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actually i’ve been meaning to post about this for a long time– like i said it’s bothering me more and more how people still defend the equalists to this day, you would think that in the FIVE YEARS since book 1 we’d be politically wiser

the avatar world has historically and pervasively been divided into four elements, for obvious reasons. important note: NOT benders vs nonbenders, as nonbenders always still belonged ethnically and culturally to one of the four elemental nations, and they form a majority of the population of the world, including many upper class people.

republic city as a major meeting place of these four nations in a constructive rather than destructive way for the first time would naturally have representatives of those four nations as its government, and nonbenders would not have their own representative because they already belonged to one of the four nations at that time. this is important, because we have no evidence that the council members were at any point a “benders” establishment. i mean, sokka’s symbol is literally on the council desk.

then decades go by and by korra’s time the united republic has developed its own distinct culture in which the industrial revolution has gone full steam ahead and nonbenders and their technological advancements have left bending obsolete. at this point we see bending and benders as the following things:

  • entertainment as sport, which doesn’t pay a living wage despite the probenders being celebrities
  • hard manual labor like mako’s job at the generation plant
  • gang activity (the explicitly bending triads) which is a well-known indicator of a group being oppressed, BY. THE. WAY.
  • the out-of-date council and metalbending police

benders are a minority in republic city. mako and bolin literally grew up homeless in the streets.

meanwhile nonbenders like hiroshi and his kind make up an upper class that believes they should have power rather than the outdated old four nations benders, who have now been reduced to the lower class like i explained in those bullet points. they think it’s unfair that benders are below them yet still legally rule the country. literally if you look at the equalists in the show and the nonbenders who seem interested in equalism, they are all well-dressed and middle-to-upper class, from hiroshi to the rallies to the people listening to the protestor. the only time we see poor nonbenders as a group, in episode 8, they make it clear they’re against the equalists. that’s literally the only time we ever see nonbenders being systematically oppressed, and it was manufactured by the equalists in the first place. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, there is zero evidence for benders oppressing nonbenders until the equalists intentionally guide tarrlok into doing it so that they’ll have “evidence” as justification for taking over the city. which by the way they then bombed.

the equalists’ rhetoric is literally taken straight from violent oppressor groups like, most pertinently today, white supremacists. the equalists refer to bending as an “impurity” that must be “cleansed”, they falsely blame everything wrong in the world on bender-on-bender violence, they falsely portray benders as in control and pulling the strings, they scapegoat disenfranchised “thugs” and gang members as evidence benders are violent and abusers of the ~pure and good~ nonbenders. the equalists talk about how “it’s time to take back our city” COUGH COUGH. they literally make bending illegal.

and as for “equalizing the world” aka their goal of bloodbending every bender in existence, the show makes it ABUNDANTLY clear that removing someone’s bending is a huge violation of their personhood. a violation that is the fantasy equivalent of something between cultural genocide, r*pe, and murder. and you would actually care about this if you cared about korra herself, the main hero of the damn show. not only this, but amon can’t personally bloodbend all of the millions of benders in the world. this tells us that they must have had other additional plans to “rid the world of bending”.

furthermore, the leader of the equalists is literally a self-hating bender. noatak/amon is someone without love and pride. HE is korra “gone wrong”, not kuvira (don’t even get me started on that). the show draws many obvious parallels and contrasts between korra and noatak and i think one of the big ones is that korra having self-love and pride in herself is a GOOD thing, it’s something noatak could have used when he was an abused child who hated his bending and then came to republic city and hated it even more. that’s why i will love and defend proud, confident, bold and brash book 1&2 korra to my death, her personality in those first two or three books was the single most powerful and important political statement the whole avatar franchise has ever made.

and guess what? all of this is specific to the avatar franchise! it is not a direct parallel to any real world oppression, because axes of oppression based on magical powers that let you control the elements are unique to this series! it is complex because it is an additional type of identity that we do not have in our world. but we can still analyze it all based on what we know of the human condition, and with critical thinking uncover who is the oppressor and who is the oppressed.

