anti christian symbol

Dear fellow “Pagans”.

For those who follow The Abyss of Darkness for some time now, know that once I liked True Norwegian Black Metal… I made artwork for it…. The flock loved it. But I slowly lost my interest for it. But why? Well that question is not hard to answer… It’s because Metalheads often seem more smart, more intelligent than others. (at least I thought so). But they are not. In fact they do the contrary of what they say they do and who they are. And almost non of them is bloody aware of it. They say they are anti-christian, meanwhile they use symbols which were made by christians. They wear shirts of their favorite bands who use anti christian imagery, but all they are actually doing is spreading christianity. Promoting it. By putting a lot of attention on it. This was to me “fake-rebellion”. And this goes too for the big band names out there who are even worse in doing this. So I left that scene behind me because of the idiots claiming to be True Norwegian Metalheads, pure anti-christian, satanic bastards…. Meanwhile each one of them was just a lame mortal doing the contrary of what that person said he did. I grew just very tired of it and left.

So I turned to a different path… A path of Germanic cultures… European Ancestry. A pre-christian Europe. I read books about european cultures… I looked up history from different perspectives… I learned a lot by doing so…. One thing it taught me in particular. Which is…. The amount of…… Numbnuts out here…. Who all LOVE paganism, European cultures…. The numbnuts who claim to be viking! Who did DNA tests and other ridiculous things to prove that they are “TRUE VIKINGS”!!!

All well and jolly for you, but let me spoil the fun for you here. The term Viking is a commercial term. A term to describe a certain type of warriors from the past. A term for people who lack the information about Germanic cultures, tribes and so forth. I can’t stand when people say they are viking. Because already by saying you’re a “viking” you are clearly not a “viking”. A viking is someone who was born in the area called: Víkin. And thus was called a Viking because of where he originated from. Which had nothing to do with the fearsome warriors most people link to the term vikings…

Also to become a “viking” one must plant a tree and grow it old. So old until one can build a house from that very tree. If one succeeded doing this, one was called a “viking”.  Other than that you were just a Norseman in this case. (Whilst living in scandinavia). Or a Germanic pagan/heathen living elsewhere in Germanic Europe. Also not to forget about the slavic parts of Europe. 

Whilst baring this in mind…. One might understand by reading this far, where my disappointment in my fellow “pagans” grows from… Because most of them are just a bunch of lame ignorant souls… Just like in the Black Metal scenes…. In both cases I thought wrong…. I thought I would find rather smart people…. But the smart ones are rare and few. Also pretty much on the background, probably shaking their heads watching you….  

Besides of that all, I’d like to say how tired I grow from everyone who is only focused on bloody scandinavia! In central, western and eastern Europe the same religion was practiced! Called Paganism! And Paganism is very broad. Meanwhile it was all the same! It variated in names and portrays but it’s very core was the same! Somehow everybody only looks at scandinavia but why? Because this bloody television show called “Vikings”? Because you were taught in school Vikings came from scandinavia??? Bugger off! Know the bloody history of Europe you slothful idiot!
Scandinavians are a bunch of twats who claim it all for themselves! But whole central, western and eastern Europe followed the same religion just as the “cool” and “heroic” norsemen from scandinavia! 

I’d like to end this message by saying: Stop…. Stop acting. But be. And know your forsaken roots! Stop pretending something which you are not. You’re not a viking… Your are a mortal, soon to die. Not going to Valhalla. Because in Valhalla pretending warriors do not exist. 



St. Andrew’s Cross

Small details are an important part of any scene, so I would like to discuss Kane’s crucification in 3.13, his cross and other symbols in these shots.

The kind of cross that Kane was crucifed on is called St Andrew’s cross, or Crux Decussata, named for the Roman “decussis,” or Roman numeral ten. Decussata comes from “decus,” Latin for distinction, honour,  and grace. The number ten symbolizes completeness, change, the end of a cycle, among other things. 

