anti cena

imagine being a teacher

and its the first day of school and youre going down the list of students when you see him

hes sitting their in the centre of the class with that smug, shit eating grin on his face.

a sweat drip falls from your brow into your eyes, making your vision blurry, but out of fear you do not wipe your eyes,

you clear your throat, “John Felix Cena?”

he opens his mouth and bees start filling the room the bees dont stop from piling up it’s a god damn carnival of bees in here.

the bees whisper in unison, “the blood of the innocent will flow for one thousand years, the godless will reign supreme, there is no ethical consumption under capitalism, subway eat fresh.”

This is definitely how Naruto ended
  • Naruto: I just want to ask you something
  • Sasuke: what?
  • Naruto, pointing at Sasuke's sandals: WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE