anti capitaliste

people seem to have trouble understanding why i’m an anti-capitalist, so i’m going to try and put it into simple, real-life terms.

i work at a restaurant. i make $12 an hour, plus tips. minimum wage where i live is relatively high for my country - the national minimum wage is $7.25/hr, and has not been raised since 2009. before taxes, working full time, my yearly income is about $22,000 a year. ($25,000 if you count tips)

at my job, we sell various dishes, with an average price of about $10-$15. we get printouts every week detailing how much money we made that week; in one week, our restaurant makes about $30,000. (one of our other locations actually makes this much on a daily basis!)

i’m not going to go into details, but after the costs of production (payroll for employees, rent for the building, maintenance, and wholesale food purchasing) are accounted for, the restaurant makes an estimated profit of $20,000 per week.

this profit goes directly to the owner, who does not work at this location. the owner of my restaurant has actually been on vacation for a few months, but still profits from the restaurant, because they own it. i have met the owner exactly twice in my year of working here.

to put this into perspective, the owner of this restaurant earns in 2 days what they pay me in one year. and that’s just from this single location - the owner has several other restaurants, all of which make more money than the one i work at. this ends up resulting in the owner having an estimated net worth of tens of millions of dollars, even after accounting for the payroll for every single worker in their employ.

now, i have to ask you: does the owner of my restaurant deserve this income? did they earn it? did their labor result in this value being created?

the naive answer would be “yes”; the owner purchased the location and arranged for the raw ingredients to be delivered, did they not?

the actual answer is “no”. the owner may have used their initial capital to start the location, but the profit is a result of my labor, and the labor of my co-workers.

the owner purchases rice at a very low bulk price of about 25 cents a pound. i cook the rice, and within a few minutes, that pound of rice is suddenly worth about $30. the owner did not create this value, i did. the owner simply provided the initial capital investment required to start the process.

what needs to be understood here is that capitalists do not create value. they use the labor of their employees to create value, and then take the excess profit and keep it.

what needs to be understood is that capitalists accrue income by already HAVING money. the owner of my restaurant was only able to get this far because they started off, from the very beginning, with enough money to purchase a building, purchase food in bulk, and hire hundreds of employees.

that is to say: the rich get richer, and they do so by exploiting the labor of the poor.

the owner of my restaurant could afford to triple the income of every single person in their employee if they felt like it, but this would mean that they were generating less profit for themselves, so they do not.

the owner of my restaurant pays me the current minimum wage of my area, because to them, i am not a person. i am an investment. i am an asset. i am a means to create more money. 

when you are paid minimum wage, the message your boss is sending you is this: “legally, if i could pay you less, i would.”

every capitalist on the planet exploits their workers for their own gain. every capitalist, even the small business owners, forces people to stay in poverty so that the capitalist can profit.

my shoplifting haul

a grape: like 0.01 or something

TWO free samples: 0.00, but going back for a second one was definitely anti-capitalist

smiling at a cashier and getting a smile back: priceless :)

it’s feels weird to me, sometimes, that the raised fist is now used as a super general protest gesture that even centrist liberals will use, and it’ll be in like kid’s  movies and stuff

because it was created as a pretty explicitly communist symbol

and was used as an ‘antifascist salute’ to counter fascist salutes 

not to mention frequently used in leftist iconography 

and in IWW and other socialist organizations in the 20th century

and was used by the Black Panther Party (a socialist group) and other radical,  black activists as a symbol of anti-capitalist solidarity and action 

the raised fist has such a powerful history in radical anti-fascist and anti-capitalist protest. 

I think all activists should learn about it and foster a respect in its complex history. it’s humbling, and also can remind us of the radical roots of different movements which have now been co-opted by liberals and branded by capital. 

no matter how many t shirts it’s printed on or politicians using it there are, it has radical roots, and it will always hold that history for leftists to reclaim

I think it’s funny that Redneck Revolt is catching flak for trying to reach out to Conservatives/Libertarians/Reactionaries/etc., it really shows the metropolitan nature of radical leftism today. Like when you live in a coal mining town in West Virginia, chances are you’re not going to have a huge base of radical leftists from with which to organize a left-wing anti-capitalist movement. WHO ELSE are they going to interface with? WHO ELSE are they going to build a movement with? All the leftists already retreated into the cities and urban centers, these are people trying to make something out of literally nothing.

