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Anyway it would be gr8 if as middle easterners we could start addressing how anti-desi so many of us are. Because of how often we push down the throat of so many south Asian folks the belief that we are better than them I know of so many Pakistanis who hate being Pakistani and who instead want to be Iranian, I know of so many Bangladeshi folks who want to be Arab and I know so so many Indians who feel the exact same way and it breaks my heart.
I just want to make this post to tell all my racist anti-south Asian middle eastern followers that y'all really need to step up regarding your anti-south Asianess and as middle easterners we ALL need to do a much better job of calling out anti-south Asianess in our communities regardless of whether or not WE personally hold racist opinions regarding south Asians (especially, but not only, khaleejis).

And to all my self hating desi followers South Asia is filled with so many vibrant cultures, there’s tons of different ethnic groups throughout South Asia with their own language, traditional dress and traditional foods you should all be so proud of being desi and having the privilege of being tied to such a culturally diverse region. there’s so many cool poets and instruments native to the region too, and don’t even get me started on the tons of badass revolutionaries native to South Asia, from anti-imperialist revolutionaries who fought for years so you all could be part of the countries you’re part of to modern day ones like Malala still fighting for liberation. Y'all don’t ever ever EVER let anyone make you feel bad about your unique bomb incredible cultureS and people ❤️❤️❤️ I remember reading this quote (that I’m probably going to butcher because of how long ago I read it sorry) that said “whenever taking a right or a left throughout any south Asian country, be prepared to encounter a whole new culture” and I’ve never heard anything ring more true. South Asia really is an incredible place and don’t ever let our racism make you think otherwise .

When the director of The Ghost in the Shell calls Scarlett Johansson “the best of her generation” what he actually means is she’s the most popular.

Only white actresses were considered for The Ancient One.

A Chinese actor with 15 years of martial arts experience auditioned for Iron First and was told he had to be the villain to a white hero.

An Indigenous actress was told to her face that she couldn’t audition for Tiger Lily because they didn’t want the character to be Native anymore.

So until Hollywood stops discriminating at casting calls and allows people of color their fair shot in this business I don’t want to see anymore white people being held up as the best in the business in defense of whitewashing.
Japan forces a harsh choice on children of migrant families
Born in Japan, Gursewak Singh considers himself Japanese. The government doesn't. But it offers children like him a chance to stay - if their parents leave.

Gursewak’s parents, who are Sikhs, fled to Japan from India in the 1990s. For several years, they lived without visas under the radar of the authorities until they were put on a status known as “provisional release” in 2001. It means they can stay in Japan as long as their asylum application is under review.

Asylum seekers are building Japan’s roads and sewers
But it also means they can’t work, they don’t have health insurance and they need permission to travel outside the prefecture where they live. They are also subject to unannounced inspections by immigration officers at their home and they face detention at any time. There are currently some 4,700 people with this status living in Japan.

Gursewak, who has never left Japan, has inherited his parents’ provisional release status and all the restrictions that go with it. That fate has exposed him and more than 500 other children who share his predicament to lives of perpetual uncertainty. They can go to government-run schools, where tuition is largely free, but university is out of reach for most because they and their parents aren’t allowed to work and so can’t afford the fees. These children, many of whom are asylum seekers, will soon face a stark choice between forced unemployment and working illegally.

“Since I was born I’ve only ever interacted with Japanese people,” said Gursewak, who is now 17, speaks the language with native fluency and considers himself Japanese. “I don’t get why Japan won’t accept me.”

While there were almost 14,000 asylum cases under review at the end of 2015, Japan accepted only 27 refugees last year. The year before that, the number was 11.

Chinese people are being left out of almost every discussion of rising xenophobia in the U.S. which is really irresponsible given that most Americans can’t/won’t tell the difference between different Asians and Trump won over many of his followers with a “China, specifically, is out here to drain America dry” message. And you know damn well that the Yellow Peril is going to come back into the national psyche.

