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Greedy Old Men Who Will Be Dead Soon Advocate Leaving Climate Pact

President Trump will make his decision on whether or not to back out of the Paris Climate Accord later today, and people on both sides of the argument are vying for the president’s ear. On one side are younger people who give actually a shit about the planet and believe in climate science, and on the other are old men in the pocket of the oil and coal industries who will be dead in 5-10 years. “Staying in the pact is anti-coal. I like coal. We used to burn it for warmth when I was a kid back in the 1890′s,” said Utah Senator Orrin Hatch. Also joining the anti-pact chorus are Trump’s chief darkness advisor Steve Bannon, EPA chief and clean coal dipshit Scott Pruitt, and Jesus’ favorite creationist Ted Cruz.

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dude can you write more about night in the woods & your interpretation of it bc i feel like you'd have some gr8 things to say

I dunno, man.  One of the key things about Night in the Woods is that it leaves it all on the field, thematically speaking.  If it has a point to make it makes sure you notice, which means that there’s only so much unpacking to be done after the characters are finished explaining their personal metaphors to each other.

What analysis I have seen on the ol Lore Internet tends to be focused on what are to me the least interesting aspects of the story - the ol’ janitor is the forest god, the thing in the mine is Baphomet whose hooves tore a hole in the sky as it escaped the dreaming place, etc.  Which is like - OK, sure, I understand the impulse.  Mae sees something which is real but which nobody else is willing to talk about, and the fact that her friends will go with her to find it is proof (should Gregg require it) that they are brave and decent people.  But definitively answering “what is the monster in the mine” with “the devil” isn’t going along with May so much as it is enabling her.   Fails the good people check, and is also dumb.  There’s no such thing as ghosts.

Every horrible thing that has happened in Possum Springs from strikebreaking massacres to cave-ins to sinkholes is connected to the old mine, yes.  But it isn’t because there was a demon down there - it’s because there was coal in it.  The reason the town keeps flooding is a) it was built somewhere you shouldn’t build a town in the first place on account of there was coal nearby b) because of what happens to trees and topsoil when you do open pit c) because we have all burned too much coal and the weather’s going nuts.  Everyone’s moms and dads and brothers are dead because mine runoff is full of poison and it’s bad for babies, and the poisoned people keep voting against healthcare because the people who are anti-healthcare are Pro-Coal and will protect the Coal Way of Life from the fuckers who think we should just bung a bunch of solar panels in the mojave instead.   The Hole at the Center of Everything is a literal sinkhole.  The fires of hell are the fires of Centralia.   The trucks that ran Gregg’s sheep over were probably coal haulers!  Mae’s terrible ex-boyfriend is literally named Cole!  

Yeah so the game is mostly about fossil fuels and I think that’s underreported

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All you gays only hate Reylo because it's a straight ship and you want to ship Rey with the coal boy. Delete your blog sweetie :)

1. I’m not gay. I’m just a girl who doesn’t like abusive ships.
2. Did you just call Finn “coal boy”??

Comedy Gold: Coal plant protest deflated by miserable failure of renewable energy

They couldn’t even get their renewable energy sources to keep their puny inflatable coal plant upright, but they don’t want coal to supply the power their city.  This is the “logic” that drives the anti-coal (frankly, anti-science) left. 

here’s the video:

I love how visibly embarrassed the inflatable operator was.  He should be. His “renewable energy” lasted a paltry 45 minutes.  Apparently he neither understands electricity or economics. 

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What does an 'anti coal activist' do? I've never heard of such a thing

You see all these beautiful places I share with you guys all the time? Places like that are being destroyed everyday here in Appalachia. I’m literally watching my home, and the mountains I love being blasted away for coal. Coal is not a “forever” energy source… obviously, it is going to run out. We need to be moving in a new direction, towards clean and renewable energy! It’s not worth leveling an entire mountain range, for a few years worth of electric. It is an industry based off of greed. Not to mention the Appalachian people are not the ones profiting from this business. 

“anti coal activist” is not a legit term… it’s just my own jumble of words. Not sure how else to say it. And it’s not really correct anyway, because I’m not against coal itself. Fire runs in my veins because of the corrupted industry that controls it. 

Even the Appalachian people usually don’t see the full picture. It’s a touchy subject around here… but if you walk atop a “mountain” that has been stripped, it’s obvious we have a SERIOUS problem. Our air is toxic, and our water is contaminated… and the majority of people here don’t even realize. I feel it’s my duty to share my knowledge with others, so that they too can become aware of the horrifying state our region is in. 

If you want to know more about mountaintop removal, you can check out my website: