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Do you think that Padme was afraid of leaving Anakin? I always had the feeling that Padme never wanted to actually stay with Anakin—I mean their marriage in itself was kinda rushed and forced on his end.

It wasn’t something she necessarily wanted, at all. Ankain wanted it, but not Padme. She just caved in because he wouldn’t let her say no.

Then fast forward to the Clovis arc where it appears that even in  her relationship with Anakin, she’s not happy. She wants a family, she wants to be public about her relationship, but because of Anakin being in the Order, she can’t be (and it’s kinda lowkey selfish of him at this point to still be with her and still be in the Order. He needs to pick his wife. He can leave the Order and things will be fine, he’s just one Jedi. But Padme is an important Senator, and she can’t be so easily replaced).

And with all that in place, he proceeds to beat the ever living shit out of Clovis despite Padme telling him no (and let’s not act like Clovis is blameless, he did try to force himself on Padme, But Anakin’s reaction was wrong, because Padme told him to stop), tells her she has no “say in it” thus writing her off as some object, and completely ignores her when she tells him to leave Clovis alone. It’s safe to say he could have killed Clovis despite Padme begging him to stop.

And like, Padme is so shaken and so terrified of Anakin she doesn’t even want to be around him. I feel like she though the man who murdered the Sand Raiders in cold blood was gone, but nope, he was there the whole time. 

And with all these factors combined, I sometimes think she wanted to leave him.

But she was just…afraid to. She’d seen what he did to the Sand Raiders because he got mad, saw what he did to Clovis because he got mad, and I think Padme leaving him would infuriate him as well, and he’d try to kill her (which, tbh, he kinda does).

So I kinda think that she stayed with him only because she didn’t know how to leave.

And I’m not downplaying Padme’s narrative as a strong woman, because she is. But she’s still prone to valid fears due to Anakin’s unpredictable and dangerous temper. Just because she’s a strong woman doesn’t mean she doesn’t fear a man who she rightfully has every reason to fear.

So I’m just thinking, if Padme did leave Anakin, or tried to, what he have killed her? Or hurt her? There’s a tiny part of me that says no, but there’s an even larger part that says yes.


Ahsoka turns 18 in the middle of a swamp, knee deep in muck while trying to keep a trooper’s head above water and press down on his gaping gut wound at the same time. The effort is pointless and she knows it. He’s going to die with his insides spilling out to mingle with stinking mud - but she can’t stop holding on, can’t stop trying. As his commander this is her fault. He’s a shiny, so new that she doesn’t even remember his name, and he’s going to die here because she knows how to use the Force to kill in a hundred ways but can’t heal more than a bruise.

“I’m here,” she says when he gasps in pain. “I’ve got your back, soldier. You aren’t alone.”

They aren’t wearing helmets or full armor - it would stand out too much while they wage guerilla warfare in this kriffing swamp that covers half the Sith damned planet - and she can see the light going out of his brown eyes. When his hands scramble blindly for his own wound she abandons her pointless attempt to hold it closed and grabs his hands instead. Their fingers fit together the same way that she has fit with a thousand troopers before him and will with a thousand after. She knows the strength of his grip, can anticipate how it fades. The wet sounds of his dying breaths will join the last sounds of his many brothers in haunting her dreams for the rest of her life.

“Udesii, vod’ika. Udesii.” She holds his hands until they go limp, then lets them slide into the muddy water. His identification tag is all that she can afford to take for the long hike back to base camp - if they collected every fallen trooper’s body the cremation furnaces would burn around the clock for years. The swamp will have his body and the bodies of his fallen brothers. With one long glance back, she leaves him to help patch up the members of her squad that still live. Spending so much time comforting a nameless shiny during his last moments has put the rest of her men at risk of a return attack if the enemy realizes that one of their supply shipments has been destroyed along with all of its guards.


Even rain on this planet brings no relief. Hot and foul smelling, it drenches Ahsoka long before she makes it back to her pop up shelter in the center of their heavily fortified and camouflaged camp, yet somehow does not wash away the blood caked beneath her nails and dried in the creases of her palms. She strips off her outer layers outside of the shelter and leaves them in a disgusting pile just inside the door, shedding the rest of her clothing as she crosses to the thin sleeping pad rolled out on the floor. Only her boots make it far enough to be set carefully beside the pad, within easy reach. She would rather fight and die naked except for her boots than wear her mud and blood caked clothes to sleep for the tenth night in a row.

“Move, cyare,” she mumbles, prodding the lump taking up the whole sleeping mat. She knows he’s awake. The troopers can sleep anywhere, but they also wake at the slightest sign of trouble - or fortune. True to form, Rex grumbles a halfhearted complaint as he rolls over to make room for her and reaches up to catch her wrist. When he tugs, she goes willingly to the sleeping pad, tucking herself up against his chest for the first time in two standard weeks - though she’s lost track of how many of the planet’s short days have passed in that time. It turns out that he’s just as naked as she is.

“You smell like the wrong end of a bantha, little’un,” Rex complains. He nuzzles up against her montrals anyways before tucking her head beneath his chin. Ahsoka has grown tall over the past couple of years but she will never, ever be too big to be folded in his strong arms and held tight against his broad chest.

“You’re no better,” she grumbles against his collarbone. Her nose is just sharp enough to differentiate the warm-home-gunmetal scent of Rex beneath the overwhelming stench of mud and death that clings to everyone on this campaign. “I’m eighteen today, and I feel eighty.”

Rex hums thoughtfully. “I’m fifteen and look thirty. Feel about three hundred these days.”

She doesn’t have to ask, she can feel the pain and exhaustion radiating off of him. She does anyway. “That bad?”

“That bad. And the General still hasn’t broken back through the blockade.”


“My thoughts exactly,” he replies, ducking down to rub his cheek against hers a moment later. Without access to even the most basic of freshers his dark stubble has turned into a full beard and his bleached hair is showing black roots. If Ahsoka looked closely she could pick out the first strands of gray in them, so she doesn’t. Reminders of how fast he has aging, how he will inevitably leave her far too soon even if they both survive the war, are unwelcome at the moment. “I can hear you thinking, cyare. Go to sleep.”

“I can’t,” Ahsoka murmurs. “I held a brother while he died today, and I can’t remember his name. I only have the number on his ident tag to say during Remembrance. If his batchmates are gone, no one will say it again. He’ll just be…gone.”

“Nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la,” Rex reminds her, kissing her forehead. “If you remember him he is eternal, name or not.”

Ahsoka doesn’t know if she believes the trooper’s Mandalorian superstitions, or believes the Masters who speak grandly about all living things becoming one with the Force after death, or believes anything at all after four years of constant war. But she does know that she won’t ever forget holding that shiny’s hand as he died on a backwater planet with no particular strategic value. His loss is carved on her heart alongside so many others.

“Nu kyr’adyc, shi taab’echaaj’la,” she repeats anyway. She kisses the steady pulse in his throat, lingering there as she continues. “Don’t march march away without me, Rex.”


Reasons the Jedi should end 3/?

They use a teenage girl to test Anakin’s commitment to Jedi tenets against attachment, expecting him to struggle. 

i found this in a 2013 clone wars magazine on a page titled “the ickiest clone wars moments” and honestly….. me as hell


Reasons the Jedi should end 6/?

Knowing Anakin has the bare minimum of self-control, and is already super attached to Padmé, Obi-Wan cautions the Council not to send them off on a romantic getaway mission where staying with her at all times is literally the mandate. They do not listen.

queen-geee  asked:

We would love to here some of your thoughts on sasuke then lol

Oh haha but I’m so insecure about posting! lol

Okay I’ll just post what me and @naru-discussions been talking about. I don’t think she’ll mind. Anyway she asked me how I think of Sasuke now, and it’s apparently pretty much the same as what @naruot‘s been saying in a way. So these are my feelings for the Boroto Sasuke, the Sasuke we have now, that we ended up with:

I don’t like that he [Sasuke] is loyal to the village. I don’t think the real Sasuke would do that when his family’s murder is still not answered for. I find it ridiculous that people look down on him for wanting revenge when his entire fucking family was murdered, like in the real world we’d call trying to kill the murderer of your family, justice. What I could dissapprove of is him trying to gain revenge with his own hands. Justice can only be done through the law and him doing it by his own hands thus breaking a contract with the military which he signed up for and made an oath does constitute his arrest, until we found out that the government was the one that issued the murder, the genocide, the massacre… Anyway I got into a rant but considering how such things were still not answered for and Sasuke just gave up in the end for Naruto I don’t think I could bare watching the new Boroto and even acknowledging or liking him. I understand he wasn’t likable before. I didn’t approve of some, if not most of his reckless decisions, but they made more sense and made him more human which I could appreciate. I love fucked up characters, especially characters that have reasons to be fucked up and I think Sasuke has more then enough reasons. His going to Orochimaru made sense especially after Kakashi’s speech to him which was basically to give up on revenge which is a lot to ask for a boy whose been living alone stewing on the aftermath of his family’s tragedy and demise since he was seven. Like really Kakashi, give up on revenge. That was never going to happen. And it didn’t. Sasuke’s turn to darkness, his path to falling towards a villain which was so painful to watch was much more satisfying to watch then his sudden change and redemption to Naruto’s sidekick, this complacent soldier, who we see in Boroto who does things for the Hokage, his supposed best friend, who is still hiding the knowledge of the Uchiha Massacre from the public. So really I can’t say anything for the current Sasuke. He just doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t even acknowledge him as the Sasuke from the Naruto series. I feel like the ending Sasuke we got, the one who finally got “peace” is just a fake, a whole other person.

(I kind of added stuff to what I told @naru-discussions here.)

He’s boring and anything that made him interesting, human is gone. All for Team 7 and so he could be Sakura’s wife, and Naruto’s best friend, and now Boroto’s master. And apparently he doesn’t spend much time with his daughter, right? Even though family means more to him then anything? Well even if he did who cares. I really don’t care about Boroto’s Sasuke. I prefer to believe it’s not Sasuke and Sasuke died. (kind of repeating here now because I added this to last paragraph but I don’t want to delete..)

At first I wanted Sasuke to be at peace, and that was related to the Uchiha Massacre getting justice, for the people who was responsible for it pay, and for people to know it. Instead we got Naruto beating him up to a pulp, sns drivel which as much as i indulge in fanfics and fandom i don’t really care all to much of it except for characters to gain peace and a solution to be made, if it adds to that then yeah I support and by all appearance sns looked or appeared to have that but somehow the ending didn’t end up that way even if Sasuke and Naruto didn’t end up as a couple which was already unlikely apparently because shounen mangas don’t do that, their relationship seemed to be very important in the manga and Sasuke has always been a foil to Naruto. If anything trying to help Sasuke find peace would have distinguished Naruto differently from his predecessors who’ve always put the “greater good” first, or what they thought was the “greater good”, made Naruto look at people first, put people first, instead of trying to maintain the status quo “the village”, putting that first.

 I expected the Uchiha massacre truth to come out, I truly did. 

I never expected it to be possible for Sasuke to gain peace (if it’s even possible. The man is broken, but maybe it could be a start for him to get recovery and maybe a psychologist or something) and for the victims of the massacre to not get any justice whatsoever, for the truth to not come out, to be put in the background as if the event meant nothing to the characters, to Sasuke! because they were both tied to me! For Sasuke to gain peace and closure he had to see justice happen, for the truth to come out about Itachi about the Uchiha Massacre, for the people who let it happen, the people responsible to pay!  But that’s exactly what kishi did and I was like no no wtf. So yeah i don’t really care about Sasuke now because the real Sasuke wouldn’t get peace until his family’s murder gets the justice it deserves. That was the basis, the motivation of his whole character story arc.

Also I think Sasuke is being turned into a version of Piccolo from DBZ (this is in answer to something that @naru-discussions said but I’m not sure if she’ll allow me to put it…) which kind of doesn’t fit because, Sasuke already gets flak about not being a father to Sarada so him being a “second father” to Boroto like how  Piccolo is kind of looked at as a second father figure to Gohan isn’t going to garner the same feelings from fans.

