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Same anon. Like, I knew that sounded BS, but I was kind of scared for a bit that communists, anticapitalists, etc, would have no place for someone like me. Like, even if I wanted to be a parent (I've thought on motherhood, but that's a WHOLE different topic I don't wanna get in to) , there's plenty of children out there already born who could use a parent or two to help raise em. Don't need my contribution in creating more.

I obviously can’t claim that there’s no transphobia/misogyny in anti-capitalist spaces but I promise you that that’s not a view that’s widely held among communists in my experience. there are plenty of trans communists and plenty of people writing anti-capitalist criticism of transphobia/misogyny, or incorportating criticisms of the same into their anti-capitalist ideas.

It is absolutely baffling to me when anti-choice people bemoan poor people having children.

If you’re going to complain that people shouldn’t have kids if they can’t afford kids then you absolutely have to be aggressively pro access to affordable birth control and you have to be aggressively pro affordable health care. You have to be anti-ableism and anti-classism and anti-capitalist. You don’t get to judge people living in poverty for having children while literally supporting every system that keeps them in poverty.

  • upper-middle class teenage american: capitalism is scum. communism is the way to go! equality for everyone sounds really nice!
  • vietnamese-american: well, a communist system of government tried to kill my family, so i'm pretty opposed to it.
  • upper-middle class teenage american: yeah, but that wasn't real communism. real communism is really nice, because no one's ever hungry!
  • ukrainian: are you kidding me? is this a joke?
  • north korean: what
  • upper-middle class teenage american: with communism, everyone has a job!
  • 10 year old soviet child: well, they aren't lying. everybody has a job...collective farms are nice this time of year.
  • chinese citizen: *cries*
  • upper-middle class teenage american: capitalism is the worst system!

from a comrade

1. Capitalism is a system that needs to grow, to accumulate, in order to survive.

2. Science tells us that the planet can no longer handle that accumulation.

3. Whether or not we change our lifestyle habits, capitalism will continue to grow in order to maintain its survival.

4. Life on the planet will continue to die at a rapidly accelerating pace.

In order to transition into a sustainable system (socialism), you need to get involved. Those already working on the effort are stretched so thin. Bernie Sanders is not going to save the planet. Efforts to reform the Democratic Party are not going to save the planet. You are. We are.

Please. Please. Please.

To everyone celebrating Castro’s death because he was a “commie”, you’re wrong. To everyone mourning him because he was an anti-imperialist/anti-capitalist revolutionary, you’re wrong too. He was a disgusting, ruthless, murderer. My family was torn apart by this man, murdered by this man. Countless other families have gone through the same thing. And for god’s sake, stop the Che worship. He was a murderer and a racist. Killed innocent children, actually. Go find your fucking anti-capitalist, communist icons elsewhere.