taken from it by humans is quite a possibility.

2. Higher oxygen saturation has its consequences.

And these consequences explain the bigger size of other creatures we encounter in Fallout’s universe.

Because of the lower amount of CO2 (green house effect) in the atmosphere the climate of the world has to be colder. And guess what, colder environment also contributes to gigantism, at least in the aquatic animal kingdom. This is why the deep-sea creatures are so big. Now, think about mirelurks and how much bigger they are from their modern cousins.

There is more information to be found in the video, but I wanted to concentrate on these two findings. Or, to be more precise, on the first one.

In the meta to follow, I am working on the assumption that the world outside of Fallout’s U.S.A. resembles the one we know to at least some extent. I expect them to correspond because this is what the game seems to be trying to imply, and because otherwise we have no reason to theorize at all.

I also want to note that I know little about South America, so I am sorry if I’ve gotten something wrong. Everyone who has something to add is very welcome to participate in the discussion and help to flesh out the theory. Or refute it.

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Hot take: Tankies whining about anarchists not supporting "actually existing socialism" or "historically successful revolutions" and using that to claim non-leninists are liberals is functionally the same as Democrats criticizing non-voters and third-party voters and people caucusing for progressive candidates for not supporting "realistic alternatives to Republicans."

Tankies are stalinists, not leninists, so, uhhhhhhh. If you’re asking me, stalinists are crypto-fascist scum who are as harmful to socialist movement as nazis are. Leninists are chill, but sometimes they are uhhhhhhh - that’s at least my take on it. But about rest of the ask - I can see similarity in that the attitude is ‘we have to be practical/realistic!’

Tbh I’m personally EXTREMELY iffy around claims where talking literal historical truth is considered ‘anticommunist propaganda’. If anything it’s the opposite - denying crimes committed by self-proclaimed socialist is giving ammunition to anti-communist propaganda, by letting them use literal fucking truth against communism.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about the fact that nazis use it, intentionally, to legitmize themselves in eyes of the general public. “Oh, those wacky nazis deny Holocaust, but commies deny Kronstadt and Holodomor, so they’re basically the same!” Which drags socialism down, and elevates nazis.

I mean, I think something is severely fucked up when "we need to be better than nazis (and don’t deny historical crimes)” is a controversial opinion.

Sorry, Guardian, but no matter how much you hate and vilify the DPRK there is no way in hell that you can describe a film whose plot is solely about an assassination attempt on a head of state as fluffy ‘satire’. This movie is an unprovoked attack by one of the world’s leading media conglomerates on an oppressed nation – who can fault the Koreans for their rightful anger?

Jack Edwards via Facebook

On the Guardian article “N. Korea threatens ‘merciless’ response over Seth Rogen film”


Twenty-Five Facts About George Orwell

24. He Wrote A Communist Blacklist

Towards the end of his life, Orwell wrote out a list of notable writers and entertainers that, he felt, were not suitable to contribute to the Information Research Department’s anti-communist propaganda activities, i.e. those he felt were sympathetic to Communist causes. He had been keeping names in a notebook since the mid-1940s and wrote out his official list in 1949. They included such names as actors Charlie Chaplin and Michael Redgrave. Names that appeared in the notebook but not official list included actress Katherine Hepburn, poet Cecil Day-Lewis (father of actor Daniel Day-Lewis), George Bernard Shaw, John Steinbeck, and Orson Welles. One version of the list is still a British state secret.

The use of words like “elites”, “bankers”, “financial powers” being used as antisemitic buzzwords by rich people and bigots that hate Jewish people isn’t at all helpful to those of us trying to have actually discussions about fucked up economic systems and our justifiable hatred of the rich.  It leads to violence against Jewish people of all classes, it is often tied to anti-communist/pro-Nazi propaganda (antisemitic leftists may go out of their way to avoid mentioning Marx being ethnically Jewish or Lenin’s Jewish grandfather, but Nazis/anti-communists sure as hell don’t), it obscures Jewish participation in anti-capitalist movements, and it protects the wealthy and powerful by providing a scapegoat for economic issues that doesn’t involve any real examination of economic systems or power dynamics.

All of us, including myself, who were raised in Western countries and aren’t Jewish/from Jewish families have to put work in unlearning the antiemitism spread throughout Western cultures.

But come on, you have to know it’s bullshit for Christian/Christian background billionaires to pretend they are’t the real “elites”, “bankers”, and “financial powers” that we actually need to worry the most about.