Also my headcannons lol. We were talking about Sakura and her two minute date and how that was the funniest shit ever. And I was talking about Sakura’s face when she was telling Ino about the date

Like look at her she looks… so content?  How she looked like she was okay with it? She’s like yeah it was 2 minutes. Those were great 2 minutes lol  

What the hell happened in those two minutes?

Did they fuck or something?

Was that how Sarada was concieved? Damn Sasuke you go.

According to naru-discussions there date was at a bench?

So I made two headcannons. One is sweet the other is very vulgar. Here it is:

The two-minute SasuSaku date:

Headcannon 1:  It probably went like a converstation about the last time they were at the bench and what the bench meant for them. And then Sasuke had a mission. And then he pecked her in the lips and that was their first kiss. And it was all so special!!

Headcannon 2:  I don’t think it’s possible to fuck in two minutes tho. If it happened, Sasuke is a legend. Sarada concieved in two minutes. Damn you go Sasuke. Just get over with it and then go. Sarada’s conception is the biggest legend in Konoha history.

I was saying it in sarcasm. But it does sound sweet doesn’t it.

I guess the first one is for the rated G fans and the second is Rated R. It depends on the person which is true. I like them both. The second one is hilarious though I don’t think Sasuke or Sakura would be so vulgar to go it out in the open where people could see them. But then if it was two minutes, it must have been a blur…

naru-discussions: Plus genjutsu 

Me: true true

So that was pretty much our discussion on Sasuke with some low-key Sasusaku. By the way, we were kind of dissing the ship too but since the headcannons are kind of postive to that ship in a way, not that it helps much at least for me. I low-key ship SS in fandom, low-key, but I hate the cannon, especially what’s shown in Boroto, or the hints of it I get on tumblr. It just doesn’t look good and again I don’t support nor like the Sasuke shown in Boruto, he just doesn’t fit the Sasuke that is shown in the original Naruto series, which is being renamed “Boroto’s Dad” apparently. All the original characters have just been downgraded by the end of Naruto and I just hate it.

Ino seems cool in Boroto though. That’s the only character I can think of right now that I’m kind of okay with in the ending, and that probably because she doesn’t get a lot of screentime. Never thought I’d be happy about a character not getting enough screentime. That is how much I believe the author that has ruined his own characters. Just please don’t touch them, don’t. Leave it to the fan. But that’s just my opinion. I’m an extreme anti-Naruto Ender.


A bit late, but here’s Ectober’s Prompt for October 29th: Spiders. I did the best I could to stay on topic (ie poorly). Warnings for copious nerdy-references.

“I always forget that you guys that do that,” Sam said, unable to look away.

Danielle, walking along the ceiling of Sam’s basement in her homemade Halloween Costume, continued to sing off-key. “Spider-Dan, Spider-Dan, does whatever a Spider-Dan does.”

Danny shrugged. “Yeah, we don’t really need to use it really often, what with the flying and all.”

“Can she swing, from a web? Even better: she can fly.”

“This is painful to listen to,” Danny informed her.

“More painful than the Amazing Spider Man 2?” Danielle asked.

“I thought we swore a clone-cousin blood pact to never speak of that again.”

“Y’know,” Sam said. “As hilarious as the thought of one of my nosy parents seeing you and having a heart attack, you should probably come down eventually.”

She flapped a dismissive hand. “Psht, relax, Sam. I know how to-”

Everyone turned to the the footsteps pounding down the stairs by twos. Sam exhaled with relief as Tucker hopped down the last two steps, grinning proudly in his crisp Starfleet Uniform. “’Sup, local lifeforms.”

“Oh my God,” Sam gaped. “Just when I thought he couldn’t be any more of a nerd, he’s is boldly nerding where no one has nerded before.”

“That joke really doesn’t help your case, Sam,” Danny said. 

Tucker put his hands on his hips in mock affront. “Hey yeah, glass houses, Sam!” He looked admiringly around the Manson’s fully decked out basement. “Even ridiculously expensive imported glass houses.”