moving on, and then what happens when the council is disbanded and they have “open” elections? a nonbender is elected president.

all this is to say… that there is a reason the equalists were also referred to as “anti-benders”. in the show what we were actually shown is that the equalists were nonbender supremacists made up of wealthy upper-class nonbenders who were “racist” against benders, a poor and oppressed minority class. poor oppressed nonbenders exist too, and they are shown to be in solidarity with benders, for obvious reasons. i have been thinking about this for five years, there is nothing to refute it.

so anyway i have literally spelled it out for you and there is no reason for anyone to defend the equalists anymore or act like there was bender-over-nonbender oppression. thanks

in conclusion, in episode ONE when korra told the equalists “you’re oppressing yourselves”, she was RIGHT

Ajin + Bender! Au

( There is already an Ajin + Avatar fic on AU!, but I like the two fandoms too much to not contribute my own version of this AU)


  • Kei: Avatar/ can bend everything, and he essentially hates that fact- it comes with a lot of work he is not willing to invest, originally a water bender with a personal focus on ice (that already earned him the nickname “Ice queen” from Kou), splashes water on people when he’s annoyed with them (mostly Kou), struggles with air-bending
  • Kou: Earth Bender, “The room was like this before!!“, has accidentally uprooted a building more than once, likes to construct a wall in front of his door when he wants to be left alone, the crew has lost count of how many time’s he’s already hit out the “Down to earth! Get it?” joke and claims how he and Kei have always had a “rocky relationship”
  • Izumi: Fire Bender, who’s rather skilled without receiving any teaching from a master before, Tosaki’s assistant and interpreter for non-Bender/Bender issues, likes to play with the flames between her fingers to issue a mild threat, instructs Kei in Fire Bending, creates the perfect hot bath for herself after a long day of work
  • Tosaki: non-Bender. ”NO BENDING IN THE HOUSE! Just HOW MANY MORE TIMES do I have to tell you?”; boundless hypocrite that lets Izumi heat up his coffee whenever he’s too lazy, one of the ex-key figures in an anti-Bender movement he started changing his views when he took in started working with the two younger benders a few months back
  • Ogura: non-Bender, researcher. Especially curious about the origin and manifestation of Kei’s abilities, strikingly unafraid of possible Bending injuries, works on creating new Bending moves, “Show me that again”, wishes he could fire-bend solely for the sake of his FK’s
  • Hirasawa: non-Bender, instructs the two younger benders in physical training and works with them on their Bending to the max of his abilities, abhorred by the growing Bender prejudice in the country, well-liked by the entire team and the only one Kei will voluntarily bend for without him having to ask
  • Satou: Fire Bender, literally “wants to see the world burn”, leads a movement that will generously use violence to enforce Bender rights, sees it as a personal challenge to recruit the Avatar, mastermind behind a streak of political buildings meeting their end in flames that has been haunting the country for almost a year
  • Tanaka: Apprentice Fire Bender, has burned his fingers more times than he can caught and at times hates his element, personally dreams of leaving Satou’s corps and running a peaceful hot spa somewhere in Hokkaido where no one can torture him again
  • Takahashi: Air Bender, avid supporter of Satou’s movement “fire needs air to live”, grew increasingly frustrated with his treatment in the non-Bender dominated world, was fired from his last job for pulling down his boss’ trousers with air after the man insulted him, enjoys bungee jumping and sailing in his free time, loves propelling Gen up and spinning him around when the other is feeling more playful
  • Gen: non-Bender? Most likely, it’s a taboo topic in the crew. Always found right at Takahashi’s sight. Acts as a moral compass for the extroverted bender, actively contributes methods on effectively combining the elements of their group,
  • Okuyama: Air bender, joined Satou’s movement out of necessity after not being hired by companies with Bender prejudice, usually moves along a stream of air that faciliates walking with his disability, IT-guy of the team that self-provides ventilation for his many hard disks

