anti black women

Black women

First everybody complained about us “not having hair”
Then when we “got hair” y'all complained about us wearing weave
Now that black women are going natural and using neat products to maintain their natural hair, y'all complain that you’re “sick of all these Shea Butter bitches” and this “sudden, obviously fake black pride”
So after much thought and deep contemplation my only conclusion is
FUCK ALL you bigoted ankh niggas who think “the black wombman” should be chaste while you got 7 kids with six different mothers, FUCK ALL you barbershop “I only date white/light skin girls” ass niggas with your weak ass fades, FUCK ALL you white fuckboys who chase after girls with fake lips breasts and asses but call black women “hoes” for having that shit naturally, FUCK ALL you asian/hispanic fuckboys who want to sleep with black/dark girls but would never even think about bringing one home to your family because we’re not “good enough” for you, FUCK ALL you fake AllLivesMatter feminists who stan for Taylor Swift and her basic lanky ass or yell “Vote Hillary” but went mum’s the word as a 14-year old black child was dragged across the pavement by her HAIR since it’s “not really hers anyway so it probably doesn’t even hurt that bad”, just 100% royally and sincerely FUCK ALL YALL because you never once gave a damn about black women but at the same time wanna police our hair and bodies and self-conduct when you yourselves ain’t shit never was shit and never will be shit


And don’t come at me with that, “we need to unify and fight the REAL enemy” BS. What so many of you all fail to realize is that ANYONE who opposes your freedom IS your enemy - regardless of skin color, sex, gender, etc.

That statement is just code for, “shut the fuck up and take this abuse while simultaneously fighting for my liberation” anyway. 😒

George Lopez and his Racism/Misogynior

The Black community has supported George Lopez’s comedy for years yet he exposed the real anti-Blackness that goes on in the Latino community. And to see him call that Black woman a bitch and tell her to sit her “fucking ass down” as if he was perpetrating a slave master role was hard to hear/witness. The whole audience encouraged him and his excuse was that it was a joke and if she couldn’t take a joke then she needs to “get the fuck out”. Latinos and Arabs often think they can’t be racist because they are discriminated against but this isn’t the case, you can still perpetrate anti-Blackness and George Lopez indeed did so on that public stage. 🗣TRASH

Dear White Women,

I keep finding myself in these random conversations with white women and it’s becoming tiresome. So below are my thoughts to pro- Trump and Anti-Trump women who keep messaging me their feelings. I am not a therapist ppl….

Dear Anti-Trump Women,

I cannot be sorry that black women came to the Marches with signs reminding us that feminism was built on the backs of WOC and that 53% of white Women voted for Trump. These are all facts and black women have a right to voice them. The Suffragettes were racists who felt they deserved the vote over black men and rarely mentioned women of color. White women may not have personally owned slaves (not sure how it worked legally) but they sure as hell utilized that slave labor and plenty of black women were raped by white men and since it continued without reports of hundreds of wives locking their bedroom doors against their husbands in protest, I would say there wasn’t much having black Women’s backs then. White women picketed black children when schools were integrated and spat on black people during the peaceful protests of the civil rights movement.

You have been vocal about the fact that men have stolen your voice but silent about the fact that everyone has stolen our voice and now you want us to be silent because you showed up in the fourth quarter. Where were you the first three?! It’s going to take us time to heal and some of that time will be WOC unloading centuries of neglect while white Women listen, hear us and learn to do better. You can’t expect something with a broken foundation to automatically be strong. We must fix the foundation.

Dear Trump Supporters,

What’s wrong with the world is that people like to ignore the consequences of their choices. Which cannot be allowed when those choices effect millions of people. You didn’t just vote for Trump, or the party, you voted for a platform of hate and for politicians who have been bought by corporations who do not care about humanity.

Frankly, a vote for Trump was a vote against humanity, because he doesn’t believe in climate change which means he won’t be putting work into saving our planet for future generations, he doesn’t believe in universal healthcare which means people will once again suffer and even die because they’re too afraid or poor to seek medical attention. You voted against women because he doesn’t believe in a woman’s right to choose, but he also does not believe in affordable birth control. Or, any reproductive right. You voted against POC, because he is heavily backed by racists, stood on a very racist platform and has suggested nazi like policies such as religious registration and communist policies such as wall building. You voted against water warriors as he is a supporter of oil pipelines even close to sustainable clean water. You voted against the LGBTQ community, especially the youth because he has allies who promote conversion theraphy and are against gay marriage and Transgender rights. You voted against ppl with disabilities, because…come on we have all seen the footage. I can literally continue on why a vote for Trump and support for him is equal to turning your back on your planet and all humanity.

I, for one, will never let someone think what they like in peace when their thoughts are negative and harmful for the rest of the country. Get on the right side of history before it is too late.



That’s all I got. Stop engaging me in conversations. I am not all black women, we are different people. It’s time you stopped coming to your one black friend as if I have all the answers for all of black America. I am one person. You should make more friends of color.


Yeah, but hopefully not one that I’m not producing. I want to be able to have a bit more control, especially when we are talking about diversity. I want to make sure that nothing gets pushed under the radar, that people that are a little different are protected and represented well.
—  Kat Graham, when asked if she wanted to do another tv show in this interview