“Point taken.” 

Tucker kept glancing around the basement. “Hey Danny, wasn’t Elle supposed to be-”

“HI TUCKER,” she reappeared on the ceiling, two inches from his face.

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Project Kuron

ft. a long-ass post about how season 3 space dad is not space dad but, in fact, his clone-brother Kuro leggo.

Spoilers ahoy

Just gonna start this off by saying that for the sake of this crack theory I will be referring to fake!Shiro as Kuro (after the fandom’s anti!Shiro problematic fav), Clone Dad, badhaircut!Shiro, or any combo of the three.

Aight. so. Season 3 ep. 5 you have *Shiro* waking up looking like something from Lost. Which is fishy in itself because hasn’t he only been missing for like…2 weeks tops? Did the Galra treat him to some Keratin treatment while in captivity? We don’t know.

He wakes up disorientated and wanders around the halls which suspiciously have 0 guards in sight. Should probably also mention how he wasn’t restrained in any way on the table up there.

He then stumbles onto a lifeless Shiro Shell Husk, which has the same haircut as old season 2 Shiro. Strange.

There’s some kind of fluid injection happening, which is looking a bit like the memory harvesting process back in season 2? Just a guess.

An isolation tank filling with goo liquid to keep the clone body safe until activation? Liquid that the memories have been injected into perhaps?

So that concluded stage one, stage 2 apparently being him waking up and escaping in a pod, which they really didn’t try hard to stop if you ask me. Also the called it Operation Kuron. Like seriously? Shiro = white, Kuro = black. Kuron? Really? 

Then you’ve got this guy who’s happily watching him get away and crash landing on a planet while ominously stating stage 3 is underway, making everything look pretty damn planned to this point. 

Aanndd I just wanted to put this in here to document the potential clone existential crisis baby Kuro may be experiencing. Is he contemplating life? Death? Existence? Or just making a cute passing comment to a giant fish skeleton? We will possibly never know.

This whole scene with him and Keith after they rescue him may be important. How? I don’t know yet. I may also just be putting this cap in here for personal reasons. 

Then you’ve got badhaircut!Shiro back looking like Buzz Lightyear and just happy to be there but also complaining of some mysterious mystery headache that will probbaallyy come in to play later if I had to guess. Just a hunch. Also who lets this guy dress himself like seriously he needs an intervention. 

And of course ol’ Black ain’t working for him anymore because it’s not his bbf but an IMPOSTER.

And not sure if relevant (not sure if ANY of this is relevant) but when Shiro starts giving orders again he sorta screws them over either way? Like if Keith hadn’t moved and taken charge the comet ship would’ve escaped as well as the cargo ship. Like, at least he swerved at the last minute and managed to cause some damage to the teledove piece? Idk man is Kuro trying to sabotage them? Am I just being paranoid? Probably.

Then lastly we’ve got this cute scene between Keithers and imposter!dad, but either way Shiro just looks a bit…off? Dunno if it’s just the bad hair throwing me off but like..??


Clone!SpaceDad is not my Space Dad and they really need to teach clones to cut hair better in clone school.

Feel free to discuss, debunk and add to this mess obvs. I’d love to hear y’alls theories.

One and The Same (a Jacksepticeye + egos AU) - Chapter 1

Inspired by this post:

The first chapter is here! And I finally came up with a decent name! I’m so determined to finish this I swear to god!

Oh, and thanks Jack for creating a new ego on the EXACT DAY I start writing this…Oh well, I got Zombie Jack (aka. Jack from the PUBG thumbnail) in here anyway. I don’t know if he’ll appear again since I don’t really know how to fit him in but…oh well. Enjoy!

I just found out the new ego’s name is apparently Robbie. No idea why but…ok? Still don’t know if I’ll include him in this. I’ll find a place to put him somewhere. *** p>

Chapter 1 - The Escape

Jacksepticeye awoke to the sound of screaming.

He opened his eyes slowly and was met with the harsh white lights that illuminated his cell. Turning his head groggily to the side to avoid blinding himself, he saw the white walls and white tiled floor that made up the room that had been his home for about a month now.