And there’s not a lot of us out here and we have a very weak history of activism, so if shit hits the fan people could do essentially whatever they wanted to the diaspora community.

TL;DR if you want to believe that the Chinese diaspora is too statistically insignificant to be worth discussing when thinking about xenophobia you are wrong and you are basically leaving a lot of people for dead

On Saturday night, I witnessed the hate and violence of an emboldened Trump supporter in a NYC diner. 

Sitting in a diner called the Lower East Side Coffee Shop, my two friends and I watched as a man was arrested after telling two Asian women to “go back to Tokyo” and pepper-spraying a man who had told him he had “no tolerance for racism.”

When we’d arrived at the diner, around 1 a.m., we were seated in a booth behind the two women, Sally Wen Mao and Jen Lue, who later told me they had just come from the Kundiman Gala Benefit, a fundraising event to support Asian-American art. Mao and Lue were the only other customers in the diner, save for the man sitting adjacent to them who was decrying the Hamilton cast’s and audience’s treatment of Vice President-elect Mike Pence Friday night. He’d been loudly sharing his opinions with one of the diner’s employees for minutes on end when Mao asked him if he would please stop — they were just trying to eat their meal in peace.

But the man continued his tirade. Frustrated, Mao picked up her plate and went to sit at an empty table away from him, at which point I heard the man say, “They can go as far as they want. They can go back to Tokyo for all I care.”

The comment was the last straw for Mao and Lue, Mao later told me, and they both began yelling at the man for his racist comments. The man responded by calling them “cunts,” “whores” and “bitches,” prompting Mao to throw water from her cup onto him.

“It might not have been the smartest thing to do in the moment, but I was really mad,” Mao said in a phone interview on Sunday. “I’ve been in those situations before and in that moment it was already so raw what we were feeling — given the results of the election — so it felt like I couldn’t just sit there and let him call me those names.”

The man called the police and then physically blocked the front door, announcing that no one would be allowed to leave until the authorities arrived. I told the man that when the police came I would report exactly what I’d seen and testify for Mao and Lue, who were undoubtedly the victims in the situation — not him. My friends and I asked Mao and Lue to sit with us because we had all been genuinely fearful that this man, who was clearly angry and dangerous, would hurt them. While my friends and I sat, now sick to our stomachs and picking at our omelettes, we talked to Mao and Lue about what had happened, and, to put it simply, how fucked up the world is.

Lue told me, “We had been having a good night before this.” That they had just come from an event celebrating Asian-American culture, she said, was “ironic” at best.

But Mao and Lue now had to worry about what would happen when the police officers arrived. Would they understand what happened? Would they believe their story?

Luckily, the officers had seen the situation for exactly what is was: a racist, misogynistic bigot verbally abusing two women, who had done nothing to provoke him. They told Mao that the man could not press charges against her for throwing water on him, despite his shouts of guaranteeing her a “criminal record.”

After about 30 minutes time, Mao and Lue were able to safely leave the diner and go home. But before they did, another customer, who’d just walked in with two friends, asked Mao what had happened. She told him about the slurs the man, who remained in the diner, had hurled at her and Lue.

When the women left, the patron who had just learned of what had transpired turned to the man and told him simply, “I don’t tolerate racism.” The man didn’t take well to this comment. “I wasn’t being racist,” he insisted. “I just told them to go back to Tokyo.”

I could sense things were going to escalate. Since we’d just received the bill I went up to the counter and threw some cash down begrudgingly, upset that I had to give my money to an establishment that had tolerated such bigotry. After all, none of the employees had intervened or even so much as told the man to stop. The waiter had continued to refill my water cup dutifully, as if nothing unusual were going on.

At that moment, though, a lot of things happened very quickly: I heard shouts and then turned to see the man stand up, reach into his pocket and pull out pepper spray, which he sprayed directly into the eyes of the patron who had called him out on his racism.

I ran toward the exit and was pushed into the door and out onto the sidewalk by the man wielding the pepper spray, where, fortunately, the officers were still idling in their vehicle on the curb. My friends followed close behind, one of them having gotten some of the pepper spray in her own eyes as well.