To say nothing of the fact that their leader was a charlatan, their analysis of society in the world of Avatar is not borne out by evidence within the show itself. The hierarchy of society in the world in which LOK takes place is not based on bending ability but on class. With the exception of Suyin Beifong, who herself descended from a noble family whose class status did not derive from any bending ability, as well as Izumi, Unalaq and Tonraq, who are part of a royal family, the highest-class individuals we see in the show noticeably lack bending ability - Asami, Hiroshi, Hou-Ting, Wu, Raiko, and Varrick. Meanwhile, Mako and Bolin, both benders, are some of the lowest-class characters in the show in the first season. The Equalists’ anti-bender ideology fails to account for this; furthermore, Amon’s claim that bending has been the underlying cause of every conflict is absurd and revisionist, given the fact that the Hundred-Year War was very explicitly caused by Fire Nation imperialism, and the fact that class conflicts existed in the era before the Avatar, when bending was not an ability people naturally possessed.

“A Romance of Sand and Snow”


        Wind and snow dance and flow as if they are budding partners. They hit my face and my tribal winter garb. I sit in a meditative position near a cliff looking at the dark grey clouds and roaring ocean waters adding to the howling wind. I shouldn’t be out here even for a woman of an icy continent but I want to be out here. I, Korra, Princess of the Southern and Northern Water tribes or as we call in our ethnic names Iiantanji and Unnakal. I am the Avatar and I have to deal with it. I’ve been dealing with it heavily after my first two conflicts with my uncle and a anti bender terrorist. During those conflicts of coups and heavy responses, torture, loss and clashing ideologies I experience and ever since I lost not only my big three elements excluding air and my spiritual connection but friends and allies. All I can’t ever get back, all I can’t replace. Tears run and drop into the snow but I turned a few into little ice beads.  

        “Korra!” a masculine voice pierces the wind. I turn and see my father, Tonraq, the chief of the tribes furious of my being here.

“Leave me, please leave me.” I turn back toward the dark grey clouds and roaring ocean. 

“Well I came out here to bring you in. Even for you, you can’t be sitting in the storm brooding and contemplating. Now come back with me and have something warm. You know how your mother will be if I don’t bring you back in.”

I sit up and faced my father. “All right” I say and we both rode back to our place. 

“Oh good, your finally back in.” Senna, my mother, sits with Tenzin, a great mentor of mine even if I’m a pain in his ass at times. His wife, Pemma and his three cute kids all look happy of me being here. Even if I have a bit of a sunken face from the little crying I had back there. 

“Korra I and my family still give you our hopes. It is good to be more with your family than sulking out in the snow to heal your trauma.” Tenzin drinks a warm tea from one of the small cups. I was eating seal and seaweed stew warming my insides. 

“Technically she is family as your father is her too… just in a different person.” Pemma carries Rohan the new born and has him feed on her milk. 

“Good, I want Korra to be related to us.” Ikki, the 2nd daughter says while eyeing Jinora her eldest sister. “She’s the sister I want to have.” Jinora uses her air bending to fling her food at Ikki. A roughhouse ensues. Pemma and Tenzin try to stop it. I laugh at the desperate attempts from them to have their kids stop fighting. 

“Everyone” I and everyone else in the room turn to find Katara near the entrance. A mysterious figure all cloaked in black stands near her. 

“Mother who’s the stranger?” Tenzin lets go of Meelo his first son and stands to combat readiness. 

“My child reveal yourself.”

Have You Guys Realized

Have you guys realized, how young Korra is? She’s a 21 year-old woman, but already tasked so much with the burden of bringing balance to such an unstable world. I see that Aang was younger (I don’t know too much about what happens in the comics though), but I feel as if Korra’s world is darker, more unstable. With all the modernization that comes around, it has to be.

