anti christian symbol


Christians: Stop Proving Them Right

I was having a conversation with a person in my church. Our church has a girl scout troop and one of the girls suggested decorating the lawn with a peace sign. This person was offended and shocked. “Don’t you know the peace sign is a broken, upside down cross?!” As she was telling me this story, I thought to myself that I had never heard that before. What an anti-Christian symbol.

Later, I was thinking about it and I thought that I’d better research it myself. Do you know where the peace sign comes from? It came about in the 1950′s when there was a big push for nuclear disarmament. You could abbreviate nuclear disarmament as ND. In fact, when you use this abbreviation in semaphore (a type of signaling system used on ships) the signals look like the ones above. If you overlay these signals, you get the peace sign. 

It’s not anti-Christian at all! It’s literally a sign of peace. 

Now I am not saying that it should replace the Christian symbols of the dove or the cross, but I am tired of Christians being like this person from my church. People call Christians bigoted. Stop proving them right! Christians have a responsibility to read their Bibles and do the best they can to understand the Word of God, the role of the church, and the world around them. There are plenty of wise people in the Bible. Solomon prayed for wisdom. Luke was a doctor. Be smart people. Following Jesus doesn’t mean we give up our brains. We just use them to glorify someone smarter than us.