And then we cried.

I messaged Mao on Sunday to tell her what had happened after she left and that, for what it’s worth, the man who’d harassed her had been arrested. She told me she had sequestered herself in her apartment all day; she didn’t feel like going outside, back into the world.

— Marie Solis, read the rest of her story | follow @the-movemnt

Let’s do a little recap of Amy Schumer’s racism, okay?

Amy Schumer joked about men of color being more likely to sexually harass vs YT men.

In her 2012 show “Mostly Sex Stuff,” Amy Schumer insulted African women’s names, called them “wild,” and performed a racist impersonation of Black folks.

Amy suggested that Latina women were “crazy” during the 2015 MTV Video Awards.

Once, Schumer said, “I used to date Hispanic guys, but now I prefer consensual” implying that all Hispanic men are rapists – a suggestion that mirrors the racism of Donald Trump.

In her latest stunt, Amy parodied Beyonce’s “Formation” music video which was originally a commentary on race and police brutality. She used a moment that celebrated Blackness and turned it into a whitewashed opportunity to make cash.

And then, someone sent me this tweet below of Amy’s anti-Asian racism.

But aye!! She’s a feminist, right? She’s down for the cause, right? She talks about body positivity and all that YT feminist jazz while she shits on POC, right?

Funny. Very funny.

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for ppl saying the great wall isnt shit cause it has a chinese director: the story was created by westerners, screenplay adapted by westerners, it has western producers, editors, and cinematographer, 3 of the 5 stars are westerners, the production company is based in fucking burbank, and even ilm & weta worked on it. the chinese investors ppl keep mentioning = a chinese company bought legendary films two years after the movie started and a year after it was filmed. fuck this new pr going around.

I totally didn’t know this what the hell?!

mod m

Why are discussions/articles/posts about mental illness in Asian American communities always about how Asian cultures are inherently evil and ableist, and not about anything like, I don’t know, incredibly high levels of abuse/trauma including intergenerational trauma, poverty keeping people from getting meds, lack of therapists with the sensitivity to work with Asian patients, lack of Asian people in the psych field, model minority myth making anxiety/stress over success even worse, social workers who don’t understand how our families work and treat cases of abuse like they’re happening in white families, the stereotype that mental illness is something that only white people can have, model minority myth making it hard for Asians to open up about having emotions and needs, model minority myth being used by everyone to justify ignoring the needs of Asians, the sense of despair that comes with being diaspora and not having a home, the threat of discrimination or outright violence, etc. 

And like there isn’t even a singular experience of racism for Asian Americans. Different ethnic groups are going to face racism in different ways. Someone who is East Asian isn’t going to have the same experience as say someone who is South Asian. Someone who is East Asian with lighter skin is going to have different experiences from an East Asian person with darker skin. Mongolian Americans will have a different experience from a Taiwanese American. People with an accent will face different problems than people without an accent. Gender and sexual orientation also play a role. It can be very erasing to talk as though there is only one type of racism faced by all Asians.

Repeat after me:

An Asian person choosing to dye their hair blonde does NOT mean they want to be white

An Asian person choosing to dye their hair blonde does NOT mean they want to be white


Blonde hair is NOT exclusive to white people, so please STOP it with the mindset that if an Asian person dyes their hair blonde, it must mean they want to be white. I’d like to dye my hair blonde, but it does NOT mean I want to be white!

An Asian person choosing to dye their hair blonde does NOT mean they want to be white

Your sexuality does not make you a better person.

The color of your skin does not change your morals.

Your religion does not justify your bad actions.

Your gender does not dictate your role in society.

Your economic status does not lessen your value.

Your physical appearance does not make you any less than beautiful.

Your actions are not determined by the labels people give you. Your actions are determined by your thoughts and your values. You choose the kind of person you want to be, peoples idea of who you’re supposed to be should not change that. Being a minority does not make you better than the majority. Being a majority does not make you better than a minority. Equality requires no qualifications.