She has saved the world four times; defeated the spirit of evil and chaos; opened two old Spirit portals; created an entirely NEW one; saved the Air Nation; reduced anti-bender tension in Republic City; lost all of her past lives; lost her identity, her sense of self; lost her bending (twice); lost her legs; and saved the Earth Kingdom and Republic City from a dictator.

And through all of it, she still manages to laugh, and stay young and energetic.

I just-

Her youth just boggles my mind.

on a side note A’s wife has unfriended me on facebook. the only reasons i can think of are either a.) the anti-gun bender i went on for a few days at the beginning of october, which would seem odd since she strikes me as falling on the more liberal side of american politics, or b.) somehow she’s made the connection that i love her husband which to be fair i do tend to like every post of his and every picture he’s tagged in that i see, but on the other hand i also thought she had me blocked on instagram a while ago and then she requested to follow me, but on the other other hand her requesting to follow me doesn’t mean she didn’t have me blocked?? maybe i’m just too paranoid about her finding out? but why would i not be

The LOK fandom continues to baffle me day by day

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Legend of Korra is still not good.

Just watched season 2 because some people said it was better. It was better some parts, worse in some parts, and still really bad overall. The writing in The Legend of Korra is so bad compared to the writing in Avatar: The Last Airbender. The creators, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, are terrible at writing, and they wrote the first season on their own. Don’t get me wrong; their ability to conceptualize the world and setting is amazing, but their storytelling is sorely lacking.

Does anyone remember the real father of Toph, head writer Aaron Ehasz? If it weren’t for Ehasz, Toph would have ended up some forgettable muscly jock (had DiMartino and Konietzko went with their original idea). Instead, she became one of the best and most memorable characters of all television. He was also responsible for a great majority of the good episodes, like the first season finale or the second season finale…or even part of the third season finale. Or the character developing episodes like The Storm. Maybe the creators should have bribed Ehasz back with everything they had.

The same thing happened to Korra. The plot had so much potential, of BOTH seasons (because for some reason they thought it was a good idea to suddenly switch plots and pretend the first season conflict never happened. Except OOPS they kept the shitty love triangle and made it worse into a triangle-square-hexagon). The setting is great in Republic City, with all its quirks. All the characters had so much potential, too. But they were basically never explored. The riots and everything between benders and non-benders is a legitimate conflict (see: X-men) but it became this good vs evil thing instead of a well-developed problem that had two sides. Instead, the anti-benders were squashed and the non-benders never even had their point of view. Even A:TLA explored this with Sokka’s jealousy over his bending friends, but Korra didn’t even touch on this, when they had a main character who was non-bending like Asami (who ends up being a rich girl who can drive really well, and wants to date Mako for no reason. Non-bending hardly addressed). And things just happen without rhyme or reason. Sigh. The unexplored potential is driving me up a wall.

Asami Sato is Avatar’s Batman

I know this may sound a bit old to talk about but since I’m talking about it right now, lets begin shall we? 

Both Asami Sato & Bruce Wayne have lost both their parents 

Though Asami’s father became a vengeful anti-bender terrorist when his wife was murdered. 

But then redeemed himself by sacrificing his life for Asami’s safety.

Both own an extremely successful business empires, Future Industries and Wayne Enterprises.

Both are majestic, amazing and admirable hardworking people.

They both can scare the hell out people with their glare.

They both own extremely powerful and sleek vehicles.

They LITERALLY can take of themselves in almost… 

ANY combat situations.

And lastly, they have a very close and personal relationship with people with immense power and good morality. 

Though the only difference is that Asami and Korra became a loving couple while Batman and Superman are mostly bromance/best friends.

So any of you guys can rant or moan about how this is all a stupid fan’s depiction of two well respected fictional characters, hence I like to say that I don’t really give flying f*ck about it. This is just a personal comparison piece between Asami Sato and Batman, nothing more and nothing less. 

