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more queer pride flags/variations. see if you can spot the differences! 

queer gay pride | queer lesbian pride | queer bisexual pride
queer pansexual pride | queer intersex  pride | queer aromantic pride
queer non-binary pride | queer trans pride | queer asexual pride

based on the updated version of the queer chevron flag, now with 80% more symmetry. the traditional colors of each flag was used, with a chevron design on an off-white background, representing the queering of these sexualities, the inherent non-straightness of queer identity. the chevron is reminiscent of militaristic imagery, reminding everyone of our pride in the radical anti-assimilation of queer identity. 

more awesome identity versions by @theangrybi here and here 

**these are free to use as icons, headers, avatars, as well as for inspiration for your own designs**

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"But black women wear wea--"

Do people still not understand the difference between ASSIMILATING to the dominant culture after centuries of being punished for having different features/culture vs. APPROPRIATION, aka stealing from a culture that literally has nothing to do with you while the people of that culture continue to be persecuted…. for that culture. Do people literally still not understand this

“Queer” arose as a critique of the assumptions that underlie identity politics. These assumptions were that oppressed groups were well-defined, had clear borders, that all members of the oppressed group have common desires and needs, and that a small portion of that group could thus speak for the entirety of the group. However, queer liberation movements remaining rooted in identity politics have led us down the road of debating the precise boundaries of queer and arguing over whose concerns are legitimate, all the while pretending that we were not participating in identity politics.

By generalizing “the straights” as a coherent group that hegemonically oppresses “the queers,” and that the reason we don’t want to assimilate is because we don’t we like them, it becomes both too easy for us to ignore struggles that do not directly touch the entire queer community and to reduce anti-assimilation into nothing but a way to police the desires and identities of other queers.

We need to oppose the institution of state-sanctioned marriage because it strengthens the nuclear family as the consumptive and reproductive unit of capitalism, not because many straight people get married. Trying to invert the relationship hierarchy to shame people who are happy with a long-term relationship and shared household with a partner does not bring us a step closer to ending capitalism and ending oppression. If anti-assimilation is to be of any value, it needs to be founded on the idea that we want to destroy the current order and help build a better world, not keep ourselves separate from “the straights” because queers are somehow a well-defined group that do not find themselves as part of any other groups and can be kept apart from the rest of the world.

While an understanding of intersectionality helps us to understand that some queers face issues that other queers do not, intersectionality is not enough as it does not address the fact that the interests of bourgeois are in direct contradiction to the interests of the majority of queers and this conflict can only be resolved through furthering class struggle, and ultimately by social revolution. We also need to be wary of a politics that has us make alliances with the people in power rather than with members of other marganilized and exploited groups.

—  Gayge Operaista - Radical Queers and Class Struggle: A Match to be made. In: Queering Anarchism (2012) 119-121.

how is it “self-flagellating” to criticize our community for our antiblackness? how is it “self-flagellating” to say that far too many in the east asian community think that we’ve assimilated into whiteness when we’ve been whittled down to “ninja kungfu fighting” caricatures with “funny” accents by the very same people we keep whitesplaining for? don’t come to me with your analysis on how we’re second class citizens to white people and then stay quiet when it comes to antiblackness among our own. you’ll yell to the heavens about needing “poc solidarity” because you want black people to do the fighting for you and in the same breath talk about how it isn’t our job to address their suffering. news flash: black people don’t owe us anything and antiblackness hurts us too. poc solidarity is a myth because of our silence about the suffering of black people.

“The Palestine movement is NOT AN ANTI-JEWISH MOVEMENT. To conflate anti-Zionism with anti-Jewish sentiment is to buy into the Zionist conflation of “Israel” with “Jewish.” That in and of itself is anti-Jewish: not all Jewish people are Israeli, not all Jewish people believe in Israeli colonization, and there were Jewish people before the state of Israel was founded and there will still be Jewish people after apartheid is smashed.”

Assimilation, Anti-Jewish oppression, and White Supremacy


Alok Vaid-Menon Rant: LGBTQ, We’re Not All Proud

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been presented with the argument that fighting assimilation takes attention away from the “real” battle, which is fighting anti-gay violence. Assimilation IS violence, not just violent cultural erasure, by the violence of stepping on anyone who might get in the way of your upward mobility.
—  Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, That’s Revolting - Queer Strategies for Resisting Assimilation

almost everytime i talk to my mother i cry. it feels like she throws the trauma i’ve experienced at the hands of the police state in my face- to pressure me to assimilate, to be ‘reasonable’. i know that by agitating for revolution, by exploring my own revolt, by finding joy in the resistance, i will let her down. this tension is painful.

Why is it so hard for people to understand that there are Ashkenazi Jewish people who don’t pass as white 

people (even other Jews) like to oversimplify debates on Jews and race into “here are the Brown Jews and here are the White Jews” because it’s much easier to conceptualize, I guess? 

But it gets a lot more complicated when they see brown or otherwise non-white-passing Ashkenazi Jews because that means admitting that many more Jewish people are not white 

For other Ashkenazi and/or pale-skinned and/or white-passing Jews, that may mean reevaluating their own experiences with whiteness and/or brownness and racialized anti-Semitism and forced assimilation as a means of survival 

From what I understand of my own family’s history, forced assimilation and internalized racism play a big part in how we see ourselves and the world

I don’t know exactly where I’m going with this but there is really no way to simplify Jewish history 

There just isn’t - you can’t boil it down into White vs. Nonwhite Jews or This Is When The Jews Became White or Jewish People Belong Here But Not There or Anti-Semitism Only Works in X Way 

Our history is too varied and complicated for that and it’s frustrating seeing people, especially goyim, trying to speak on this without consulting Jewish people or having any understanding of this history

i am so honestly and genuinely surprised by some (not all) of the antics pulled by the turkish organization that orchestrated yesterday’s propaganda campaign in new york city. it’s surreal…and nonsensical. they took out a full page ad in the wall street journal (the major symbolism was in 3 hands dyed the colors of the russian, armenian, and turkish flags–the turkish hand was making a peace sign and the russian and armenian hands had their fingers crossed to symbolize lying) that denied the armenian genocide. they flew planes over the city that spelled out “FACT CHECK ARMENIA,” “TRUTH = TURKEY,” and, most disgustingly, “NE MUTLU TÜRKÜM DİYENE,” a phrase popular among turkish nationalists that means “HOW HAPPY IS THE ONE WHO SAYS ‘I AM A TURK’.” ne mutlu türküm diyene specifically has a long history–it was part of the pledge of allegiance all turkish students regardless of ethnicity were expected to say every day until recently, and is associated with anti-minority campaigns of assimilation, especially against kurds. they also organized some kind of hired flash mob with people in turkish flag t-shirts hopping around on pogo sticks and smiling wildly. then they had those dancers hold a giant turkish flag and stand in a moment of silence (for what, i have no idea).

anyway this is to say that turkish diaspora organizations are honestly repugnant. and also that, as targets of propaganda, it is your responsibility to stand in solidarity with armenians and against this historical revisionism that harms us–all of us.