anti captivity

“Stop standing up for zoos. Roadside or corporal. They’re using these majestic creature’s looks and beauty for entertainment and to put money in their pockets. It’s a shame that the only way to get people to care about animals is by gawking at them in confinement, according to people who defend zoos anyway. Paying money to see a wild animal in confinement teaches people that they are entitled to entertainment by animals as a commodity. We need to teach each others to value animals inherently and not because they offer us something nice to look at.”

RIP to Tilikum, who died after living a life in captivity. An innocent animal that was used for entertainment in a tiny pool, then isolated for killing one of the trainers (even though whales are not meant to be in captivity). He spent the rest of his remaining life alone. Rest in peace to this innocent creature who deserved to live his life in the sea, free, with the rest of his species.