There is one last silly thing I want to show you lot before finishing all of this…

dream of the lotus in bloom: chapter 12

Summary: Amon kidnapped Korra when she was three and fourteen years later she’s so fucking done with his shit
Word count: 10,115 god help me
A/N: going for broke with this monster chapter.  it’s both hopeful and extremely dark. tons of makorra. i split it into two parts and linked the second half as a private post at the bottom of this one. the next chapter is the last one wow amazing

[other chapters]

likes are nice, reblogs are nicer, comments are best and extremely appreciated. enjoy


Korra looks at her fist, the skin on her knuckles split and bleeding, and throws another punch at the wall. The first punch cracked the plaster. The second one dented it. Every one after that leaves a dark red splatter. She keeps going long after her hand loses feeling, sheathed in numbness.

She shouldn’t have listened to the radio. She was hoping for the music hour, something wordless she could sink into after a full day of interrogation with Chief Bei Fong, but the music hour didn’t happen. Instead, Korra got the newscast: After the Avatar revealed herself at the probending championship game, as none other than the daughter of anti-bending Equalist Amon, benders and nonbenders alike took to the streets in riots that lasted until early yesterday morning.

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anonymous asked:

shes a mary sue

character misconceptions.

i’m gonna have to disagree with this one, dear nonnie. as a means of invalidating asami, lots of people refer to her as a mary sue. simply because she’s a pretty, nice, female character. but [link voice] let’s talk about that.

1. mary sues are generally gorgeous, perfect looking specimen. and yes, asami is hot. but so is the rest of the main cast? i can’t think of a single main character who is what i’d call “unattractive”, so i don’t think that point applies.

2. mary sue’s are good at what they do —- no, more than good. they’re practically experts! asami’s skills come from years of hard work and training, but the fact of the matter is, i wouldn’t call her the strongest fighter. yes, she’s very capable of holding her own, but she’s not a bender, which is strike one in the avatar world. g&m said something about this, and if you wanna read that, i suggest you look over here. it covers my views perfectly. asami was very capable of holding her own against the equalists because she thinks and fights like a non-bender. even the strongest anti-bender in the series turned out to be a bender —- a very powerful blood bender at that.

3. mary sues are totally capable of charming the pants of everyone and everything and if you don’t love them something is worng with you and oh my god can’t you see how relatable they are/????? yes, asami is nice. yes, people like asami. but, like, outside the krew???? who even??????? acknowledges her??? i get that there’s absolutely no reason that her forming some sort of bond with pema, tenzin, or lin is entirely necessary, but it would’ve been nice? and even within the krew, asami is hardly recognized. outside of book 2, bolin doesn’t really talk to her. korra doesn’t even talk to her much in the first couple books outside of hating her first and then admitting she was wrong, and even then, they was no bond until book 3. and in her own fucking romance with mako, she was heavily side-lined and was not the main part of mako’s own romantic development throughout the show despite being his girlfriend, but rather just a total obstacle on his way to korra in book 1. 

4. mary sues have perfect lives where everything works out wahoo!!! did we even watch the same fucking show.

Action and Consequence

Merry Christmas, @kit-replica! From your “Secret Santa” ;) I spoil you, I really do.

Republic City

“You’re getting blood on the couch.”

The only response he got was a disgruntled groan, followed by the couch’s bleeding occupant hiding his head under a pillow. Jack sighed, closing his apartment door behind him with a ‘click’.

At the foot of the couch, his roommate’s pet panther-bat watched Jack with ears perked and eyes wide, little rumbles of concern gurgling from his throat. It’s eyes flicked from Jack to his owner, to Jack again. Jack nodded slowly, putting down his messenger bag on the kitchenette counter, before making his way over to their first aid cabinet.

“What did he do this time, Toothless?” he called, not expecting an answer. “Start a gang war with the wolfbats? Save some kids from a burning building?” he looked up at the couch, where a pair of green eyes – heavy with black bags – glared at him. Jack raised an eyebrow, unimpressed. “Maybe he tried to get little Timmy out of the well?”

“I hate you.” 

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