anti black bigotry

White nationalism is racist.

“White pride” is a term white nationalists use.

White nationalists say that white people are better than everyone else and that a nation should be majority white.

White nationalists are racist. They turned the term “white pride” into a racist idea. It’s just like how the swastika use to be a symbol of peace but now it’s a symbol of anti-semitism and hatred.


For anyone who cares this a small fraction of what I have been dealing with all day… and another little piece of it is on my blog. I’m so sick of these people, I just want them to leave me alone. Literally called me a bigot for disagreeing with groups that are supposed to represent me. Some of them don’t, but I have the right to disagree.

You are the problem

If you sit by and watch a Jew be told to get in the oven by an anti Semite then you are the problem

If you sit by and watch a Muslim be held responsible for 9/11 by an Islamaphobic then you are the problem

If you sit by and watch a black person be told that they are violent and less than by a racist then you are the problem

If you sit by and watch an LGBT person be told that they should burn in hell by a homophobe then you are the problem

Just because your not saying the words, if you watch in silence, your part of the problem

anonymous asked:

You have any resources for someone interested in kemeticism?

Ah, kemeticism! I had a bunch of resource stuff saved on my hard drive for this when I was interested in it. Like 30+ documents that I made notes on. :p

Most of my resources were obtained from @thetwistedrope and [their Wordpress blog] which has [an amazing list of resources], including [this starter guide]. Seriously, I highly recommend you scour both of those. Thetwistedrope also has an amazing [Kemeticism tag on their Tumblr blog], which does link towards a lot of their Wordpress posts, but also contains other answered asks with other useful information. Really go through that; there’s a lot, but there’s some amazing stuff in there that I won’t be including because it’s really damn specific and doesn’t really cover the basics.

There is another Wordpress blog called [The Kemetic Roundtable], which contains many people’s discussions on various aspects of Kemeticism, how they perceive it, and how they go about it in their own practices. 

I will do my best to find some Tumblr content for you too! I can’t really declare to their “accuracy,” because I only did a bit of studying into Kemeticism, and I guess UPG also needs to be taken into account. So, just, you know, the grain of salt thing and all that!


@idi-the-noof​ seems to be another decent blog for Kemeticism stuff. Same with @basttjamheri. @satsekhem also looks solid.

(Any other Kemetic blogs, please feel free to sign off here if you’re okay giving advice or pointers, etc., or just okay to chat or share resources or whatevs!)

“Magic” and Rituals and Things to Do

I also recommend poking around in the [kemetic fandom tag], because it is a thing and sometimes it is an amazing thing. But, according to another anon, it can also be a prolific anti-semitic and anti-black bigotry thing, so just be wary of that. (Thank you, whoever you are, for letting me know that!)

I hope that helps you, and best of luck on your journey! :D


Known arsonist with history of setting homes on fire: I’m going to burn down your house.

Half of the American Public, apparently: I’m sure that his time spent not having matches will teach him to not set fires.

Other Half of the American Public: No, he really means he’s going to set fire to our house.

Half of the American Public: Let’s wait and see what he does. Give him a chance! You’re being intolerant!

Other Half of the American Public: I’m pretty fond of our house not being on fire.

Half of the American Public: He clearly doesn’t mean it.

Known Arsonist: *means it*

Half of the American Public: Are you warm? I’m warm all of a sudden. I’m sure it will cool off soon.

Other Half of the American Public: *on fire already*


The Truth

I hope people realize that America is never going to climb out of the debt they owe. Whoever actually voted for Trump is selfish.

While Obama was empathetic with his presidency, Trump is selfish and cruel. Not to mention, he’s racist and sexist. Examples: the judge that he told to go back to Mexico when he was from Indiana when Trump didn’t like a court order, and the whole bus ordeal that landed Trump in trouble because of his blatantly sexist words, and then him getting off the bus like nothing ever happened.

Obama cared for more people, while Trump excludes more people.

Tbh, the only reason Trump supporters support him is for their own personal gain. You want more jobs by stealing them from other people and is butt-hurt when they are more proficient in a job than you are. That’s why you want to deport people. It takes years to become a citizen. Crime rates? Nah. It’s all about race with you people.

Obama created things for people to find a safe home easier. Example: The DACA program. He was for women. Example: His rulings that were for Women’s health, such as when he blocked defunding Planned Parenthood. He cared for the United States people as a whole. Every president makes mistakes, you’ve never been in a presidents shoes… but Trump has probably 100x more mistakes than Obama, and he hasn’t even been in office for a year yet.

I don’t know what society you guys grew up in, but I know the United States wasn’t founded for just white people. It’s called a melting pot for a reason.

mouthofmistruths-blog  asked:

Hey, I'm sure, sure, sure that person was well meaning, but I (Jew of color, btw) cannot stand the whole 'well, I'm x, and you didn't do anything wrong.' What gives them the right to speak for all Jews? I, likewise, do not think you are antisemitic at all, but the fact that one admittedly non-practicing Jew says you haven't done anything antisemitic is...well, that it doesn't mean anything. Sorry. I love this blog and everything about it, but indulging that thinking makes me hella uncomfortable.

Every week, multiple Whites accuse me of bigotry without proof. These are Whites who read the same content as that particular subscriber that you are referring to (I’ve spoken to that person via Tumblr message sometimes, they aren’t a “random” person). So to me, that was one reader saying “uh no, this person is lying on you.” At least that is how I took it. Not as they became a representative for all Jews globally. My genuine apologies if it came off that way. 

I took it as ONE White person NOT calling me a bigot for THE DAY. I don’t think people who blog at the level (not implying quality, implying frequency and scope) I do understand what I am facing on a daily basis. I have 50-250 Whites PER MONTH I have to block on Twitter and Tumblr. Hundreds of emails of lies and false claims and demands for content and reports of plagiarism of my work and people expecting a mammy therapist. I am not being hyperbolic. I wish I were. 

This situation is basically this: A FUCKING LIAR made a claim, I responded (Anti-Blackness And Accusations Of Bigotry), someone else (doodledinmypants) responded in defense of me, your response and now this one. In a space for BLACK WOMEN. This is what people want. For this space not to be for us. 

My blog is for BLACK WOMEN. The fact that people who aren’t BLACK WOMEN expect this blog to cater to them on a daily basis is a plethora of types of privilege I won’t even list. 

While if I make a mistake and say something bigoted (which did not happen in this case, reminder), I should be called out, I honestly really am tired of people who aren’t BLACK WOMEN on my blog. I am. I tried to be “nice” about it and say non-Black women of colour and other people as long as not voyeurs, plagiarists and bigots can come but truthfully for 2014 I am considering a password protected space for Black women. I have had enough.

Again, I didn’t reply to doodledinmypants as a “representative” of all White Jews or Jews but as someone I’ve spoken to individually a few times. Since intent is irrelevant, again I apologize if responding to this person came off that way.

The best thing to do (for anyone who reads my blog) at this point is if not catering to Judaism (something I never attacked in the first place and do not practice or ethnically ID as Jewish; again the origin of this whole situation is a FUCKING LIAR doing shit to get their rocks off, which I am sure all of this derailment is pleasurable to them right now) and not apologizing for bigotry I did not commit (again, based on regular false claims without proof) is a problem, LEAVE this blog.

This is a PERSONAL blog run by ONE person. Black woman for Black women on issues relative to Black women and things I personally like/resist etc. If people do not like the content or feel that lying on me is an acceptable method for trying to get me off of social media through both random and coordinated attacks, they need to LEAVE. 

I will NOT address ANYTHING further about this topic. AT ALL.

This won’t carry into 2014.