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23 photos from Trump’s first 100 days show the true power of the Resistance

  • The day of President Donald Trump’s inauguration wasn’t just the beginning of an unprecedented presidency. It was the launch of one of the most sustained protest movements in American history.
  • Over the past 100 days, immigrant communities showed the force of their protest, anti-fascists have lashed out violently at the rising tide of white supremacy and anti-war coalitions long dead have come to life with renewed interest and energy.
  • Here is a concise look back at some of the most significant marches, disruptions and protests that pushed back against Trump’s agenda at every opportunity. Read more. (4/29/17, 10:55AM)

If you want to watch Sense8 go ahead but you DO NOT get to use intersectionality as a white/non black person to shame black people for not watching it because of Lana Wachowski racism, misogynoir & trans-misogynoir, & anti-black transphobia. The fact that you care so much about your representation to not care that this racist piece of shit profits from it, further oppressing black people, is in itself anti-intersectionality. Intersectionality was coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw. A black woman and don’t fucking forget it. Stop using her term to hide your anti-blackness.

George Lopez and his Racism/Misogynior

The Black community has supported George Lopez’s comedy for years yet he exposed the real anti-Blackness that goes on in the Latino community. And to see him call that Black woman a bitch and tell her to sit her “fucking ass down” as if he was perpetrating a slave master role was hard to hear/witness. The whole audience encouraged him and his excuse was that it was a joke and if she couldn’t take a joke then she needs to “get the fuck out”. Latinos and Arabs often think they can’t be racist because they are discriminated against but this isn’t the case, you can still perpetrate anti-Blackness and George Lopez indeed did so on that public stage. 🗣TRASH

Don't you get sick of looking at thin white women 24/7 365? Cos I do
15 Struggles Black Trans People Face When Getting Health Care
Racism and transphobia won't keep these people down.
By Anthony Rivas

In addition to that, 40% of black trans people said they hadn’t seen a doctor in the past year because they couldn’t afford it while 26% said they didn’t see a doctor for fear of being mistreated. 

What’s your story?

Seeing people complain about the CW’s lack of positive female rep and in particular female friendships is great. Seeing them complain about Arrow especially is even better.

Seeing them complain about it without mentioning Laurel Lance though, is WILD.

“Felicity’s so isolated, she has no female friendships”

“The new team has no women”

“What happened to women supporting women”

“Why are there no female friendships”

like, man, I dunno, it’s like they all disappeared for NO REASON I WONDER WHAT HAPPENED

C: I went to a tea place with my white and Asian friends last week. The owner, an older Asian lady, was rude as hell to me and didn’t smile not once. The first thing she said to me was, “What do you want?” when I went up to order. She was however, very friendly with my friends. I really wish I lived in an area where I could venture out to more black businesses because honestly fuck all this universal anti-blackness. We gotta stop giving our money to people who aren’t afraid to show they hate us.

Black women

First everybody complained about us “not having hair”
Then when we “got hair” y'all complained about us wearing weave
Now that black women are going natural and using neat products to maintain their natural hair, y'all complain that you’re “sick of all these Shea Butter bitches” and this “sudden, obviously fake black pride”
So after much thought and deep contemplation my only conclusion is
FUCK ALL you bigoted ankh niggas who think “the black wombman” should be chaste while you got 7 kids with six different mothers, FUCK ALL you barbershop “I only date white/light skin girls” ass niggas with your weak ass fades, FUCK ALL you white fuckboys who chase after girls with fake lips breasts and asses but call black women “hoes” for having that shit naturally, FUCK ALL you asian/hispanic fuckboys who want to sleep with black/dark girls but would never even think about bringing one home to your family because we’re not “good enough” for you, FUCK ALL you fake AllLivesMatter feminists who stan for Taylor Swift and her basic lanky ass or yell “Vote Hillary” but went mum’s the word as a 14-year old black child was dragged across the pavement by her HAIR since it’s “not really hers anyway so it probably doesn’t even hurt that bad”, just 100% royally and sincerely FUCK ALL YALL because you never once gave a damn about black women but at the same time wanna police our hair and bodies and self-conduct when you yourselves ain’t shit never was shit and never will be shit



Okay but seriously 1) Lemonade lyrics shouldn’t be applied to nonblack women as black women have pointed out a million times 2) Emma Watson has literally called Beyonce a bad feminist for the same sorts of things she sees as radical super feminism when she herself does them which ups the icky by a thousand

This is just Bad this movie and everything in it is Bad


C: I definitely think I need to delete my tumblr. It’s great to be woke and being woke has helped me love my blackness, etc., but coming on tumblr and basically reading the same thing over and over again of how everyone hates black people makes me feel kinda claustrophobic. Like I’m stuck and I have to watch out for anti-blackness in everyone. I also feel like I’ve been brainwashed at the same time and can’t remember when I used to think for myself without going to tumblr first.