anti columbus

So last night my friends and I decided that we were all going to go to the Donald Trump Rally in Columbus Ohio, our hometown. We went not in support of him, but to get extra credit in humanities. When we got in we decided we were going to silently protest until two college students came up us and asked if we were supporting him. They we’re a bit shocked when we told them that we weren’t. Trump was late on the stage but about 40 minutes of listening to him ramble about himself he decide to bring up terrorism. He began to speak about how we shouldn’t let in Syrian refugees anymore when the two collage students with us began to chant “Hating Muslims helps ISIS!” until Trump noticed. He kept looking at us, trying to talk over my friends who began joining in. Surrounding people told us to shut up but they kept chanting. Finally Trump had enough and told his people to “get them the hell out of here!” This is a video that I took before his people began to push and grab us forcing us to leave after exercising the first amendment of the freedom of speech. As we were leaving my friends and I were called the N word, N word lovers, terrorist, towel heads, faggots, fuckers, etc. (I think you get the point) later on news websites it states that there were only “two protestors” when there really were about ten of us. People commented in those videos that we were conducting illegal activity while his followers were giving us death threats. This experience was honestly one of the most terrifying things that I have ever done. It was worth it though, and not everyone there was in support of him. I just want you guys to know the truth, thank you for reading this far down too. Please share this so the incident gets more recognition.

Columbus Day

Columbus Day is this Monday. Here’s a reminder that Columbus didn’t land on Plymouth Rock or anywhere in North America. He landed in the Caribbean and in his lifetime committed genocide in the Caribbean and in Central America. He is the cause for the colonisation of the Caribbean and Latin America and later the Caribbean and Latin American slave trade. In his lifetime and many years after North America wasn’t part of the picture. Stop erasing Caribbean and Latin Americans from Columbus Day history/discourse. Stop erasing the indigenous people of the Caribbean and Latin America. Centre us. We know more than anyone the aftermath and the history of Columbus because that is our history. Most of the indigenous people that Columbus oppressed are now Black and or Latino. It is also a form of anti blackness and racism against PoC Latinos to erase us from our own history. I encourage all Caribbean and or Latin Americans to take back Columbus Day history and discourse and make it about ourselves, the descendants of the indigenous people Columbus terrorised. Don’t let our ancestors get erased.


“*I want the assassins to know” is what I meant to say but you get the point.

I saw the Assassin’s Creed movie and had some pretty strong opinions. Overall the film was okay but I can’t overlook this.

And honestly I knew his ass was going to show up the minute I saw 1492 SPAIN in the opening goddamned sequence. 

Signs that you've been brainwashed

1.You adamantly believe that Abraham Lincoln freed “the slaves” and did so because he cared for Black people even though you know he owned slaves himself.

2. You’ve heard the “1492 Ocean Blue” Columbus story 1000 times including the part where he “finds” an undiscovered land filled with indigenous folks but you never stopped to ask yourself “how is a land undiscovered if it’s already inhabited?”

one of my 2nd grade students had a homework sheet about christopher columbus and it literally said “columbus had a ship, traveled to a new land, and went home to tell everyone of his exciting discovery!” i explained what actually happened in 10 minutes:

me: pretend i’m columbus and pretend “the new land” is your room.
me: it’s your room so what do you wanna call it?
student: mmm…dragon island!
me: okay it’s dragon island! so you’re with your family and friends on dragon island. you’re just sitting here doing your homework. okay, now i’m columbus.
me: *walks next to student* wow, cool. this room is mine. i’m gonna go get mr. k (another coworker) and he’s gonna call it america.
student: wait but it’s called dragon island!
me: well i’m here now and we say it’s america. *points to his backpack* this is mine too.
student: wait but that’s mine!
me: not anymore! now you have to listen to what i tell you and stop listening to your parents.
student: what? why?
me: *in a playful manner because i can tell he’s starting to get distressed* you better stop asking questions and do what i say or else! *dances*
student: *laughs* i don’t like columbus.
me: yeah, me neither. he was a very bad man.

after that, he asked why the teacher wouldn’t tell him and i said because they don’t want him to know. he asked why they didn’t want him to know and i said, “because they don’t want you to learn things they don’t like.” after more questions, i briefly explained that native americans were “hurt and died” because of columbus and they’re still hurting. it took me a little aback when he said that his teacher explained a little bit about how white spanish people came and took the land. his understanding of it was incredible. we fill children with ignorance and that’s how they grow up to be bigots who think horrific things that occurred aren’t all that bad. i urge you to take 10 minutes to teach your children at home and undo what the school reinforces.