I’ve heard a few things going around about this “X” cross, so I wanted to clear up a few things about it. First, it’s not the latin cross (also known as the Crux Immissa or Jesus’ cross).

Latin Cross

However, St Andrew’s cross is not the antithesis of Christ’s cross either. That would be the broken cross (also called Nero’s cross). It represents Peter who was crucified upside down under Nero’s rule. It later became an anti-christian symbol, advocating peace without Christ. It’s also been adapted to just mean “peace.” But as a cross, this cross is something a mockery of the latin cross.

Broken Cross

St Andrew’s Cross is a different than the traditional cross, but a positive symbol. It symbolizes humility and sacrifice. It’s often seen on flags (example: Scotland flag, UK (Union) Flag, Alabama flag, etc all have a “X” on them after St Andrew). 

St Andrew’s Cross

Andrew was the first-called apostle of Jesus, and according to his story, he requested to die on a cross of a different shape, because he did not feel worthy to be crucified in the same ways as Jesus Christ. Andrew died as a martyr and is honored as a saint.

I believe the (main) reason that the filmmakers chose St Andrew’s Cross was to prevent Kane from being an exact symbol of Jesus and because ALIE and Jaha are false spirituality, so this isn’t exact symbolism here. Being crucified at all invites the comparison to Christ; however even though there are parallels, Kane isn’t innocent and he wasn’t dying to save everyone. However, he was willing to die for the cause, his beliefs: the definition of a martyr, a closer parallel to St. Andrew. In fact, everyone who died on the crosses in Polis were martyrs because they died for their beliefs against the COL chip, and they were crucified to be made examples. 

Even though in the end, Kane didn’t die, he DID in fact symbolically die. In taking the chip, whoever he was before is gone. The reason he chose that fate was to save someone: Abby. In general, the cross is a symbol of atonement, and it’s pretty pointed that Kane “died’ for Abby, after everything he put her through. It’s not so much that he deserved that fate, but that’s the fate he was willing to submit to. That’s his sacrifice and love to her.

Other Symbols - Rain and Fire

Water and fire are BOTH symbols of purification, change, death, and new life. This scene has both of those elements which are prominent in this shot.

In a biblical sense, fire is a symbol of destruction, judgement, and “divine anger,” along with the promise of deliverance. Rain is a symbol of rebirth, recreation, and “divine grace,” the promise of survival. Fire and rain persisting together implies the view that destruction and recreation, death and rebirth (resurrection), mortality and immortality can coexist in the cosmic cycle. 

Normally, rain would put out fire; however, in this scene, instead of the rain putting out the fire, the fire is visually fueling (lighting up) the rain. Both of elements of fire and water symbolize renewal, but together in this way makes it a violent renewal (if the actual cruxufiction isn’t violent enough). The fire makes the scene harsher, than had the shot only had rain in it. On the other hand, if there had only been fire in the image, the scene would invoke only destruction and death: the rain offers a promise that there is an end to the suffering. 

To put in another way, fire and rain together symbolize redemption in life and resurrection after death. Sound appropriate?

The interpretation of the symbols could be contributed to ALIE, as she is giving immediate the promise of rebirth and immortality, and Kane is literally “waking up” after being crucified to that “heaven”. However, I think that’s only surface meaning, because ALIE is a lie. I’m hopeful that the REAL promise of rebirth will happen after that lie is destroyed and Kane and everyone else can wake up in reality. It won’t be “heaven” but it will be real.

If that wasn’t enough, this shot also includes a strong light behind Kane. This acts as a kind of halo. 

I know, in this meta I’ve been keeping away from the literal symbol of Jesus (it’s still not literal)… but that image. Well….

Moving away from symbolism, I just want to add that the crucification scene has beautiful shots. I know cinematographers and whoever worked on that scene were gushing in excitement at how that turned out. The symbolism is a factor but so is the mood as whole. The water and lights, it all highlights the drama and despair. Everything about it is visually compelling.