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My opinion on public breastfeeding

I, myself, would be uncomfortable seeing a woman feed her baby, but that is MY problem, not the mother’s. If I am too uncomfortable in her presence, then I will leave, not her. Mothers have every right to feed their baby in whatever location they please and anybody who would feel uncomfortable with that should leave without disrespecting or approaching the mother in a negative way. The fact that I am uncomfortable seeing breasts in public is MY issue and the mother should not feel guilty for feeding her baby in a public place instead of an unsanitary bathroom. Being uncomfortable around breasts and leaving without disturbing the mother DOES NOT make me a bad person. If anything it makes me a person who respects other people.

My placenta print - one of my favorite keepsakes from Cohen’s birth. A lot of people get freaked out at even the word placenta, but I don’t know why because placentas are really. cool. organs. They’re the tree of life! They are literally the life source of your unborn child and that is their only purpose. Plus you can end up with cool pictures like this and/or a natural PPD remedy if ingested or encapsulated. I am forever grateful to my midwives for including placenta prints as part of their routine birth care because I never would have asked for it, or even have known to ask for it. I didn’t even know such a thing existed - I didn’t do too much research into placentas and, frankly, I was only 20. I was already going against the grain so deeply in comparison to other pregnant mama’s my age with my natural birth and birth center and midwives and breastfeeding and anti-circumcision and co-sleeping…I was easing into my crunchy mama role and placenta are pretty far into the “crunchy mom” spectrum.

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Breastfeeding, me-time, how to go to the bathroom without fear, care of hen and bees, combing make-up and dress appropriately for cooking, preparation of drinks with alcohol not to drink them because you are breastfeeding, how to show your ring in a session of Photos .... list of topics to be addressed by someone who was only 11 chapters in a series of more than 200 !!!

You can’t forget that she also gardens and has mastered the art of time travel! 

Let's be Honest

Breastfeeding in public arguments, or should I anti-breastfeeding arguments, always have slightly different scripts every time they come up, but they always boil down to one of two equally noxious, kyriarchal and untenable positions.

The first is “my sensibilities are what matter most and I’m obviously too important to look away from something that bothers me for any reason so I demand that everyone conform to my ideals of public behavior.” This goes along with concern trolling about older children being traumatized by nipples and the lechery of perverts, but also attaches to the people demanding cover-ups and making ignorant demands about pumping and only using bottles in public.

The second, and perhaps more insidious is “you chose to have a child and you have therefore ceded your right to full and free participation in society so long as you choose to breastfeed. In the instances where we must accommodate you, expect it to be done begrudgingly and with a heavy dose of negative judgment.” This goes with those who snark and snipe at breastfeeders in public places, kick them out of Starbucks and Targets and Victorias Secrets, or insult them to their faces or on social media.

But it’s also those who get angry that the law allows for breastfeeding anywhere the parent-child dyad may legally be, that it’s now required that insurance provide coverage of breast pumps and other breastfeeding paraphernalia and that employers provide pumping spaces in the workplace. It’s a particularly classist notion, that every breastfeeder should be a literal stay-at-home parent until weaning, never coming out with a nursling, to shop, to travel, to worship (search “breastfeeding church” on Twitter on a Sunday morning) and certainly not returning to work.

Ultimately, this is the most basic “mind your own business” issue. Someone else nursing their baby near you has nothing to do with you. It doesn’t warrant your looks, your attention or your comment. A coworker using breaks to pump has no impact on you.

Breastfeeders, like bottle feeders, are free to feed their children, as they need, when and where they need. If that bothers you, you’re free to look in the other direction.

It’s like the whole anti-vaccination movement forgot polio was a thing until vaccines. Or don’t understand how elements work, so get upset about trace elements of aluminum which are more present in breast milk than vaccines. The overload of information coupled with the poor educational backgrounds of the general public is quite frightening.