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Ryoji Ikeda

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The Anti - Museum
An Anthology By Mathieu Copeland & Balthazar Lovay
Fri Art Kunsthalle Freiburg
König Books

For the first time, this anthology is devoted to the Anti - Museum, through Anti-Art, the Anti-Artist, Anti-Exhibition, as well as Anti-Architecture, Anti-Design, Anti-Culture, Anti-Philosophy, Anti-Writing, Anti-University, Anti-Technology, Anti-Religion, Anti-Cinema and Anti-Music. This notion (unpatented but regularly reappropriated) traces the erratic and sometimes paradoxical counter-history of the contestation of artistic institutions.

From the first Anti-Exhibition to the first catalogue retracing the history of Closed Exhibitions, from Dada to Noise Music, from ‘Everything Is Art’ to ‘NO ! Art’, the Japanese Avant-Gardes to Lettrist Cinema, and not forgetting such major protest figures as Gustav Metzger, Henry Flynt, Graciela Carnevale, and Lydia Lunch, The Anti-Museum sketches a polyphonic panorama where negation is accompanied by a powerful breath of life.

'During the exhibition the gallery will be closed’
Robert Barry

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Raster - Noton

Music & Design by Olaf Bender

Raster - Noton . Archiv Für Ton Und Nichtton

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Alva Noto
Raster - Noton

The Anti - GMA …

“A Romance of Sand and Snow”


        Wind and snow dance and flow as if they are budding partners. They hit my face and my tribal winter garb. I sit in a meditative position near a cliff looking at the dark grey clouds and roaring ocean waters adding to the howling wind. I shouldn’t be out here even for a woman of an icy continent but I want to be out here. I, Korra, Princess of the Southern and Northern Water tribes or as we call in our ethnic names Iiantanji and Unnakal. I am the Avatar and I have to deal with it. I’ve been dealing with it heavily after my first two conflicts with my uncle and a anti bender terrorist. During those conflicts of coups and heavy responses, torture, loss and clashing ideologies I experience and ever since I lost not only my big three elements excluding air and my spiritual connection but friends and allies. All I can’t ever get back, all I can’t replace. Tears run and drop into the snow but I turned a few into little ice beads.  

        “Korra!” a masculine voice pierces the wind. I turn and see my father, Tonraq, the chief of the tribes furious of my being here.

“Leave me, please leave me.” I turn back toward the dark grey clouds and roaring ocean. 

“Well I came out here to bring you in. Even for you, you can’t be sitting in the storm brooding and contemplating. Now come back with me and have something warm. You know how your mother will be if I don’t bring you back in.”

I sit up and faced my father. “All right” I say and we both rode back to our place. 

“Oh good, your finally back in.” Senna, my mother, sits with Tenzin, a great mentor of mine even if I’m a pain in his ass at times. His wife, Pemma and his three cute kids all look happy of me being here. Even if I have a bit of a sunken face from the little crying I had back there. 

“Korra I and my family still give you our hopes. It is good to be more with your family than sulking out in the snow to heal your trauma.” Tenzin drinks a warm tea from one of the small cups. I was eating seal and seaweed stew warming my insides. 

“Technically she is family as your father is her too… just in a different person.” Pemma carries Rohan the new born and has him feed on her milk. 

“Good, I want Korra to be related to us.” Ikki, the 2nd daughter says while eyeing Jinora her eldest sister. “She’s the sister I want to have.” Jinora uses her air bending to fling her food at Ikki. A roughhouse ensues. Pemma and Tenzin try to stop it. I laugh at the desperate attempts from them to have their kids stop fighting. 

“Everyone” I and everyone else in the room turn to find Katara near the entrance. A mysterious figure all cloaked in black stands near her. 

“Mother who’s the stranger?” Tenzin lets go of Meelo his first son and stands to combat readiness. 

“My child reveal yourself.”

The LOK fandom continues to baffle me day by day

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Asami Sato is Avatar’s Batman

I know this may sound a bit old to talk about but since I’m talking about it right now, lets begin shall we? 

Both Asami Sato & Bruce Wayne have lost both their parents 

Though Asami’s father became a vengeful anti-bender terrorist when his wife was murdered. 

But then redeemed himself by sacrificing his life for Asami’s safety.

Both own an extremely successful business empires, Future Industries and Wayne Enterprises.

Both are majestic, amazing and admirable hardworking people.

They both can scare the hell out people with their glare.

They both own extremely powerful and sleek vehicles.

They LITERALLY can take of themselves in almost… 

ANY combat situations.

And lastly, they have a very close and personal relationship with people with immense power and good morality. 

Though the only difference is that Asami and Korra became a loving couple while Batman and Superman are mostly bromance/best friends.

So any of you guys can rant or moan about how this is all a stupid fan’s depiction of two well respected fictional characters, hence I like to say that I don’t really give flying f*ck about it. This is just a personal comparison piece between Asami Sato and Batman, nothing more and nothing less. 

There is one last silly thing I want to show you lot before finishing all of this…