I don’t think we should be criticizing them for that, not all of us have the luxury of having a massive base of anti-capitalist folks to chose from and to organize towards socialism.

vegans out here claiming that Okja is a pro-vegan film have honestly missed the film’s themes and message entirely. Okja is not concerned with the ethical consumption of animal products (as exemplified by the shots of people consuming meat are few and far between), but the ethical production of meat.

mija’s grandfather farms chickens and they raise okja by letting her “run around” (exemplifying the ethical free range production of food). furthermore, mija and her grandfather eat meat: the first sequence of the film is Mija collecting fish for dinner and later, her grandfather makes Mija her favorite chicken dish. the contrast between the soft lighting of mija’s grandfather preparing food vs the harsh sterile cuts of the preparation of the super-pig meat literally spell the message of the film out for you- ethical production: good! mass production: bad!

even if you missed all that, you can catch Silver, one of the members of the ALF, almost passing out because of his refusal to eat anything that has been mass produced, even his fellow ALF members remark that his convictions are unhealthy and make him useless for their cause (the liberation of animals)

also okja is the biggest super-pig in the film and the most healthy, making her a living breathing testament to the success of free range production, as what makes Okja’s suffering so terrible is the contrast between the way she was raised vs her horrible fate. furthermore, the insidiousness of the film lies in the dishonesty that runs through it. both mija and the public are lied to from the beginning about okja and the super-pigs, mija’s grandfather lies to mija about okja and all these lies were told in the pursuit of profit. even k, in the ALF, lies about mija’s consent in pursuit of his own idea of fame and fortune,

if this film is pro-anything, it is pro-halal/pro-honest ethical production. the film shows you over and over again abstaining from mass production doesn’t impact the production of the product, only abstaining from the nature of the production itself does

Okja is anti-capitalist, not anti-meat. Veganism is just giving your money to other cooperation who would rather take your money than let ethical independent farmers (like mija and her grandfather) get anything for their labor. support independent ethically produced products where you can!!    

“I’ve seen a ton on the facebooks about "thanking veterans for their service.” As a veteran let me just be very straightforward and honest with you. We didn’t “serve our country”; we don’t actually serve our brothers/sisters or our neighbors. We serve the interests of Capital. We never risked our lives or spent months on deployment away from our family and friends so they can have this abstract concept called “freedom”. We served big oil; big coal; Coca-Cola; Kellogg, Brown, and Root and all the other big Capital interests who don’t know a fucking thing about sacrifice. These people will never have to deal with the loss of a loved one or the physical and/or psychological scars that those who “serve”, and their families, have to deal with for the rest of their lives. The most patriotic thing someone can do is to tell truth to power and dedicate yourself to building power to overthrow these sociopathic assholes. I served with some of the most real and genuine people I’ve ever met. You’ll never see solidarity like the kind of solidarity you experience when your life depends on the person next to you. But most of us didn’t join for that; we joined because we were fucking poor and didn’t have many other options.“

— An anti-capitalist veteran

A lot of the dialogue I see on here about the demonization of butch lesbians in both wlw and non-wlw circles never takes into account butch lesbians of color, and so I want to remind everyone that butch lesbians of color face amplified forms of alienation, dehumanization, and fetishization because they aren’t just butch or lesbian or nonwhite but all three simultaneously. 

Butch lesbians of color deserve all the love and respect in this world. They shouldn’t be ignored in your conversations about fetishization or homophobia or racism. Butch lesbians of color are often treated as if they are predatory and aggressive, which isn’t just rooted in lesbophobia - it’s also rooted in racism and fetishization. On the other hand, they may not be deemed “butch/gnc” enough by white women, and may not have access to performing their butch identity that white women do. But lesbian woc who identify as butch are butch, and no white woman or non-lesbian can take that away from them. 

Butch lesbians of color are a diverse, multifaceted group of people spanning ages, countries, religions, races, and experiences. They are central to lesbian culture, to wlw/lbpq solidarity, and to LGBT resistance. They have been an essential part of feminist scholarship and organizing. They have been at the forefront of anti-racist, anti-colonialist, anti-capitalist, and anti-imperialist movements. Their contributions to lesbian culture, to lbpq solidarity, and to LGBT liberation are innumerable, priceless, and ever-expanding. 

Protect, prioritize, and respect butch lesbians of color. Advocate for them the way they have fought for every single person in their myriad communities and coalitions. 

(This is wholly inclusive of trans and nonbinary butch lesbians of color).