Suddenly, a large BANG echoed though the building, shaking the room and causing white specks of plaster to fall from the ceiling. Jack sat up in fright, all grogginess from the anesthetic forgotten.
“What the fuck-“ he stopped when he saw the door to his cell was wide open. He could see the corridor outside. Jack rubbed his eyes. The scientists always said the anesthetic they used on subjects was known to cause hallucinations. Maybe this was another one.

When he opened his eyes, there was a figure in the doorway. He wore a white doctor’s coat, and Jack’s heart skipped a beat thinking it was one of the scientists. But this scientist had a blue t-shirt on under the coat, glasses, a blue face mask and hat and the same bright green hair as Jack.
“Jack!” Dr. Schneeplestein cried, running into the room and hauling Jack out of the cot he had been sleeping in, “Ve need to get to of here! Come on!!”
“Wh-what?” Jack stammered as Schneeple carried him out of the room. The grogginess from the antithetic had made a comeback. “I don’t understand. What’s going on?”
“After ze scientists knocked you out vith ze anesthetic, zer vas a massive system failure across all the computer systems,” Schneeple explained with his thick german accent as they staggered though the building. Red lights flashed, drowning the corridors and room in red and sirens pierced the silence. “Everyzing went down! Lights, computers, everyzing! Zhey put everyone in zheir cells as ze cell doors vere ze only thing zat vas not affected, and zhey managed to fix some of the lights, but zhen all cell doors failed allowing everyone to run free! So ve’re escaping!” Schneeple continued. Jack staggered after the doctor, stunned. They were…escaping? He had given up hope of being rescued or escaping ages ago. He’d tried to escape once before when he was first kidnapped by them, and all he’d got out of it was a broken nose. Could it really be second time lucky?

As they turned the corner, they were met with another man. He also looked exactly like Jack - green hair, blue eyes - but he was wearing a red spandex suit and was looking at them through a blue mask.
“Schneeale!” Jackaboy Man shouted over the sirens.
“I’ve got Jack! Go! Go!” Schneeple urged. The three of them ran through the building, Jack still trying to make sense of everything. Everything around him was moving too fast. He couldn’t keep up. He caught a glimpse of white coated bodies strewn all over the floor of the corridors they were running through. They didn’t appear to be dead though, just unconscious.
“Vhere are Chase and Marvin?!” Schneeple demanded.
“They’re waiting at the entrance for us!” Jackaboy replied. As they passed the main Lab, where Jack and the other clones the scientists had made of himself had spent multiple painful hours strapped to tables and tortured, Jack heard a voice cry out above all the noise.
Jack stopped dead, backtracking to look into the room. Panic settled in at a mere glance of the operating table, but he fought through it and went into the room.
“Jack, what are you doing?!” He heard Jackaboy shout from the corridor. Jack ignored it and looked round the room.
“Someone get me out of here!”
Jack looked towards the source of the voice and was met with a computer screen. Unlike the other computers scattered around the room, this one was on. On the screen was another Jack look-alike, although this one was glitching around the screen in panic and anger. He had pitch black eyes that seemed to burn with fury and a small red line across his neck that was oozing blood, despite it being impossible for a computer program to have blood.
“Anti!” Jack cried, leaning close to the screen.
“Jack!” Antisepticeye replied, “Get me out of this fucking computer program! I can’t stay here! Those assholes are going to pay for what they did to me! Get me out!”
The computer screen was struggling to handle Anti being inside it. It kept glitching to black, then coming back on, then glitching back to black again.
“Um…um…” Jack stammered, looking round the room for something to help, “Hang on…I-I can help! Hang on…”
“Vhat are you doing?!” Schneeple said, Jack noticing for the first time that he and Jackaboy were in the room.
“We need to get Anti out of there!” Jack shouted, the sirens piercing his ears.
“What?! No!” Jackaboy said, “He’s dangerous! We can’t set him free! He’s better off here!”
“I am not leaving him here!” Jack shouted, still frantically searching for something, even though he had no idea what he was looking for, “He’s one of us, whether you like it or not! He deserves to escape as much as the rest of us!”

