anti bullying one direction

Larries: *bullies/harasses/torments Briana; calls Briana a slut and a whore because she had sex with their fave*

Larries: *finds porn video with a blond girl in it, claims the girl is Briana, “”leaks”” video, uses video as “”proof”” that Briana is a slut and whore*

Briana: *stands up for herself, rises up above all the hatred, and still remains respectful towards people who are bullying/harassing/tormenting her*

Larries: ‘Honey, you should make your account private if you don’t want people to hate on you.’

One Direction were literally a part of an Anti-Bullying campaign. They took a stand against bullying and encouraged their fans to do the same.

@Larries, what happened to that? What happened to standing up against the bullies? When did anti-bullying become blaming the victim for the bullying they’re receiving instead of silencing the bullies?

i find it so fucked up that one direction was part of an anti-bullying campaign and is now doing action1d while they’re pretty much perpetuating and allowing the fandom to come after the queer fans wtf