He turned back to the screen and stared into Anti’s eyes for a moment, thinking. Eventually, he walked up to the screen.
“Anti, I think the only way to let you out is…um…to possess me,” Jack said.
“No! No, no, no!” Schneeple said, walking over to Jack and dragging him away from the screen, “I vill not let you do zhis! I refuse!”
“Well, do you have any better ideas?!” Jack snapped.
“If he possesses you, he’ll kill you!” Jackaboy said, “Don’t you remember what happened to the last clone he possessed?! He was reduced to nothing more than a pile of skin and bones!”
Jack remembered the incident well. There had once been a sixth clone created from Jack’s conscience, though Jack couldn’t quite remember what part of his conscience that clone was a personification of. Shortly after the clone was created, it went haywire, attacking the scientists and destroying practically everything. Its eyes had been completely white, and its skin turned a sickly grey colour with large black bags under its eyes. Once the scientists managed to hold the clone down, it had dropped dead. It was later discovered that Anti had possessed the clone and the strain of the possession had mutated the clone, eventually ending in its death. In a desperate attempt to stop Anti from causing any more damage, the scientists managed to lock Anti in a computer program. And now, he was here in the computer, staring back at Jack with black, menacing eyes.
“Wow…” Anti said in response to Jackaboy, “Do you really think that low of me? That time was just…a test. I know what I’m doing now. Jack will not be harmed, I promise.”

Suddenly, a scientist entered the room. Everyone froze for a moment, until the scientist bolted back out, screaming, “THEY’RE HERE! THE SUBJECTS ARE HERE!”
“Fuck…” Schneeple said, “Jack, we have to go. Now!!”
Jack looked back to the screen.
“Ready, Anti?”
Anti smiled.
“Of course.”
Jack placed his hand on the screen and almost immediately felt a shock run down his arm. He gasped as pain shot though his body. The computer screen flickered, trying to hold onto what little life it had left, before shutting down for the last time.

Jack staggered back, collapsing to the ground. His vision was blurring, Schneeple and Jackaboy becoming nothing but shapes and colours, their muffled cries swimming around him. He barely heard the sound of the scientists entering the room over another voice now speaking in his mind.

“Leave these guys to me, Jack…you just sleep…”


alkja  asked:

I'm sorry, did you say "memes about “Master Kenobi’s sculpted abs”"????? HOW did that come to be? How did it happen that Ob-Wan "always wrapped in at least 3 layers of linen and wool" Kenobi got to be seen in deshabillé? Did Obi-Wan become a Jedi sex symbol? (he ought) Who was more mortified, he or Anakin? Were the Jedi pissed or were they like "mmmmh, good pr this is"? TELL US MORE!

combining this with:

Anonymous said:
/MEMES/ ABOUT OBIWANS /SCULPTED ABS??!?!/ Omigosh I have a sudden need to know how the holonet even got a pic of Obiwan’s abs. Was it a clone? Was it Ahsoka? Was it a jedi youngling? A trolling knight? A lucky-stalking journalist climbing the sides of the temple? HOW? HahahahahHHAha


Anonymous said:
THE HOLONET NEVER FORGET hahahhaha yesss. But really, how did the public get a glimpse of Obiwan’s abs???

I just love that this became a BURNING QUESTION that NEEDS ANSWERS. Luckily I do have answers, but lol. (referenced by this and this)

WARNING: mentions of child slavery and the discovery of child slaves. Nothing graphic what so ever, in fact, the children haven’t been made slaves yet, though they have been kidnapped for that purpose.

It’s the kind of mission that Obi-Wan will do his absolute best to completely forget as soon as it’s over and he’s finished his report. 

For months they’ve fought this war, struggling to keep the Separatist forces at bay and keeping the Republic safe. For months the clones have been at the Jedi’s backs, help keeping them safe. Helped the Jedi be enough to keep the Republic safe. 

The Jedi are not an army, they’re not soldiers… They’re supposed to be peacekeepers but now, at the behest of the Republic, they’re not.

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